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Free SVG Icons to Boost Your Designs

Iconography is a must-have discipline for every designer. It reveals the key principles of correct icon creation and implementation in web designs. It’s all about symbolic representation and meanings attached to images, icons in this context. Embodying aesthetics (composition, proportions, line weights, positive/negative space) and functional components, iconography tells how icons should be created and how to implement them correctly in web projects. For example, one of its rules is coincidence of all icons in one design. There can be a lot of them, and each one should communicate its own idea, but at the same time it should harmoniously behave and relate to others within a design piece.

The main focus of iconography is an icon. It supports the whole design concept, communicates certain information, grabs attention and draws visitors into the site content. It’s also used for visual breaking of paragraphs, and enlivening the content. With the help of icons, users can quickly gather the desired information, find what they need on the site and seamlessly read even the long text.
The most used places for icons are titles (they add a creative touch), long content, paragraphs. The general purpose of their usage is focusing attention on something and spicing it up. It can be a list, a text, a feature, a service, a title, etc.

When it comes to their look, it should be trendy and effective. Some time ago glossy icons were extremely popular. This year when minimal design trends hit the web, clean & clear icons are in a great fave. They can be flat, colored in various hues, with or without reflections, but always refined and cool.

There are various formats of icons. They can be pixel-based (PNG, JPG, PSD), and you can’t enlarge these icons without losing quality. Most preferable are SVG icons. They are vector which means that they can be scaled. What a sense in a nice icon, if you can’t use it in the desired size? SVG icons always maintain their high quality.

You can create the desired icons yourself, or say many thanks to other designers and download their freebies. God bless all of them who create professional stuff and offer to get it for free. Here you’ll find packs of free SVG icons that contain items (with various backgrounds, colors, etc.) for whatever design projects. Grab any pack you need or download all of them to have in your collection.

CUE Icon Set

CUE Icon Set

* * *

Brainy Icons

Brainy Icons Continue reading

Killer Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials (with Video Tutorials) – Part V

We are moving slowly to the end of this series now. I hope this series have proved to be beneficial to all of you. We have tried to include tutorials on both Photoshop & Lightroom and some involving the proper use of both of them.

If you follow these tutorials properly, then becoming the master of the art is not much of a big problem. In this episode of the series, we have included some advanced level tutorials on both Photoshop and Lightroom.

If you haven’t followed the previous parts of the series, then please do it soon as they can help you to build a solid foundation and help you understand these tutorials better.  Please share the series and help the world learn better.

Photo Manipulate a Mystical Tribal Warrior

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Another in-depth tutorial to brush up your photo manipulate skills in Photoshop.


Create Color Depth in Landscape Photos

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Give your boring and dull landscape photos an extra level of color touch.


Using Light & Shade to Bring Text to Life

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

This tutorial teaches you to create a beautiful 3d-styled logo using light & shade in Photoshop.


Create a Fiery City War Scene in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Create an extremely realistic and detailed war scene in Photoshop.


How to Make an Amazing Landscape Photo using Lightroom 4

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

This amazing tutorial teaches you the simple tricks of creating jaw-dropping landscape photographs using Lightroom.


Create a Geometric Maze Design in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Learn the techniques of creating a visually stunning geometric maze design using 3D blocks in Photoshop.


How to Create an Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorials – View Tutorial)

This awesome tutorial teaches you the techniques of blending normal images and creating a visually stunning apocalyptic sci-fi scene using Photoshop.


Create Amazing HDR Effect using Lightroom and Photoshop

(Photoshop & Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Create dramatic HDR effect, making proper use of both Photoshop & Lightroom.


Create an Epic Storm at Sea Scene in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Learn the techniques of creating an outstanding storm at sea cinematic scene using Photoshop.


Killer Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials (with Video Tutorials) – Part III

We have moved on to the third part of the series on some really exciting Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. Again we have tried to maintain a proper blend of both Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials keeping in mind a proper mixture of both easy and involving tutorials.


