Best & the Most Powerful Joomla Extensions for You to Try – Part II


In the second part of the series, we will continue with some of the best and most powerful Joomla extensions for you must try. By chance, if you have missed the first part of the series, then do check it out once, as there we have presented a really awesome set of Joomla extensions that you surely cannot afford to miss.

JLV Image Hover (Premium – $14)


It is a very simple yet attractive image hover extension which can add stylish hover effect to the images of your Joomla website.


redShop (Free)


redShop is undoubtedly one of the best shopping solution for online business. It gives you a powerful and fully integrated webshop, which can be stylized the way you want to.


Joomla Social Login (Premium – $14)


This extension gives the users an alternate way of logging in to your site, using various existing social network sites that they use.


JNFSpeaker (Premium – $15)


It is a very efficient Text to Speech extension (powered by the Google TTS engine) for Joomla, which increases the navigation of your website by reading out any selectable text.


DJ Image Slider (Free)


This is a simple yet flexible extension which creates an image slideshow with short titles and descriptions which can be linked to any page or URL address.


Facebook Traffic Popup Module (Premium – $12)


This extension adds a simple, easy-to-install and customizable popup to harness the true potential of the 900 million Facebook users.


DJ MultiTreeMenu (Free)


This extension creates a clean, simple and beautiful tree-like dropdown menu with sub items segregated into multiple columns.

dj-multitreemenu dj-multitreemenu

B2J Aquarius Product Zoom Pro (Premium – $13)


If you are using the redShop extension, then this lightweight and highly customizable plugin used to magnify the images to have a more detailed look into them, can come in handy.


ZT Speed Up Plugins (Premium)


It is a light-weight, fast and easy-to-use extension which can considerably speed up your Joomla site by implementing various client-side speed optimization rules.


DJ Tabs (Premium)


It is a very useful extension which can be used to display content in tab or accordion layout. It is highly flexible with lots of layouts, themes and customizable options available.


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