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Web Design | From Gathering Data To End Results

web design

In spite of the popular belief, web design cannot be resumed to an idea that magically appears in the creative person’s mind. In reality, good web design comes as a result of an elaborated process, one that reflects the unique characteristics of the business and engages its main audience. By ignoring these two critical steps, you’re bound to fail at connecting with your customers and ultimately, not be able to grow your business online. Continue reading

Why Would You Upgrade To Dedicated Hosting?

If your website showcases a rapid growth in recent times, you might need to take to a dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server can be defined as a computer attached with the internet connection & is solely committed to one single end-user. There are some indications which point out the necessity to get a dedicated server hosting for your site. Continue reading

The Good & Bad about VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the much appreciated recent trends across the web hosting sector today. Officially entitled as “Virtual Private Server”, VPS hosting seems baffling for many businesses & individuals looking for web hosting support. In reality, VPS hosting can be defined as a hybrid hosting service, which represents a smart blend between dedicated and shared hosting. Continue reading

The Basic Meaning Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing defined

Cloud computing seems to be one of the latest fads of the tech world today. “Cloud” is certainly a known cliché standing as the metaphor for internet but the thing gets tad complex while attached to computing. Some of the vendors & analysts tend to explain the cloud computing as some updated version for utility computing: virtual servers viable over internet. Some others point to anything consumed outside firewall as “in cloud” which includes conventional outsourcing as well. Continue reading

Smart Ways To Use Promotional Gifts In Business

Promotional products have always been a smart way to forward your brand name before the potential and past clients. You must have seen companies putting their logos on almost everything offered as business gifts such as mouse pads, pens, mugs or even socks- no no , it’s not exactly over-the-top rather very strategic for the companies since as per the marketing experts, promotional gifts play a key role in the advertising campaign for any brand. However, you have to make sure to be right with them.

The post here offers some really tips on how to channelize promotional gifts in your business.

What are the most potential gifts?

Almost anything can be used for promotional gifts but just make sure they are functional enough. Some very successful and common promotional items are-

Benefits Of Recycling Old Computers

Recycling is the order of the day when the environmentalists are slogging hard for the safeguard of the continuously degrading Mother Earth. As the degradation is mostly man-forced it’s the humans who have to take the initiative to stop such heinous tendencies or otherwise doomsday is ahead of us. Recycling can be defined as the process of eco-friendly disposal of products which assures an effective reuse in near future. Among the many products referred for electronics recycling in columbus today, especially the old computers are the most recommended ones.

As per the research data from UN Environmental Program, around 49 mn metric ton waste is generated from electronics, particularly computers, every year around the world. The US EPA says that in America alone, there is nearly 3 mn tons of electronic waste annually. Computers are mandatory for everybody today which amounts to such a surging amount of waste on their improper disposal. Moreover, the frequent introduction of advanced versions leads to mindless discard of the previous versions which further up the e-waste volume. Such a humungous amount of electronic waste poses a menacing blow to the environment and in turn to all the living species. This endangering situation demands an urgent need for computer recycling.

The post below discusses the myriad benefits assured from old computer recycling.

Environmental benefits

It’s to stress here that the Mother Earth receives the hardest blow with the soaring level of old computer waste which is being generated on regular basis. Now, these e-wastes are mindlessly dumped here and there which over time grow on the landfills – not only such dumps occupy huge volume of space but also tend to release harmful toxins around. According to data from US EPA, between 2000 & 2007, around 500 mn PCs became obsolete & were discarded. This bulk of refuse forayed into solid municipal waste stream posing serious threats of environmental pollution. Some of the toxic chemicals released from the dumped electronic wastes are mercury, lead etc. which are notorious environment pollutants. These chemicals get mixed with groundwater resulting in serious degradation of water quality. Moreover, some of the toxic chemicals also get mixed with air creating an endangering form of air pollution. If you can recycle your old computer wisely, you will be able to save the Mother Earth the mentioned pollution nuisance, assuring a safe life for everybody.

Health benefits

This is one of the most crucial reasons of recycling old computers. As mentioned earlier, the mindless disposal of old computers lead to the release of harmful toxins in the environment which can be really endangering for the health of all living species- when they inhale them in air or take them through water. Here is a brief on the major harmful toxins released from e-waste and how they can affect health.

Lead- It can inhibit or delay mental development & is toxic to kidneys, nervous & reproductive systems.

Mercury- It’s heinous for developing fetuses and is one of the major causes of brain & kidney damage.

Beryllium- found in connectors and motherboards, this toxic chemical is called human carcinogen.

