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Boris Dzhingarov is an author for the 'corePHP' blog. Business technology news, views and insights. Boris is a Hawaii based seo consultant, he has written many online publications about marketing trends. Boris also consults other Businesses on how to handle their online marketing campaigns and make them more successful and efficient. He also heads up 28 of her own blogs, 4 of which are currently viral due to the nature and quality of the content.

Start A Blog And Make It a Success


Blogging has been the rage for many years now and continues to grow in force, everyone is starting up their own blogs to talk about a wide range of different issues and problems. A lot of mums are starting their own to post about bringing up their children and even the older generation are getting in one to showcase recipes, holidays, sewing and DIY. Starting a blog is the new way to reach out to people that feel the same as you and have the same views, many blogs have their own following and dedicated readership.

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Develop Your Sales Strategy Using Visitor Data

There is a lot of work that goes into developing a successful eCommerce website. Strategies for marketing, search engine optimization and more will play a prominent roll in how well your online store will perform. Using the data collected from your eCommerce solution will add to that success by helping you develop strategies for various products. This can improve everything from product placement to the distribution of coupons and discounts for certain items.
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Making Your Website Work For You

Making Your Website Work For you
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Nearly every business has a website today, and you know how important it is for a website to both look and perform well. Too many businesses, however, don’t really know why they need a website, and so they don’t really make the most of the opportunities that they bring.

Having a high class website can bring huge benefits, and can cost less than you think, an important consideration in the current economic climate. You can also save money on the essential software you may need, thanks to money saving offers from sources such as It’s time to make your website work for you. Continue reading

WordPress Design Tips You Have To Memorize

WordPress Design Tips

Using WordPress is something that becomes common. There are over 70 million websites that use this CMS system in order to create sites and the number will surely grow a lot in the future. While there are different reasons why you may not want to use WordPress, for most website owners out there the system stands out as a perfect solution. Continue reading

How To Select Appropriate Fonts For Your Website

A successful design needs to always look great, attractive. Fonts are a huge part of that as they help you to tell a story. Every single web designer out there needs to know as much as possible about choosing the most suitable fonts. Choosing fonts is generally complicated and choices have to be made appropriately for everything from web design to billboard design. The good news is that you do not have to worry as much as with printing, where even choosing high quality cartridges is needed. With web design, we basically need to think about the following facts.

Serif Fonts And Sans Serif Fonts

You constantly hear about these font types in web design. They are used in text bodies. No matter what font you would choose, the first decision you make is selecting between the two. A serif font includes small lines or strokes that will extend from symbol and letter ends. Lines will make characters more distinct and the serif text is thus easier to read. A serif font is particularly effective in main body text, headings or documents that are to be printed.

A sans serif font will lack those lines. The text becomes harder to read because of the lack of extras. The sans serif fonts will be preferred for headlines, captions and documents that are technical in nature. Also, these are fonts that are really easy to read on a computer. You want to use sans serif on a site that is clean, modern, uncluttered or/and technical.

Locating Common Fonts

Operating systems basically have different fonts so you need to seriously consider the use of common fonts for your website. There are many fonts that look great on a PC (like Arial) and fonts that will look better on Mac computers (like Geneva).Some are great for both types of computers (like Verdana).

The best thing you can do, especially if you are about to create a site alone, is to use a font that is already installed on Macs and PCs. The alternative would be to install and use Google Fonts, which would be automatically drawn in from the Google servers. You may consider using web hosting packages that have some sort of automatic connection with fonts.

Choosing Great Fonts

The most common serif fonts are Georgia and Times New Roman while the sans serif fonts that are completely safe are Verdana, Arial and Trebuchet. Take a look at the suitable Google fonts so that you can find something that can appear on all computers without difficulty.

Start your choice with the fonts used for the main body text. Then, choose a font for sub-headings and non-graphic headings. It can be contrasting or the same font. The overall website design decides what style is suitable. Always think about the message that the page would convey.

