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Monthly Archives: July 2006

When I read about this new creation from Google I had to tell the world. For those of us fighting the good fight, trying to make the web available to as many people as possible, this is a huge step … Continue reading

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It has come to our attention that JD-WP doesn’t work out of the box with Open-SEF. This is because it has its own menu for Joomla!. After doing some research, we found out that all you have to do is … Continue reading

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I am willing to bet that most of you didn’t know about this hidden Google Adword feature. You can increase the click-through rate for your Adword advertisements by having your headlines replaced by the search word or phrase that people … Continue reading

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I personally don’t think there is anything more frustrating than spending hours troubleshooting something only to find that one line of code is all that is needed to fix it. This is the recap of my day today: I had … Continue reading

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In the last year there have been major changes in tableless design and accessibility. Recently, laws have been passed requiring websites to be accessible and lawsuits have been filed against current sites and developers. Clearly, our world will never be … Continue reading

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I just saw this little script to stop the Dashboard Advisory feature in OSX 10.4.7, and thought I would share. If don’t know why someone would would want to do this, it’s because Apple decided to put in a little … Continue reading

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Here is a nice little easter egg built into Joomla! If you add ?tp=1 onto your address string then it will show all the module positions for your template (example: index.php?tp=1) This could be a nice time saver, especially when … Continue reading

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I found this little gem while surfing for some new CSS information. Did you know that if you press Control + Alt + F (Mac: Apple + Alt + F), a more advanced CSS viewer will show up as a … Continue reading

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After being in the graphic design business for over 12 years I have a tendency to take things for granted and forget the struggles of my past. One question that comes up a lot is what resolution to use for … Continue reading

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