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Top 20 Bestselling WordPress Themes of 2016

Durand - Beauty & Hair Salon WordPress Theme

The beginning of the year is the right time to look back and sum up the results of the previous year. It was the year of great achievements and sweeping changes. Only time will tell if they were for the better or for the worse. Let’s leave the assessment aside and focus on the events in the web design niche. This year was marked by lots of head-spinning themes and premium flagships. Lots of tendencies appeared and many of them still stay in trend. We are going to outline 5 the showiest of them.

Hero Image

The visual component in website building stepped forward. A catchy original hero image is the best way to catch the visitor’s eye. HD images with a succinct slogan and attractive call-to-action button became an indispensable part of every modern website. Continue reading

How Freelancers & Web Design Agencies Can Multiply Their Income with TM Web Studios Catalog


It’s never too much of a good thing. There can’t be too many customers or too much money, isn’t it? This article will be equally useful for those who only starting up their web design business, for freelance developers, and web studios as it shows a quick, simple, and efficient way for growth.

Here we will tell you about two cool projects from . The company has a rock-solid reputation. They sell their top-quality templates to customers living all over the globe for almost 15 years. Millions of websites are based on their templates. Millions of people trust them.
But how can individual designers and web development studios benefit from partnering with this giant? With their Certification Center and Web Studios Catalog.
Can you imagine that you have the possibility to get to the TemplateMonster’s recommended web developers list? You should be very interested in getting there. It’s quite natural as this is the way upwards. Actually, TemplateMonster will send you the customers who want to get some web development services locally.
We almost hear your question: “What do I need to do to be listed on TemplateMonster’s web studios catalogue?”
In fact, it’s not difficult. All you need to do is just pass the certification at TemplateMonster Certification Center, get your certificate and apply to be included into the catalogue.
This free program gives you two options. If you are an experienced web studio, you can just pass a short quiz immediately and get your certificate.

If you have no previous experience of working with TemplateMonster’s products, if you want to refresh your CMS knowledge, or learn more about web design and development, the company have prepared tutorials and tests for the most popular website creation CMS: WordPress, Joomla, MotoCMS, and others.
Who is it beneficial for?
– Web Studios
– Freelancers
– Anyone who wants to learn how to build websites.
What will you get in the end?
Once you pass the courses and certification test, you receive the official certificate from TemplateMonster company, which confirms your skills and knowledge of each particular CMS.
The certificate looks great the wall of any web design agency, and among your portfolio works. Besides, it may become the last argument in the negotiations with the customer.
Follow this link, study, learn new CMS, you’ll feel friendly TemplateMonster help and support all the time.
When you have successfully passed the quiz and got your certificate it’s time to move further and make money. You might already know that it’s not easy at all to reach a stable income in web development industry. The competition is tough, so the references of a famous web design corporation will be pretty useful.
Web Studios Catalog is unique as it is great both for customers looking for a decent agency to launch their websites and web studios searching for the new clients.
Please don’t forget that the recommendation list includes only those web studios that have successfully completed TemplateMonster’s certification and proven to be real experts. The studios should be able to handle company themes.
The catalogue of web design studios allows all TemplateMonster’s partners and freelancers get a steady workflow of site development and theme customization orders from company customers.

TemplateMonster’s customers base is immense. Very often people buy the designs they like and don’t know what to do with them. Of course the above sentence is not about freelancers and webmasters who have all the required skills and have already brought a number of web projects to life.
But it’s a common situation for businessmen when they just want to present their projects to a wider audience online and need a qualified help from web designers and developers who know how to get their website up and running as quickly as possible.
Web Studios Catalogue is about that. Since it includes only certified agencies, customers can fully rely on it and they do it with pleasure.
The vast collection of TemplateMonster’s templates contains nearly 46 000 items. They offer you WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and a whole lot of other ready-made designs.
Because of this variety, TemplateMonster has provided the list of web studios with advanced filtering options. So, the customers can search for a web studio in their location or somewhere nearby.

Different studios provide different kinds of services, so the company also added an option of filtering the catalogue by CMS.
This way, the owners of PrestaShop themes from, Mexico, for instance, will be shown a list of companies working with PrestaShop sites in that specific location.
NB! The customers will see a list of all CMS agencies work with at the Web Studios Catalog. This is especially comfy when they purchase several different templates and want to launch more than one project at a time.

