Migrate Your E-Commerce Platform to paGO Commerce

migrate your e-commerce platform

Do you feel stuck? Afraid to jump ship because of the already bad experience you have had with your current e-commerce platform? Well here at ‘corePHP’ when we started to develop paGO Commerce we had you in mind. We wanted to make sure that when you became that person that we can get you over to the best e-commerce platform that has hit the market since Facebook. Ok, we are not a billion-dollar data mining company so maybe a bad comparison ;)

Time to Jump Ship

We said it above. It’s time to jump ship on your current outdated e-commerce platform, for example maybe your on VirtueMart. It was what your company started with years ago. It was great then. Time has changed, but VirtueMart has not. It has gotten harder to use, less friendlier and just a time suck for you and your developers. I am sure you have seen the bank account go further down then it should with this platform. paGO Commerce is packed with amazing migration scripts and VirtueMart happens to be one of platforms to migrate from. Continue reading

‘corePHP’ Launches paGO Commerce 2.0 for Joomla

paGO Commerce - Go anywhere Sell Everywhere

The highly anticipated paGO Commerce 2.0 has been released! The most powerful e-commerce solution for Joomla! developed by the team at ‘corePHP’ welcomes several major additions to the platform. Most notably, paGO Commerce now features an innovative payment gateway system.

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Payment Gateways

paGO QuickPay

paGO Commerce QuickPayStore owners rejoice and say hello to your funds quicker and automatically! With paGO Commerce 2.0, receive your funds in record time with our exclusive new QuickPay Transaction Engine. Getting paid can lag up to a week on other carts, but paGO’s new QuickPay Transaction Engine ensures store owners are paid in the quickest turnaround time possible and directly to their designated bank account! There is no need to go into yet another dashboard to transfer funds, it’s all done automatically with paGO QuickPay. You won’t even have to think about it. The cash flows, even when you’re gone! Cash is King.

With QuickPay, there are no hidden or monthly fees associated with the service. The merchant is charged 3.45% + 35¢ for every successful transaction passed through paGO’s QuickPay. Continue reading

5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Benefit Your E-Commerce Business

Moving your e-commerce site to the cloud

Businesses are embracing cloud storage, the latest market research shows. Increasing demand for big data will swell the cloud storage market from $18.87 billion in 2015 to $65.41 billion by 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate of 28.2 percent, according to a Markets and Markets report. More and more companies are seeing cloud storage as a solution for a growing range of applications, including primary and backup storage, online storage gateways and data movement and access. Companies of all sizes are adopting cloud storage solutions in industries ranging from healthcare and financial services to manufacturing and retail. If your e-commerce business is seeking a data storage solution, cloud storage offers a range of benefits that make it a compelling option. Continue reading

Results Driven SEO – Quality Internet Marketing

Dish and Pie

It’s Time to Take Your Bite of the Internet Pie

Are you interested in making more out of your business? The Internet offers you opportunities that are beyond imaginable! Of course, it is important for you to take advantage of what the Internet offers according to your specific needs and not according to the needs of others. That is why we offer our Internet marketing and search engine optimization services that are completely customized with you as an individual in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business that is struggling to get started or if you have been online for quite some time, we have the team can help you to make your business better.

The primary focus of our service is on search engine optimization. Although there are many people that offer SEO services, it tends to be a lost art, because most people don’t have the knowledge to keep up with algorithm changes in the search engines. In fact, many people have taken the recent Google updates and have become simply frustrated, stating that it is just important to write for the user and not for the search engines. In reality, it is a combination of the two that is going to propel your business forward. Continue reading

Avoid These Four E-Commerce Website Fails

ordering online on an ecommerce websiteIf you have a business offering goods, it has become almost mandatory to make those products available online. In the first four months of 2014 alone, 78 percent of American consumers bought something online through various e-commerce websites. If you do not have an online presence, you are missing out on all of those potential sales through e-commerce. However, as many businesses are discovering, it is not enough to have an e-commerce website; the site must be well-designed and user friendly to stand out among the fierce online competition. If you are in the process of moving your business to the Internet, be sure to avoid the following all-too-common e-commerce website pitfalls. Continue reading