Cadmium- your average PC houses nearly 13.8 lbs plastic in its covers, cables & connectors. Burning of plastic emits harmful cadmium which causes kidney damage & fragile bones

Thus, if you are recycling your old computers you will able to guarantee a safe disease-free life for those staying near the dumping landfills.


Over 112 mn lbs significant materials were discovered from old computer recycling in simply a year. Yes, it’s to note here that your old PC still has got a huge amount of reusable materials such as glass, steel, plastic & precious metals. You might not know but the computer & related accessories like keyboard, CDs, speakers, floppy disks, ink cartridges cords etc. contain materials which could be reused easily. While reused, these materials could help to minimize the construction cost for the new systems. As you recycle there is lesser need to drain more resources for manufacturing new things which in turn signifies less  pressure on energy which is required for manufacturing. There are companies that channelize old computers into fresh cathode-ray tube-glass through recycling endeavors.

Economic benefits

Though often ignored, yet recycling of old computers implies great economic benefits- by recycling your old PC you aren’t only creating a safe environment but are also assuring a favorable situation for your budget. Just imagine how much you would be able to save on the manufacturing & production procedure if you take to re-use of the old computers! Dealing with the electronics is pretty expensive and hence a recycling act would work to reduce a huge sum on your expenditures.


This is another noble benefit of recycling your old computer. It might be that your old computer is not useful for you anymore as you are looking for an upgraded version. But then again there may be somebody who is looking for a computer that can serve his basic computing needs. A great lot NGOs today request the computer owners to pass on the old computers for charity so that these could be utilized by the disadvantaged people. Thus, through recycling you are not only contributing towards environmental safety  but also doing your bit towards the society.

Prevention of resource abuse

It’s to inform here that e-waste is usually sent to the 3rd world nations where the manufacturers get inexpensive labor. It results to the exposure of the poor workers to the harmful toxins released by the electronic waste which invariable results in endangering health situations for them. With proper recycling of old computers you will be able to protect these poor workers from the menacing e-waste born chemicals.

So when you do not need your obsolete PC any more you should not just march up to trash it down mindlessly. It must be stressed here that the companies which don’t abide by federal and state regulations on safe computer disposal are penalized heavily and they end up paying huge sum of money as fines & cleanup costs.

SEO 101-Beginner’s Guide On Creating SEO Content

You must have heard “SEO Content” quite often in regards to search marketing discussions but what exactly does the phrase refer to? Well, here is a SEO 101 overview highlighting on beginner’s guide on creating SEO contents.

The guide is segregated into-

What does it meant by SEO content?

Different forms of SEO based Content

My potential SEO content tactic or strategy

SEO Content- definition

SEO Content is derived from two terms

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization where a website is optimized to ensure higher ranks in search engines.
  • Content refers to information which lives on web world & could be consumed online.

In simple words, SEO Content can be defined as the content drafted with the mission of pulling in search engine/online traffic.

Here are the most crucial aspects that would help to SEO the web contents-

  • Keyword research- Keyword research is the primary task before you develop the contents for high traffic generation. The keyword research procedure will help you to find out the keywords most searched by your online audience while looking for your services or products.
  • Keyword optimization-You have to know how & where to place the researched-out keywords to ensure optimum searchability for your contents.
  • Content Organization- Make sure to follow a logical approach while organizing content for your site. This not only assures great SEO but also helps the visitors in finding other pertinent contents easily.
  • Content Promotion-You have to enhance visibility for the new contents through shares on social networking portals & link building (both internally & from the external sites).

Note on intention

If you are solely interested in pulling traffic on search engines, the results might suffer. You should aspire to impress search engines & potential customers as well as return visitors. Thus you have to look beyond “thin” contents which just ranks & get clicks on search engines but do not offer additional value for search-engine user. Your focus would be on developing high value informative contents as low-value posts are penalized by major search engines like Google.

