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WordPress themes have always been a hot topic among bloggers and anyone having a website powered by WordPress. We at ‘corePHP’ have always provided lists of some of the best WordPress themes available in the market.

This time, we have come back with an awesome series of handpicked WordPress themes which will feature some carefully picked and best themes available right now. This is the first list in this series. Let it begin,


D-LightView Demo | Buy D-Light


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There is one and only award winning content management system utilized by millions around the globe, including probably the most regarded organizations and that system is Joomla. It is one of the web’s most prevalent open source CMS and a standout amongst the most utilized open source CMS around the world. Another good feature of Joomla is that it is easy to do SEO for your Joomla website.


Nobody wants to have their site get hacked. But practically everybody has some motivation to overlook efforts to establish safety. Security is a standout amongst the most imperative issues confronting both web clients and web engineers. It gets considerably more imperative when you’re utilizing a CMS, for example, Joomla. Readmore…

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Ultimately we have reached the last part of this “responsive web design tools” series. Previously, we have discussed about a lot about the essential and important tools that almost every designer needs to make their responsive web design process successful.

We have presented before you a lot of responsive grid systems and frameworks, JavaScript and jQuery tools, wireframing and sketching tools and also some essential testing and preview tools. In this last part, we would continue our discussion on the Testing and Preview tools that we had started in the previous part.

Before ending this series, we would present some special tools in the bonus section. I hope all the tools that we have mentioned in this series will prove to help you a lot in your design project by saving a lot of precious time and increase productivity. Readmore…

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Having your business available online is vital in this digital world. Many people access the Internet to learn more about the products or services of a specific company. In order to reach out more potential clients, you must have an online presence. And this can be done through your website.


Once you have your website created, it must be available on the web for other people to see. First, you would need your domain name, which would be the address of your website. You then need to get web hosting service from a provider like NetHosting, in order to have a space for your site. This is where you upload files to make your website accessible for Internet users.

Since your web hosting server contains all your website files and information, it’s important to keep it secured. Hackers never stop in finding ways on how to gain access to these servers, which is why users must be extra vigilant. There are various ways on how to do this.

Determine if SFTP is Available

FTP or file transfer protocol is the protocol usually used for uploading files to your web hosting server or your cPanel account. While it’s generally a secured protocol, it can still be at risk of attacks. Determine with your web host provider if SFTP is available for you. SFTP or secure file transfer protocol is more secured as it adds an extra layer of protection. This prevents files from being interrupted or changed during transfer.

Use Firewall

A firewall can prevent unauthorized access to your web server. This is your first line of defense against hackers trying to get through your cPanel. Find a reliable firewall that is designed for protecting cPanel servers. There are firewall software that do not only block unauthorized access but also offers recommendation on how to better secure your server after running a system scan.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Anything that runs on the Internet is prone to virus infection. To protect your server from virus attack, installing an anti-virus for your cPanel is a must. One of the most popular anti-virus used for cPanel is ClamAV. It’s an open-source application that scans directories and e-mail for suspicious files.

Change Password Regularly

One of the easiest ways to secure your web server is to change your password regularly. It would be more difficult for hackers to figure out the password if you keep changing it. Choose a strong password that would be difficult for others to guess.

Keep cPanel Up to Date

Ensure that your cPanel is updated. This is because the latest version often has known problems from the previous version solved, including security concerns. It’s recommended that you enable automatic update by changing your settings on “Update Preferences” under “Server Configuration”.

Turn on cPHulk in cPanel

An exhaustive key search or also known as brute force attack is the systematic checking of all possible combinations of characters to get the right password. Even if the data is encrypted, if the key search was successful, unauthorized access can still be done. To prevent this from happening, you may enable cPHulk in your cPanel. Here are the steps on how to do this.

1.Go to WHM.

2.Click Security Center.

3.Click Enable under CPHulk Brute Force Protection.

4.To prevent yourself from being locked out, add your IP address on the white list if it’s static. Click the White/Black List Management tab for this.

Disable FTP Use by Unknown User

Unknown users can upload files to your web server if the settings allow them to. To make sure that only authorized users have this capability, disable “Allow Anonymous Uploads”, as well as “Allow Anonymous Logins”. To access this option, click WHM, go to Service Configuration then FTP Server Configuration.

Use a Rootkit Scanner

A rootkit is a malicious program that gains access to your server without being noticed. It can’t usually be detected by anti-virus applications. This is why a rootkit scanner must be installed to further protect your system.

Remove Accounts That Are Not Needed

Accounts in your web server must have the right privilege to make sure that users only have access to appropriate files and features. Since these accounts are vulnerable to hacking, it’s best to remove those that are no longer used or needed.

Make Necessary Backups

Even with the best protection and cautions, unexpected things can still possibly happen including server crashing or attack. To make sure that your system or site will be up and running in no time, backup your data regularly.

