2015 Top Free Joomla Extensions For Beginners

Top five free Joomla extensions for beginners

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Free Joomla Extensions for beginners, assembled by ‘corePHP’s Son Koral.

There inevitably comes a moment during a Joomla! User Group meetup when someone asks the question “What’s the best free Joomla Extension?” Usually it has to do with something that they’re trying to accomplish, but over the years of running the local Joomla User Group in Detroit, Michigan, I’ve noticed that without fail, some of the same extensions keep coming up, and being discussed every time. Continue reading

Handpicked Ghost Themes: Part One

If you have been following our “Handpicked” series for some time you would know that we cover some of the best themes for the major blogging and website creation platforms, WordPress, Joomla and Tumblr too. We just couldn’t leave another great platform in the dark and here we are with a fine collection of themes for the new blogging platform – Ghost. Follow this series to witness some awesome and beautiful premium quality Ghost themes for your blog. Let’s start the series with this first list:


MotretView Demo

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Free Joomla Extension Called paGO Takes Flight

paGO Commerce is a new Joomla extension for e-commerce, from 'corePHP'

paGO Commerce is a new free Joomla! extension for e-commerce, launched by ‘corePHP’ to replace antiquated VirtueMart 

paGO Commerce is a free Joomla extension for e-commerce, launched by ‘corePHP’ to replace an aging and antiquated Joomla extension known as VirtueMart. It took ‘corePHP’ over four years to develop paGO Commerce, a free Joomla extension that launched just a few short months ago.

The ‘corePHP’ team members got the idea for paGO Commerce from Joomla users and customers while exhibiting at the CMS Expo, almost five years ago, where I was co-host of the event, in Chicago.  While the Joomla CMS was (and is) on the upswing, frustration among Joomla developers was high, as there was a vacuum for a truly “professional grade” Joomla extension for e-commerce, so it became rather challenging for the Joomla fans (including me!) to boast of all Joomla’s capabilities, without a solid e-commerce solution in place at the time. Continue reading

How To Create Buzz About Your Travel Blog

Creating buzz for your travel blog

Travel blogs offer honest viewpoints of local tourist sites, restaurants and hotels for other travelers and tourists to access. But, creating a buzz to get readers to your travel blog and then keeping your audience engaged can be difficult. Luckily, these four tips can help you generate relevant content and keep readers clicking on your website, whether you create it using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

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‘corePHP’ Expands, Opens New Joomla Development Services Office In São Paulo, Brazil

New 'corePHP' office in São Paulo, Brazil

Joomla development firm ‘corePHP’ announce a new office in São Paulo, Brazil

Today, ‘corePHP’ LLC, our growing Battle Creek, Michigan based web development firm, announced we have opened up an office in São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, with fast-expanding needs for Joomla Development services, cloud based SaaS offerings, and custom CMS development. With this, ‘corePHP’ has added Senior Software Engineer Adam Docherty, and PHP Developer Roberto Gadducci Filho to the company’s growing roster of professional Joomla Developers.

Want to Transform Your CMS Into a Content Marketing & Sales Machine?

Find out how to transform your passive CMS into an active Content Marketing and Sales Machine April 8th!

Find out how to transform your passive CMS into an active Content Marketing and Sales Machine April 8th!

Mark your calendar, because ‘corePHP’ is kicking off our 2015 LIVE tour!  This is a VERY BIG YEAR for CMS users around the world, as converging technologies and entirely uncharted buying patterns continue to radically change the business landscape. This year, it’s more important than ever to keep your eyes on the road, and hands on the wheel to stay up on trends, as they will directly business, non-profits, education and government agencies.

Register Now for this LIVE 3-hour learning session:
“How To Transform Your Passive CMS Into an Active Content Marketing and Sales Machine.” Continue reading

10 Tips To Build a Better Landing Page

Landing page recommendations to improve your SEO

We’ve got some landing page recommendations for you to improve your SEO.

First impressions inspire many of the minor and major decisions in one’s life. An excerpt from a book’s chapter could help you decide to whether read that book or not. The façade of a certain home for sale could surely influence your desire to look for it inside. This also goes the same with the landing pages of your website, as it could simply shape the first impression of a user. Continue reading

Ten User Generated Content Moderation Plugins For WordPress

user generated content tools for WordPress

Sometimes, users force you to pull out the big guns to moderate their content. Here’s some helpful tools we recommend.

If you’re hosting your own social networking component on your WordPress website, you know that social networking platforms host any number and type of personalities, each providing their own User Generated Content (“UGC”). Of course, some content contributors stay within the boundaries of civility, and make life easy for everyone.

Then there are those dreaded lots — the haters, the foul mouths, the spammers, the “content bullies,” and those who can only express themselves using language or images you may not find suitable for your site. To help you take care of those user/abusers, below are ten WordPress plugins we here at ‘corePHP’ recommend to make your life as a content moderator easier. Continue reading

New Joomla 3.4 Release Hits The Market

Joomla 3.4 - Do more.

Joomla 3.4 launched today. Here are many of its new features. Image credit: Chiara

As previously reported in our ‘corePHP’ update as anticipated, Joomla developers and community members today released Joomla version 3.4, with many notable improvements. The major improvements to Joomla’s version 3.4 release include simplified front-end content editing, performance improvements, additional high-level security measures, Composer integration, as well as over 700 bug fixes.

In this new Joomla 3.4 release, front-end editing of Joomla modules is now working beautifully. This key feature has been on the roadmap for years, but only today, after a lot of work by Joomla Production Leadership Team of Joomla developers, front-end module editing is now a reality. This gives site content editors important access to perform content creation and editing without requiring back-end Admin access. Continue reading

Core Update: What’s New In Joomla 3.4 ?

Do more with Joomla 3.4

Front-end module editing and more, coming this week in Joomla 3.4.

Joomla 3.4 is due out this week! Last week, the Joomla! Project announced its Joomla! 3.4 Release Candidate, in advance of its upcoming first release of 3.4. We here at the ‘corePHP’ team have provided some assistance to the 3.4 release, and we’ll be ensuring that all our own custom Joomla extensions are compatible with the upcoming 3.4 release of Joomla, to ensure a smooth transition for all of our customers. Continue reading

Six Collaboration Tools For Web Designers

Collaboration tools for web designers

In today’s distributed workforce environment, web designers need great collaboration tools. Here are six…

Being a web designer has its perks: the ability to work remotely, set your own hours, and to design for a variety of clients on a multitude of projects. It’s rarely boring, but sometimes, it can get lonely—especially if you don’t go into an office regularly (or at all). Aside from feeling isolated, it’s harder to collaborate on projects if you’re not face to face with your peers working on the same task or with the clients for whom you’re doing the work. Continue reading