SEO Content- The Types

  • Product pages- These form the main essence of any e-commerce portal. A quality product page works as both PPC landing platform and SEO content.
  • Blog posts- Blog posts tend to be really engaging & are very likely to pull in links that assures great authority for the website.
  • Article- it refers to contents featured on magazine or newspaper styled websites. It could be an interview or some feature piece or news articles.
  • Lists-These are articles drafted as lists. For example- “Top 10 fashion tips”. These titles guarantee better click rates.
  • Guides- These are prolonged contents serving as “how-to” tips on anything. The guide contents are generally divided into several web pages  but the best tip is to get the entire guide on a single page.
  • Videos-Videos, especially video tutorial contents act as a great crowd puller for any website.
  • Infographics-These serve as a graphical representation of data you want to profess through your website. Infographics are always more entertaining than textual data & could pill in enormous page views & links.
  • Slideshow- Slideshow helps to display pertinent images in a series. Pictures are always better expressive than textual contents and hence it’s good to get slideshows for your website. However, as slideshows leave little to read for search engines, you have to be careful about file name of images, titles and captions.
  • Glossaries-Glossaries are crucial today as the huge base of contemporary online audience prefer to search Google for any meaning rather than browsing through a dictionary. If you are into some specialized industry, get a well-built glossary to pull in quality search traffic.
  • Directories- Directories can be defined as useful taxonomy on links to the resources or sites pertinent to some given topic. A blog on perfumes can structure a directory on places for best perfumes.

Developing potential SEO Content Tactic

If you are producing contents haphazardly, an optimized search engine rank is almost impossible. Thus, you have to be really methodical with the SEO content.

What are your goals?

The primary task is to define your business or website goals. Are you eager to steer sales via your website?  Are you planning to monetize your website via ads & hence looking to enhance traffic & return readership? The nature of goals would actually determine the essence of contents.

If you are looking to drive the product sales, the chief focus would be on informative and appealing product pages, optimized for search & conversions. The secondary focus would be on illustrative blog contents, linking to relevant pages. In case your website is operating on advertising model, you should be focused on entertaining and informative contents such as video resources or long-form articles- that can keep the visitor glued to the site. You can hire good online writing services

Consider audience base

You must take market surveys & utilize analytic software to have a good grasp on the online behavior, desires and expectations of your target niche over the web. Your contents must be able to respect the preferences of the audience.

Create Editorial calendar

The editorial calendar can be defined as a schedule which dictates when to publish the new contents & that too what sort of contents. This helps in maintaining a regularity & order – for example if you are running a recipe website, you can dedicate the Monday posts solely for meatless recipes.

Analysis & reassessment

You must regularly analyze the progress of the SEO contents to find out the strengths & pitfalls of the posts. You have to study the links, page views, social shares and blog comments to understand the status of your SEO contents in real time. The analysis approach must have 2 goals-

  • Study success factors for repeat success– Check out the patterns. Do your visitors prefer videos? Then you should come up with more videos.
  • Update & improve existing SEO content– let’s say you optimized a post with a certain keyword but over time you find other variations are more pulling. You should make sure to re-optimize the existing content with new variations.



How To Start A Self-Hosted Blog

Are you interested in starting up a self-hosted blog? Well, that’s really smart since when you are hosting your own blog you are benefited with absolute ownership & customization freedom- that is never viable in free hosted blogs. Moreover, in contrast to free hosting, self-hosted blogs are more professional and hence better pulling. Having a self hosted blog is akin to staying at your own apartment wherever no body can evict you and you will have the liberty to arrange it just the way you wish it to. Moreover, Google holds a special corner for self-hosted blogs and hence such an option would beget great SEO results for your blog.

The post entails a step by step guide on how to start a self-hosted blog.

Choose blog theme, name & URL/domain name

The theme of your blog must be interesting and intriguing as otherwise you would soon get bored with maintenance. So, choose a topic that excites & urges you to discover more information so that you are always happy to import them into your blog.

The name of the blog must relate to the theme of the blog. Don’t place irrelevant names as your target audience would be typing the theme name while searching for information on the concerned topic and if your blog name does not carry the hint- the audience is likely to end up with your contenders. So, say, you are planning a blog on fitness then the blog name can be “Fitness Corner” or something like “Fashion Hub” if you are interested in fashion.

The URL/domain should echo the same principle. Use keywords pertinent to your blog in the URL which ensures an effective pull of target audience to your site.

Choosing the right host

Be careful about choosing your blog host as quality of hosting is fundamental regarding the performance of your blog site. Make sure to settle with a reputed and seasoned one. Then, your chosen host should assure minimum 99 percent downtime. The company must promise adequate bandwidth, disk space, user-friendly control panel, secured servers and 24/7 client support. Your host will also help you with URL/domain name registration. Don’t forget to take to domain privacy provision from your web host as otherwise your contact information will go public on internet.

Working with control panel

Go to your host’s website to reach to its “Control Panel” section. Click on “Log In” button to log in.