At this point they can decide whether to contact one web design studio that works with WordPress, Joomla and OpenCart (for example) or send a request to 3 different agencies.
Web design studios rating is another cool feature you should know about. It grounds on the number of successful projects completed by the agency with the help of TemplateMonster’s themes. The more experienced agency is, the higher rank it has.
In a nutshell
This advantageous offer from TemplateMonster provides web studios with a great opportunity to expand their product market, gain more trustworthy online image, find new clients, and earn more money.
However, that’s not all. In addition to being highlighted on the chart, each partner has a separate profile page. There they can post more detailed information about their services, staff, contact details, a list of CMS they work with, pricing plans, and whatnot.
The profile page also contains TemplateMonster’s feedback about the design studio and its rating.

This information is targeted at helping the customers choose the best web design agency for their needs.
There is also a built-in request form for those who have already made a decision and wish to place an order. This form allows the customer contact a web design agency, give them a brief review of the services they would like to order, desired budget, etc.
It seems like we highlighted all the main points of TemplateMonster’s Certified Partners Catalogue.
Use it to find a reliable web design agency that will help you get started with your web resource in the short run if you are a business owner.
If you are a TemplateMonster partner, pass the certification process and get listed on the chart. You’ll be happy that reaching out the new clients and building your customers base has become much easier for you.
Please share your thoughts about this seductive offer from TemplateMonster. Do you agree that it can bring real benefits to your business? Are you going to study and pass the quiz? Would you like to be on the recommended web studios list? Please, leave your feedback at the comments section.

Flat Style & Fashion WordPress Themes

If you want your website look modern, choose templates that include flat elements in their layouts. The trend has been introduced by Microsoft and quickly spread all over the web.

Flat design is characterized by minimum use of stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions, like drop shadows, gradients, or textures. The trend is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors.

Designers love flat style because it allows to make interfaces more streamlined and efficient. Flat designs are able to quickly convey information while still looking visually appealing and approachable.

What’s more, the style makes it easier to design responsive interfaces that change in browser size across different devices. With minimal number of design elements, websites load faster and resize easily, still looking sharp on high-definition screens.

In this showcase, you will see only clean, eye-candy flat designs, developed for WordPress CMS by

Continue reading

Intense vs Porto: Which Multipurpose Website Template to Choose for Your Business?

This article is aimed to help you choose between two top-quality multipurpose HTML5 website templates from different leading providers. They are Intense Multipurpose Website Template from and Porto – Responsive HTML5 Template from ThemeForest.
The difficulty is that both themes are awesome, as well as their developers. So, we will try to highlight their strong points as we don’t see the weak ones and let you take the decision.
Multipurpose templates are cool as you can build absolutely anything with them. That’s a huge bonus.
The fact that the templates are built with HTML5 markup language is also beneficial.HTML5 includes detailed processing models to encourage more interoperable implementations. It extends, improves and rationalizes the markup available for documents, and introduces markup and application programming interfaces for complex web applications. HTML5 is also a candidate for cross-platform mobile applications, because it includes features designed with low-powered devices in mind. Get to know more about HTML5 here.
Are you ready to pass over to templates’ features?
Ok, let’s start with ‘Intense’.


Intense is the smartest and the most flexible bootstrap template you’ve ever seen. You can create exactly what you need with this powerful bootstrap toolkit.
What do you get in the Intense package?
– 250+ HTML Templates
– 15 Niche Templates
– 190+ PSD Files
Advanced UI kit for web developers
– Extended Bootstap Toolkit
– Lifetime Free Updates
Please note that you get all mentioned above in 10 different skins.
Intense package includes 10 various niche templates. You can create your own business, blog, or any kind of activity quick and easy with these unbelievable ready-made designs.
Intense gives you an opportunity to choose from a wide range of predefined Home page layouts and demos to create your own unforgettable experience.


The theme is extremely responsive and retina.
Intense offers unlimited header and footer variations. Choose from a wide variety of awesome ready-made Header & Footer styles or just create your own.
Need to showcase any of your products or projects? Do it with a great selection of Portfolio templates.
Experiment with blog variations and styles using well-done Blog templates.
Intense is eCommerce ready. All you may need to build an amazing eCommerce website from a scratch is included also: Grid View, List View, Shopping Cart Page, Checkout Page, Single Product Page.


