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Michael spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. Focus on sales and marketing for the organization. A huge believer in family and has an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children. Loves camping and hiking. Michael's philosophy is simple: "If you can dream it, we can do it."

The Importance of Good Content for Your Business Website

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You can have the best products or the best website design but if you don’t have good content, all of that will fall thru. Quality content has a power of conviction that can give you the desired result. Marketers and business owners all over the world have recognized its value which is why 86% of B2C marketers think content marketing is a key strategy. Not to mention that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers.

You might have already heard about the importance of good content but you aren’t sure about the specific benefits. It is now time to clarify what exactly good content stands for and how it can add value to your business website. Continue reading

Why should mobile app developers choose Android Jetpack

Android is going from strength to strength, not just as a framework, but also as a platform for the developers. The launch of Android Studio helped the developers accelerate the pace of development, and launch the app faster.

Recently, to aid the development and the methods adopted by the developer, Google released the Android Jetpack. The idea behind releasing the Jetpack is to boost app development without compromising on the quality.

So, what is Android jetpack? It is basically a set of software components that help in developing Android app solutions. It is an excellent collection of all the tools, libraries and guide that you require to follow through app development with ease. The jetpack also includes the best practices to follow, which help you ace the app development.

Apart from being a series of tools that help app development, it also lays the foundation for the infrastructure code, which can be used by the developers to devise ultimate solutions.

Before we understand Android Jetpack in detail, let us try and understand how it can aid in Android app development. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in 2020

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Digital marketing should adapt to different industries according to the modern trends in the market. It should look for opportunities of upgrading customer engagement and your online existence. Therefore, it is crucial to invest enough time and resources in your digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing refers to the practice of leveraging internet-based channels to spread the message about your products, services, and brand to potential customers. Some of the techniques and methods used in online marketing include Google AdWords, search engine optimization, email, display advertising, social media, and many more.

The main categories of online marketing include email marketing, affiliate marketing, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. There is a big difference between digital marketing strategy and offline marketing.

Offline marketing is any advertisement of promotion that you publish and release outside the internet. The media reaches the attention of the people who are within the reach of the marketing activity and grabs it. You will not need the internet to have people participate and receive feedback from them.

Some of the categories of offline marketing include TV marketing, phone marketing, print Ads, telemarketing, direct mail, and billboard ads. The remaining section of this article will be helping you to understand the concept of digital marketing and how you can use it in 2020. Continue reading

Five Steps for Effective SEO and PPC Keyword Generation

Effective SEO

Launching a successful SEO or PPC campaign without a corresponding keyword strategy is close to impossible. After all, getting your little piece of content in front of the target audience is a serious feat with so many individuals and organizations fighting for the same customers.

The only way to ensure higher traffic on your site is to approach the keyword quest strategically and utilize the state of the art techniques to discover the most relevant search terms and phrases for your content. What makes this process so important?

The answer is easy – traditional keyword research tactics have become inefficient.

An obsolete keyword stuffing mechanism can only get you so far in the attempt to boost search engine ranking, so you must take the extra step to make the real impact. In this article, we will show you five steps for effective SEO and PPC keyword generation. Let’s take a look!

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Can Progressive Web Apps transform your Mobile Experience?

Progressive Web Apps or PWA continues to be popular as the ideal mobile web solution. It has come as the single most important technology to transform the way web apps behave. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the native features and user experience that leading websites are trying to deliver for years, the websites are increasingly losing the distinction from mobile apps in terms of usability and native user experience. Finally, as the logical progression in this direction we have Progressive Web Apps or PWA, a technology primarily meant to deliver native user experience through web apps.

PWA is a unique technology in respect of providing users with a lightweight web solution with more user-focused attributes and lightweight as well as low-footprint user experience. In spite of all the buzz about this technology, we nevertheless should look at the ways PWAs can transform the mobile experience. Let us begin with the basics. Continue reading

PHP Heaven: Tools to Build your Dream Website

Have you ever wanted to build your dream website but the lack of necessary coding or programming skills put an end to your dreams? If your answer is yes, then you may not be alone in this scenario. Countless of people have brilliant ideas, yet only a few are equipped with the skills to realize their dreams. But, if your dream is to build a website using PHP, then you have come to the right place as we will be providing you with a number of PHP tools and scripts that will provide you with fully-functional features in a jiffy.

