How to Make Your Business More Ethical

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I have been writing a bit more about business growth, development, and structure. As a business owner for many years now, I have experienced some growing pains, fantastic growth and so much more. I want to be able to share the knowledge that I have gain over the years to help others. As you can see in the 21st century, we’ve seen growing concern for business ethics among the general populace. As social media and other digital innovations broaden people’s awareness of the world around them, it becomes ever more critical that we maintain ethical business practices.

In this age of awareness, ethics go beyond making a positive contribution to the world at large. Consumers are increasingly interested and invested in the companies and products with which they do business, and unethical practice, real or perceived, has far-reaching effects on your company.

Don’t let your business get behind as progress leads everyone – the business world included – into a more ethical period. Continue reading

Use Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Efficiency of Your Business

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Social media marketing has become a trend of the day, but our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages have become overcrowded with advertisement where we tend to lose interest in the products that are being advertised.

Time is here to optimize on the Email marketing to increase the efficiency of your business. You exchange contact details with your business associates, potential clients and customers, very rarely do you exchange your social handle details with each other and your contact details including your email id.

With advertising taking every possible form from print to boards, to commercial TV ads, to social media advertising, to email marketing, every form has its unique flavor and Email marketing is proving to be the icing on the cake. Email marketing is fast moving up the advertising scale with great innovations and tools that help the marketers in reaching out to a lot of consumers quickly and efficiently. Marketers have to have a good knowledge of email marketing without which they will not be able to cash on the opportunity. Continue reading

The Role of Technology in Shaping the Modern Business Landscape

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Technology has greatly influenced today’s business operations. Technology impacts businesses in transformative ways every day at an increasing rate. Various branches of companies are today customized to handle every new software and hardware packages that hit the market. The internet has come as an excellent opportunity to boost business operations and processes considerably. With data being virtual these days, the target markets and the objectives have got globalized. Business communication today has become dependent on media to an unprecedented level. In this article, you will learn about how you can promote your business via technology. Continue reading

How Chatbots Can Support Human Agents to Deliver Customers Better Care


Chatbots have become the next big thing in customer service, but not all companies use them efficiently. For instance, the creators behind Facebook Messenger recently tried to implement a fully-automated chatbot system designed to replace the need for live human support. However, they quickly found out their chatbot service was only able to respond to 30 percent of customer requests without human assistance.

One mistake Facebook made, typical of other companies that repeat the same error, was to use chatbots as a complete replacement to live agents, rather than as a corresponding support channel for these employees. Of course, chatbots work best when they can work in concert with live support agents.

Here’s how chatbots and live agents can work together to optimize your customer service management. Continue reading

The 4 Most Important Qualities of a Modern Business

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I have been enjoying writing lately about business and getting more detail in those aspects every day. Just like the recent one on how to understand your customer. Looking forward to continuing more of these so others can learn what we have learned over the years building ‘corePHP’

Every entrepreneur will want their business to thrive and will strive to both attract and retain top talent. Many companies are holding on to traditional processes and technologies, which could be inhibiting growth. To ensure you are on the right path, read the four most important qualities of modern business. Continue reading

A 3-Step Strategy to Achieve a 360-Degree Customer View

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Today, while big data is providing big benefits to businesses of all sizes, many are still struggling with ways to use these analytics to their benefit. In fact, 95 percent of Fortune 1000 business leaders say their firms have undertaken projects involving big data within the past five years, but only 48.4 percent say they’ve yielded any positive results, according to NewVantage Partners.

In particular, one of the roadblocks many businesses run into is integrating the various data streams they utilize into something actionable. To that end, 89 percent of all U.S. companies say they plan to invest in tools to better integrate their big data into day-to-day operations, according to an International Data Group study.

Ultimately, integrating your data streams successfully is essential for gaining a 360-degree view of your customers, enabling your business to improve upon its existing marketing and sales efforts. Here is a three-step strategy to help you gain a comprehensive view of your customer data. Continue reading

Advantages of Switching to Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

If you run a business that you want to grow, then it pays to keep up with any tech changes taking place such as cloud technology. The new developments that brought about cloud storage have eased management of data to the relief of many businesses. You will realize as your business grows so does the data. Even a small business that may not have much data to start with will benefit fully from cloud services, allowing it to grow at a faster rate.

