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Samuel Dawson is an information technology expert at Designs2html Ltd, a well-known HTML to WordPress development company. Samuel has been working with Designs2html for the last nine years. He enjoys working on e-commerce solutions, front-end development and various scenarios of new innovative technology.

paGO, The Next-Gen Mobile E-Commerce Shopping Cart System

deals kitten pagoNext generation buyers are moving towards target based businesses. The buyers are mobile oriented as well as global, one such e-commerce platform that is used widely is paGO Commerce. This leading e-commerce solution is used by customers from all over the world. paGO is known for its commercial grade e-commerce shopping cart process that is purely based on Joomla technology. paGO enables a high rate product selling process that grants you of commercial passport to access the shopping cart software from anywhere you go. If you are bored of working with passive CMS technology, then I would recommend you step into today’s new active CMS technology that efficiently integrates content managing system, marketing process, and sales technology into one seamless close-the-loop process. Continue reading

Top 6 Trends that Will Shape the E-Commerce Industry in 2016

mobile e-commerce

As time passes by, more and more people are becoming inclined towards online shopping. The growing trend of buying online is likely going to have a profound impact on future retail sales.

In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, it was concluded that “the eRetail sales in the US for the third quarter in 2015 was around $87.5 billion, which is 4.2 percent up compared to the second quarter e-commerce sales of 2015.” Continue reading