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Michael spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. Focus on sales and marketing for the organization. A huge believer in family and has an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children. Loves camping and hiking. Michael's philosophy is simple: "If you can dream it, we can do it."

Ways to Integrate Amazon with WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular web hosting software available and offers a powerful e-commerce platform. Amazon is the biggest global retailer so naturally is also one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. Many companies have a presence on both platforms, but the smart money is on integrating the two giving you the best of both and the opportunity to sell to more customers. We’re not talking about creating two shops, one on each platform we are talking about integrating the two by the use of appropriate plugins. So, let’s take a closer look: Continue reading

Joomla Extensions and Templates: Here Are the Best Ones in 2020

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Using Joomla extensions is a great way to tweak your website and improve its front-end part. But if you’re new to Joomla, you might be wondering, “what exactly are the Joomla extensions?” Well, in a nutshell, there are five types: Languages, Plugins, Modules, Components, and Templates. Each of these handles a particular function. Joomla search extensions, for example, can greatly enhance the overall experience of your site visitors. A Joomla administrator panel can help you administer the website more efficiently. Stylish and easily customizable templates provide a good starting point for designers. For example, if you are looking to build a dating site, Joomla offers plenty of ready-made templates. Even beginners can use them to create something amazing.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our top picks for Joomla extensions and templates in 2020. Continue reading

Customer Service Tips: How To Improve Customer Experience

Customer Experience Drawn on White Brickwall. 3D.

Customer Experience on Modern Style Illustation. with Orange Arrow and Hand Drawn Icons Around. Customer Experience – Business Concept. Inscription on Brick Wall with Doodle Icons Around. 3D.

The need for customer service is a critical component of any company. While it might not seem particularly important, many small businesses don’t understand what it takes to improve their customer service experience.

While this can appear fairly self-explanatory, there are many aspects of customer service that are less understood than they should be, and this can cost your business many lost sales and customer relationships.

Fortunately, if you know how to improve customer experience, it doesn’t have to cost you money to do so. Listed below are tips for creating an amazing customer experience: Continue reading

Understanding the Difference between Swagger and OpenAPI

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Two big players in the API industry are the API tool developer Swagger and the organization called the OpenAPI Initiative. By virtue of their history, these two brand names are frequently tied to one another. Some who are new to the ecosystem of the API industry also tend to make the mistake of interchanging the two. Their close ties notwithstanding, however, Swagger and OpenAPI are different entities. API stakeholders should understand them as contributing in separate ways to the field of API development.

To help distinguish between Swagger and OpenAPI, and how they work with other technologies like the Stoplight OpenAPI editor, here’s everything you need to know. This article details the history of Swagger and the OpenAPI Specification, otherwise known as OAS. Then we’ll learn of their mutual impact on modern APIs and what stakeholders can expect from the two entities in the future. Continue reading

5 Visual Content Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making


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Improve your Visual Content Marketing Strategies

Industries today rely heavily on marketing. It is the best possible way to increase sales. Therefore, special teams are often hired for the purpose. If you are one of these people and wish to excel in your field, there are many mistakes that you should rectify. Understand what mistakes you are making and how you can rectify those easily. Here are some common mistakes: Continue reading

Top 10 Lists for Joomla Extensions and Templates


A website or application is the identity of a business or an idea. Considering how the entire world is going digital, having a site or app is a good way to maintain a wide internet presence. But to achieve an impeccable interface and functionality, you need a flawless Content Management System.

Speaking of which, Joomla is a leading CMS that allows you to create powerful and aesthetic websites and applications. As per HostingTribunal, Joomla covers more than 5.7% of market share which makes it 2nd most used CMS all around the world.

The platform comes with a wide array of templates and extensions to enhance the customizability of the creator. In this post, we’re going to take a detailed look at the top Joomla extensions and templates and how they make your brand representation indelible.

Let’s dive into the deep sea of Joomla! Continue reading

Ecommerce Hosting: 8 Things to Look for If You’re Serious About Your Store

If you are planning to start an online store, it is important to choose a good hosting company. If you already have an online store, you still have a choice of upgrading to a plan as offered by hosting companies.

eCommerce stores require constant upgrades and maintenance, the speed should also be amazing. If the user visits your eCommerce site and the speed is not good, it may lead to losses.

For an E-com website, the biggest challenge is to maximize sales. Also if the security is poor and the site is not managed properly, you’ll suffer more losses than profits in your business. Continue reading

Security Best Practices for Salesforce Users by Flosum Experts


For many years in the past, one primary reason many enterprises were hesitant about cloud services usage was security. This also had driven an increasing demand for CASB adoption. However, suppose we look at the stats out of the recent surveys. In that case, most technology decision-makers and IT security professionals think that cloud-based systems are as secure as the on-premise systems. Surprisingly, there is an increase among security professionals thinking that the cloud can even be more secured than on-premise in the future. Considering various factors leading this fundamental change, we can see that most of this trust-building can be attributed to leading service providers’ efforts in the cloud spectrum like Salesforce in terms of securing customer data and offering stable security features. Continue reading

Top WordPress Theme Development Trends To Follow

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Having originated as a blogging tool, WordPress has grown to become the most powerful content management system (CMS) in the world. With advancing technologies, the company has expanded its business and operations, and its users have more options available now than ever before.

While most people are now using WordPress on Linux to save on resources, it can be run on a Windows VM/server as well. Furthermore, we have MySQL database built into our system that houses all the relevant data like user settings, options, pages, posts, among other things.

In the past few years, customized, paid themes have started making tides. For what you pay, you get multiple design templates within a theme package that give you the flexibility and freedom and the technical support to design your beautiful website in the most efficient manner.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the top WordPress theme development trends in 2020. Continue reading

Seven reasons you need a social media influencer on your next marketing campaign

Influencer marketing has become the norm in the last few years. Companies have increasingly developed a fondness for the individuals celebrated in lifestyle niches for advertisement and more.

The growing body of statistical claims in favor of onboarding influencers has proven their efficiency through higher rates of engagement and awareness.

Surveys on e-marketing state that over 80% of marketing campaigns involving social media influencers have to results better than the projections. This has inspired more businesses to give influencer marketing a chance. But the question is, what provokes marketers to invest in social media influencers? Continue reading

Why e-Commerce Websites are Best for Start-ups

ecommerce experts

There is a lot to consider when you’re starting a business, and it takes time to create an effective business plan to follow. You need to think about marketing, branding, sales channels, budgets, employees, and even where you’re going to sell your products. The latter decision can be a tricky one, but if you’re running a start-up business, selling your products online is probably the best route to begin with, and here are a few reasons why: Continue reading

11 Best Web Design Practices to Improve the UX of Your Ecommerce Website

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The e-commerce industry is booming. The reason for its overwhelming growth is the diverse choices that the buyer is exposed to, the ease of comparison, flexibility of time, and the reliable payment systems ecommerce platforms provide.

Statista predicts the number of digital buyers to exceed two billion by 2020. Therefore, a retail business without a well-designed ecommerce website is missing out big time on potential sales. Continue reading