‘corePHP’ vs. Freelancer: Your Choice Could Cost You!

web development agencyTime and time again we are asked to submit a proposal for work against a freelancer. So, we thought now would be a great time for us to explain why the team at ‘corePHP’ wants you the client to think twice before agreeing to work with a freelancer. Keep in mind, some freelancers do great work and have the portfolio to show for it. However, we continue to come across those who are less desirable and over promise and under deliver for the client. Continue reading

Important Tips for Optimizing ECommerce Site Speeds

ecommerce optimizationWe have come a long way from the days when accessing ecommerce and using ecommerce sites was a chore. Today, faster internet connectivity and better ecommerce platforms, like Joomla paGO Commerce, have made it easier to design user-friendly sites that are faster, more robust and infinitely more functional than in the early days of the web.

However, despite the myriad of improvements we have witnessed, there are still e-commerce sites that are well behind the curve in terms of page load speed. Failure in this area often translates to poor sales performance. A two-second delay is sufficient for a typical web user to bounce and head straight for the competition.

Is page load time really important to you bottom line? Continue reading

Is Poor Web Design the Reason Behind Your Conversion Decline?

web design conversion

Selling your merchandise via online platforms are not like you ever imaged. You will come to learn that no matter how good and superior your products are, you simply cannot beat the competition if they lack the appeal of an attractive web design. A good web design is like a well-dressed salesman knocking at your door. You know you don’t have the cash to buy what he is selling, but you most definitely would like to hear what he has to say. Continue reading

Factors That Affect Your Website’s Speed

web speed

For a webmaster, the speed of a website is extremely important. It affects every aspect of your website, from the user experience to your conversion rates. Every second counts too, so this is something that everyone should be constantly aware of when tracking their website’s performance.

So what affects your speed? Today we’ll look at four major factors, followed by an infographic to help you better understand the way your website’s speed is affected and how that speed affects your performance across the board. Continue reading

30% Discount on ‘corePHP’ Joomla! Products

earth day web promotion
Who doesn’t like to help make the earth a bit greener? One way to do that is to save a little green cash on your next purchase of a Joomla! extension with us at ‘corePHP’. To celebrate Earth Day 2016, enjoy 30% OFF all Joomla’s most powerful extensions from me and the team. Update your site or get a jump start on your new site this season and purchase today!

From now until 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on April 24, 2016, save 30% OFF all your favorite ‘corePHP’ Joomla extensions.

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Should E-Commerce Sites Implement AMP?

clicking buy now button on an mobile commerce site

With almost 200 million smartphone users in the United States, mobile readership has a direct effect on content publishers and the revenue generated by information on the Internet. In response, Google has launched an open source initiative to speed up mobile device access to the Internet. Called the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, it promises to be helpful for publishers; however, its benefit to e-commerce sites may be another matter. Continue reading

Do You Want to Attract More Customers to Your E-Commerce Website This Year?

e-commerce solutions

How your e-commerce site looks will affect the number of orders you get. This is because people still judge the book by its cover. If you have an attractive and straightforward web design, shoppers will assume you are professional and well organized. On the other hand, if your website is poorly designed, people may conclude that you are a scam and they will choose to walk away.

No matter what you do in online marketing, it is important that you ensure your website is professional looking; with great designs that match your type of business. In this post, we will be looking at some of the things you can do to attract more customers with your web design. Continue reading

Utilizing the Bootstrap 4 Grid System for Mobile

bootstrap front-end development

Sophia Phillips of WordPrax Ltd. – HTML to WordPress company shared with us in December an article regarding utilizing the Bootstrap 4 grid system for creating a responsive website. To date, this post has seen significant traffic as many have noticed the usefulness of the article. A short bit ago we were approached regarding having a video developed to showcase the usefulness of the Bootstrap 4 system.

Chris Minnick of Webucator, a mobile web development training site, was so inspired after reading the article that he created a video to further discuss the Bootstrap grid system.

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How to Deliver on Your Promise of 24-Hour Customer Service

Start providing 24/7 support for your clients

According to the 2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Survey, 76 percent of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Meanwhile, a survey from Lithium Technologies found consumers expect brands to respond within an hour when they have a complaint. That number is still high even if there’s not a complaint. Some 53 percent want a brand to respond to them even if they don’t have an issue. Continue reading

What Basics of Conversion Rate Optimization are your Landing Pages Missing?

conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is one of those terms that internet users talk about so frequently. Unfortunately, it is hard for them to explain in its entirety. Optimization of the landing pages and such things will be truly helpful when you are running a business online. Capturing the attention of people online is hard enough. Now that you have traffic being directed to your website, it is important to make that traffic active. Working with passive visitors is not a rewarding activity. You need people who are actively engaging with your content frequently. This article is going to focus mainly on what CRO is and what it is all about. It will also touch on a few tricks that you can employ to optimize your landing page and improve user experience on your website. Continue reading

Upgrade MailChimp API to v3.0 Today

mailchimp developer

Are you running a custom MailChimp integration on your website? Now is the time to ensure it is utilizing the latest MailChimp API, v3.0, as ALL previous versions will become no longer operational at the end of 2016.

As leading developers for MailChimp, we have the knowledge and expertise to integrate MailChimp with your CMS, blog, PHP or social media platform. Our custom MailChimp integration email marketing services allow you to generate and send MailChimp campaigns from your site, saving you time and money, and who doesn’t like to save some hard earned Benjamins? This allows you to keep a pulse on your customers and stay in front.

Contact us to begin the process of upgrading your MailChimp API to v3.0 today!

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Top Points To Consider When Choosing A PHP Framework

php frameworks

The world of PHP frameworks has grown wider in all these years. There is a wide range of frameworks for developers to choose from. There is no hard and fast rule to decide on the type of framework that should be used. However, it is always better to know the considerations while choosing an ideal PHP framework. Before diving deep into the subject, let’s talk a bit more about PHP frameworks. Continue reading