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10 Best Joomla 2020 Extensions for CRM Websites

It is nearly impossible to name a product category that is filled with options but is dominated by a single brand. If you are a part of the majority that has only heard the name of WordPress that has a 60% market share when it comes to CMS, then you might not have any idea that WordPress actually has a close competitor too.

According to statistics posted on Hosting Tribunal, more than 2.5 million websites all over the world use Joomla. Joomla is the closest competitor to WordPress. Stylized as “Joomla!” it continues to have a fair market share because of its users and developers. It offers a distinct set of advantages over WordPress. A free and open-source content management system, it is built on a model-view-controller web application framework.

As CRM is becoming more and more popular with online businesses, it is easier to utilize a CMS to engage with your clients and customers.

Top 10 Best Joomla CRM Extensions In 2020

Here are the top 10 best Joomla CRM extensions to help you have an effective and efficient CRM system.



The first Joomla CRM extension that we would like to recommend is JoomCRM. It is an excellent choice for users who want to organize as well as increase their sales to help in quick business growth. It is easy to install, understand, and adapt as the user goal is basically all that it is based on. New startups and businesses are the primary consumers that benefit from this system. Following are some excellent features that the extension provides: Continue reading


Buying online on a Joomla ecommerce store

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When it comes to building websites, creating something maintainable, proficient, and easy to administer is vital. Two things are responsible for achieving this, the development tools/platform and the developer. Since its release, Joomla has helped several developers to create outstanding projects. Joomla projects are deployed to serve various audiences, customers, brands, and businesses daily.

Joomla is a powerful development tool that has been available for a couple of years and is growing more rapidly every day. The platform helps developers build mobile-ready and user-friendly websites while allowing you to add thousands of other features. Among other things, Joomla also will enable you to utilize the best of PHP programming language. Also, there are several tons of professional templates that can be integrated using Joomla.

As great a tool as Joomla is, it is easy to get in trouble if you are not conversant with the latest trends and techniques. So, to help you do more great projects with Joomla, here are some helpful tips and guides that you can follow. Continue reading

SEO in digital marketing

Think about an outlet that does not have any signage on it: no windows, no name, and nothing in particular. People can flow in out of curiosity to buy product A when the store sells product B. It explains why SEO is important in digital marketing.

Consider a circumstance where you have visited a shop that had a good name and outer front. You will obviously talk about that with your friends and ask them to visit at least once to see how good the store is.

However, when you visit a rundown store with no proper signboard, you will never suggest them to your friends.

The same happen with the websites. When you come across a website with beautifully designed interphase and SEO friendly contents. You are most likely to share them with your friends. Continue reading

Can Progressive Web Apps transform your Mobile Experience?

Progressive Web Apps or PWA continues to be popular as the ideal mobile web solution. It has come as the single most important technology to transform the way web apps behave. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the native features and user experience that leading websites are trying to deliver for years, the websites are increasingly losing the distinction from mobile apps in terms of usability and native user experience. Finally, as the logical progression in this direction we have Progressive Web Apps or PWA, a technology primarily meant to deliver native user experience through web apps.

PWA is a unique technology in respect of providing users with a lightweight web solution with more user-focused attributes and lightweight as well as low-footprint user experience. In spite of all the buzz about this technology, we nevertheless should look at the ways PWAs can transform the mobile experience. Let us begin with the basics. Continue reading

Great Tools When Designing A Website


Web development and graphic design

According to a report, about 75 percent of consumers tend to buy from a business that knows their name. Thus, it’s a good idea to design your website in a way that enhances customer experience, like having a customer see their name upon signup or registration. This is why personalizing your approach is crucial, and one way to achieve a more personalized connection is through a great website design not found anywhere else.

Of course, you should have something prepared for your guest users, too. Show them how fast, helpful, user-friendly, and interactive your website is. This begs the question: What are the great tools you can use to design a website?

Continue reading

Understanding Cache-Friendly Code

Online shopping website with product pictures and price in a browser window, collage and paper cut composition

Caching is a general term for similar techniques utilized in many parts of a computer system. This happens when two data storages with different read/write speeds are involved. For example, the CPU has several internal registers that perform read and write operations quickly.

In addition, the CPU must fetch data from the main memory, which is many times slower than its registers. To manage this simultaneously, a caching mechanism is needed here; otherwise, the lower speed of the main memory becomes dominant, and it hides the high computational speed of the CPU.

