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Start Selling With paGO Commerce Before Heading Back to Work

With the major holiday season upon us, how are you intending to pay for those gifts this year? After all, this time of year seems to always come upon us before we know it and catch us by surprise. Why not set up a paGO Commerce website today to help offset your income. Set up is so simple, it can be completed and functioning in a matter of days, or while you are off from work.

Are you a stay-at-home parent who enjoys selling their arts and crafts and would like to break into the online market? With paGO Commerce’s easy setup, you can be offering your products online to a larger market in no time. Visualize the potential with your untapped market. For as little as $5 per month, the hosting cost associated with a account, you can be selling your homemade baby sweaters to a broader audience with a live website.

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‘corePHP’ Launches paGO Commerce 2.0 for Joomla

paGO Commerce - Go anywhere Sell Everywhere

The highly anticipated paGO Commerce 2.0 has been released! The most powerful e-commerce solution for Joomla! developed by the team at ‘corePHP’ welcomes several major additions to the platform. Most notably, paGO Commerce now features an innovative payment gateway system.

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Payment Gateways

paGO QuickPay

paGO Commerce QuickPayStore owners rejoice and say hello to your funds quicker and automatically! With paGO Commerce 2.0, receive your funds in record time with our exclusive new QuickPay. Getting paid can lag up to a week on other carts, but paGO’s new QuickPay ensures store owners are paid in the quickest turnaround time possible and directly to their designated bank account! There is no need to go into yet another dashboard to transfer funds, it’s all done automatically with paGO QuickPay. You won’t even have to think about it. The cash flows, even when you’re gone! Cash is King.

With QuickPay, there are no hidden or monthly fees associated with the service. The merchant is charged 3.45% + 35¢ for every successful transaction passed through paGO’s QuickPay. Continue reading

5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Benefit Your E-Commerce Business

Moving your e-commerce site to the cloud

Businesses are embracing cloud storage, the latest market research shows. Increasing demand for big data will swell the cloud storage market from $18.87 billion in 2015 to $65.41 billion by 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate of 28.2 percent, according to a Markets and Markets report. More and more companies are seeing cloud storage as a solution for a growing range of applications, including primary and backup storage, online storage gateways and data movement and access. Companies of all sizes are adopting cloud storage solutions in industries ranging from healthcare and financial services to manufacturing and retail. If your e-commerce business is seeking a data storage solution, cloud storage offers a range of benefits that make it a compelling option. Continue reading

Save 30% Off Your Next ‘corePHP’ Product

Save 30% off your next 'corePHP' product

Save 30% Off Your Next ‘corePHP’ Product – Coupon Code: SPOOKY30

Don’t get scared, we at ‘corePHP’ are here to help your through your Halloween frights.

From now until October 31 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, save 30% OFF all your favorite ‘corePHP’ Joomla extensions, like… Continue reading

Released: WordPress For Joomla 4.1

Introducing WordPress For Joomla version 4.1

New Release: ‘corePHP’ releases WordPress For Joomla version 4.1

We at ‘corePHP’ are very pleased to announce the release of a new version of ‘corePHP’s highly successful component, the much anticipated WordPress For Joomla, version 4.1. You can get WordPress For Joomla right here, right now (still only $60!). Yes, this most awesome integration of Joomla gives you all the new features of WordPress 4.1, built-in, giving you all the blogging power you need, backed by the familiar and superior extension management capabilities of Joomla!

(Follow updates on WordPress For Joomla by ‘corePHP’ here, on Twitter: @WordPress4J)
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All New paGO Commerce: It’s Mobile-FAST!

Check out our new back-end for paGO Commerce, built by 'corePHP'

The folks at ‘corePHP’ announced an all-new high-performance back-end for paGO Commerce.

Yesterday, ‘corePHP’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer Steven Pignataro announced the latest stable release of paGO Commerce, version 1.1.1. The big news was the creation of an all new back-end admin interface for paGO Commerce. The new back-end makes paGO easier to use, lighter weight, and faster for store owners to manage their online businesses.

Whether you’re creating an online retail shop, an app store, product directory or your own custom event registration system, paGO Commerce for Joomla is the fully capable eCommerce suite you need to customize with ease. We’ll go into more detail in tomorrow’s blogpost, but feel free to download paGO for Joomla! now, and give it a try for yourself! It’s free, open source, and built to help you move more product, easier and faster than ever. Continue reading

paGO Commerce 1.1 Released With All-New Back-End

paGO Commerce 1.1.1 features an all-new back-end

Since releasing paGO Commerce in January of this year, we’ve been hard at work on the next steps along our roadmap. We created paGO Commerce  to alleviate the headaches created by many mainstream commerce platforms. Above all, our focus was on creating a more future proof, modular codebase, that didn’t leave developers at a dead-end, forced to hack the core in order to make even the most basic changes. With paGO commerce, you can bend it any way you want. It’s flexible, and it’s fast.

This new double release of paGO Commerce (1.1 and its followup, 1.1.1) sets the tone for our rapid development schedule for paGO Commerce. This development round’s focus was on improving the “back-end” workflow for store owners, in order to make it faster and easier than ever to manage inventory and product attributes. Following the advice of many of our early adopters to paGO Commerce for Joomla, we made substantial improvements to the Admin Panel, along with a host of other improvements, which I listed below. Continue reading

Frustrated Joomla E-commerce Developers: Let There Be Light!