Intense lets you manage your events. Share your public events quick and easy with your customers. Use the extremely customizable event calendar to create your own comps.
Intense is equipped with powerful search engine. Get a new kind of experience with it.
Demo images are shipped with Intense for free.Save more than $35 on premium images included in demo.
190+ PSD files come with your Intense. Get all template design sources used in project for free.
It goes without saying that Intense Multipurpose Website Templateis delivered with 24/7 support. Support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you create your own business solution. – Here is a VR Video about Intense Multipurpose HTML Template

Now, when we know so many cool things about Intense, it’s time to talk about Porto.


There are 4 Porto versions: Porto WordPress, Porto Drupal, Porto Magento, and Porto Admin.
Porto is the #1 selling HTML site template on ThemeForest. Over 20000+ satisfied customers can prove that.
It offers unlimited variations and tons of Home Page Styles examples to choose and create your website.
Porto is fully responsive, which means it is ready to look stunning on any device.
The theme comes with unlimited Header Layouts. Choose the Header style, select colors, styles and much more with tons of variations.


You can change the layout style (Boxed or Wide Layouts) by simply adding a class in the HTML.
Change the background color style for Light or Dark by simply adding a class in the HTML.
Porto excusive Style Switcher lets you select any color you want, and customize your new website in seconds.
Porto has a functional contact form, which you can customize into a basic contact form to an advanced, with special fields and built-in captcha solution.
It is possible to make your website even more powerful adding more features to the template. Purchase both porto and porto admin, integrate and you are done.
Porto is delivered with outstanding support and extensive documentation, which is also a great benefit.
Theme’s Source Code is extremely well organized. Porto was created by a team of experts in front-end development. Their focus is to facilitate and optimize your time, so their source code is easy to maintain.
To top it off, Porto provides RTL support and is Mobile/Retina optimized.
As you see, Porto is also a highly professional multipurpose template for any business or portfolio website. Its fully responsive design will look stunning on any device. It allows you customize your website as much as you want/need. You have tons of layout possibilities with unlimited variations and colors. The template comes with 35+ HTML pages built using Bootstrap


We hope this article will help you make the right choice that will lead your business project to success. We would be happy to hear what you think about these templates. Which one fits your business best and why? Maybe we missed something essential in our recap, your additions will be highly appreciated. Your feedback is welcome at the comment section.

40 Joomla Bestsellers to Make Your Website Look Great

I assume that you’re already familiar with the one of the most effective and powerful control management system available today. Of course, you know I’m
talking about Joomla and I’m glad to present you 40 Joomla bestsellers – the most popular and impressive collection of bestselling templates with
astonishing design and wonderful ease of use. Joomla is an extremely flexible and robust system, and with its help you’ll be able to create unique and
original websites and online applications. Joomla is very easy to learn, and after some time spent to grasp all the important aspects you will definitely
realize what a fantastic instrument it is. These 40 Joomla templates will provide you with such essential features as responsive design, advanced
navigation, usability, as well as other important technologies, such as great amount of flexible modules and extensions that will easily satisfy all
your most demanding needs.

The 40 Joomla bestsellers you see here, made a great showing throughout a long period of time. People became acquainted with them and chose these best Joomla
templates over other themes, so this fact speaks for itself already. And that means all the hard work was already done for you – there’s no need to go through
hundreds of templates, and visiting dozens of websites in search of the most suitable theme. The most juicy part is here! Take any theme among these 40 Joomla
bestsellers and make sure yourself. There is a huge variety of categories you can choose from – you may find here quite a few stylish business themes,
suitable for big and small companies, great-looking templates for financial advisers, restaurant templates with delicious images of mouthwatering food,
smooth and sleek websites for IT companies, including an Internet service provider template and themes for software developers, templates designed for
architects and construction companies, themes perfectly suitable for medical care services and plastic surgeons, fitness club templates, and a vast amount
of other categories. And remember – every single Joomla template here is top quality.

