Unfortunately, project abandonment occurs more frequently than you might think. Fortunately, 'corePHP' has the depth of skill and breadth of project management knowledge to revive most abandoned projects.

It takes patience and determination to bring projects back once they've gone Missing In Action. So it's important to choose your back-up firm wisely. 'corePHP' knows how to recoup core assets to minimize losses, and get your project back on the fast track for success. 

First, realize the telltale signs

Fortunately, the signs of a developer's intent to go "MIA" are rather obvious: blown milestone deadlines, unreturned calls and e-mails, apologies and excuses are all dead giveaways. Beyond when they switch their Skype status to "Away" all the time, you'll know in your gut when it's time for you to get proactive, and make a move. Then, it's time to move your project to 'corePHP' in order to reclaim control, pick back up the pieces, and re-gain momentum.

Rip off the band-aid!

More often than not, the longer you wait, the more difficult severing ties with your MIA vendor will become. Waiting will make it even more challenging to re-gain momentum with your new development team too, so you're best off being proactive. Once you've decided you're shifting the project, discretely gather your assets, including media, content, data, server access, codebase and more.

Then, it's time to quickly and consisely "cut bait" with your current vendor before the losses become insurmountable. This will help ensure a clean break, plus we can help you recover and re-claim whatever solid work was accomplished, in order to stop hemorrhaging your money, and get your business moving forward again.

Next steps: what to expect

First, call 'corePHP' or use the form below to get in touch with 'corePHP' to let us know what the status is of your project. We'll review your project goals and timeline, and from that, provide you with a free estimate on time, cost and materials. Upon your approval, we'll then assign a 'corePHP' Project Manager to work hand-in-hand with you and your team on all aspects of your project transition and roll-out, to make the switch as painless as possible, including:

  • Account Set-up and Project Review
  • Digital Asset Transfer
  • Discrete File Transfer & Data Migration
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Cloud Transition
  • APIs & Mobile Needs


Final Step: Contact 'corePHP'

Call 'corePHP' at (269) 979-5582 or message us below to get a free quote to revive your project.