8 Essential E-Commerce Tools for Growing your Business


Every Businessman wants to grow and flourish their business one way or the other and there are several ways to go about it. There are manual tools like setting up shops and selling to physical customers or e-commerce tools like online business websites. The e-commerce economy is getting stronger day by day as more and more businesses decide to utilize e-commerce tools.

With the availability of the internet all over the world, it has become easier to set up e-commerce tools to add to the growth of one’s business. Immediate success can be observed in most cases when e-commerce tools are involved. To get a better understanding, we need to understand all that e-commerce is and everything it has to offer


E-commerce or electronic commerce is a digital platform of websites where products are bought or sold. These websites are accessible on the internet. The exact meaning of e-commerce according to the dictionary is ‘commercial transactions made over the internet.’

It is simply business but in the terms of the modern, digital world. E-commerce allows companies to sell their products or services and make transactions online via online marketplaces or private websites.

E-Commerce Tools

The fact that we can buy whatever we want from the comforts of our home has changed our thought processes and routines immensely. And it was only made possible through E-Commerce and E-Commerce tools.

The increase in internet usage can be seen by some of the stats. These stats show us how the number of people using the internet has doubled from 2 billion users to 4 billion users in just the last decade.

This increase in internet usage has created a very successful platform for e-commerce, with a very bright future. Some of the things sold by e-commerce businesses are physical goods (like clothes, furniture, footwear, accessories, crockery, etc.) or services (like agencies, consultants, and freelancers). They also work with digital products such as online courses, documents, images, eBooks, etc.

8 E-Commerce Tools for Growing your Business

Now if you run a business and you have access to the internet, it will be very beneficial for your business to indulge in e-commerce and expand it across the world. Following are 8 fundamental tools that help enhance the e-commerce business.

A Platform

The very first step you are required to take is to find an e-commerce platform that is suitable for your business. There are numerous platforms available, and each has its own tools and themes. Customers of different ages and countries are on different e-commerce platforms, so you should be very careful to choose what’s best for your business or company. This is the first and most essential e-commerce tool to strengthen your business, ensuring its growth worldwide.

Digital Payment Method

An online e-commerce website has made the selling and buying process easier but what about the payment transactions? You should be able to offer digital payment methods for your products on your website, increasing the effectiveness of your site. Most countries employ apps to smoothly handle online transactions, and they will very easily partner with you if you have an authentic e-commerce website. These digital payment methods can be integrated into the website and make the transaction simple and satisfactory.

Email Marketing

To keep your customers aware of new products or any kind of discounts/sales, email marketing is the best option. Almost every customer registers with their email while buying products/services digitally, permitting you to get in touch with them via email. This can be used to your advantage by using this e-commerce tool, email marketing for business promotion.

Print Marketing

Another e-commerce tool that allows the company and product promotion is print marketing. This can be in the form of brochures, posters, banners, postcards, etc. It is pretty helpful and ends up directly in the hands of your customer, intriguing them into visiting your website.

Analytics and Tracking of Sales

When you have an active website, it is important to keep a track of sales and website clicks. It helps you analyze your customers’ preferences and gives you an idea of what the public wants without badgering them with questions. All you need is an app or software to have an insight into the public’s behavior.


Shipping is the backbone of all e-commerce businesses, handling the product from the seller to the buyer. Both businesses are interdependent and are parts of the e-commerce industry. They are a tool without which most of the e-commerce businesses would not have succeeded. It is an essential tool to grow one’s business.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Automation, is a life-saving e-commerce tool, which helps manage your social media presence without having to hire a whole team of social media managers, especially if you are still a growing business. It is proven by experience that a strong social media presence can lead to a flourishing business.

CRM Tools

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Tools or software related to CRM works to create good customer service on your website. This tool increases customer engagement and is a very essential e-commerce tool for the growth of your business. Apart from giving customers a satisfying experience, this tool also helps track their behavior while on your website.


These are the most important tools without which your e-commerce business cannot grow impressively.

Shopping carts are another convenient tool for customers shopping from home. E-commerce businesses have this tool to give a sense of organization and reality. It is these and more augmented reality technology involved in e-commerce that makes your products even more attractive and people are tempted to shop from your websites.

With the internet reaching so many countries, it is possible to advertise and even end up selling your products in countries you have never even been to before. Therefore, it is a wise man’s decision to step into the e-commerce industry as soon as possible to expand their customer base.

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