And also one of the most crucial things is that these Joomla templates are responsive. This means that they will suit not only a PC monitor, but other
devices as well, such as tablets or smartphones. Your visitors would feel comfortable using any platform they prefer in order to go to your site and that
means a lot. And if you want your website to be extremely functional and have all the modern features you can think of – no problem. With Joomla you can
have tons of various additional extensions – from Image Swoop slider, carousels, tabs, and social sharing buttons to Google Map plugin and an advanced
Newsflash module – everything you need to design a site with a high quality performance and functionality. So, without further ado, let me demonstrate you
this carefully picked collection of 40 Joomla bestsellers, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Flying Safely With Airplane Joomla Theme

Safety at Airports Joomla Template

Details |Demo Continue reading

Free SVG Icons to Boost Your Designs

Iconography is a must-have discipline for every designer. It reveals the key principles of correct icon creation and implementation in web designs. It’s all about symbolic representation and meanings attached to images, icons in this context. Embodying aesthetics (composition, proportions, line weights, positive/negative space) and functional components, iconography tells how icons should be created and how to implement them correctly in web projects. For example, one of its rules is coincidence of all icons in one design. There can be a lot of them, and each one should communicate its own idea, but at the same time it should harmoniously behave and relate to others within a design piece.

The main focus of iconography is an icon. It supports the whole design concept, communicates certain information, grabs attention and draws visitors into the site content. It’s also used for visual breaking of paragraphs, and enlivening the content. With the help of icons, users can quickly gather the desired information, find what they need on the site and seamlessly read even the long text.
The most used places for icons are titles (they add a creative touch), long content, paragraphs. The general purpose of their usage is focusing attention on something and spicing it up. It can be a list, a text, a feature, a service, a title, etc.

When it comes to their look, it should be trendy and effective. Some time ago glossy icons were extremely popular. This year when minimal design trends hit the web, clean & clear icons are in a great fave. They can be flat, colored in various hues, with or without reflections, but always refined and cool.

There are various formats of icons. They can be pixel-based (PNG, JPG, PSD), and you can’t enlarge these icons without losing quality. Most preferable are SVG icons. They are vector which means that they can be scaled. What a sense in a nice icon, if you can’t use it in the desired size? SVG icons always maintain their high quality.

You can create the desired icons yourself, or say many thanks to other designers and download their freebies. God bless all of them who create professional stuff and offer to get it for free. Here you’ll find packs of free SVG icons that contain items (with various backgrounds, colors, etc.) for whatever design projects. Grab any pack you need or download all of them to have in your collection.

CUE Icon Set

CUE Icon Set

* * *

Brainy Icons

Brainy Icons Continue reading

Typography Explosion. Fresh Free Fonts

Making the content well-organized and readable is a typographic challenge every designer faces with. The wrong choice of fonts can spoil any good design, that’s why it’s so important to find its right style, color and size. The selection of a font brings a character to a website and conveys its main ideas to the viewers. Actually, typography is 90% of design, and that’s the reason to focus attention on it while you design.

What are the rules of using fonts for creating visually pleasing layouts with their own mood? Observing all of them, you can be sure that your designs will be welcoming.

    • 2-3 typefaces are enough for one design. This amount is suitable for focusing attention on the content without distracting from its main parts.
    • Alignment. It guides the readers through the content, highlighting its key points and making it more readable.
    • Visual appeal. The average fonts sometimes look too plain and don’t compliment to the overall beauty of the design. Choosing the nice-looking ones, it’s possible to add appeal to your site.
    • Creativity. Play with typography, make it interesting to look at. It’s hard to exaggerate it, so don’t worry and experiment


    It can be also said that typography if more important than graphics in design. Why? Font hierarchy underlines the message hierarchy, the choice of particular type can differentiate messages. Mixing various fonts you can create nice design effects.

    Google Web fonts, Fontdeck, Typekit, Webtype are well-known and most-used depositories of fonts. Ask any designer about where to find the desired font, and he’ll name one of these resources. And where to get free fonts that will not take you extra money to spend for buying them and time for designing? Here is a compilation of the fresh hand-picked free fonts that you are welcome to use in your works. Only the latest and the finest items are gathered here. Hurry up to get them!

    * * *

    Axis Font

    Axis Font

    * * *

    Draft Font

    Draft Font Continue reading

    Best Restaurant Website Designs – Wise Tips on How to Make Them

    Pleasant atmosphere, designer’s interior, good mood and delicious dishes from chief cook – when people want to get it in one place, they go to a restaurant. Haute cuisine, the best food presentation ever and even cooking shows drive visitors in and make a restaurant one of the hugest delights. To make reservation and be sure that they’ll find the desired dishes in menu, people visit the restaurant site beforehand. And here the owner can make his/her best to promote the place, catch the audience’ interest and make it want to taste all that pleasures of the table.

