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What is blockchain and why does it matter?

The phrase “blockchain” is almost definitely familiar to you. But chances are you have no idea what it is or how it works, let alone why it is so popular. That’s OK. The majority of folks do not.

This hasn’t stopped it from becoming a catchphrase in nearly every business, from finance to shipping to fantasy football. Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB), IBM (IBM), and Walmart (WMT) are among the corporations who believe blockchain technology might help them manage shipments and store data more efficiently, among other things. They aren’t alone in their enthusiasm for the technology, which many feel has the potential to transform logistics, food safety, finance, and even voting.

Not bad for a mysterious individual who created bitcoin and developed a mystery technology.

Of course, none of this addresses your question: “What is blockchain?” Continue reading

Three Ways to Ensure Business to Business Transactions Are Secure


Secure Payment

In today’s world, new technology makes online business relations smoother than ever before. With the increasing prevalence of online interactions and relationships, however, comes new ways for your business and other online data to be compromised by cybercriminals. Thankfully, with every advancement in cybercrime comes new tech to combat potential attacks. Here are three different forms of advancing tech that can make your business to business interactions safe and secure from cybercrime. Continue reading

11 Best Web Design Practices to Improve the UX of Your Ecommerce Website

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The e-commerce industry is booming. The reason for its overwhelming growth is the diverse choices that the buyer is exposed to, the ease of comparison, flexibility of time, and the reliable payment systems ecommerce platforms provide.

Statista predicts the number of digital buyers to exceed two billion by 2020. Therefore, a retail business without a well-designed ecommerce website is missing out big time on potential sales. Continue reading

The Impact of Big Data on the Web Development Industry

big data displayed in and organized fashion on a computer screen

The advancement of technology has brought many radical changes in different industries. It has converted some major fields into highly competitive and ultra-unique domains where individuals are always struggling to come up with innovative ideas. Among all strategies introduced to date, Big Data has played a massive role to modify inception and implementation of technology actively.

It allows users to fetch usable insights from a massive amount of data. Here are a few things it brings to the corporate table:

  • Allows monitoring user behavior regarding a website or mobile application
  • Enables to utilize artificial intelligence so they can create better visuals and overall website experience
  • Makes it possible to optimize through predictive analysis

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How To Design Professional Powerpoint Presentations

How-To-Design-Professional-Powerpoint Presentations

Most of the PowerPoint presentations are too-text heavy and speakers generally read them off. We all have sat through poorly designed PowerPoint presentations which often cause a phenomenon called ‘death by PowerPoint’. Your presentation can either make your deal or break it. Well-designed slides when used sparingly with perfect timing can be a complete game-changer for your presentation goals. Especially for entrepreneurs, your PowerPoint presentations should be moving. You can’t walk into a room full of investors with a bunch of slides and expect to fund your new idea. When creating a presentation, one should make sure it stands out from the crowd. There is a real need for presentations which are unique, engaging and relevant in the market. Be it online meetings, all-hands meetings or seminars your PowerPoint presentation needs to be going places.

Always remember that your slides are there to support your speech and not replace it. You should build your slides last and first focus on gathering content, deciding the layout etc. If your slides are not engaging sooner or later boredom will prevail in your audience. You should not let PowerPoint decide how you want to use it for creating your presentation. There are a number of things which you can follow to create amazing and captivating PowerPoint presentations. Moreover, not everybody has a knack for design, but that doesn’t mean your presentation should look cliche or boring. In this post, we will talk about several tips which can help you design amazing PowerPoint presentations while making sure it engages with your audience. At the end of the day, your presentation should be able to get your message across the audience effectively and clearly. Continue reading

Landing Page Tips: How to Attract More Customers

Website landing page  development – sketch on math book

If you’re selling on the internet, but you’re not getting enough customers, you must be wondering the reason. One of the most crucial reasons for that could be a poorly drafted landing page. Before you learn how to attract more customers through creative landing pages, you need to know about the latest website development styles and how landing page optimization works. Continue reading

Design Your E-Commerce Website With Your Target Market in Mind

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Like any website, your e-commerce page designed around marketing and selling your product should put the audience at the forefront of its focus. Perhaps even more so than other pages, e-commerce sites need to accommodate the target audience, their preferences, their likes, and dislikes.

Making sales means paying attention, and through segmenting your target audience, experimenting, and coming to understand them, you can build an e-commerce site that grabs users and maximizes sales.

Here’s what you should know about designing your e-commerce website for your target audience. Continue reading

Tips to Improve Website Conversion Rate Through Better UX Design

With technology taking control over every aspect, affordable mobile app development in the market allows people to move forward digitally with their businesses. The end goal of every business is to convert prospects into customers. To keep driving traffic to your website, creating relevant content, running successful marketing campaigns, and optimizing the SEO of your website is necessary.

