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Michael spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. Focus on sales and marketing for the organization. A huge believer in family and has an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children. Loves camping and hiking. Michael's philosophy is simple: "If you can dream it, we can do it."

Top 7 Reasons Why Hiring A Local SEO Firm Is A Good Strategy

Better Understanding of the Target MarketLOCAL SEO to target market
Businesses nowadays need to optimize their website according to the search engine optimization or SEO standards of search engines. If your company doesn’t have an in-house SEO expert, you can hire a local SEO firm to do the job. Of course, there are also large national SEO firms, but your business is better off with the local one instead.

Here are the top reasons why it’s a good strategy for your business: Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Digital Agency

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a significant tool in the growth of your business. Nowadays, you need to be creative in setting your brand apart from your competitors. A third-party agency can help you if you don’t want to hire a dedicated in-house team to focus on your advertising and promotional efforts.

As with every major decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons before making your verdict. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a digital agency for your company: Continue reading

Top Seven Challenges with Active Directory

There are a lot of sound reasons for why Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is the default choice for corporate directory services for most organizations over the last decade. With the ease of access, security, and IT controls, it’s easy to see why AD is still used so widely today. It’s reliable, scalable, and maintains the Windows-based environment many organizations prefer.

Yes, like any other software, Active Directory isn’t without its own challenges. Whether you’re working with AD for the first time or you’re considering an upgrade, here are the top seven challenges associated with Active Directory as well as some ideas for solving them.

Black and Gray Mining Rig

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Is Press Release Distribution Right For Your Business: 9 Benefits you Can’t Ignore


Press Release Marketing

Do you have a new product, celebrating a milestone, or planning to collaborate with a top 500 company? Press release distribution is a way to go.

If you’re not yet including it as part of your marketing strategies, you are missing a lot of potential benefits that your business should be experiencing. It can be a great tool to reach wide boundaries and grow your business.

Are you aware of these benefits? Here are things that you may be missing, so you’ll work on including it in your tactics: Continue reading

What should your company’s new website provide?

website on a laptop

If you are fundamentally changing the appearance of your company’s website, there are few things to consider when it comes to what it should achieve for both your business and the customers visiting it. Primarily, it should serve your business needs as well as your customers’ queries at the highest possible standard. With that in mind, here are some top points to consider. Continue reading

How to Debug Common React Native issues on iOS?


debugging Ios app

In this article, you will get to see some of the issues that you might face at the time of developing iOS apps with React Native. You will get to learn how to debug common React Native issues on iOS. The issues we are going to talk about in this article are as follows.

  • Software dependency problems
  • Third-party package issues
  • Issues when running on the device
  • Expokit issues

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To Keep Business Booming, Boost Customer Service to the Cloud

Cloud CRM on mobile device

If you want to keep growing your business on the web, consider using a cloud contact center to boost customer service to sky-high levels. Industry studies indicate that, in an increasingly customer-focused world, company success can depend heavily on the superior customer service a cloud contact center can provide.

Leveraging a state-of-the-art contact center can enhance the customer experience while preventing fragmentation and optimizing workflow. To keep business bustling, here are a few ways you can boost customer service to the cloud. Continue reading

History of Joomla – an Essay

Joomla logo

What do you actually know about content management systems? Judging by the name, these are some special tools that are helpful in creating and/or managing web content. CMS is created for programmers mainly: their availability allows designing the templates and customizing them.

When a person, distant from everything connected with the IT, gets a task to write about one of the CMS, the process turns into a true nightmare right after the assignment is given. Yet, you won’t solve the problem with a quill. A quality sample is what can become your true assistant.

History of Joomla and Its Place in the CMS Rate

If you are looking for one of the most widely-spread open source CMS online, choose Joomla. Like many other similar systems, this one has already become an awesome assistant in polishing data online on small and big corporate sites, stores, portals, personal pages, and numerous forums.

The variety of options offered by Joomla is impressive. With its assistance, a user can create the content, design it, and manage online. The latest research proves that this system was downloaded over 2,500,000 times from around the world during the very first year of existence. From 2007 to 2011 it was downloaded 21,000,000 times. And today, it has nearly 6,000 commercial and free add-ons. Does it mean that regular users know more about Joomla history than others? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. So, what are the things you need to be aware of, and what people managed to make the system worthy? Continue reading

Maximizing Website Uptime During Breaks



Running an online business can be extremely challenging. In order to have success with an online store or ecommerce website, you need to make sure it stays running on a consistent basis. The last thing you want is to lose customers due to a hard to use or unreliable website.

Experts agree that slow load times are the leading cause of website abandonment. Most online business owners think that as long as they can keep a watchful eye on their website, it will stay working properly. What happens when you go on vacation or need to take a break due to health reasons?

The following are just some of the things you need to do to keep website uptime during breaks. Continue reading

Link Building 101 – Master the Backlinks

So if you are reading this, then I guess you know about link building(Or maybe at least you are familiar with backlinks). Using link building you can increase the visibility of your online business in search results.

As you may know, most of the people use Google to search for different things. And google tries to provide the best results for the search query.

To provide the best results, Google constantly updates his algorithm to remove the spammy sites from search results.

Now, these algorithmic updates may result in a ranking drop of your site if you have to build your backlinks using black hat tactics.

When building backlinks there so many things you have to keep mind and once you master the formula you will be on your way to build quality backlinks for your website. Continue reading