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Handpicked WordPress Themes: Part Nine

Welcome back to another installation from our popular series Handpicked WordPress Themes, where we feature some of the best and most beautiful WordPress themes available in the market for your use. Just go ahead, pick one from these or the other lists in the series and apply them to your website in minutes.

Let’s have a look at what we have here for you,


ToneView Demo | Buy Tone

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Building Your E-Commerce Cart to Avoid Abandoned Carts

An e-commerce cart is the most important element for having a successful online business. This is the software that manages all your transactions online and lets your customers enjoy your services.

Therefore, it is necessary that you build your basic building block with utmost care so that over time it doesn’t become an abandoned block in your whole system and lead to various problems and instabilities.

We had already discussed how abandoned carts can affect your business in a previous article. Have a look, Avoid The Dangers of Obsolete E-Commerce Software. Continue reading

Handpicked Ghost Themes: Part One

If you have been following our “Handpicked” series for some time you would know that we cover some of the best themes for the major blogging and website creation platforms, WordPress, Joomla and Tumblr too. We just couldn’t leave another great platform in the dark and here we are with a fine collection of themes for the new blogging platform – Ghost. Follow this series to witness some awesome and beautiful premium quality Ghost themes for your blog. Let’s start the series with this first list:


MotretView Demo

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Great Online Sales Promotion Ideas

Online Sales Promotion

In this competitive market, engaging prospects is challenging enough, but closing the sale can seem all but impossible sometimes.  Having a great online store isn’t sufficient now; you need to draw customers to your store in order to make a hefty number of sales. To help you out, here are some proven methods that will draw people to your product page, and will give you a better chance of closing a sale.

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Avoid The Dangers of Obsolete E-Commerce Software

Obsolete Radio

Time flies, and things become old and unstable. Your e-commerce store is no exception. Just like your car will break down one day if you don’t maintain it periodically, your online store can face the same fate. Avoid the risks, because the results can be devastating to you and to your customers.

An obsolete store not only causes problems while operating, but can also act as a repellent toward your current and future customers, without you even knowing about it. Here are three checkpoints to consider, in order to improve your online sales, and keep your site up to date…

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Handpicked HTML Templates: Part One

We brought two exciting series of themes for Joomla and WordPress, and now we are back with another series. This time we will be featuring some beautiful HTML templates, which you can use to create normal HTML based websites.

However, the scope of these wonderful templates should not be limited to only plain HTML based websites. In this regard, we are ready to help you in converting these HTML templates to Joomla and WordPress themes for you, without you worrying about a thing. Feel free to contact us.

Let the list begin,


T-TwoView Demo | Buy T-Two

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