You may think that since the IT solutions you already employ are working great for your business, there is no need to try something new. You are however doing your business a disservice. Cloud technology allows you to overcome various challenges that previous technology presented. If you have not already switched to this technology, you should do this soonest as it is to the advantage of your business. You will reap the fruits of this switch in future.

When switching to new technology, you should weigh whether it will suit your business model. The other considerations include cost implications as well as if there is a need for additional training for your staff. The good thing about cloud technology is that it suits all types of businesses regardless of size and model. It is also cost-effective with minimal training needs for your employees.

The good news is that the cloud technology concept applies to individual users through mobile devices. As long as your staff can use their devices, nothing more is needed to use this technology. You will find cloud services New Jersey that will help you make a seamless transition to this technology. The other benefits of having this technology for your business include: Continue reading

Four Business Process You Shouldn’t Overlook

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A successful business is one that knows its weaknesses and its strengths. It is one that can make better use of technology so that it can do better for its customers, for its profits, and for its values. It is also one that understands the importance of security and does all it can to ensure that it is secure and that its data is backed up. Overlooking these business processes is something that should be done at a company’s peril. You need to adapt to the changes, and you need to stay up to date on trends. Here are the top four processes that you should not overlook: Continue reading

5 Top-Performing Real Estate WordPress Themes for 2017

Real estate sites will be always in demand with the web audience. It saves so much time and energy to look through the listings of the real estate offers on a website rather than driving from one end of the city to another in search of the most lucrative solution. By means of a website, one can run the advanced property search, compare the prices, select the best locations, and simply see the interior without the need to leave the PC.

Taking into account the growing popularity of the Internet and smart technologies, it’s become indispensable for every business to run its own web resource. In such a way, they can reach the wider audiences and become more recognizable worldwide. A website that runs smoothly on the screens of smaller devices is twice more effective. Just recollect, how often do you use your smartphone when you need to find a quick answer to the question that came to your mind? The number of smartphone users has reached the record 2.4bn mark in 2017 (which is more than 54% of the total number of the users accessing the Internet). The growing shift to the use of handheld devices has made webmasters pay special attention to the responsive and mobile-first designs.

How to Build a Real Estate Site

Building a responsive property site will be twice more effortless and cost-effective if you use WordPress Real Estate Themes. As a rule, the ready-made solutions are loaded with every single element needed to launch a usable web resource. WordPress themes also run on the latest versions of the Bootstrap framework, which makes every piece of content and design element fully adaptive to all screen sizes.

In the showcase that is listed below, you can find 5 best-selling real estate WordPress themes from TemplateMonster. Featuring every single piece of functionality needed for the effective property showcase, all of them are well-documented and feature free 24/7 support.

Real Estate Agent WP Theme

CozyHouse is a fully responsive WordPress template running on Cherry Framework 5. The usable layout is quick and easy to scan. Thanks to the GPL license, you will be able to install the template on the unlimited number real estate websites, without the need to pay extra fees. For a more remarkable presentation of your property, the theme is integrated with the custom Cherry Projects plugin. Due to Cherry Real Estate plugin, the web users will be able to run localized search.

Real Estate Agent WP Theme

Details | Demo

Real Estate Broker WordPress Theme

HomePro is a premium-quality real estate WordPress theme featuring a fully responsive layout. Built with Power page builder, the theme’s pages can be tweaked code-free. The availability of the custom modules, widgets and extensions in the download package allows webmasters save extra cash on the purchase of the premium solution for this kind for their real estate sites. The possibilities to run advanced search and filter property makes the site more usable for the prospective customers.

Real Estate Broker WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Financial Consultant WP Template

Legacy WordPress theme will be a perfect fit for real estate, business, financial, and accounting sites. The clean and concise layout of the template is intended to bring a professional and reliable presentation to the websites that are built on its basis. The theme also includes Power drag-and-drop page builder and a collection of 25 modules, which will help you upload the pages of your real estate site with every piece of content that you wish. Multiple layout options and ready-made pages are included to help you get started with a web resource straight out-of-the-box.