In this part, some tutorials can take quite a bit of time to learn completely and in-depth, but they are really worth it as the end results are really stunning. But if you have already followed our previous series on “Photoshop Tutorials to Better Designing”, then understanding and following these tutorials should not be that difficult.

Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A very in-depth tutorial teaching you various techniques related to selection, blend modes, lens flares, etc.


Learn How to Process a Night Image Effectively

(Lightroom Video Tutorials – View Tutorial)

Learn some nifty tricks of dramatically improving night photographs in Lightroom.


Create a Stunning Panorama with Lightroom and Photoshop

(Photoshop and Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A very interesting tutorial teaching you the techniques of using both Photoshop and Lightroom to create a jaw-dropping panorama.


Playing with Type and Images in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A simple tutorial explaining the usage of type and images in Photoshop.


Create a Mobile Downloader App Interface in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A really amazing mobile downloader application interface designing tutorial in Photoshop.


Boost the Milky Way

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Fond of taking incredible photographs of the Milky Way? Then this amazing tutorial is just for you.


Combine Multiple Exposures for Amazing Landscapes

(Photoshop Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Take your boring landscape photographs to the next level by combining multiple exposure image in Photoshop.


Selective Color Tutorial in Lightroom

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Give your photos an artistic touch with the selective coloring technique in Lightroom.


Create a Photo Manipulation of a Fisherman in a Lake

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Create an amazing dreamy scene using various Photoshop techniques like adding water textures, water ripples, image enhancements, etc.


Half Woman – Half Animal Tutorial in Photoshop

(Photoshop Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

A very simple and easy tutorial teaching you how to create a half-woman-half-animal face in Photoshop.



Killer Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials (with Video Tutorials) – Part II

In this second part of the series, we continue with some more exciting Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials to learn from. We have covered a wide range of tutorials in the part, from 3D text effect tutorials to black-and-white and HDR image development tutorials.


Some tutorials are quite easy and quick to learn, while some can take some serious time and effort to grasp and implement. So don’t worry if you can’t understand a particular tutorial fully in one chance, give some time, read it again and again until you are confident enough with the idea.

Create Amazing Sunsets in Lightroom

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Create bright, vibrant and dynamic sunsets which are generally lacking in your photos.


Create a Summer Inspired 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Beat the heat by creating a summer inspired text effect, learning various text and 3D techniques in the process.


Retouching Overexposed Windows with Photoshop and Lightroom

(Photoshop & Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Learn the techniques of taking multiple exposure shots and merging them using Photoshop and Lightroom both.


How to Create a Smeared Ketchup Text Effect in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Learn to create an awesome smudged ketchup text effect in Photoshop. This tutorial touches a little bit of Illustrator too.


Creating Dramatic Black & White Photographs in Lightroom

(Light Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Creating a black & white photograph might seem easy, but bringing the real essence out from only two colors is a difficult task to attain, but this tutorial can help you get it done in an easy and simple way.


Create HDR Look in Just a Single Image in Lightroom

(Lightroom Video Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Quick and simple tutorial to create a HDR look of your image using Lightroom, using only a single photo.


How to Create a Triangle Pixelation Effect in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Learn an easy yet interesting technique of pixelating images using triangles instead of squares in Photoshop.


Create an Amazing Space Battle Scene in Photoshop

(Photoshop Text Tutorial – View Tutorial)

Learn how to create an amazing cinematic space battle scene in Photoshop.


Create Vibrant Landscape Photos Using Lightroom

(Lightroom Video Tutorials – View Tutorial)

Give your landscape photos an extra level of attention using this simple yet amazing tutorial.


Techniques to Improve Landscape Photos in Lightroom

(Lightroom Video Tutorials – View Tutorial)

An in-depth tutorial teaching you the simple techniques of dramatically improving a landscape images in Lightroom.


