Improving User Experience/Design on Websites

website design

If you know what you are doing marketing-wise, you have already won half the battle. Once you have gotten your business and website into view, however, you now need to make sure that people enjoy using your site long enough for them to complete a purchase.

Ugly websites that are difficult to use abound on the internet and a poorly designed website usually correlate with an underperforming business. This makes perfect sense, given that it takes a user around 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website. Below are some of the things you can do to improve your web design and promote high-quality user experience. Continue reading

Why It’s Important To Choose A Good Host Provider For Your Website Setup

Web Hosting

Web hosting is an essential part of securing an online presence. Without it, your visitors can’t see your website. Hosting services provide the necessary server space and tools to make your site discoverable on the Internet. Still, it doesn’t mean you should pick any web host you find. It’s essential to choose the right hosting provider when setting up your website. Here are six reasons why you should always consider getting the services of a reliable web host: Continue reading

How To Get More Subscribers For Your Online Course Business

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Let me guess: You’ve decided to start running your very own online course business, haven’t you?

That’s great.

With the huge earning potential that comes with running such an online business, you’re certainly on the right track for jumping into the bandwagon.

Now that you’re pretty much set on the type of online business you’ll run, the next question you need to address is how you’re supposed to get subscribers for your online courses.

Chances are, before you decided to run an online course business, someone told you how they made tens of thousands of dollars in profit in less than 30 days, or how amazing their life is. What they left out, however, is one of the most crucial aspects of your business — how exactly you’re supposed to get paying subscribers.

If you’re struggling with getting people to register for your online courses, then you’re definitely in the right place. That’s what we’ll cover in this guide. Continue reading

Why You Should Be Link Building This Year

Link Building

The internet is one of the most accessible and convenient modes of communication, which is why businesses should strive to maximize this platform to sell products and engage with all of their customers. All of these benefits can be experienced by a business once it invests in professional link building services. This service also allows a business to level out the playing field, no matter how small or new it is in the business arena.

As the name suggests, link building is the process of getting other websites link to your own website. Businesses prioritize its link building campaign because it can help build their website’s authority and rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs). Aside from these, here are some reasons why you should be link building this year Continue reading

10 Top Small Business Website Design Companies

Small business website

A website is one of the greatest marketing tools for a small business. As such, it’s extremely important that you find a web design company with lots of experience and success for creating your small business’ website.

Now, there are three criteria to judge a web design company:

  • Years of Service – this helps determine if a web design company is stable and a successful business.
  • The Number of Clients – this helps determine if a web design company is extremely familiar with all kinds of website projects.
  • Web Design Portfolio – this helps determine the quality of websites they created.

To help you guys out and save your time, we’ve put together a list of top ten web design companies that meets the criteria above.

Read on to check them out! Continue reading

How to Come Up with an Effective Digital Marketing Plan

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With technology being harnessed more thoroughly now than ever before, businesses know how the landscape of marketing has changed dramatically. Acquiring new tools and understanding new strategies can help win new clients and keep costs down. It’s sad to say, however, that there are businesses and agencies struggling to keep up. To be more specific, digital marketing remains a difficult concept for many businesses to wrap their heads around so they can use it effectively.

Then again, adapting to the changing digital landscape remains crucial to business success. A shift towards new digital distribution channels will make a big difference to the bottom line, so much so that 36% of marketers are integrating digital channels with traditional marketing activities.

This is telling of the kind of future that awaits the industry, and whether it involves building effective websites or running a search marketing campaign, it’s important that you focus more on creating a digital marketing plan that works best based on your needs.

Here are a few tips to consider. Continue reading

Amazon Advertising Tips for Beginners When Setting Up an E-commerce Site

Amazon Marketing

Amazon is the first site that most online shoppers visit when they want to buy any product. Reports show that customers are twice as likely to begin their search on Amazon instead of on Google.

If you are in the process of setting up your e-commerce site, advertising on Amazon is one of your top options when you want to maximize your revenue, even if you are not selling on the platform. Here are some great tips that you can use: Continue reading

Joomla or WordPress? – Find the Best CMS for You

Joomla or WordPress

Even for those who’ve only dipped their toes in web development, WordPress and Joomla should be familiar names.

And with good reason:

Both are renowned for being easy to use yet surprisingly flexible.

The similarities don’t end there:

They’re both self-hosted, as well as open source.

But which one is better?

That’s a bit of a loaded question since it depends on what your preferences are. However, since these two content management systems are quite alike, there is merit in contrasting their strong and weak suits, so you can see which one matches your needs better. Continue reading

Cybersecurity for SMEs: Why Should You Worry and What Can You Do?


In the last decade, there have been so many data breaches in the corporate sector, that ransomware and hackers have gained international infamy. From Yahoo and eBay hacks that affected millions of people, to the national Aadhar breach in India which leaked the private details of over 1.1 billion people; it is obvious that no one from MNCs to national governments are completely safe in an online environment. Continue reading

How Seasonal Promotions Can Boost Customer Loyalty for the Whole Year

Customer Loyalty

As a business owner, you (correctly) believe that the best ways to retain customers is to offer fair prices, outstanding customer service, speedy shipping and free chocolate chip cookies to anyone who walks in the store.

Well, maybe not the chocolate chip cookies. But the rest is definitely a good idea.

While you want to treat each and every customer who orders online or comes in the door as a very important person for your business, you can actually secure a huge amount of customer loyalty for the entire year — all in the matter of a few seasonal shopping months.

As for how to do this, please consider the following tips: Continue reading

5 Top Tips to Establish an Online Presence

Internet Marketing

As an entrepreneur, it is important that you establish a prominent online presence, especially since the internet now forms a large part in sales and your business’ connection with customers. There are many ways to increase your online presence, and if you need help to do so, these top tips will help you to create a personal brand online that will help you to boost your sale conversion rates. Continue reading

The 7 Biggest Data Breaches of All Time

The 7 Biggest Data Breaches of All Time

Data breaches are not uncommon in the modern day. From small-scale breaches affecting relatively unknown organizations to big data breaches that make news worldwide, the world is now accustomed to the phenomenon. Contrary to what most people might think, data breaches are not always a result of advanced hacking techniques. Sometimes, the laxity of organizations ends up leaving their data in compromised states. Data breaches have resulted in the loss of personal information, organizational reputation and huge sums of money. Let us look at some of the biggest data breaches of all time. Continue reading