AWS Security Issues You Should Watch Out For

Software agencies find themselves extremely drawn to AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a Cloud Security solution. At the same time, they’re well aware that it isn’t very reliable and leaves a lot to be desired.

Today I’ll be going over some of the most important drawbacks of this solution, so that your team can manage custom software development in peace.

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The Benefits Of A Cloud Based Email Management System

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Growing business complexity brings with it an attendant growth in operating costs, notably with IT and network infrastructure. With the exponential rise of cloud technology, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud-based applications for key elements of their operation.

End-user spending on public cloud-based services has been forecast to grow by 18% in 2021, to a level of almost $305 billion – up from $257 billion in 2020. However, this is easy to see why when you consider the benefits. Continue reading

What is blockchain and why does it matter?

The phrase “blockchain” is almost definitely familiar to you. But chances are you have no idea what it is or how it works, let alone why it is so popular. That’s OK. The majority of folks do not.

This hasn’t stopped it from becoming a catchphrase in nearly every business, from finance to shipping to fantasy football. Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB), IBM (IBM), and Walmart (WMT) are among the corporations who believe blockchain technology might help them manage shipments and store data more efficiently, among other things. They aren’t alone in their enthusiasm for the technology, which many feel has the potential to transform logistics, food safety, finance, and even voting.

Not bad for a mysterious individual who created bitcoin and developed a mystery technology.

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9 Summer Marketing Ideas to Heat Up Sales

The summer season is the perfect time for online ecommerce stores to offer sales, run summer campaigns, and implement new marketing ideas to engage old and new customers. Summer season tends to be slower season for online shopping. But, due to corona pandemic, online shopping is booming, we all are noticing rapid increase in websites traffic and sales. So, if you are an owner of online store then wait no more and implement the following marketing ideas to engage your customers and boost sales conversions. Continue reading

4 Steps to Improving Your Business’s Coding Workflow


In business, workflow and efficiency are paramount to success. If you are not focused on the right things, little progress is made. You should have achievable goals for your business. Just as importantly, you need clear directions for meeting those goals. The upper management should be responsible for setting goals, but employees should have input as well. The whole team has to be working together to make any business operation successful. Without teamwork, goals are meaningless. Efficiency is not attainable unless everyone is working together.

If your business deals with coding, you know that efficiency with this process is essential. Coding is a difficult business, and it takes time and concentrated effort from your team to make it successful. Your coding team needs certain resources to be successful. It starts with hiring the right people and giving them clear tasks. When everyone knows his or her role, your coding workflow will be much more efficient. Consider these four ways to optimize your business’s coding workflow. Continue reading

A Definitive Guide to Effective Social Media Strategies on Amazon

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Social media continues to connect people around the world regardless of their geographical location. Without this technological milestone, we wouldn’t be indulging in the same form of entertainment, information acquisition, and digital participation that we are freely seeing today. From being a mere channel for personal status updates to becoming a large avenue that links other present-day applications, social media features have certainly expanded.

One such feature is the ability to market off Amazon. As a business owner, you’d understand that marketing on Amazon is not an easy job and that the best way to promote your products is to expand your viewership in other networks. Social media is the best platform to potentially convert billions of users into customers, and you don’t want that opportunity to go to waste.

We want to help your business to hit an incredible milestone for conversion, which is why this article will discuss the various ways you can use social media to boost your business reach. The angles that we will underline include writing copy on social media, incorporating hashtags, and applying email marketing techniques, so read on! Continue reading

Technology’s Impact on Our Homes and Lives

The continuous march of technology has had an unmistakable impact on human culture and society since the first weapons were created from raw materials and the ability to make fire was perfected. We live in a technologically advanced world. Technology has revolutionized our environment and molded our lives into what they are now, from your car and the device you’re reading this on to your television, jet jets, and beyond.

It’s maybe not surprising, then, that shelter, one of the first technologies ever invented, is evolving right before our eyes to take advantage of the plethora of technology at hand. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the traditional shelter is about to undergo a major transformation. What was the catalyst for that change? Smartphones, networked devices, and other technological marvels will all play a role in molding the “smart existence” of the twenty-first century. Continue reading

Top 8 Steps to Grow Your eCommerce Website Traffic and Sales

When it comes to ecommerce, things are thriving, thanks to the effects of COVID-19, which has ushered in a new era of online businesses. Some are completely new, while others have grown thanks to the current situation.

Even in these hard times of extreme change, with a sure stream of highly driven consumers ready to spend online, the reality remains that you must market your ecommerce business if you want to expand it, attract more customers, and increase traffic. Right now, there are more opportunities for you, but keep in mind that there is also more competition.

In 2021, ecommerce will continue to flourish. So, if you’re serious about growing your ecommerce business, you should already be working on developing a strategy to guide your company forward. You should also check over here for best manpower recruitment dubai agency to hire the best manpower for your ecommerce company.

In terms of marketing, there are numerous techniques to ensure that your ecommerce business grows, but not all of them will be appropriate for your individual business or goals. However, there are several methods that apply to the majority of people and are simple to implement.

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Web Scraping Through Proxies: Why Your Company Needs It

web scraping done on a computer

Companies use web scraping to extract important data about other competing industries and market insights. This valuable piece of information extracted helps the organization to make decisions based on the data and offer services accordingly. Business entities use proxies to enable them to scrape data effectively from different sources on the web. The company stands a risk when doing this which is why using proxies is important. Proxy servers act as layers of privacy by hiding the IP addresses of the computers the companies use for scraping websites. Continue reading

5 Ways To Keep Your Company Safe Online

Cybercrime is on the rise. The ransomware attack on the Colonial pipeline and the meatpacking industry are two high-profile examples of how common system attacks have become. While those huge incidents garner media coverage, the fact is those companies and industries are large enough to weather the blow, paying the ransom and moving on with business. It’s a hiccup but not a business killer.

For your small business though, a ransomware attack or any other cybercrime that halts your business or damages your reputation could mean the end. Therefore it is even more imperative that you take the time to keep your company safe online. Follow these five recommendations to make sure your computer systems aren’t your greatest liability. Continue reading

Which Social Media Is Most Famous For Sharing The Content?

By far the most popular service accessible on the internet is social media. It has the ability to exchange information, raise brand recognition, and make or destroy your business. You’re missing out on a whole new market of prospective customers if you’re not using social media efficiently.

Brand exposure, lead generation, SEO optimization, engagement, and a rise in sales are just a few of the reasons why interacting with social media may benefit your business. Consumers who regard your company as trustworthy and likable are more likely to make a purchase if you provide them with relevant and high-quality material.

When you create fresh high-quality content for your own website, you want as many people as possible to see it and get familiar with it. As a result, understanding the top platforms in the social media marketing world is essential for your company to know so that the content you’ve made may be shared and reached out to a larger audience. Continue reading

How to Use Technology to Improve Remote Working Productivity

Remote working

There are many benefits to implementing remote working within your business, and many industries are designed to work best through technology and remote working. While there are many benefits to working this way, one problem which remote working can encounter is problems with productivity or communication due to distance and everyone working on an individual basis in their own space. 

So how can you improve productivity and ensure it’s still adhered to, no matter how many remote workers you have or where you’re working from in the world? Continue reading