    The more appealing such site is, the more visitors the restaurant will get, so it’s a point of honor of any good place to have the same quality web presence. This post will reveal the must-have points of a well-done restaurant website design. Check it out to learn how to make your web presence the best one.

    All advices that you’ll find here are a part of collective wisdom from the best of the best restaurant designs that you can see on the web. This collaborative spirit will come in handy when you start working on creating or redesigning of your own site. You can use whatever design, choose various styles, but there are certain points that should be observed for great result – more visitors. Take into account all these points, act fearlessly and boldly, and you’ll succeed.

    Everything you’ll read below emanates from the main purpose of a restaurant website – to acquaint the visitors with menu, services (receiving orders online or reservation) and place interior. So, read the tips and make sure that your site design makes use of them.

    Speak to People
    Each place is oriented at certain category of people. Don’t forget about the target audience of the one when you design its site. If it’s a high class restaurant, it should be seen in its extremely stylish and refined web presence. It should present uncluttered, clean design that underlines the sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant. If it’s a local cafe, make its site atmosphere friendly and welcoming to the visitors, so they will gladly enter it to have a cup of coffee. Use comprehensive language when you address to certain audience. People will appreciate it, be sure.


    Kristalbelli Continue reading

    Best Websites of Well-Known Museums You Would Like to Visit

    How often do you visit museums? Does it happen once a year or more frequently? Even true art lovers don’t always have enough time to enjoy their favorite works of art. Museum websites are a great solution in this case, ‘cause they let us enjoy art from a distance at any time. Entering such a site it’s possible to spend hours taking captivating tour, discovering vast collection of well-known works. Multimedia exhibitions turn out to be a great source of inspiration and real escape from everyday routine. So, I offer you to enjoy the most interesting ones and learn the secrets of well-done museum websites. While reading this post you’ll find out how they should be done to engage more visitors in and stay apart others.

    All in One

    The website of a museum can be much more than a trivial web presence covering the history and offering to view the gallery. Adding something more, it’s easier to welcome people in and make them interested. For examples, it can be a blog or a page with videos (short films, interviews, etc.) from whatever events that happen at museum.

    Audio Guides

    The value of guides can’t be overestimated. You can listen to the desired tracks just sitting in the nearby café, on the sofa or when you’re visiting a museum. It’s extremely useful when you’re walking along the exhibitions to admire works of art with audio commentary. Most often, audio guides are available as phone apps.

    Virtual Tours

    The best and most known museum websites can boast with a good virtual tour. Offering viewers visit selected gallery floors and enjoy exhibitions, they share great delight with people. Hundreds and even more wonderful works of art with captions and sometimes commentaries – this is the main thing visitors go for.

    Social Media

    If museum cares about more people being aware about all its events, strong social media promotion is a must have point. Twittering, posting on Facebook and Google+ will bring positive results and a number of interested visitors will increase.


    Just imagine that using an app you can create the picture in Warhol-style, or see how you might look in the dress from Oscar party. Websites offering apps with such activities will easily win visitors’ interest.

    Of course, museum websites should be easy to use, contain general information about the current exhibitions and feature inviting designs, that are quite modern and easy on the eye. Art is the key point people admire such websites, and the main emphasis should be put on it. But design is a power that engages audience, and you’re welcome to see its most bright examples below.

    The whole name of this museum is American Friends of Modern Art. I like its design with a clean touch, so peculiar to up-to-date websites. Easy to follow structure, calendar, Join & Donate buttons, general information on the front page – the site shows everything you need to know about this museum.


    Aspen Art Museum
    The splash page makes a sound introduction to the story of this museum with all its exhibitions. Large pictures from the gallery, descriptions – you’ll learn a lot about the art presented on the site.

    Aspen Art Museum Continue reading

    Free Vector Icons for Interface & Web Designs

    God bless all those web & graphics designers who love to offer their works free for download. This act is rewarding, ‘cause it gives people an opportunity to create something stunning. On the other hand, the artist receives positive feedback, attention of the audience and appreciation of his/her works. Let’s express gratitude to all of these generous artists and see what they’ve prepared for us this time. It’s a bunch of recently released free vector icons that will provide a lot of benefit to web designers and developers. All those who are struggling with a design interface are welcome to find the desired goodies in this blogpost.