This article is an excerpt from the book Extreme C by Kamran Amini. C still plays a critical role in 21st century programming, remaining the core language for precision engineering, aviation, space research, and more. Kamran teaches you to boost your existing C knowledge. You will gain new insight into algorithm design, functions, and structures. Continue reading

Top Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Over Shared Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting has been the emergency red-button for businesses that need quick and easy IT solutions.

In a number of reviews, blogs, and FAQs, we have seen people confusing Shared and Managed WordPress hosting. Often, the decision to choose one is baffling.

However, stacking a managed host against a shared host isn’t anywhere as easy as it first seems. Though, there are certain nuances that can pave the way towards a better understanding between the two.

Shared and managed Hosting – at a glance

Shared and Managed Hosting aren’t two different things, and the former is almost always managed hosting.

However, the converse is not always true and managed hosting is not necessarily shared hosting.

Managed Hosting is the concierge service wherein the provider takes care of all problems you can possibly run into on your server.

Shared Hosting is a service where a single server caters to the needs of various clients. Thus, to say, a single shared server can have as many as hundreds of websites hosted on it. Continue reading

Magento Customization for a Perfect Customer Experience

Ecommerce is all about driving top-notch customer experience. Realistically, you can’t expect customers to choose you without offering them special and compelling things over other competitors. And, you must keep one thing in mind — this offering goes far beyond just products and services; all you need to impress your customers is ‘flawless user experience: the journey of your customers from storefront to final purchasing.’ What could be other best way to eliminate bottlenecks from sales funnel than Responsive and minimal user experience. It builds customer loyalty and improves retention rate. In short, customer experience (CX) takes the growth of business to the next-level and make you stand out in the challenging ecommerce market.

An effective design is directly linked to your choice of Ecommerce development platform. Therefore, if you’re using Magento as Ecommerce platform —- you’ll get plenty of tools and features to personalize your customer experience. It contains a wide collection of extensions and themes to help its users customize the look-and-feel of the store.

Here, in this blog post, I’m going to share a few practical tips on Magento customization for perfect customer experience.

Let’s get started….! Continue reading

Industry 4.0: A Simplified Look into the Popular Term

Every production sector undergoes some changes every once in a while. The modern methods of producing products have benefited immensely from new technologies and techniques. The changes have been so huge that pundits in the industry are calling the new transition Industry 4.0. This term can often become a buzzword especially in circles where the transformation is not well understood. In the following paragraphs, we take a look at what this popular term means. We also analyze what changes are happening in the production realm thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Long-Tail Keywords Should Be a Part of Your SEO Strategy


If you want to build an online audience, you need to use keywords. These are the terms that web users type into the search bar. Webmasters often decide to use easy keywords that are one or two words in length. While these might help you find a user or two, long-tail keywords are better bets for visitors who might actually convert into buyers.

SEO strategy is constantly evolving. What works one day, might shift the next. This is why you need to pay attention to what your visitors are looking for when they find your site. At WHITEHAT, we can help you with leads, inbound marketing strategy, and website growth. We can also help you select long-tail keywords for your SEO strategy.

If you aren’t convinced as to why you need long-tail keywords, take a look at these six reasons: Continue reading

4 Project Management Challenges Dev Teams Have to Face and How to Tackle Them

Business people discussing presentation together: experienced female project manager pointing at laptop screen while explaining information to young man

Project management is a challenge. Software development project management is even more of a challenge, whether you develop new software applications, work on infrastructure related projects, or maintain web based solutions. However, the challenge isn’t insurmountable, and there are things you can do to manage these issues better. Here are four project management challenges dev teams have to face and how to tackle them. Continue reading

7 Crucial SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Content Optimization

Whether you are a career blogger or work as a content creator for companies with dedicated blog sections, optimizing your original content for SEO ranking is an essential part of the process. According to SEO Tribunal, 93% of online experiences begin with search engine queries, while 72% of marketers agree that brand relevancy is the main deciding factor for SEO improvement.

If your products and services are popular and respected on the market, your blog’s performance and user engagement will reflect the brand reputation you’ve built up. However, it’s not always enough to create content and publish it without additional optimization or regards for global SEO trends.

It’s quite easy in fact to make crucial mistakes which can lower your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking and thus affect your traffic and revenue as a result. With that said, let’s take a look at several noteworthy SEO mistakes which you should avoid in content marketing and optimization going forward. Continue reading