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Fuel Your Design By Keeping The Common UX Design Fluffs At Bay

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It often happens that for the urge of creating something exceptionally great, we create in a rather complicated design. We (designers) usually consider the patterns and trends while designing and compromise on the usability of the design.

It is advisable to stop and analyze the value that your efforts will add to your design to ensure a flawless ride for your application users. A successful application boasts an appealing and highly usable design, and leaving any of them behind will hamper the success of your application. The ultimate key to ensuring a harmony between an impressive design and its value is to avoid the common UX design blunders.

In this article, I have enlisted some crucial UX design blunders, which are required to be handled cautiously. By taking care of these points, you can improve the usability of your application while implementing latest design trends. Let’s explore the list of common and critical UX design mistakes. Continue reading