It’s vital that your web server is protected from malicious attacks as this is what makes it possible for Internet users to access your website and learn about your company. Practice these safety tips to prevent unauthorized access and virus infection on your server.

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We did it with WordPress so how could we not do it for Joomla! We are here with an exciting series of some handpicked beautiful themes for Joomla with the new series Handpicked Joomla Themes.

If you are looking for some quality Joomla themes, you are in the right place. Let the list begin,


RoockyView Demo | Buy Roocky


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Now, we have reached the fourth part of the series where we discuss about some sketching and wireframing tools which you can use to visualize your website even before creating it.

The first thing that should come to any designer is the idea of the website, but the difficult part is to give a concrete form to that idea residing inside your head. This is where sketching comes into play. But many designers often mistakenly use the works “sketching” and “wireframing” interchangeably. They are quite similar as they are both used to illustrate a particular concept, but there is a small difference between them.

In web design process, sketching always comes before wireframing. In this part of the series, we will also talk about some tools for testing your responsive design. Readmore…

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Welcome back to another article of the PHP Heaven series listing some great PHP scripts to help you build an awesome website within minutes.

Let’s have a look at what we have for you,

Responsive Documentation Generator

Responsive Document GeneratorDon’t spend countless hours in creating the perfect documentation for your product. Leave all the hard work for this php script.

View Demo | Buy Responsive Documentation Generator


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The third part of the series continues on the JavaScript and jQuery plugins and is fully dedicated to it. And undoubtedly jQuery is a sure winner in creating responsive web designs. jQuery is used to enhance JavaScript and create cutting-edge mobile-friendly websites.

The jQuery library simplifies important actions like event handling, animation, navigation, etc and gives you the control over the tiny bits of responsiveness you need. A proper combination of CSS3 and jQuery can give your web development process the power it deserves. So if you want to create websites to meet the user expectations and give a proper user experience, then jQuery is a must have in your responsive design process.

A wisely constructed website which is fluidic enough to adapt to any screen size with ease and deliver the best experience to all kinds of users and at all time, should be your primary aim. Readmore…

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WordPress truly has a great potential for creating some fantastic websites and blogs and with some cool tips and tricks you can enhance your website or blog without having to learn WordPress coding from scratch.

In this new series, we will be featuring 10 tips and tricks in every article. So, lets start this article with some cool tricks that you can apply to your WordPress powered website or blog.


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“I liked it before it was cool.”

You can often hear the same sayings from all devotees of hipster culture that has emerged about several years ago and has spread all over the world. You can recognize a hipster by large glasses, beard, cool top-hat, stylish vest, vintage leather shoulder bag. This movement wearing Oxford shoes is now omnipresent, and web is not an exception.

What’s a Hipster Design?

It’s a smart, progressive, non-mainstream, easy to use design that can be named a trend of these days. Being spread across the globe, hipster style couldn’t skip the web and a lot of designs turned hipster. All designers who keep abreast of the latest trends choose it to give a new breath to their works. That’s the reason for emerging a number of websites with extremely trendy layouts.

Hipster Markers

The anatomy of hipster web design is also called “hipsterology”. When it goes about web, most hipsteresque designs distinguish from the crowd with simplicity, washed out colors, vintage elements (patterns, textures, fonts), styled ribbons, arrow/bear/glass vectors. You can also find in the repertoire of hipster websites “dream-like” images, created with Instagram filters or using Photoshop actions. Fans of hipster way of life love and use social media, and Instagram is one of the most favorite tools of speaking about their lives. It’s also easy to detect a hipster site due to its background music. The music hipsters listen to is a distinctive feature of this movement. When you enter a site and hear something from independent rap, classic rock, nu-rave, minimalist techno playing on background, you can be sure that you’ve hit the hipster site. The cutting edge layouts of hipster websites with all the mentioned above elements don’t complement on the usability of these websites, thus being pleasant for visiting.

How to Create Hipster Site?

It’s interesting to browse all that recently created website designs that look extremely modern and original due to their hipster nature. If you want to deep into the essence of hipster design trend, you have to see how it looks, check out live examples that inspire and show how to perform it in the best way. Here is a bunch of sites that are created in the best hipster traditions. This compilation will show you the most common elements that are implemented in design for making it look hipster, so you can make use of them for dressing up your own designs.

Hipster Websites Tips & Tricks

Dream-Like Photos

Describing hipster culture is impossible without demonstrating wonderful dream-like photos that you can find in any social account of a true hipster. Analog cameras are the most favorite among this community. For example, Lomo LC-A (the true cult of analog photography) shots are in fave of all hipsters, because of their amazing originality. The same look can be achieved with Instagram filters, and it makes this social network a good source of inspiration for hipster culture fans.

In the examples below you can see stunning photos that remind Instagram or the ones taken with analog camera. Most often, they are a part of the site background, giving hipster look to the design and driving more interested viewers in. If you’re going to create true hipster design, don’t forget about dream-like photos.
The House of Eyewear
Hipster Web Design Readmore…

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