    Simplicity as a Rule

    Here you’ll see only trendy items that will perfectly suit to your cutting-edge designs. Today, when the web has chosen minimalism as the main design direction, all trendy designs are marked with simplicity, go with subtle adornments and a sharpened focus on functionality. The same clean approach should be applied to each minor part of design, especially icons that are a vital part of UI. As you have noticed, most icons have become much flatter and simpler these days. The very simple and effective examples you’ll find below. Continue reading

    Hipster Bits and Kits. Web Design Freebies and Essentials

    “It’s hip to be hip!”

    What’s Being Hip?

    What do you know about hipsters? Most often they are described as beard guys with mustaches, trendy glasses and ironical smile. But scratch the surface, and you’ll find out a lot of interesting facts about this subculture that has recently become so popular. Hipsters value independent thinking, music and labels, progressive politics, appreciate art and creativity. Vintage and irony are two milestones of this culture of aspiring artists. Contemporary hipsters like retro (listening, watching) and always find things to mock about. It’s a part of their philosophy not to be influenced by mainstream which ideas are promoted via advertising and media. Any standards are omitted by hipsters, and that’s why most of them are young people with androgynous appearance. Both men and women look thin, wear the same-like clothes and accessories that underline this similarity. Such phenomena as hipster subculture usually delve into all spheres of life, and web is not an exception. Continue reading

    Anatomy of Hipster Web Design. Non-Mainstream Web

    “I liked it before it was cool.”

    You can often hear the same sayings from all devotees of hipster culture that has emerged about several years ago and has spread all over the world. You can recognize a hipster by large glasses, beard, cool top-hat, stylish vest, vintage leather shoulder bag. This movement wearing Oxford shoes is now omnipresent, and web is not an exception.

    What’s a Hipster Design?

    It’s a smart, progressive, non-mainstream, easy to use design that can be named a trend of these days. Being spread across the globe, hipster style couldn’t skip the web and a lot of designs turned hipster. All designers who keep abreast of the latest trends choose it to give a new breath to their works. That’s the reason for emerging a number of websites with extremely trendy layouts.

    Hipster Markers

    The anatomy of hipster web design is also called “hipsterology”. When it goes about web, most hipsteresque designs distinguish from the crowd with simplicity, washed out colors, vintage elements (patterns, textures, fonts), styled ribbons, arrow/bear/glass vectors. You can also find in the repertoire of hipster websites “dream-like” images, created with Instagram filters or using Photoshop actions. Fans of hipster way of life love and use social media, and Instagram is one of the most favorite tools of speaking about their lives. It’s also easy to detect a hipster site due to its background music. The music hipsters listen to is a distinctive feature of this movement. When you enter a site and hear something from independent rap, classic rock, nu-rave, minimalist techno playing on background, you can be sure that you’ve hit the hipster site. The cutting edge layouts of hipster websites with all the mentioned above elements don’t complement on the usability of these websites, thus being pleasant for visiting.

    How to Create Hipster Site?

    It’s interesting to browse all that recently created website designs that look extremely modern and original due to their hipster nature. If you want to deep into the essence of hipster design trend, you have to see how it looks, check out live examples that inspire and show how to perform it in the best way. Here is a bunch of sites that are created in the best hipster traditions. This compilation will show you the most common elements that are implemented in design for making it look hipster, so you can make use of them for dressing up your own designs.

    Hipster Websites Tips & Tricks

    Dream-Like Photos

    Describing hipster culture is impossible without demonstrating wonderful dream-like photos that you can find in any social account of a true hipster. Analog cameras are the most favorite among this community. For example, Lomo LC-A (the true cult of analog photography) shots are in fave of all hipsters, because of their amazing originality. The same look can be achieved with Instagram filters, and it makes this social network a good source of inspiration for hipster culture fans.

    In the examples below you can see stunning photos that remind Instagram or the ones taken with analog camera. Most often, they are a part of the site background, giving hipster look to the design and driving more interested viewers in. If you’re going to create true hipster design, don’t forget about dream-like photos.
    The House of Eyewear
    Hipster Web Design Continue reading