But what happens when you’ve been following the strategy for so long but fail to see a lucrative outcome. The incoming traffic on your website is rarely converting to profitable results. This highlights a common problem in the business world that can be easily rectified if done right. To understand why your website is struggling to convert as much as you’d like, you must know the role of User Experience (UX) and its impact on the website conversion rate.

‘The first impression is the last impression.’ This phrase stands strong in the digital marketing world. When a visitor browses your website, it takes only 2-5 seconds for them to create a first impression based on what they see. The probability of your visitor converting into a customer depends on their experience of the site, especially the first few seconds of it. Continue reading

5 web design rules for greater business success


The digitalized markets of the 21st century ask a lot more from businesses than just a static website. To capitalize on the abundant opportunities to captivate human readers, all the ecommerce websites need to be optimized, interactive, and functional for the user.

The internet has a plethora of poorly designed websites that contain technical and content glitches and have contributed to the outbreak of delinquency in the online spaces. 2019 is the year where we must put an end to not only bad websites but particularly lousy web design practices that lead to failure.

Keeping a positive mindset will boost your chances of achieving goals, but it is often not enough to ensure prosperity. Speaking specifically of the developing web sector, the over-saturated market does not leave a leaf unturned to benefit personally. Despite the positive influences of tense competition, availability of multiple options, even in the smallest niches sets up many companies for disaster.

The truth is that the web design and development industry requires you to be at the best of your creativity while creating innovative solutions to everyday problems. Here is a list of top practices that will help you find a way out in the convoluted labyrinth of web design. This article will take you through the perspectives of customers and creators to inform you about the best web design rules that ensure success commercially. Continue reading

9 Tricks To Redesign Your e-Commerce Website To Sell More Products

Change by design book a look how to redesign your ecommerce website

Today, customers have thousands of e-commerce websites to surf and purchase products online. But due to lack of time, their attention span to each website lasts for a few minutes only. In such a scenario an e-commerce retailer has to make sure that his web presence is impressive enough to grab the attention of the visitor within that short period.

Design plays a crucial role in determining whether an e-commerce platform can be a selling machine or not. But it’s not that easy to design a seamless e-commerce web experience. Let’s make this daunting task easier with uncovering the nine key tricks to redesign your e-commerce portal for selling more products. Continue reading

The Mobile Customer Experience in 2019 & How to Improve it

So do you want to know how to increase mobile conversion rates for your app? Well, I guess that’s why you are here. Your mobile user experience needs to be optimized and a winning marketing campaign to go with it as it something you cannot afford to ignore.

More than ever mobile phones and smart devices are taking over the e-commerce shopping experience. It is reported in Invespcro that 1.6 Billion users globally purchase items with their smartphones or tablets and this figure is set to rise to 2 Billion. That’s a lot of potential business worldwide that should be taken advantage of.

So before we get the improvements, let’s go over what mobile conversion is.

“Mobile conversion rate is the percentage of customers who opted in or hooked into the mobile marketing campaign out of the total number of people who viewed the campaign.”

The higher the percentage rate, the more successful your mobile marketing campaign is. This article will go through some of the best methods to increase your mobile conversion rates and overall sales.

Speed up Mobile Loading Time

Source: The 2019 Page Speed Report For Marketers

First up, the time it takes to load your site on a smartphone or tablet is a key feature for a few reasons. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load then 40 percent of users will abandon your page as reported here at Kissmetrics. This ultimately means that users will only wait so long for the page to load before leaving and possibly never returning. This can also cause negative publicity if the experience is shared through social media or word of mouth.

There is also the fact that Google ranks your page by its mobile loading time, so your business will suffer if people search for it and it’s not optimized for smart devices. Continue reading

Moving To The Cloud: Does Your Business Really Need Cloud Computing?

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The internet is, without a doubt, the most disruptive piece of technology that we currently have. There is not a single day that we do not access the internet, whether it’s to check our social media accounts, read the news, or to even search for a recipe.

All these things are made possible because of the internet, but there’s another aspect of the internet that allows us to do so much more. We’re talking, of course, about cloud computing.

Let’s establish the fact that not every business owner is going to be able to afford to have a physical IT infrastructure. This entails purchasing a lot of computing hardware, renting a space to put the equipment in, and let’s not forget the utilities that need to be paid, such as water and electricity, in order to sustain the equipment and the people running it.

And even if you, as a business owner, could afford the initial costs, you also need to consider progression. What happens when your company reaches a point where it needs to scale up in order to be able to meet new demands and for it to be able to function at an optimal level? This is going to bring new problems as well as new expenses because now you need to buy new equipment, find a new space if the old space is too small, and pay for the utilities for two locations or a bigger location.

It’s one thing to know what cloud computing is, and it’s another to know what it can do for your business. The latter aspect is our focus here. So, how exactly can cloud computing benefit your e-commerce business? Continue reading