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Michael spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. Focus on sales and marketing for the organization. A huge believer in family and has an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children. Loves camping and hiking. Michael's philosophy is simple: "If you can dream it, we can do it."

What Is the Salary of CCNP Network Engineer in 2021?

What is the salary of CCNP network engineer in 2021? Unconsciously, two months have passed since 2021. Are you ready to conquer Cisco Certification or Huawei Certification? After the previous Cisco Certification Reform, Cisco CCNP has also become the choice of many people, mainly because the written test of CCNP and the written test of CCIE are in the same direction and have strong selectivity. For those who take Cisco CCNP Exam, “what is the salary of CCNP Network Engineer in 2021?” is a very concerned issue. After all, we want to verify it, because we all want to have better salary and live a better life. So What is the salary of CCNP Network Engineer in 2021?

What can CCNP Network Engineer do? Before understanding the salary of CCNP Network Engineer, let’s talk about what CCNP Network Engineer can do. In fact, it’s not difficult for a network engineer to find a job, because they can choose too many companies. Whether it is in manufacturer, integrator, agent, government agency, financial institution or large companies, as long as where there the network equipment is used, network engineers are needed to maintain it. Therefore, what CCNP should do mainly depends on personal interests and choices. Of course, if you want to go to the manufacturer, the company may have higher requirements for education. If you are an agent, the threshold may be lower. If you choose to become an agent, you will improve yourself faster. If you are a CCNP, you can choose to be a Pre-sales Network Engineer or a Front-line Technical Support Engineer in the After-sales Technical Department. If you want something more challenging, you can go to the Development Department and become a test engineer, a development engineer, an enterprise manager or a project manager, etc. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Make Computer Programming Your Career

Developing programming and coding technologies working in a software engineers developing applications together in office.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or deciding what to study in college, deciding on a career path is one of the most difficult things you’ll do as an adult. Your career can determine everything from how much money you make to where you’ll be living, and changing careers becomes more difficult the older you get. But one career path is guaranteed to continue providing job opportunities and excitement for as long as you’re in it: computer programming. Continue reading

Digital Nomads: How To Run A Business From Anywhere

Do you have to travel very long hours overseas to work and sustain your family? Even if you haven’t started a family of your own, traveling away from friends and extended family is usually not easy emotionally. Though a lot is changing lately with many companies embracing remote working these days, you can make that change on your own. Digital nomads use telecommunications technologies to earn a living. Usually, they work remotely from foreign countries. It could be from their bathroom, public libraries, parks, or even on a journey. Continue reading

What Your Business Needs To Grow

Do you want to be a successful business owner? Consider a few things that your business needs to help you grow.

A Good Product or Service

You can’t make your business grow without a good product or service. It doesn’t matter what you offer, but it should be something that you can sell. Make sure to do some market research to determine if people will want to purchase whatever you offer.

Then, you can figure out how to make your product better than what’s out there. You’ll also be able to keep from wasting time creating products that no one will buy. If you offer a service, you can create something that clients need and figure out a rate that people will pay for that service. Continue reading

Top 9 Reasons to Hire an SEO Professional

If you want to hire a top SEO expert, you must know why we should hire an SEO professional? So, here are the top reasons.

1. Minimal SEO Knowledge

Most site proprietors, an organization the executives and promoting experts comprehend SEO essentials, yet that’s the long and short of it. While it might appear as though you can make do with restricted information, the inverse is valid. Today’s a lot more prominent test than it at any point was to encounter fabricate long-haul natural site guests. You need to know SEO at a significant level to have the potential for success.

2. Reasons to Hire SEO expert

Here and their organizations that have good intentions, with restricted SEO information, endeavor to assemble a “do-it-without anyone else’s help” SEO crusade that regularly leaves them in a greater opening than they were in regardless. To be powerful, SEO should be done effectively. This is the place where an expert SEO firm comes in. They can assist you with moving forward your game by giving their skill something to do for you. Additionally, they can guarantee that all practices nearby and off-website are 100% white cap and follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Continue reading

9 Best Tips on How to Make UI Easy

Innovation in UI designs

The universe of configuration is one where innovation and out-of-the-case thinking are constantly valued. The planners who make helpful items with a bit of uniqueness are consistently effective. Notwithstanding, certain guidelines and norms can never be neglected. Experienced experts have consistently shared UI tips for aspiring architects to make the learning system simpler and more fruitful. In this article, we talk about the best UI configuration tips along with hire best UI designer to assist you with adding worth to your plan projects.

1. Put the Clients in Charge

An item or help is of no utilization if it doesn’t address the issues and assumptions for the crowd. Any plan that doesn’t put the clients’ necessities at its core will undoubtedly come up short. If the clients are alright with a plan and they feel that a greater part of their requirements is being met, then, at that point, the plan will gain prominence and trust, resulting in benefit. For instance, with various text and voice messaging applications on the lookout, WhatsApp is still way in front of the opposition. One reason is its great UI, focusing on the necessities of the clients. It is, consequently, significant for any planner to comprehend and endeavor to address the issues of the crowd.

Best 9 Tips How to make UI easy Continue reading

How to Write High Converting Newsletters for Your Email

Email marketing is one of the most powerful influences for your audience, especially as so many people around the world have access to an email account. Enabling your users to sign up to your newsletter is the first stage of success but now comes the important part, keeping them subscribed.

In order to keep them subscribed, you need to be providing engaging and valuable content through your newsletters. Even the bigger corporations and brands have to work hard to convert their new leads into paying customers.

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So what’s the secret formula for writing newsletters that keep your subscribers intrigued? This how-to guide will show you all the top tips and tricks to create newsletters that get your customers interested in what your brand is about and what it has to offer. Continue reading

4 Tips for Finding the Right Content Writers for Your Business

content writer

Content writers can be needed for many different reasons, whether it is that you have a shortage of time to write enough content for your business, or you have had the idea but want to source out the articles so that they will be written by someone who has more in-depth knowledge about the topic. Finding the right content writer for your business is definitely a challenge, but it needn’t always be that way. There are so many different opportunities to find them and things that you can be on the lookout for to make sure that whoever you pick is the right fit. Continue reading

How AI Is Impacting Digital Marketing and SEO


Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in the field of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). AI has simplified data gathering, assessment, and analysis leading to targeted digital marketing strategies and search optimization tactics that can benefit both the user and the business. Furthermore, AI-motivated tasks make seamless customer journeys and churn out data for enterprises to showcase the products and services to the right consumer.

SEO comes at play in intelligent algorithms that aims to overdrive Google’s with excellent content strategy, powerful link-building, and optimization of concept-based content. With this, AI utilizes advanced machine algorithms to monitor patterns and behavior in a sea of data. Ultimately, AI in search optimization is a cost-efficient tool that allows accurate real-time data in ads and content targeting, streamlining campaigns, and planning customer engagement. This call-to-action is precise and specialized to the target market. In this article, we will dig deeper into the workings of AI in impacting SEO and digital marketing. Continue reading