The Best Travel Apps and Sites

Travel app got us to this location with hot air balloons and amazing mountains

Traveling is a lot easier than it ever has been before thanks to modern technology, which has managed to achieve what many used to believe was impossible. The wide variety of travel apps and sites available mean that by having a digital toolkit at your fingertips, traveling becomes cheaper, less hassle and more enjoyable. Here are the apps and sites you shouldn’t go without next time you travel.

Citymapper and Moovit

Citymapper and Moovit are competitors, but they both help people around new cities, easily showing them the fastest way to walk, take public transport or ride a taxi to their destination. When you go to a new place, street signs can make journeys very intimidating. That’s not the case when you use one of these great apps. Citymapper doesnt have as many locations as Moovit but some prefer its user interface – try both and see which you prefer.


ParkOn takes all the hassle out of airport parking. They allow you to compare, say Orlando airport parking, with many off-airport operators like Park ‘N Go, WallyPark, Park Me Fly and more. They offer a price guarantee so if you find a lower price, they’ll refund you the difference. ParkOn also has a flight comparison section with that same guarantee, so you can be assured you’re getting the best price on flights.


Packpoint focuses on the dreary task of holiday packing. Simply tell them what your destination is, travel dates, length of stay and all the activities you want to do and they will create a packing list for you. They check the weather for you, so all you have to do is the physical packing!


Rebtel allows you to call your friends and family back home, for cheap, without an internet connection. It simply connects to local phone services for you, giving you a cheap call without any of the hassle of getting up a local SIM card.


Long layovers are horrible – they leave you feeling exhausted and desperate for the comfort of a bed and some personal space. With, you can get a hotel room for a few hours at a hugely discounted rate. Payments are made directly when you arrive and you can get full use of the hotel’s amenities. There are also free cancelations.


DUFL is an incredibly useful service if you can afford it. They send you a welcome kit with a suitcase where you can put all your items. They then take that away, clean all your clothes and take an inventory of your items. When you want to travel, just open up a virtual closet on the app and they will pack your bags and send them directly to your location, so you can travel light and always enjoy clean clothes.


Piper can be used offline and is simply a database of countries and tipping etiquette. It’s well worth getting so you can make sure that you’re tipping the right amount for different services and not spending too much money or offending local service providers.

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