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Entrepreneur, family man and long-time magician, "Magic Man" Michael Pignataro is co-owner of 'corePHP' with his mirror-image twin brother, Steven. Michael is 'corePHP's Co-Chief Executive Officer - Operations. He's also got a wicked fast wrist at the foosball table.

App Monitoring 101: Collecting the Right App Data

If you want your app to function correctly, you need a system for monitoring data. Without data monitoring, there’s no way to observe just how well your app is functioning and how to respond to the problems. Nobody wants to run into trouble with their app, but issues are unavoidable. To plan in preparation for problem-solving, you should have a plan for collecting the right data about your app. Here’s a guide to app monitoring through data collection.

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10 Most Common WordPress Errors and their Solutions

WordPress Error review on a computer

Ever opened your website after few hours and got an unexpected error message? Have you ever encountered a solid white screen without any reason? Sometimes, there come some mistakes on your WordPress site that one must correct as soon as possible to provide the best user experience. Follow us through this post, and I will describe the top 10 most common WordPress Errors, there causes, and solution as well.

Before correcting any issue, I highly recommend that you make a complete backup of your WordPress site before taking any serious action or employ an unreliable solution. You can use some automated WordPress Plugins like Duplicator, WP-DB-Backup, UpdraftPlus, and Akeeba Backup. If some errors are preventing you from installing any plugins, make a backup of your WordPress site manually or contact your website host for further solutions. Continue reading

Cost-Effective Ways to Protect Your Business

Cyber Security for business

Being a business owner I am always looking for ways to improve our business and with the continuous rise in the reported cases of cybercriminals targeting businesses has highlighted the pressing need for companies of all sizes to update, upgrade and assess their online security. No matter if you’re running a department for a large corporation or you’re an SME running out of a brick and mortar store in your hometown, the need for strong security has never been such an important part of business management. It’s not simply your own data that you need to secure, as very often it is the data that you store from your customers that criminals will target, so you need to ensure that you are protecting them as well as yourself. Of course, with a strong security-focused attitude, you can also increase customers’ trust in you and your services, so it’s of maximum importance that you take steps now to ensure your safety and protect your business from threats. ‘corePHP’ has been offering services for years to help against hacking and threats. Continue reading

What is Involved During a Typical Workday for an MSSP Engineer?

Engineer workplace the servers

Dealing with cybersecurity issues and responding to cyber-attacks means that there are few dull days or ones that feel like the movie Groundhog Day, where every day is a repeat of the one before. By contrast, no day is the same in the life of an MSSP Engineer – source: Intrusions can happen at any time day or night – it’s daytime somewhere around the world while they’re sleeping – and while people sleep, bad people are in cyber-attack mode.

Let’s look at some of the things that a security engineer deals with on any given workday. Continue reading

How Becoming a Better Writer Could Help Your Business

writing for a business on a computer

Being a great oral and written communicator could serve you well regardless of what industry you decide to pursue a career in. But being a proficient writer could definitely help you go far in the world of business, in particular. So whether you got your marketing degree in New York or your business degree in South Dakota, keep reading to learn about how becoming a stronger writer could help you take your skill set to the next level. Continue reading

Tips to Creating Profitable E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce design

The online world has become such a prominent part of the retail environment in recent years. Due to the convenience, mobility and quick pace of e-commerce sites, consumers love the chance to hop online and purchase their products. In fact, according to a report done by e-Marketer in 2016, global e-commerce retail sales were predicted to reach a huge $27 trillion in 2020. So as business owners and leaders, what can you do to maximize this growth? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can take on board to optimize your e-commerce site. Continue reading

Tips and Trends in Mobile Website Design That Every Developer Should Know About!

If you talk about a website, then it is by default a mobile website now as more than half of the internet users are accessing it through their mobile devices only. This number is on a constant rise, and within a few more years, it may be more than 90%.

When it comes to web designing point of view, in the last few years, the mobile design has exploded exponentially, but it can be tricky for the designer to know what to do regarding mobile-friendly design. A mobile website is not just a concept of choosing between a website or an app to design, but there is a range of considerations to make in between.

To help the designers who are desperate to know the nuances of mobile website design, here we have gathered eight expert tips to consider while creating a strategy for mobile website development. Remember that here we are focusing purely on mobile website design, but not responsive design. Let’s start. Continue reading

How Unethical Promotional Methods Can Hurt You in Unexpected Ways

unethical or ethical

There are many ways to build your brand nowadays and establishing a presence in the market is sometimes as simple as paying a promotional company to do the job for you. However, we’ve recently seen a rise in the use of less than ethical promotional techniques, and while they may sometimes bring impressive results, one needs to consider the long-term implications of their actions. It’s not just about hurting your own brand (and that can certainly happen), but those who participate in “black hat” activities contribute to the degradation of the overall quality of content we see on the Internet. Continue reading

5 Useful CSS Tips for Beginners

CSS Developer

With so many easy ways to build your website, it can be a real test of your patience trying to get everything to look like you want it to look. Then, to make matters worse, along comes Google and their now infamous Mobilegeddon and you need to develop and learn how to style your website so that it can be viewed well on different mobile screens. It is hard enough learning to use a template let alone trying to modify the style so that it functions and looks like you need it to. Continue reading

3 Advantages to Doing Direct Brand E-commerce Sales

A guy working on ecommerce website

Where e-commerce was formerly perceived as a rising threat to brick-and-mortar retailers, many traditional brands are now turning to the direct brand e-commerce route after seeing the advantages of online sales. New Jersey luxury bedding seller Boll & Branch is an illustrative example. The company’s retail outlet features displays and customer service, but no purchases are carried out of the store: all are mailed directly to the consumer, just as at Amazon.

Macy’s, JCPenney and even brokerage firms such as Credit Suisse are among the traditional brands making the shift to e-commerce. The direct brand e-commerce model is so compelling to retailers and other brands for multiple reasons, including increased profits, better customer experience, and more straightforward inventory management. Here’s a closer look at some of the advantages of going the direct brand e-commerce route. Continue reading

Why Your Business Needs Continuous Improvement

Business office with technology

Whatever your industry sector, it remains a truism that if you’re not moving forward, then you might as well be standing still. The need for constant yet logical progression is integral to your business success, and by including the need for growth into the foundation of your company, you can take advantage of the opportunities that come with growth. Constant growth should be part of your long-term strategy, and failure to do so increases your chances of failure. Improvement of your business is not an option, it is a necessity, and only by keeping aware of its need can help your company grow. Continue reading