Financial Consultant WP Template

Details | Demo

Bellaina – Real Estate Responsive WordPress theme

Bellaina is one of the most popular and usable real estate WordPress themes. It runs on Cherry Framework 5 and features a handful of the smart Cherry options. GPL license is also included. Even the non-techies will be able to modify the theme thanks to the integration with Power page builder. IDX support is integrated to let you reveal the top trending property listings right on the pages of your site. Content modules, layout options, eCommerce support, custom widgets, and a whole lot of other features are added to make your real estate site truly remarkable.

Bellaina - Real Estate Responsive WordPress theme

Details | Demo

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Use this responsive WordPress theme for the effective property showcase. A fully responsive design of the template is Retina-ready, which makes every single piece of content provided on its pages look razor-sharp on the screens of the last-generation devices. The main navigation panel is presented in the form of the usable sticky MegaMenu, which provides the web users with quick access to every piece of data whenever it’s needed.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

We hope that you found this selection of the top-trending real estate WordPress theme helpful. All of them were designed and developed as per the latest web tendencies, making your web resource more findable and noticeable on the web. Check out their lice demos to see the designs in action. Choose the one that will make your property showcase the true eye-catcher.

Ways To Improve Security For Your Website

Website Security Being an entrepreneur of a small online business, you be under the assumptions that nefarious hackers may not find anything of value when they attempt to breach your company website. However, in recent years, there have been several incidences of cyber-attacks on some e-commerce business websites that have shaken the confidence of the business community. Many cybersecurity experts say in many of these cases, the culprits did not attempt to deface the websites or steal the owner’s vital business information. They explain that a new trend is emerging among these criminals. They are using the servers of these business proprietors to broadcast spam emails to the public. Some of them also attempt to get access to sensitive client data by making anonymous requests to their victim’s website that appear official. In some cases, they even inundate the site with so many false customer requests that owner’s system ultimately crush.

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Now Official! TemplateMonster Released All-in- One Web Development Bundle for $69


TemplateMonster is ready to treat you with the much-anticipated presents long before the festive Christmas season starts. Following the latest news about the release of the ultimate web design bundle for web developers, the giant digital marketplace has officially released the all-in-one bundle for web designers and developers for $69 only.

The bundle will be available for download at the slashed price for 5 days only – on December 11-15. Afterwards, the cost of the bundle will make up $3,000 during the entire next year.


Why is it worth spending $69 for the ultimate web design bundle now? If you work in the web design and development niche, then you should know that the average cost of the premium WordPress theme from TemplateMonster digital marketplace makes up $75, which is more than the cost of the collection of premium web solutions suited for every purpose imaginable.

Top Reasons to Download the Bundle


We have already seen a number of the announcements regarding the content of the ultimate web design bundle from TemplateMonster. Now, let’s consider the main reasons why this bundle should be added to your own collection of the premium web design solutions.

  1. Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme licensed under GPL3 and containing premium skins and pro customization options needed to launch any web project in the shortest period of time possible.
  2. Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme featuring GPL3 license and featuring all functionality needed for building the full-fledged web stores.
  3. 6 premium templates (including dashboard template kit).
  4. Impressive UI kits for Web and Mobile Apps designs.
  5. Usable services from TemplateMonster specialists:
    • Prime SEO Pack
    • Speed Booster
    • RTL Conversion and Multilanguage
  6. A variety of graphics for your projects:
    • 1200+ Icons (Flat and Lined)
    • Social Media Templates Pack
    • Ad Banners that meet the Google requirements
    • Winter and Holiday illustrations
  7. All premium plugins that you need to develop WordPress-based projects.
  8. A premium drag-n-drop editor page builder.

All this will help you build a number of the great and competitive web projects during the whole next year.


Are you ready to benefit from this lucrative web offer from TemplateMonster? Do not hesitate to grab it for 2% of its cost! Starting from December 16, the all-in-one web design bundle will be available for download for the full price of $3,000.

This special offer is valid for 5 days only on December 11 – December 15!