Custom Styles

Obviously, you can add interest and style to text by using style attributes. That helps you to convey a better message. You can easily add color, capitals, bold, underline, italic or just use the font as plain. Make sure that you do not overuse styling since that can hurt the overall design. Colors should be utilized in order to make a clear message stand out.


As soon as you choose fonts, you have to think about font attributes and sizes, together with choices that you would code inside style sheets. Many see fonts as not being important when a site is created. A lot more interest is put on graphics and colors.

You need to realize that no matter how many tech tips websites like Tech Surprise you read, the basics are those that convey quality. It is very important that you choose fonts that are perfect since that will act as a business card for your entire company. Fonts establish the mood so be sure you will choose correctly.

Your WordPress Website Must Be Responsive: Here’s Why!


The concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD) only came to the limelight first in 2010. In the short four years it has existed, it has totally changed the way people looking to create a website.  Unfortunately, many web designers are still not buying this idea when it comes to WordPress. This is a bit of a shame really as WordPress, being the most popular CMS should be at the forefront of this.  Many people are buying into the WordPress popularity but some are yet to make their websites responsive.

Not sure of WordPress dominance?

Here are some statistics

WordPress is the CMS of choice for 20% of websites in existence today. There are arguments for Drupal, or for Joomla, but WordPress is certainly the preferred option for most. 50% of new websites created in 2014 will be made in WordPress. On, over 73 million websites are hosted. This figure doesn’t include bigger private businesses with their own version of WordPress. By the end of this year, one in every four websites will be WordPress powered.

Again, WordPress accounts for 50% of all CMS based websites. For perspective, the next on the list weighs in at 17%.

Now, many people have gone with the WordPress popularity while ignoring RWD and this is because they are yet to understand the impact of mobiles on today’s internet space. WordPress is beautiful and easy to use but if deployed in a non-responsive manner, you will lose site visitors.

In 2012, 30% of e-commerce traffic was mobile. By the end of 2013, that number grew to over 50%. Black Friday shopping by mobile users topped $691m in 2013. For perspective, 2012 was the first time total Black Friday sales hit the $1million dollar mark.

So from all of this, you can now see why you should consider making your WordPress website responsive. If you create a website from scratch, or create a site with an online site builder, you will be forced to think about RWD. The advantages, and beautiful designs available, by keying into the popularity of WordPress will be lost if you fail to deploy RWD techniques.

Here are more reasons why your WordPress website must be responsive.

Ensures your website works on all devices

The technology world is seeing some of its best years lately and with this come a plethora of devices with specification focused on beating the competition. With a responsive WordPress website, you will be able offer your visitors a website that doesn’t require their scrolling right or left endlessly to read text or view half-rendered images. If the responsive WordPress site is properly designed, you won’t have to sweat over the specifications of future devices.

It will be easier for you to make updates

If you create a website, whether from scratch or using one of the nifty online site builders available these day, and don’t have adequate plans for content marketing, the website is on its way to failure.  Having fresh content is what retains your old visitors and brings in new ones.  If you have separate mobile and desktop platforms for your websites, managing content updates becomes more difficult. A responsive design however ensures you only have to update one website and it appears on all platforms.

More positive for SEO

Everyone wants to be in the first page of search results. A non-responsive designs means you may have to do double the work to keep different platforms SEO compliant. Your chance of improved rankings is high if there is only one website for the search engines to look at.

With a responsive design, you make things easier for the search engines as they will only have to crawl and index your page once.

Best user experience

The average web visitor is impatient and for good reasons too. There are thousands of website that offer solutions to one problem and so they won’t want to spend time on a non-responsive website that doesn’t load properly on their device be it a tablet, smartphone or even tech like Google Glass.

Cheaper solution

When you are looking for a fully responsive website, the costs for design may be slightly higher than the normal website but still it is cheaper if you intend to have both a regular and mobile website.  Also, when you factor in the cost of editing more than one website, you will understand why a responsive WordPress website is a more cost effective option.

In conclusion, the internet world is moving away from desktop at an alarming pace. Having a light CMS like WordPress as the base of your website is no longer enough. It also has to be responsive to fit in with the variety of specifications in the technology market today.

