Another Idea How to Benefit from Web Design Niche


If you decided to engage your life with web design, you certainly wondered how to benefit more in this niche. Fortunately internet gives us loads of opportunities of earning money. The means you choose depend only on your abilities and desires. You have a possibility to choose how much resources, time and efforts you want to put into it. You can work as an individual web developer, thus putting all you time and energy into the process. It is quite rewarding and well-paid though. If you want to spend less efforts you can choose affiliate marketing. This way has a long history and accounts for millions of adherents worldwide. Although it is extended far beyond web design niche, it is here where you have a good scope of work. All big template providers offer you an opportunity to become their partner, but on different terms. The commission rate and the terms of use may vary, but the idea of popularizing the product is the same. We won’t stop on different affiliate programs now. You will easily find tones of articles comparing pros and cons of different programs, if you put it as a goal.

In this article we will take a look at an absolutely different solution.  This project “Social Stock”  is an innovative idea, which offers you a wide range of opportunities. It is powered by the oldest template provider on the market  It is relatively young, only about half a year, but the number of participants is already far more than 10K! And there is a reason for gaining popularity so rapidly.

The rules are quite simple: you share 10% promocode for any TemplateMonster product and get points for every usage. Then you can exchange your points for some valuable prizes. Starting from $100 on your PayPal and ending with new electric vehicle Tesla Model S. For this certainly you need to have 10K uses of your promocode. You can also get Smartwatch Pebble, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 6, camera Canon EOS 6D, MacBook Pro, and coolest Harley-Davidson.

It takes you nothing to start. You just need to type your e-mail address into the relevant field on the main page and you are in. After that you get your personal promocode via e-mail and can start earning your points. For that you just need to share it. It would be ideal for those people who have an active social network live. If you have a lot of friends, some of them would definitely need a template!


Another plus is that you don’t need to invent the wheel.  Social Stock team has designed a series of funny memes and images that will help you during the way.  You can use them for the start or create something by yourself. But keep in mind, that the more inventive you are the more points you will get.  For example, you may not be limited only to social networks. You can also look for some niche forums or just make a newsletter. The means are up to you!

What can be said for sure, that the prizes are real.  Lots of people have already proven that you can win. You can read their success stories.  It is also a good way to find some useful tips.


Generalizing the idea of the project we can say the following. Social Stock is an easy way to get some valuable gadget  or even a car. You certainly need to make a serious job to get Tesla, but if you manage, you can be sure you will get it, as the credibility of the project is already proven by many.  If you spend long hours online, then taking part in the project would just become a part of your everyday life and you wouldn’t spend any additional time and efforts on it. The tools are provided and you just need to choose which you like more. The project goes on till the end of the year. So you still have quite a lot of time. But keep in mind that all the points are cancelled on December, 31. Don’t hesitate and start right now to get more points and to win the main prize! 

If all you want to get is a discount – just use this 10% promo-code c8k781qysbs3a2gui1fzs2coz on TemplateMonster

Michael Pignataro
Co-Chief Executive Officer - Operations at 'corePHP'
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