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Michael spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. Focus on sales and marketing for the organization. A huge believer in family and has an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children. Loves camping and hiking. Michael's philosophy is simple: "If you can dream it, we can do it."

The Benefits of Getting a Website Design Proposal Before Building

Website design

To become known in the e-commerce industry, it is vital that you have an excellent website design. Although the content is more important than the design itself, your web design is the window to your business.

Your target audience will know what your business is offering through the design of your web. It is here where “first impressions last” is applicable. Your web design plays an essential role in attracting an audience to read the content of your website.

Before you jump into building your website, you must have a website proposal to avoid regret when your site is up and running. Here are some benefits of getting a website design proposal before having your website built: Continue reading

Six Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Your App

App DevelopmentRecent technological upgrades have shaped how we do our daily activities. No matter how seemingly complicated or mundane a particular task is, you can be sure that there’s an app for it, especially now that we live in a time where almost everyone has a smartphone in hand. Then it’s no surprise that the app development industry experiences tremendous growth.

The competitive nature of the app development landscape have brought about some of the best, most efficient and most reliable apps to date. However, the said industry is also rife with stories of startups suddenly closing shop only months or even weeks after launching their app. These new companies may have committed some of the crucial mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when developing an app for your startup.

Here are six of the crucial mistakes you have to avoid in app development: Continue reading

How to Market WordPress Themes & Plugins?

wordpress sale

In last few years, the market of WordPress products has seen significant growth. Today, WordPress developers, designers and bloggers are making good money using the content management system.

For developers, it has become really possible to earn six or seven figures just by selling WordPress themes and plugins. The best thing about making money from WordPress products is that developers can earn passive income from it. By developing a product once, they continue to earn from it as long as it sells.

However, not all developers have become successful in doing this, even if their work is better than others. The main reason behind their lagging behind is the lack of right marketing strategy.

No matter what, every business and individual have to accept the fact that only quality can’t make you a winner today. Of course, talent, creativity and design are key factors of a theme and plugin, but if you haven’t worked on marketing the products, these products may never sell.

If you have been developing WordPress plugins and themes for a while and are unable to sell them, then this article is going to be an interesting one for you. Continue reading

Worthwhile SEO Practices to Carry Into 2019

SEO Practices

Looking forward to 2019 is an excellent way to assess how you can progress and take your business further. With the arrival of the new year, there will be a shift in the best digital marketing practices to follow. However, what’s important is how businesses capitalize on these practices. After all, all enterprises run with the intention of further outreach, exposure, and profit. By understanding the specific SEO practices to carry into 2019, you will be able to take your business in the right direction.

Here are the trends and practices you need to pay attention to in the new year. Avoid getting left behind and read on. Continue reading

Reasons Why Users Are Leaving Your Website


You launched your website six months ago and did your research well; your website’s design is pretty neat, and you studied your content well but, your analytics show meager ratings. Your viewers seem to be leaving. It appears like there’s a problem on your website, but you can’t find it.

Here are some possible reasons why users are (unfortunately) leaving your website: Continue reading

4 Content Writing Strategies That’ll Help You Gain Traction


Setting up a blog or a website can be tough. Once you finally figure out which platform to use, where to get affordable domain names, and how to do the basic blog or site setup, you figure out that that’s only the beginning of the work. You need to make sure that your website reaches an audience, gains traffic and people read your content. It’s crucial to lead people into your site because it’s going to be the start of your business strategies. If you’re clueless on how to proceed, or you’ve been trying to get readers, here are four (4) content writing strategies to help you gain traction: Continue reading

All You Need to Know about the Hibernate Architecture

Hibernate Architecture

Hibernate is an object relation mapping ORM tool designed for java programming. It is the best framework for mapping java object-oriented model to the relational database. Hibernate was introduced to replace the EJB2 style entity bean in java. To understand deep inside the Hibernate, the knowledge of basic java programming is necessary. You can access resources like Java Certification, blogs, videos, coding platforms etc., and explore the base of Java programming. Here, you will cover data types, cloning, interfaces, serialization and many more modules driving the Java development journey.

Now, let’s understand how Hibernate is getting so much attention after its first introduction in the year 2001: Continue reading

How to Perform WordPress Automation Tasks with Ease

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There are billions of websites and blogs out there on the Internet and running a website for your business is no less than a struggle. Being able to stay on your feet and managing this website calls for taking care of a lot of tasks and regularly maintaining the website to ensure a smooth run. WordPress is currently a very popular Content Management System and a website builder that powers over 30 percent of the websites existing over the Internet. It makes it seamless for the website owner to easily manage and run their websites, thanks to its power of automation.

Automation in WordPress is marked by its features that help the new as well as experienced website owner easily make changes to their website, introduce new features, carry out updates and maintenance tasks and everything else periodically without having to manually do it. If this excites you and you are willing to know more about how you can take the full advantage of WordPress automation, keep reading through this blog post. Continue reading

How Mobile Apps Can Improve Workforce Productivity

mobile app on a phone

Workforce productivity is one of the most interesting factors that form the base of business. In case, you are someone having a mobile app development company to call your own but struggles to get in the apt benefits, we have got you covered. Accept our invitation to know more about the profits your existing mobile app can do for you.

Organizations across the globe are leveraging the advantages of mobile apps for their businesses. In case, you have not adopted this methodology, you are missing a big profit share. We all know what technology can do for the business and with mobile apps, the profit share only extends.

Besides aiding companies working in e-commerce domain, mobile apps are a great discovery for service-based companies.

So, how do mobile apps contribute to workforce productivity? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Reasons to Get a Professional Accounting Website Up Before Tax Season Begins

Accountant reviewing accounting invoices

For many people, hiring an accountant is potentially the difference between getting audited and receiving an income tax refund. Although there’s a lot of software out there now that can enable the average person to get through the process of filing a federal income tax return, it isn’t the same as hiring a tax professional. So, if you look forward to January through April being the time of year where you are the busiest, you can majorly benefit by having a professionally developed website. Just like it’s best to pay a professional to do taxes, it is smart to hire a web developer to create a beautiful website, and here’s why. Continue reading