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  Web accessibility is a major initiative in the Internet world. Trade organizations, industry websites, and university communications departments all include web accessibility as a chapter in the web design handbook. The websites for corporations, government entities, sole proprietorships, and … Continue reading

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Any serious CSS person has hacked their way through more ‘Internet Exploder’ issues than they care to talk about. Even if there are only a few small issues to fix in an area, it can be difficult to track them … Continue reading

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When I read about this new creation from Google I had to tell the world. For those of us fighting the good fight, trying to make the web available to as many people as possible, this is a huge step … Continue reading

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In the last year there have been major changes in tableless design and accessibility. Recently, laws have been passed requiring websites to be accessible and lawsuits have been filed against current sites and developers. Clearly, our world will never be … Continue reading

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