Sometimes, you just gotta GO for the money. Introducing paGO e-commerce component from 'corePHP'

Why we stopped using other e-commerce carts for Joomla and created a new one that works.

The first time we integrated a Joomla-powered e-commerce extension into one of our client sites was just over seven years ago. It was the best Joomla e-commerce extension available at the time, and we knew it would require a lot of work-arounds and core hacks to operate properly. That was the price one had to pay back then, when it came to e-commerce extensions for Joomla! Continue reading

Design Easy and Cool Website for Your Business : ‘corePHP’

E-Commerce Business owners know the importance of having a website in today’s world.

With the wide use and popularity of the Internet, a lot of people go online when they need to find something, including various products and services. If you have a business, but you don’t have your own site yet, it may be time that you consider getting one. With this, you’ll be able to reach more people. cool-free-Website  It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or starting. Having an online presence will help grow your brand. You may hire a professional web designer and developer to build your site. But if you don’t have the budget, you can do this on your own. Yes, that’s right! You might be wondering how you’re going to do it, especially if you don’t have any background about website creation. Well, you don’t really need to have an experience in this area since there are various sites that let you easily create a cool website for your business without a cost. Let’s take a look at some of your best options.

IM Creator

Simple but elegant themes are what IM Creator . Choose from its stylish and chic designs that would suit your brand. You also have the option to start from a blank template and design your own theme. Whichever you choose, there would be no programming involved. It supports drag and drop so you can add images and information, as well as move them without problems. Its interface is straightforward, so you wouldn’t have a hard time navigating the site and using its features. Cropping of images and text re-sizing are not needed since the templates are automatically set to adjust them. An additional bonus is that it’s SEO friendly, thus, helping your website to become more searchable on the web. You’ll have 50MB free storage for your site. It also comes with premium pricing plans that offer more features. But you’re not required to make an upgrade, so if you prefer the free account, then you can keep it as long as you want.


There are hundreds of stunning designs to choose from that would work in various fields, including restaurant, photography, music, health, beauty, etc. Build and manage your very own website with ease and convenience using Wix. Like IM Creator, Wix supports drag and drop so you can easily add images, videos, texts and other media on your site, even if it’s your first time doing this. There’s also the option to optimize the website for mobile viewing, which can be done with just one click. With this, visitors can view the site properly regardless of whatever device they’re using. Customizing the templates is fun and simple as there are several colors and fonts, as well as free images to choose from. It also comes with a blank template in case you wish to start from scratch. There’s also no need to use a third party application for editing your images as it comes with a built-in image editor to ensure that you have gorgeous photos. The page transition effects make the visitors’ experience even more enjoyable. You may also upgrade your site to premium to have more storage, bandwidth and remove Wix advertisements.


This is another cost free website builder that doesn’t come with advertisements. Yes, you don’t have to upgrade your account to premium to get an ad free site, since their free websites are also advertisement free. You’ll have up to three pages, 16GB storage, 16GB bandwidth and a Yola subdomain for creating a free site. Yola comes with a wide selection of website templates, which you can customize. Like the first two sites, you can simply drag and drop items to add them on your site. No coding or programming necessary. Sites can also be easily searched on the web; improving your online presence. Quickly publish your site to your Facebook page or optimize it for mobile use. It offers Google map integration so it would be easy for people to find your local store. Check your site statistics and determine the number of visitors. Don’t miss the chance to connect with millions of Internet users around the world. Use any of these three amazing site builders and create your business website for free.

Dear Winter, You Win – Enjoy our Winter Sale

Winter Sale for Joomla products

This week our prices drop like the Polar Vortex temperatures.

It has been brutally cold here in Battle Creek MI. But that has not stopped us from developing great Joomla products for you and your website. We welcome you to another great winter savings. Most likely you are experiencing the same weather and staying warm inside building your next web project.

Time to stay warm and save 25% off all Joomla extensions here at ‘corePHP’.


5 Key Elements to Build a Better Blog that can do More Business

Street sign for results

Are you still struggling to get the impact you want from your blog? A lot of blogs are created daily. Competition is getting harder and harder. It’s harder nowadays to build a blog that makes money. Even if you want fame (or whatever) from your blog, you still need to build a better blog that stands out from the crowd. Here are 5 keys to consider to make your blog better and get the most out of it. These tips are very valuable and you really need them to build any popular blog these days. They are essential in order to get any money or fame from your blog. Do you want to know the 5 keys? Then continue reading! I am sure you’re gonna love it. Ahmed Safwan is an expert Blogger and a talented freelance writer. If you really enjoyed this post, Ahmed Safwan has a new blog launching soon and you can subscribe on the coming soon page and you will get our Ebook “Create Compelling Content that attracts readers and search engines” worth $47 for free. Go now and check To Start Blogging to learn How to Build a Blog that Builds your Multi Six Figure Business Online?. Let’s go. Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day from ‘corePHP’ Enjoy 25% off Now!!!

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Special
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Hello Everyone,

This Mother’s Day, we would like to express our gratitude to the amazing mothers out there. We surely love our mothers and what they have done for us in our life. Without them we would not be where we are today. Thank you Mom! We are excited to offer an amazing Mothers Day deal to all of our Joomla! customers. We want to share this sale with all mothers and non-mothers on this great holiday!

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