The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part VI


Commenting is a very important way to judge user response and engagement for any website. In this part of the series, we will explore all the commenting platform opportunities available in WordPress. These are some of the plugins which can replace the dull and boring “default” commenting system in WordPress with something which can take your commenting system to a whole new level. Continue reading

Four Important Elements of a Perfect Blog Post

blog writing

Building business online, most entrepreneurs obsess over driving traffic to their website to increase sales. Although it’s logical, it’s more important to put your audience needs first to grab their attention.The more readers you have, the more likely your business can grow. Thus, holding readers’ attention is a must: write for them, help to solve their problems, and they will never forget you. To succeed in online business, you need to have a firm grasp of writing a perfect blog post. If you want to improve your blog writing skills, pay attention to the infographic about creating a perfect blog post by OmniPapers. Plus, read the following information about core elements of blog posts. Continue reading

Get Success in 2016 Adopting Top-Rated Email Marketing Software

email marketing It is obvious that every business has different needs and marketing campaign goals so how could a single software work for all. Therefore, you should research deeply to find the best-suited software app which gives a real image to your diverse requisites. After reviewing dozens of email marketing tools/software, we came to the result with a list of top-rated software. This helps you select any of them in accordance with your business desires and domain type, which holds powerful features & plays a major responsibility in the industry to stay always ahead. Continue reading

Killer Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials (with Video Tutorials) – Part VI

We have finally reached the end of this series. Everything good needs a sweet ending somewhere. We have tried our best in presenting you with a hand-picked list of some of the best and most professional tutorials on Photoshop tutorials & Lightroom tutorials and some involving the proper use of both.


Our previous series on “Photoshop Tutorials to Better Designing” have helped our readers in understanding and learning Photoshop in a whole new level.  The main aim of this series was to help our readers learn Lightroom with perfection and bridge the gap between these two making a proper use of both of them and creating stunning results.

I hope this series have helped you in learning a lot of new and interesting things in Photoshop and Lightroom. Please bookmark this series to check back later and try the tutorials in your leisure time. Please do share it with the world and spread the knowledge. Continue reading

The 2 Greatest Challenges of the Mobile World

multiple screens - tablet, mobile phone, laptop

Not so long ago, building a website or application for your business meant designing a single platform that would look great and run smoothly on a single, solitary device: the personal computer. This was before the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and phablets, when the majority of people still had to sit down at their desktop to point-and-click their way across the World Wide Web. When it came to the end-user experience, the only real variation that designers had to anticipate was screen resolution and processing power. Make the text and graphics too small, and you might render your site illegible on those low-res CRT monitors. Get a little too chippy with the Flash animation, and you might crash someone’s computer. Continue reading

Kill or Be Killed. Use paGO Commerce!

thieme pago commerce
Why are thousands of brick-and-mortar stores closing worldwide? E-commerce, that is why! First it was Best Buy, now it is Walmart and Macy’s. Get out in front of the trend and set up your online store today. Kill or be killed. Use paGO Commerce.

In 2014, online shopping increased 14.6% in the fourth quarter alone, while retail sales only grew 3.7% in the same timespan. A year earlier, e-commerce shopping jumped 16.0% year-over-year, compared to 3.8% in total sales.

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