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Entrepreneur, family man and long-time magician, "Magic Man" Michael Pignataro is co-owner of 'corePHP' with his mirror-image twin brother, Steven. Michael is 'corePHP's Co-Chief Executive Officer - Operations. He's also got a wicked fast wrist at the foosball table.

Ways To Improve Security For Your Website

Website Security Being an entrepreneur of a small online business, you be under the assumptions that nefarious hackers may not find anything of value when they attempt to breach your company website. However, in recent years, there have been several incidences of cyber-attacks on some e-commerce business websites that have shaken the confidence of the business community. Many cybersecurity experts say in many of these cases, the culprits did not attempt to deface the websites or steal the owner’s vital business information. They explain that a new trend is emerging among these criminals. They are using the servers of these business proprietors to broadcast spam emails to the public. Some of them also attempt to get access to sensitive client data by making anonymous requests to their victim’s website that appear official. In some cases, they even inundate the site with so many false customer requests that owner’s system ultimately crush.

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How technology can help entrepreneurs to save money

Money in briefcase

If you are going to succeed in the world of business, it is vital that you are always one step ahead of your competitors. You need to make sure that you are managing your finances wisely and that you don’t put your future at risk. One of the best ways for you to do this is by making the most of the technology. In this digital age, there is no excuse not to! If you are wondering where to start, you will need to read on. Below are four ways that technology can help entrepreneurs to save money. Continue reading

4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Digital Marketing with Search Engine Marketing

The end of 2017 is in sight, and as we celebrate the New Year, it’s time to consider both personal and professional aspirations. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a longstanding business professional, it is time to consider what 2018 will bring with regards to digital marketing. After all, digital marketing is a fast-paced world; one that can adapt, and chop and change in the matter of a month or even a day.

Of course, there are a few digital marketing changes that have already come into effect; however, these new industry trends are in their infancy and will come into greater significance as we transition into 2018. If you’re a business owner or a digital marketing executive, here are 4 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2018. Continue reading

The What, Why and How To Boost Your WordPress Site with Uptime Monitoring

wordpress logo

The digital age is here, and with it, paradigms for businesses have dramatically shifted to new heights. The Internet has now become the prime hubbub for the general populace, and with it comes the influx of brands and companies who are all vying for the attention of the market through online means. Marketing, sales, customer service, and other organizational goals are now being met online, and because of this, online competition has become more complicated and tougher than ever before.

Because of the digital battle that is online presence and attention, it has become more imperative for businesses to ensure that their websites are well-built, well-maintained, and secured well. After all, the key landmark of any business online is its website – much like how a brick and mortar store or a company building would do offline. As such, it is also connected to their reputation and essentially the lifeline of their business online. Continue reading

How Should You Optimize Your Joomla Website for Better Ranking?

Enhance your Joomla website SEO

Search engine optimization is a basic need when you have a Joomla website to manage. There are so many integral parts of the SEO management techniques and when you implement the right ones for your website you can ensure that your site is actually getting better exposure online and the search performances are also enhanced to a great extent. There are different hosting platforms for the website and choosing the right option for your business is important. The business owner and the marketer often opt for the Joomla website which is feature packed and makes your business works much easier than any other option that you have. Continue reading

Want A Thriving Business? Avoid These e-commerce Mistakes!

Want A Thriving Business? Avoid These Ecommerce Mistakes!

Many e-commerce businesses see their website as the perfect medium to showcase their products and services to widespread audiences. Due to this, most of the upcoming startups are resorting to an online store as they find it a perfect alternative to a physical store. Having said this, just starting your own e-commerce website will not guarantee you success.

So, in order to be on the right path, you need to ensure that you do not commit any of the common e-commerce mistakes which I am going to showcase in this post. By avoiding these you will be able to achieve outstanding success for your business. Continue reading

8 Best PHP Rating Scripts for Developers

Top 8 php Rating Scripts For Developers

Do you know how Rating Scripts helps developers?

It basically allows website owners to understand their audience of their sites and the feedback to enhance their business.

Rating is the best way to build a long-term relationship with potential customers and improve revenue for your business. In this article, I have collected some of the PHP scripts that will aid your development jobs and make your work smooth enough.

Following scripts will gear up your visitor’s mood and let them stay on the website! Continue reading

How Technology Will Help Your Start-Up Achieve Results

Working with technology to communicate with team

You hear a lot about technology, but maybe don’t see how it’s going to help you run your company better. While it’s still good to have face-to-face interactions, there are many ways technology is helping businesses get ahead, so it’s worth looking into.

Launching a new business is exciting and scary all at once. Take it from me who has done it several times now. You have a lot of weight on your shoulders and many decisions to contemplate as you enter your industry and let everyone know you’ve come to compete. Even if you’re not a technology expert, embrace the learning curve and educate yourself on all the ways it can support you stabilize and grow. See how technology will help your start-up achieve results. Continue reading

Why You Should Learn programming HTML/CSS Before You Learn to Design

Programming HTML/CSS

Learning to design before learning to code HTML/CSS is a number one priority for some web development newbies. However, there aren’t that many benefits for those that go down that path. There are in fact other benefits for those that take the leap of faith and get their heads stuck into thousands of lines of code. Of course, if you’re looking to make a career out of graphic design, you’ll want to move on and open Photoshop or Illustrator. But, there are a number of other benefits if you learn to code HTML/CSS first and these are outlined below. Continue reading

Marketing Technologies Every Business Needs

A guy reviewing marketing technologies for analytics

There are now a plethora of new marketing technologies available that are designed to aid in the marketing process. Some software is designed to aid in the production of individual pieces of advertising media, others are designed to aid in the process of running the campaign itself. Businesses have been surprisingly slow to adapt to the possibilities opened up by business marketing technologies, but there is now a growing appreciation for the value they offer.
Marketing technologies, including software, represent a strong return on investment (ROI) meaning that for every dollar invested in the technology a business can expect to receive several dollars back in sales. Below are some of the technologies that are radically changing the approach a number of businesses are taking to marketing. Continue reading

Why Learn C++ Before PHP?

C++ Development team

It’s one of the most common debates that’s discussed between software and web developers. What programming language should beginners learn first? There’s no right or wrong answer – any combination of learning languages would work. Many experts and web developers believe learning PHP before C++ is the only way forward for a number of reasons. However, there are also benefits to learning C++ before PHP, and these are outlined below. Continue reading

6 Features Your Website Needs to Compel and Captivate Audiences

Website on a laptop

Many online businesses choose to compete with their competition with various marketing strategies and cheaper prices for their products and/or services on their website. However, they’re not the only way you can compete. Consumers also rely on a good experience when it comes to navigating websites, so if you’re willing to make numerous changes to your site this year, it could increase your customer base considerably.

Whether you own a full-scale e-commerce business or you’re just a local gardener, the below features are sure to help compel and captivate your audience to help boost conversions. Continue reading