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paGO Commerce from 'corePHP'

paGO Commerce® e-commerce suite from 'corePHP' keeps you moving with your mobile, global audience. paGO Commerce is a new professional grade Joomla!® extension that's built to help you sell to today's mobile, global buyers. Engineered by 'corePHP', paGO Commerce is everfresh e-commerce software. It never gets old, keeping you current on security & PCI compliance, new content marketing and sales promotion techniques, and more. Flexible for start-up ventures where change is constant, yet stable enough to power massive e-catalogs and B2B integrations, paGO Commerce is e-commerce for everyone.

paGO is for business owners & marketers
For Site Owners & Marketers
Your buyers are mobile. You better be mobile too. paGO Commerce lets you sell to them on any device, wherever they go.
paGO for IntegratorsFor Integrators & Site Builders
paGO's core platform is rock-solid, PCI compliant, high performance software you can build a lucrative service offering around.
paGO is for site buildersFor Professional Web Developers 
Fast to deploy and easy to extend, paGO plays well with others. Plus it's modular, so you can grow with no hacks or work-arounds.


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