Tech Support Ticket Management 101

Helpdesk operations can quickly become overwhelming, especially when support requests hit their peak. It can be difficult to know which problems to troubleshoot first, especially when multiple users flood your helpdesk claiming “urgency” or “high priority.” Tech support managers and specialists can navigate these tricky waters by implementing task prioritization systems, researching possible solutions, and deploying aid with personalized customer service approaches.


Tech support team members must be able to communicate prioritization of tasks to scale response times accordingly. A combination of tags and color markings can be the most effective way to mark priority. For example, immediate or overdue tasks could be marked red, so that upcoming shifts understand the urgency of a particular ticket. Other teams might find it easier to use certain tags or numbers to mark priority, labeling extremely important tasks with a level “1” and minor upkeep tasks with a level “5.”


When you’re providing support to company users, don’t just give them the first solution that comes to mind. Come prepared with several options, just in case the first suggestion doesn’t work. Take some time to delve into the tech issue and research potential outcomes of your troubleshooting actions. Research plays a crucial role in support ticket initiatives, because the solutions might have unanticipated consequences, such as data loss. Investigating outcomes before applying a solution can help you resolve a ticket on the initial attempt.

Customer Service Skills

Tech support specialists must have a certain amount of interpersonal savvy to conduct troubleshooting in a way that is empathetic to user needs. Support managers should cultivate strong customer service skills during training sessions, so that employees are equipped to assist users with various skill backgrounds. Customer service skills can also go a long way in diffusing tense situations, especially when users become frustrated with their technology.

Identifying Needs

Organizations can better assess future support strategies by partnering with business consultants that can analyze true tech needs. Many companies make the mistake of allocating funds toward unnecessary purchases, when workflows can be resolved with current technologies. Third parties can provide companies with a refreshing outside perspective and suggestions on how to streamline business processes.

Cut down on support wait times and reduce your ticket queues through better prioritization, solutions research, and customer service awareness. Active ticket queue management can prevent helpdesks from spiraling out of control. Addressing these steps can help your company leverage current and future technology more effectively.

Mistakes Professional Marketers Make Too Often


Just as everything in life, when you reach a higher level, you end up being a little sloppy. This is quite common in the life of a marketer. Due to previous success, it is easy to end up overlooking some aspects when creating or managing a campaign. Professionals usually make mistakes without realizing it. With this in mind, let’s focus on some of the mistakes that the professionals make and that should be avoided at all costs.

Not Sharing Their Knowledge With Clients

The professional marketer obviously knows more about marketing than the client. That is why he/she is hired in the first place. The problem is that it is quite common to see marketers do what the clients want, even if it is a pretty bad idea. For instance, we all know that businesses should own a website but that website should be appropriate to the brands that are promoted. Too often a marketer will not highlight that the site is not appropriate. Continue reading

How Does Mix Marketing Help A Brand?


Look at the rapid development of the online environment. The most interesting aspect to observe is the fact that companies have moved in the online environment in order to have a better grasp of their audience and access an international market in the process. So, if the online environment is such a powerful tool, is it all right to focus the advertising budget in this direction only?

Marketers and advertising agencies disagree completely. The online environment has become an important tool in communication but it’s not the most important one. The idea that advertising experts have come up with is creating a marketing mix. This means that the brand is communicating on various channels at the same time. Of course, this requires a great deal of resources and experienced people to handle it, but the results are outstanding if the job is done properly. Continue reading

What Do People Really Want From Mobile Apps?

This is the one question that absolutely every single internet marketer wants to know the answer to because understanding what mobile device users want can lead towards dominating the market in the future. We say this because Google already sees the world of mobile devices as the one that we should all focus on with the mobile market eventually dominating Internet access.

Mobile Apps Will Control Everything

We can see a shift towards the internet world and new gadgets that use smart apps in order to control various features of our lives. We have apps that can turn on the AC unit before we get home and devices that let us know when the dog is lost. With all this in mind, we can say that mobile applications will surely help us to do things that we thought impossible a few years ago.