Install WordPress

The master bloggers always stress on taking to WordPress as the blogging platform for a blog since it’s the easiest and the most premium to use- with more than 42,000,000 unique blogs, 25 bn blog views and 4 mn daily comments.  Now, you should not install the free WP version but the paid or “installed version”. Go to your control panel’s “Site Builder” category & choose “SimpleScripts” program for 1-click WP installation. As you click on “install” you would be asked on the WP installation placement. You can place it under your main domain name if the site is solely a blog. But if the blog is an arm of your business site, you have to install it in a subfolder.

Some preference questions would be asked- offer right answers & hit on “complete”. As the software gets installed you will be provided a link carrying login data for the new site. Your self-hosted blog is ready for you!

Use the login data to enter your new self-hosted blog-site.

Choose theme

It’s advised that you choose the site theme (or template) from WordPress Theme Directory. Go to dashboard, turn left & choose “Appearance”, followed by “Themes” & “Install Themes”.

Working with Settings

Go to the “Settings” section from dashboard to fill in necessary information – like the blog name, URL, email address, size of post box, number if posts to be featured on front page, size limit of media, privacy options & permalink preference.


Enrich your new self-hosted blogs with functional plugins which can be downloaded online. The plugins could be on sound files, video facilities or for social media incorporation. Go to “Plugins” from left sidebar of dashboard & choose “add new” to find new plugins.

Last but not the least, make sure to liven up your self-hosted blog with information-rich, well-presented authentic posts regularly.

Why Performance is Important to Firefox?



Performance is something that is perceived by users. Many users are providing inputs to a system through speech, movement and touch and in return, they are perceiving outputs in the form of feedback, auditory, tactile and visual. Performance is actually the quality of outputs that are in response to such inputs. Performance plays a vital role to Firefox that is why Firefox Plugin Support is provided for an increased level of performance.

Many users always prefer an application, software or a browser that is smooth and responsive while processing. Users opt for one-thousand database transactions per second better than another browser or application that processes 100,000,000 every second, but is very unresponsive and choppy.

There are some key performance metrics in Firefox Plugin that you have to understand such as the following:

– Responsiveness: This is simply the overall speed with which a system provides outputs as a response to the input of the user. Responsiveness is highly essential and it sometimes involves various stages of feedback. It is crucial for the simple reason that nobody wants to be ignored.

– Memory Usage: Unlike responsiveness, users do not directly perceive this key metric. Nonetheless, memory usage is actually a close approximation to the ‘user state’. Any ideal system would maintain one-hundred percent users state at all times and all applications within such system will run simultaneously. All applications would also retain the state that is created by the users the last time they interacted with the system or application.

Improving power usage and memory is actually the same problem as speeding up a startup. There is no need for you to do any unnecessary work and use efficient data structures.

Performance is very important to Firefox. This efficient browser and some other valuable browsers that you can identify these days have included built-in tools that can always help diagnose and resolve slow page rendering. For instance, the Network Monitor in Firefox browser will display an accurate timeline of when every network request happens on your page, how long it takes and how large it is.

Keeping your plugins up to date is essential to help the browser run smoothly, safely and more effectively. This is providing power to games, animations and videos. They do not always automatically update that is why you need to do the work to make sure that your browser will run more effectively.

In the future, it is good to note that Firefox will start to update plugins for users. Until then, it is important for you to regularly check the page and update the Firefox Plugin Support in order to stay safe and keep the performance at higher levels.

As mentioned, performance plays a critical role to Firefox that is why is best to constantly update your plugin, so it won’t interrupt your web browsing experience and waste your time. You must never forget to update your current version plugins, which you can do so at to ensure that you are not susceptive to attack by viruses, malware and some other security treats. This is also important to make the web safer and better for you.

VPS Technology Assures Next-Generation Hosting

VPS hosting

VPS hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is steadily gaining momentum today- according to market experts, VPS embodies the next-genre in hosting technology. To have a clearer view of VPS technology, imagine firms setting up some virtual “bottles” for their servers. This virtual bottling process of the server requires cutting off some specific value of disk space and bandwidth to be used by the server owner & nobody else. The entire resource management here is cased in a sole-operated and self-managed unit where nobody other than the owner has access to. In simple words, VPS hosting allows you ample space to continue your operations on a server, which although is shared in between yet all users get more space than a shared server solution.

Advantages of VPS hosting

In the entire hosting scenario, none of the hosting solutions offer the higher degree of control, power & potential as offered from VPS technology. Yes, there is the dedicated server solution with enormous control for the sole user but it’s the lower price tag of VPS that places it over the dedicated solution today. In case you are looking for some serious website performance but are unable to afford a dedicated full-blown server, VPS holds the answer for you. Here is a small brief on the perks of VPS hosting. Continue reading