How to Sell within paGO Commerce

paGO Commerce leading Joomla! e-commerce

Are you using paGO right now or are you looking? Either direction, this is a must to know. paGO Commerce is a powerful platform for e-commerce but built within it is powerful tools for marketing and sales. Now marketing and sales are just general terms so let’s dig deeper to see what we should be looking at to make MONEY!!!

paGO has two areas of ways to increase more sales. Coupons and Discounts. Each area within paGO provides powerful tools to help increase your conversion and ability to make more sales. We will touch on each one.


paGO Commerce Coupon

Super flexible and lots of great options available here. Having a robust system gives you the ability to run many targeted campaign. Just the ability to run campaigns that are target means you have a better conversion rate. You don’t want to be targeting the wrong audience then you loose them for the right product. ‘corePHP’ provides services where we can help you understand your audience better and provide you the best direction how to set up targeted campaigns. Contact us today if you need assistance.

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Web Design or Web Development? Big Difference.

web design vs. web developmentIn the 1990s and early 2000s, web designers, ad agencies and marketing firms controlled their clients’ message; thus, they acted in a chief decision-making role regarding technology decisions, driving their clients’ websites. Marketers tossed about the term “web developer” as if synonymous to “web designer.” Conversely, web developers rarely muddled the terminology. Why not? Because the last thing most true web developers wanted to manage was the creative process, let alone the client.

  • Web Designers Envision It: Creative, Interface Layout, Digital Experience, Wireframe, Business Message
  • Web Developers Make It Work: Coding, Framework, Security, Performance & Speed, Compatibility, etc

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From Desktop to Mobile: 3 Tools to Make Your Site Look Great

Mobile ready website

Designing an attractive, engaging website used to be easy. Even just a few years ago, you could feel confident that the product you saw on your screen would look nearly identical on anyone else’s screen. Sure, there might be some slight variation in resolution or screen size, but the majority of people were still interacting with the web from the comfort of a desktop or laptop computer. But that has completely changed.

A Pew Research Center poll suggests that nearly 65 percent of American adults own a smartphone, and that nearly half own some kind of tablet device. This suggests a major shift in the way consumers are interacting with the web. As a designer or developer that means you have to find ways to build websites that are easily viewed on a variety of devices. It can be a tricky process, but luckily a variety of tools and services exist to ensure your website looks great on a tiny mobile screen or a 60-inch HD monitor. Continue reading

26 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Site Conversions

Get more conversions on your eCommerce site

Often overlooked ways for you to turn more visitors into customers on your eCommerce site.

‘corePHP’ is always on the look-out for ways our clients can boost conversions on their eCommerce sites. We thought we’d share 26 of the most often overlooked, inexpensive, and easy to implement ideas, to help you generate more eCommerce conversions. Treat this like a checklist, every time you add a product to your inventory, and you’ll be on the right track to higher conversion rates. Do you have advice to share? Please feel free to comment, and add your advice to this compilation as well!

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Six Tips To Improve Your Digital Experience

Converging your digital and on-site experiences.

Converging digital experiences continue to drive incremental sales, according to the 3rd annual Deloitte study.

For Best Results, Connect Digital Experience to In-Store Shopping

The 3rd annual digital experience study by analysts at Deloitte revealed a continuing trend, showing how mobile connectivity influences retail purchasing decisions. The study examined over 3,000 U.S. consumers to understand how their digital interactions (eCommerce, social, review sites, etc) are influencing in-store U.S. retail purchases.  To nobody’s surprise, this year’s data clearly shows that digital influence continues to accelerate and shift the ground under the feet of retailers large and small alike.

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Boost Your eCommerce Business With Better Customer Service

Customer support is critical to your eCommerce business success

Improve your eCommerce business through your customer support.

The performance of your customer contact service center is more crucial than ever to your eCommerce success, judging by the results of Deloitte’s latest annual Global Customer Contact Survey. According to the survey, 85 percent of organizations now view customer contact experience as a competitive differentiator.

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