The People Who Make It Happen

Steven Pignataro, CEO of 'corepHP'

Steven Pignataro

Co-Chief Executive Officer - Technology

Steven founded ‘corePHP’ in 2001 and currently serves as the company's CEO for technology. He heads up our 28-person technology development team located at ‘corePHP’s various offices. In addition to recruiting, training and managing all of ‘corePHP’s technical staff, Steven himself is an accomplished database application developer and website developer, with over 15 years of experience in programming and database engineering and development. An accomplished software product innovator, Steven’s open source software offerings and core code contributions help power tens of millions of websites worldwide, in addition to thousands of on-premise installations.

Steven is one of the co-founders of Joomla! Content Management System, and one of the world’s foremost open source software advocates. His background in core software development drives his business philosophy as well: "Design to avoid rigidity, fragility, and immobility." He believes software's core strength should lie in its flexibility, not a long list of hard-coded features that the customer is forced to accept.

Steven is a frequent presenter at technology conferences and training workshops because he loves sharing his knowledge with others. He is also the former President of the non-profit organization Generation E, which offers entrepreneurship education to our community via a full menu of certification options for middle school, high school, after school, career and technology centers, and alternative education settings.

Steven leads the movement for independent open source software developers to build modular, yet highly capable core applications in order to extend the power and utility of sites, without touching the core code. The approach at ‘corePHP’ is always focused on creating modular, flexible solutions, to ensure greater agility, adaptability and customization, for a longer lifecycle for the codebase, and lower cost of ownership.

When developing new code or customizing existing code, the goal is to produce a lightweight, modular solution that’s high performance and high efficiency, to perform faster, better and more profitably. That focus on core power through streamlined simplicity led Steven to name his firm 'corePHP'.

Michael Pignataro - Chief Operating Officer, 'corePHP'

Michael Pignataro

Co-Chief Executive Officer - Operations

Just as every IT employee reports to co-CEO Steven Pignataro, every Project Manager and Client Services employee reports directly to Michael Pignataro, an identical twin to brother Steven. Michael is 'corePHP's CEO for marketing, sales and operations. He is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and overseeing our project management, account management and client services teams, as part of managing daily operations at ‘corePHP’s Battle Creek, Michigan headquarters.

Michael is in charge of ensuring Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress projects are on-track and our clients are satisfied with ‘corePHP’ services. Michael's experience in financial management, technical training, and customer support ensures 'corePHP's quality of service and client satisfaction levels remain at peak levels, and that our services are delivered on-time and within budget.

Michael also spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. He recently oversaw the creation and launch of 'corePHP's most successful software product launch to date, an e-commerce suite of products, branded paGO Commerce.

His leadership and "can-do" approach helped 'corePHP' grow consistently through challenging economic climate, while other technology firms were shrinking. His leadership helped fuel the growth and success of 'corePHP's many new clients over the past two years, in addition to retaining past clients.

Michael's philosophy is simple: "If you can dream it, we can do it."

Stephanie Carlson, Account Management at 'corePHP'

Stephanie Carlson

Account Management

Before joining the 'corePHP' team, Stephanie led CVGT Marketing, a Convergint Co. since early 2015 and served as Managing Director through the agency’s evolution following an acquisition by Convergint Technologies in 2018. She is responsible for cultivating successful customer relationships and is a well-known consultant in digital and brand marketing for highly regulated industries including financial services, insurance and healthcare.

Prior to CVGT, Stephanie gained experiences in both the corporate and agency life for high performing companies including Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Deluxe Corporation, CBRE and U.S. Bank. She has over 25 years of experience in marketing and business development.

Laura Paterson, Account Management at 'corePHP'

Laura Paterson

Account Management

Laura Paterson is an accomplished digital account director who has been the day to day contact for many of our customers and will continue to lead your programs to success. She works closely with customers and the 'corePHP' team to build, grow and maintain strong relationships, working toward a mutually beneficial and productive partnership. Prior to her time at 'corePHP', Laura was a leader with CVGT Marketing, a Convergint Co. and a winner of the company's prestigious ACE Award.

Roberto Gadducci

Roberto Gadducci Filho

Front-End & Back-End Developer

Roberto holds a degree in Digital Design and has over eight years of experience in web design and development. He has spent most of his career developing custom e-commerce platforms, and at ‘corePHP’ he is focused on our flagship e-commerce product, paGO Commerce and other projects using AngularJS. Roberto is a native of São Paulo, Brazil, and works in 'corePHP's South American headquarters.

Ryan Page, Project Management at 'corePHP'

Ryan Page

Project Management

Ryan is an accomplished project manager whom our clients have come to trust as their go-to guy who gets things done.

He graduated from Western University and came to ‘corePHP’ to share his amazing organizational talents with the team. His favorite part of working here is helping clients problem solve and turning issues into solutions.

He is happily married and has a chihuahua named Kobe, although he claims he’s not a sports fan…

Jonathan Galbreath, Director MSP Operations at 'corePHP'

Jonathan Galbreath

Director MSP Operations

Jonathan has an associates degree in Computer Sciences. Jonathan specializes in all the tools necessary to make your office run smoothly. He’s experienced in all of Microsoft’s software offerings and well as the hardware to make them run efficiently. Over the past decade Jonathan has helped companies setup their network infrastructure from the ground up and also upgrade to get the most out of the advanced speeds provided by a fiber network. Jonathan is part of national networking groups of MSP’s which provides him with the latest technology offerings available as well as best practices for every vertical market. Jonathan has been married for 12 years and has one son 9 years old.

Vinicius Rangel, PHP Developer at 'corePHP'

Vinicius Rangel

PHP and JS Developer

Vinicius works within the programming field since he was 14 years old, became an PHP and JS expert. He has been managing teams for over 3 years as head chief integration, and 3 years commanded the technology team of 4 Pixels.

In his career has delivered more than 100 projects of all kinds, from websites, mobile apps, ERP Systems, managed system, landing pages, and more.

I love music and netflix.

David Sherban

David Sherban

Lead Designer

David is responsible for our digital design and new product development, including logo and branding concepts. He provides the layout and coordination of publications for our company, community projects, and other agency clients. David also has experience with ad design, art projects, and website design and development. He provides photography and videography services to our clients.

Ushma Shah

Ushma Shah

PHP Developer

Ushma holds a Bachelor of Information Technology degree and has expertise in PHP, Joomla!, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML. In addition to working with ‘corePHP’, she cofounded Joomla Kitchen, a small firm that specializes in providing enterprise web development services.

Parth Shah

Parth Shah

PHP Developer

Parth earned a Bachelor of Computer Science degree in 2006. He has worked on many Joomla! development projects and third party API integrations, and is also a cofounder of Joomla Kitchen.

Hiral Yadav

Hiral Yadav

PHP Developer

Hiral holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree and is an expert in jQuery. She is very knowledgeable of PHP and Joomla!, and has a strong background in e-commerce development.