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Because we custom build any site to fit any specification better than your grandma can knit socks!


'corePHP' is a group of talented Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal Extension Developers specializing in E-Commerce Development, Content Marketing, Automated Marketing and SEO Services

'corePHP' isn't just a custom web development shop, we specialize in e-commerce development, marketing automation, SEO and SEM. Our specialties range from powerful robust products such as paGO Commerce, WordPress for Joomla! to jomCDN. 'corePHP' is the custom software development company you need to get the job done. Throw in our top-notch support and customer service and it’s the perfect recipe to deliver the results you want.

Custom PHP Developers

At 'corePHP' we don't just do Joomla! Extension Development, we are, at our core, PHP developers that possess front-end development skills. This unique combination of abilities allows us to provide custom web development and perform as an industry leading custom software development company. We utilize the right tools for each job, allowing us to develop custom PHP projects, CMS websites and robust e-commerce shops across multiple platforms that include Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal and many others.

We're Your Development Team

At 'corePHP' we consider ourselves partners with our clients. Our clients don't think of us as an independent company or even a contractor, but rather they see us as part of their technology team. We ensure all work is developed hand-in-hand with each and every business, nonprofit, government, and education institution. Additionally, we accept special projects from both digital agencies and development firms. Our custom web development services allow us to excel in aiding the development of start-ups that are ready to get up and go, FAST. ‘corePHP’ incorporates the latest technology to drive traffic, capture visitors, and convert them into long-term customers.

'corePHP' builds custom multi-platform PHP projects, CMS websites, and e-commerce shops

'corePHP' uses Javascript, JQuery, CSS and PHP to custom build websites

‘corePHP’ Provides Custom Web Development to Fit Your Specification

While we started with Joomla! development, that’s not the extent of our abilities. At 'corePHP' we custom build web applications, CMS sites and e-commerce shops using the latest technologies that include JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and PHP Development. Our broad range of talents and unique techniques allow us to deliver fast site performance and maximum user response.

Our rapid application development practices bring projects to life quicker, smarter and with more flexibility. Our goal at ‘corePHP’ is to effectively and efficiently reach our client's goals through the proficient development of every project. This means we help our clients get the job done right the first time, avoiding costly rework down the road.

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corePHP provides Marketing integration Solutions

Tailored Web & Internet Marketing

Start making your marketing decision from a position of authority! With 'corePHP' integrating your marketing automation solution you can rest assured you will have the information and data you need to to get your entire customer-facing solution up and running, fast.

We will work with your existing solution, or help you select one that best fits your business model and marketing workflow. We have years of experience with Marketo, SalesForce, and Mautic, just to name a few. With the right solution selected and customized for you, tracking your campaigns, plotting your progress, and implementing smarter content marketing and sales strategies will be a breeze. Not to mention it will continue improving your digital strategy.

Partner with 'corePHP' and integrate your marketing success with your CMS and sales automation. Your content marketing strategy depends on it to succeed, and 'corePHP' can help you get there.

Reach the right customers by tailoring your marketing plan to target those individuals seeking your service. Focus on those customers which will increase your sales funnel, in addition to your current customer force, with less effort and at a lower cost. With a saturated market, separate yourself from your competition with a tailored marketing plan which will nurture and qualify your leads.

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Joomla Products

Wordpress for Joomla - Joomla blogging component

WordPress for Joomla!

Joomla Extension for Pro Bloggers
Chimp your Joomla - Joomla eMail plugin

Chimp Your Joomla!

Joomla Extension for MailChimp

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