How To Design Professional Powerpoint Presentations

How-To-Design-Professional-Powerpoint Presentations

Most of the PowerPoint presentations are too-text heavy and speakers generally read them off. We all have sat through poorly designed PowerPoint presentations which often cause a phenomenon called ‘death by PowerPoint’. Your presentation can either make your deal or break it. Well-designed slides when used sparingly with perfect timing can be a complete game-changer for your presentation goals. Especially for entrepreneurs, your PowerPoint presentations should be moving. You can’t walk into a room full of investors with a bunch of slides and expect to fund your new idea. When creating a presentation, one should make sure it stands out from the crowd. There is a real need for presentations which are unique, engaging and relevant in the market. Be it online meetings, all-hands meetings or seminars your PowerPoint presentation needs to be going places.

Always remember that your slides are there to support your speech and not replace it. You should build your slides last and first focus on gathering content, deciding the layout etc. If your slides are not engaging sooner or later boredom will prevail in your audience. You should not let PowerPoint decide how you want to use it for creating your presentation. There are a number of things which you can follow to create amazing and captivating PowerPoint presentations. Moreover, not everybody has a knack for design, but that doesn’t mean your presentation should look cliche or boring. In this post, we will talk about several tips which can help you design amazing PowerPoint presentations while making sure it engages with your audience. At the end of the day, your presentation should be able to get your message across the audience effectively and clearly. Continue reading

5 tips to expand your brand’s presence and reach

8 Proven Ways to Grow Brand Awareness -- Fast

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For any business, the quality of products and services always plays a vital role in its growth. Nobody can deny this. But what if customers are not even remotely aware of your existence in the first place?

The answer is very simple. No one will reach out to you for any transaction and, within little to no time, your business will come crashing down.

This is precisely why marketers put great emphasis on brand awareness.

Broadly put, brand awareness is a practice that introduces your business to the maximum number of people.

There was a time when marketing a brand required deep pockets, and therefore leading multinational companies had a sweeping monopoly over small businesses in the past. Fortunately, technology has now created a level playing field for everyone.

Regardless of the scale of your business, you can effectively publicize it by walking the tight line of the following tips: Continue reading

Landing Page Tips: How to Attract More Customers

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If you’re selling on the internet, but you’re not getting enough customers, you must be wondering the reason. One of the most crucial reasons for that could be a poorly drafted landing page. Before you learn how to attract more customers through creative landing pages, you need to know about the latest website development styles and how landing page optimization works. Continue reading

Three Cloud-Based Software for Your Business 

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Your business is run off your ability to coordinate tasks over the internet. The more digital your business, the more you’ll have been able to adapt to the ‘new normal’ working requirements of the post-pandemic world. This means a heavy focus on digital systems, in the 2020s, appears like the right move for all enterprises – whether they’re based online or offline. In this article, you’ll learn three of the critical software solutions to help you digitize and modernize, bringing your business in line with the most competitive firms in the world in 2020 and beyond. Continue reading

The 5 Best Low-Cost Communication Technologies for Small Businesses

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Whether a business is a multinational corporation or a young start up, communication should be at its heart. For any business to grow, meet deadlines, create a loyal customer base, and exceed goals, quality communications systems must be in place.

However, just because these systems are vital, it does not mean that they have to cost the earth. The list below shows some of the best, low cost communication technologies that can be used to help small businesses move to the next level. Continue reading

7 Best Practices to Build an E-Commerce Landing Page that Converts

Expected to register over $6 trillion in sales by 2023, e-commerce is a force to reckon and bend to your will. The anticipated growth rate is steady and does not seem to go anywhere but upwards. However, when it comes to an e-commerce website landing page, things change to the detriment of the businesses owning them.

On average, the conversion rate across the board for e-commerce landing pages is around 2.8%. Nevertheless, most brands are barely reaching this threshold, while other players in the field boast over 10%. The difference resides in how some companies create their e-commerce landing pages that drive conversions.

Not so long ago, we have talked about the best practices in e-commerce you should follow. Today, we will focus on some of the best elements to consider when you build an e-commerce landing page that converts. A landing page is not a product page, although many make this mistake.

  • An e-commerce optimized landing page should be stand-alone and have one goal only – to convince users to take a singular but very particular action: purchase something, download something, submit a form, contact someone, etc.

