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CEO of 'corePHP' Technology Group, makers of paGO Commerce suite and WordPress For Joomla blog extension.

Software That’ll Spark Innovation In Your Business

Software plays a pivotal role in modern day business no matter what industry or sector you are in. It can be used to enhance, streamline, automate and various other functions to help a company to transform the way that they operate or boost the quality of the end product or service for their target customer. Software is also developing at a rapid rate, which means that it can be challenging for businesses to be aware of software they can use to help their enterprise. With this in mind, here are a few types of software that will spark innovation in your business.
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paGO Commerce 1.1 Released With All-New Back-End

paGO Commerce 1.1.1 features an all-new back-end

Since releasing paGO Commerce in January of this year, we’ve been hard at work on the next steps along our roadmap. We created paGO Commerce  to alleviate the headaches created by many mainstream commerce platforms. Above all, our focus was on creating a more future proof, modular codebase, that didn’t leave developers at a dead-end, forced to hack the core in order to make even the most basic changes. With paGO commerce, you can bend it any way you want. It’s flexible, and it’s fast.

This new double release of paGO Commerce (1.1 and its followup, 1.1.1) sets the tone for our rapid development schedule for paGO Commerce. This development round’s focus was on improving the “back-end” workflow for store owners, in order to make it faster and easier than ever to manage inventory and product attributes. Following the advice of many of our early adopters to paGO Commerce for Joomla, we made substantial improvements to the Admin Panel, along with a host of other improvements, which I listed below. Continue reading

Calling All Successful Entrepreneurs: Pay it Forward!

Next Generation Entrepreneurs need your support

Some of you know about a great cause that’s near and dear to my heart, called Generation E. Like 99.9% of entrepreneurs, I learned how to run my own business through trial and error. So far, the “school of hard knocks” has worked for me, and I’m thankful for the experience. But that process took a heavy toll as well—on my friends, family, clients and on myself.  When I discovered Generation E, I found a better way for future generations to learn the basics.

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