But, before we provide you with the list, let us go over the reasons as to why PHP is the best choice for building websites! Continue reading

Top 10 iOS 13 Features That’ll Excite Mobile App Developers in 2020

iphone and Apple Watch showing latest iOS

Mobile app development trends change frequently. Every year, there arises something new that attracts the attention of all. Whether you are just an IOS user or an IOS app development company, you might very well be aware of Apple’s latest release, yes we are talking about IOS 13.

Rollback to the time when apple first took to the stands to announce the list of new features added with the ios 13 updates. Days after the denouncement, there was a buzz of what’s good and what’s below the mark.

Developers indulged in testing and trying each feature to keep their apps updated and on par with the industrial trends. In case you missed the debate, don’t worry we got your back.

This article has been specifically designed to help IOS app development company keep track of the latest IOS features and adhere to the same while developing excellent apps. Continue reading

Great Tools When Designing A Website


Web development and graphic design

According to a report, about 75 percent of consumers tend to buy from a business that knows their name. Thus, it’s a good idea to design your website in a way that enhances customer experience, like having a customer see their name upon signup or registration. This is why personalizing your approach is crucial, and one way to achieve a more personalized connection is through a great website design not found anywhere else.

Of course, you should have something prepared for your guest users, too. Show them how fast, helpful, user-friendly, and interactive your website is. This begs the question: What are the great tools you can use to design a website?

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Understanding Cache-Friendly Code

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Caching is a general term for similar techniques utilized in many parts of a computer system. This happens when two data storages with different read/write speeds are involved. For example, the CPU has several internal registers that perform read and write operations quickly.

In addition, the CPU must fetch data from the main memory, which is many times slower than its registers. To manage this simultaneously, a caching mechanism is needed here; otherwise, the lower speed of the main memory becomes dominant, and it hides the high computational speed of the CPU.

This article is an excerpt from the book Extreme C by Kamran Amini. C still plays a critical role in 21st century programming, remaining the core language for precision engineering, aviation, space research, and more. Kamran teaches you to boost your existing C knowledge. You will gain new insight into algorithm design, functions, and structures. Continue reading

7 Copywriting Tips To Boost Your Website’s Conversions

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If you are running an online business of any kind, offering a great product or service is just one piece of the puzzle, because no matter how good it is, it’s worth nothing if nobody knows about it. This is why you also need to create an effective marketing plan which will get your business in front in the eyes of your target audience. This is where your website comes in, along with social media, and maybe even a blog, to drive traffic your way. However, if your potential customers aren’t converting, traffic numbers are only a vanity stat.

Your average conversion rate across all industries is 2.35%. However, the top 25% of businesses are converting at 5.31% or better. One of the ways in which you can improve is by writing website copy which is guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention and get them to convert. Easier said than done, given the fact that that your average visitor only reads about 20% of the content on every page. With that in mind, let’s take a look at seven copywriting tips that will kick your website’s conversion rate in high gear. Continue reading

Top Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Over Shared Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting has been the emergency red-button for businesses that need quick and easy IT solutions.

In a number of reviews, blogs, and FAQs, we have seen people confusing Shared and Managed WordPress hosting. Often, the decision to choose one is baffling.

However, stacking a managed host against a shared host isn’t anywhere as easy as it first seems. Though, there are certain nuances that can pave the way towards a better understanding between the two.

Shared and managed Hosting – at a glance

Shared and Managed Hosting aren’t two different things, and the former is almost always managed hosting.

However, the converse is not always true and managed hosting is not necessarily shared hosting.

Managed Hosting is the concierge service wherein the provider takes care of all problems you can possibly run into on your server.

Shared Hosting is a service where a single server caters to the needs of various clients. Thus, to say, a single shared server can have as many as hundreds of websites hosted on it. Continue reading

How to Optimize Your WordPress Site’s Images Using Smush Pro

Smush Pro Image Optimization Tool for WordPress

The Internet is highly visual, with images featuring prominently on most websites. At the same time, users are demanding sites that load faster and faster.

What to do?

The answer isn’t to reduce the number of images on your website, but to optimize the images that you decide to use.

Whether that means making them smaller in size, removing any excess data that might be included in the image (such as the EXIF data cameras automatically add), or compressing them so that the file sizes become smaller (without a noticeable loss in quality), image optimization makes it so that you can have your cake and eat it too.

However, all of this is work. But, in the WordPress ecosystem, there are plugins for almost everything, and image optimization is no exception. One such plugin we want to bring to your attention is Smush Pro (and for those who are interested in a free version, Smush Image Compression and Optimization). Continue reading