So let’s see how to build modern and convincing landing pages for products or services that drive conversions! Continue reading

Design Your E-Commerce Website With Your Target Market in Mind

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Like any website, your e-commerce page designed around marketing and selling your product should put the audience at the forefront of its focus. Perhaps even more so than other pages, e-commerce sites need to accommodate the target audience, their preferences, their likes, and dislikes.

Making sales means paying attention, and through segmenting your target audience, experimenting, and coming to understand them, you can build an e-commerce site that grabs users and maximizes sales.

Here’s what you should know about designing your e-commerce website for your target audience. Continue reading

How Has Digital Marketing Benefited From Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence abbreviated in a post it note as AI

The marketing world has undergone significant changes since the introduction of artificial intelligence. The technology can be used to optimize and prepare a plethora of marketing tactics by your SEO agency, improving profit margins as well as customer service. While most urban businesses use AI extensively to promote their brands, there are certain marketing professionals who are yet to understand the full benefits of artificial intelligence.

If you are one such marketer, we are here to tell you about the many benefits you can reap once you make the shift to artificial intelligence. Continue reading

5 Tips To Help Your Small Business Earn More Money During Crisis

The past few months have proved to the whole world that things change for the worst, really quickly, and the economy can collapse. The coronavirus outbreak has impacted billions of lives around the globe, including businesses and organizations of every level.

The virus was not an expected one; hence the consequences are also unprecedented to mankind. Not only were the small businesses impacted by the economic crisis, rather businesses of each and every scale are in this together.

The recovery for small businesses can be a critical task, the reason being a lack of working capital, insurance, and resources. Continue reading

Advanced Marketing Strategies during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges never experienced before by many people in their lifetime. Shrunk economic activities, massive lay-offs, restricted global movements, and lockdowns have left many businesses bleeding.
How can businesses avoid closure and continue to shun profits and revenue in such a time? This requires new thinking and quick actions. These are some of the top tips that businesses can employ to stay afloat: –

  • Enhancing e-commerce ability and functions
  • Putting huge resources in their digital marketing efforts
  • Exploring ways to empower local solutions providers
  • Embrace business process outsourcing.

Digital marketing for instance during a pandemic may encounter heavy traffic thereby diluting your efforts. This, therefore, calls for COVID-19 marketing strategies to transition properly in the pandemic.

Let’s review some of the advanced marketing strategies businesses can employ Continue reading

Tips to Drive More Traffic To Your Landing Page: SEO Insights for Joomla

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Joomla has been widely used globally by many designers that make it the second-largest CMS platform used by more than 2.5 million people from all over the world. The biggest aim of every business website is to generate organic traffic that helps in driving sales. This goal cannot be achieved without integrating SEO on your website.

There are specific SEO strategies that improve your brand sales bit like every other tactic; only 20% of these are active and contribute towards the overall ranking of your site. SEO is not an option but an essential element for websites today due to the swift surge in the number of websites every day.

SEO for Joomla platform is a bit different than other website SEOs but can be done easily. All you are required to do is effectively understand the tips we are sharing with you and implement them on your CMS site. This comprehensive list of strategies will support you in increasing your website ranking on the search engine. So, let’s get started. Continue reading

CMS Strategies to Uplift Engagement on Your Joomla’s Platform

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Joomla is one of the world’s most widely used platform. It is an open-source platform where applications and websites are formulated. Joomla is basically a content management system that will link your application or website with MySQL or MySQLi database. This will make the transferring of data and content management more effortless for both the audience as well as the site owner.

We live in an era where customers have expectations form the brands to meet their real-time needs. Websites are a great tool for the business these days as it can help them in reaching thousands of potential clients without any face to face interaction. According to the stats of 2019, only 64% of small businesses have their own website, and some of them struggle to uplift their user engagement.

Creating a user friendly is essential for enhancing your Joomla website engagement. This platform has been used by many famous brands because of its flexibility and user-friendliness. CMS aids in understanding the behavior of clients by merging their social interactions and what they think about your brand.

Now, if you have created a website on Joomla for your small business but don’t know the strategies to enhance user engagement, then this article will surely be a great help to you. Continue reading