The 4 Most Important Qualities of a Modern Business

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I have been enjoying writing lately about business and getting more detail in those aspects every day. Just like the recent one on how to understand your customer. Looking forward to continuing more of these so others can learn what we have learned over the years building ‘corePHP’

Every entrepreneur will want their business to thrive and will strive to both attract and retain top talent. Many companies are holding on to traditional processes and technologies, which could be inhibiting growth. To ensure you are on the right path, read the four most important qualities of modern business.


The internet has made it easier than ever for businesses to provide their employees with more flexibility than ever before. For instance, cloud computing allows members of staff to work from anywhere at any time and from any device. A flexible work environment is therefore desirable for most employees, as it allows them to enjoy a healthier work/life balance. Businesses must start focusing on providing greater flexibility to offer attractive work environments, which will allow them to also compete with other forward-thinking competitors.


Many companies know their business needs to make a change to compete with industry rivals, but they might be unable to do so. As a result, they might happily carry on with outdated tools and methods, which will eventually result in the business falling behind their competitors.

Modern businesses who want to establish themselves as an industry leader must aim to adopt new technologies and processes, which will ensure their survival in the marketplace. To do so, refer to an Oracle consulting company to transform your business for the better.

Employee Engagement

The best companies provide an environment that attracts top talent. You only need to take one look at the Google offices to realize why some of the greatest tech minds in the world want to work for the brand. The company culture you create will determine employee engagement.

If you provide staff with a dull, uninspiring workplace, you can guarantee you will have an unhappy workforce on your hands. Encourage innovation, passion, and productivity by caring for your employees. Improve engagement by providing a fun place to work, so they do not get out of bed every day just for a paycheck. Provide each member of staff with meaningful work that will make them want to come into the office every day, even if you didn’t pay them. If you don’t, they’ll simply head to a more innovative industry rival.

Data-Driven Responses

New technologies have allowed companies to gather a considerable amount of data, which they can use to their advantage. Many companies will receive information from both their customers and employees every day, which could help to improve and grow the business.

Don’t ignore any feedback and opinions you receive from your clientele or staff. Provide them with a forum to share their ideas and views, and air their concerns or frustrations. No longer should businesses expect their customers or employees to be silent and do as they are told – as both are responsible for the smooth running of your business, and they can impact your company’s reputation on various online review sites. So, listen to how they feel and what they want before making the appropriate adjustments.

Michael Pignataro
Co-Chief Executive Officer - Operations at 'corePHP'
Entrepreneur, family man and long-time magician, "Magic Man" Michael Pignataro is co-owner of 'corePHP' with his mirror-image twin brother, Steven. Michael is 'corePHP's Co-Chief Executive Officer - Operations. He's also got a wicked fast wrist at the foosball table.