Think about anything that you would love to control with the use of a mobile device app running on iOS or on Android. For instance, think about your door. You can open and close your garage door with an app connected to the internet. You can track everything that you eat during a day with a gadget that records it and then reports everything through an app.

So What Do People Want From Mobile Apps?

To put it as simple as possible, people want everything from mobile apps. They want them to be used in order to make life simpler. Anything that would make the life simpler for a person will become a success. Mobile developers from all around the world want to offer people what they want and that is becoming easy these days.

We can say that people want mobility. They do not want to be restricted to a desk when they want to use an Internet feature. Developers and app creators work really hard in order to give people access to such features. The brand new gadgets that appear will always have some sort of connection to an app because this is what people want.

Mobility is something that will happen a lot faster than we are tempted to believe. A few years ago we did not even dare to believe that we could turn on the lights in our homes with the use of a mobile phone. Now it is something that already appeared on the market. Who knows what the future will offer us?

All developers have to understand that there is a huge market for mobile apps. There are many gaps and any developer has to stay focused on offering as much as possible.

How Does Hosting Influence Search Engine Optimization?

Since you are here, you surely already heard some that say hosting packages have an impact on search engine optimization and Google search rankings. The truth is that many believe the chosen hosting does not play a major role but that is not actually the case. In reality, your choice of a web hosting provider can have a strong impact on rankings. Here is what you need to know about this.


Hosting Location

We now have proof that Google Rankings will be affected by the physical location of the hosting provider when referring to the country that represents your target market. For instance, a host that comes from a reputable UK provider will rank higher when your market is actually UK. If your market is USA, you do want to have hosting in USA.

Responsiveness And Speed

Google always said that the sites that load too slow will be penalized. It is now known that responsiveness and speed are considered in the ranking algorithm. If the site has many outages, it will surely drop in rankings.

It is a really bad to choose a hosting package that is slow. That would hurt rankings and the experience that visitors have. Umbee hosting really stands out from this point of view as it offers really fast services. That is the type of quality you are after. Before you choose your hosting provider, read reviews. Make sure the servers are fast and try to avoid shared hosting providers that add too many sites on one server. This is usually the main cause why sites load slowly.

Think about how much traffic you expect to have and see if the hosting package chosen is suitable to live up to that amount. Also, are you going to use WordPress plugins that are sophisticated? Everything that slows down your website can actually hurt rankings.

Shared hosting is not a bad idea in the event that you are just starting working on a site. However, as you grow and you get more exposure and visitors, it is really important that you look at more professional hosting solutions so that you can actually offer the best experience for your visitors.

Visitor Experience Counts!

Google’s ranking algorithm is mainly based on the experience that the visitor has when he/she visits your pages. In the event that loading times are high and there is a high bounce rate, you can expect problems and lower rankings. This is the one thing that you need to understand at all times.

Make sure that you choose a hosting package that is suitable for the site you are about to launch. As a very simple example, if you want to use WordPress, you want to be sure that the server is optimized for fast database processing and supports the plugins that you are about to use.

In the event that you do not know much about hosting packages, simply talk to a representative of a reputable hosting provider and ask for assistance. You will be told what to choose and what is best suited for your business.

Classifieds Website Design – Learning from the Pros

Are you working on a classifieds website?

Well, you won’t get far with the thousands upon thousands of competitors that are out there. The big players have branched out to different countries, and even different continents. Then there are many little local players too.

So how are you going to have a fighting chance? As with any business, you’re going to have to provide something unique.

Interestingly enough, providing something unique in the field of classifieds websites isn’t as hard as many would think. In fact, it may be as simple as providing a website design that’s more user friendly.

When creating the design for your classifieds website, you will want to focus on doing it in a way that your competitor’s aren’t as you don’t want to look like a copycat. You also want to be perfect in areas where your competitors are flawed.


Let’s look at some big players and see how they have things set up, then consider how you may benefit from doing things similar or how it may be better to do it completely differently.


The most obvious classifieds website that’s valued as being a ‘big player’ is Gumtree. They are one of the few companies to have branched out beyond just their home country. They are also a huge household name in the UK. Continue reading