Free Vector Icons for Interface & Web Designs

God bless all those web & graphics designers who love to offer their works free for download. This act is rewarding, ‘cause it gives people an opportunity to create something stunning. On the other hand, the artist receives positive feedback, attention of the audience and appreciation of his/her works. Let’s express gratitude to all of these generous artists and see what they’ve prepared for us this time. It’s a bunch of recently released free vector icons that will provide a lot of benefit to web designers and developers. All those who are struggling with a design interface are welcome to find the desired goodies in this blogpost.

Simplicity as a Rule

Here you’ll see only trendy items that will perfectly suit to your cutting-edge designs. Today, when the web has chosen minimalism as the main design direction, all trendy designs are marked with simplicity, go with subtle adornments and a sharpened focus on functionality. The same clean approach should be applied to each minor part of design, especially icons that are a vital part of UI. As you have noticed, most icons have become much flatter and simpler these days. The very simple and effective examples you’ll find below. Continue reading

24 Free Fonts for Your Fantasy – Style Designs

Dear readers, we would like to ask you an odd question. Actually, it doesn’t need a reply, just some mind work. Have you ever missed the time of fairy, fantastic, incredible designs? We mean the designs where you could show all your skills, experience and fertile imagination. Of course the residues of this powerful magic empire still can be found in colorful games for different consoles.

With today’s tendency towards flat, clean, minimalist web, every day there remains less and less space for our miraculous world of gold-digging dwarfs, lovely elves, majestic unicorns, fearless knights, disgusting orcs, clumsy trolls, wicked witches, gorgeous princesses, wise kings, sanguine hobbits, dignified ents, balky centaurs, vicious werewolves and , of course, huge, frightful, fire-spitting dragons. Just agree that this magic world was so glorious that we wanted to stay there forever. Now every kidult would confess that he/she is willing to visit those fairy landscapes at least once again. Please, don’t worry those countries and forests inhibited by fabulous creatures won’t disappear from virtual reality as long as we remember them. Right now, you see the evidence of their existence below this text. Of course we mean the dragon belching out the flame from its fanged mouth. Isn’t it prodigious? Continue reading

A favicon for the mobile era

You know the favicon, this small icon displayed in the tabs of the web browser. They look like minor elements but someday Google updates its own favicon and everyones loses their minds. It is common practice to generate a favicon along with any new web site. The procedure is familiar to all web designers: get a master picture, usually the web site’s logo. Give it to a favicon generator to get a favicon.ico file. Declare this file in all HTML pages of the site. Task completed!

Or not. Continue reading

10 Web Design Trends you can Expect to see in 2013

Web Design Trends for 2013

This article aims at discussing 10 web designing trends that are going to rule the market in the year 2013.

Browsing through apps rather than mobile browsing

With mobile devices being stuffed by internet applications, it is more than likely that internet browsing especially for the social Medias like Twitter, Face book, Google+ and Google will be done by these apps rather than the mobile device itself.

User Experience Design or UX Continue reading

Our new plugin makes CSS3 in IE (and any other browser) easy!

What is this?

Anyone who has tried to add CSS3 to their site knows how difficult and time consuming it is to figure out the correct code for the correct browsers. Also, how do I make it work with IE? Wonder no more! With the Automated CSS3 Generator Plugin all you need to do is enter the values for the CSS3 you need and it does the rest. It also only outputs the CSS for the browser you are using so you won’t need 4 lines of CSS to do a simple rounded corner anymore. Continue reading

Pixel Perfect Web Design

Have you ever noticed that Photoshop will anti-alias the edge of a rectangle? This is because the edge of the rectangle happens to fall in the middle of a pixel. If you follow these few simple rules when designing websites in Photoshop, you can ensure that the edges of your rectangles will fall exactly on the edge of a pixel, making the shape super crisp and sharp.

Screen shot 2010-07-28 at 5.06.54 PM

Continue reading