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6 Features That Every Business Website Need

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Every entrepreneur is aware of the importance of a website for their business as this is how you raise awareness about your brand in today’s digital marketplace. While it is true that every company needs a website no matter what industry they are in, there is much more to it than this as you will need to have a high-quality website which converts the visitor into a customer. This is an enormous challenge that business owners face, but once you know exactly what your website needs then it can make it much easier to convert visitors. Read on for aspects that all business websites need: Continue reading

Important Factors to Consider to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing

In today’s world of marketing, going digital is regarded as the most effective and actually most cost-efficient strategy as most consumers use computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. They are immersed in the digital world. If you want to reach your target market, chances are high you can do so via digital means.

Launching a digital marketing campaign is one thing. Making sure it works and gets you the results you want for your company is an entirely different matter. Here are some essential factors you need to keep in mind if you want to achieve a successful digital marketing campaign. Continue reading

4 Content Writing Strategies That’ll Help You Gain Traction


Setting up a blog or a website can be tough. Once you finally figure out which platform to use, where to get affordable domain names, and how to do the basic blog or site setup, you figure out that that’s only the beginning of the work. You need to make sure that your website reaches an audience, gains traffic and people read your content. It’s crucial to lead people into your site because it’s going to be the start of your business strategies. If you’re clueless on how to proceed, or you’ve been trying to get readers, here are four (4) content writing strategies to help you gain traction: Continue reading

Why Is SMS Marketing So Powerful Till Date?

SMS Marketing

Text messaging can help you read people in such clarified and sure ways which you never thought of. You can reach the mobile SMS inbox directly, and get read instantly on the same day. You get instant access to the senses of the consumer through the text messages, and this is what makes it a sure way to send the message, communicate, spread awareness, create an image, etc.

Why text messages rocks?

Text messages rocks for many good reasons. An average mobile user will generally not overlook an SMS message for long, and won’t usually keep things unread in the mobile inbox for days. Email messages may stay unread for many many days. But text messages won’t stay in the unread condition for days. The reason is that the average mobile user does not like the message inbox getting jammed with unread messages, and would rather like to get things cleared by either reading or deleting the messages.

And unless a message sender is marked unwanted or spam by the user, the user will seldom delete the message without going through it once, however quick the glance may be. And smartphone users who keep on checking their phones for messages will not omit a single message generally.

The same user may leave emails in the inbox unread for quite some time, months, etc., but won’t leave an SMS message unread for days. Even phone calls may go unanswered, and the user may never receive marketing calls due to detection of the special number on the caller Id. But messages get a glimpse of the user anyway. And that is why marketing text messages rock.

Asking for consent trough opt-in messages

This is ethical, a good practice, and builds an image of you like the business or organization. If you send your first message with an opt-in option, to which the receiver may answer with a Yes or No, to keep receiving or stop receiving messages, then you can save your resources too. Like in a normal SMS sending service you target 500 users at one go. If you come to know that out of this 500, 300 users are not willing to get your messages again, then you may replace them with a fresh list of 300 users who opted. And this makes the text message marketing campaign much more effective, and also makes you use your leads more effectively, and your message resources more sensibly.

Choose a trackable messaging service

There are practically so many SMS sending marketing service providers, that as the newcomer you may get overwhelmed with choices. But so many choices also cannot bring you the correct pick, unless you realize what you need. There are simple to complex, and advanced services and they come at a rate too. And you will have to pick one who gives out the best returns and helps you evaluate the result of the SMS marketing campaign with true customer behavior report, preferences, data, and many such metrics. Only this will help you analyze what to expect from the marketing, what went well and what went wrong, and which factors need improvement in the later campaigns.

The smart selection of a good SMS marketing platform will give you this option to track things efficiently through their API and software. You should read more about the positive effects of tracking data efficiently through software and realizing the strengths and weaknesses of the SMS campaign. Ignored messages, opened messages, clicked messages, all gets recorded through tracking software when the SMS sending service is robust enough.

You can send personalized messages by tracking previous marketing campaigns

The results of previous marketing campaigns help you track the data so effectively, that you may then plan the future campaigns and send more customized messages with care. The better you personalize messages, the better your business will get a response.

Mobile marketing is preferred for being the fastest

The fastest form of digital marketing for being delivered on time, being read fastest, and responded even faster, makes text message-based mobile marketing the winner. It’s much more effective than email marketing and other forms of digital marketing for being more personalized, reaching direct real phone numbers, and getting real glances from users. And when you add links to the messages, you can get more traffic to your website, which creates an excellent bridge between your SMS marketing and SEO campaigns.

Moreover when you add your contact number or a direct reply link or scope with the message, then you can get really good callbacks, queries, etc. from consumers giving you a deep insight of their reactions.

The best SMS marketing

The best SMS marketing is possible when you choose the best SMS marketing service. You can choose the best with some good research. See for features. General feature providers are a lot. But the best features help you stay ahead of others, reap the benefits of trackable data, and helps strategize your marketing campaigns better.

Automated messages

You can schedule automated messages and stay sorted with your marketing campaigns. This helps you make sure that even when you are not accessing your SMS service, or not in the desk, or not in the duty hours, then also the scheduled messages reach the customers timely. And this is ensured with a 99% uptime of the messaging service and downtime brings strong hiccups for your scheduled automated messages. You must remember this while selecting your service. Taking customer feedback about the service will tell you about their real status in maintaining their uptime.


SMS marketing still has a strong future and gives you guaranteed access to most of the customers you had sent the message to. And hence with text messaging you can lay a firm foundation for your local business in an area. Location-specific marketing gets a great digital dimension with SMS marketing. And you can harness the power of this form of marketing more with the best pick of the SMS sending service.

Author Bio: Jack Dsouja is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites. You can follow us on Twitter.

How Networking Increases Your Creativity

Creative lightbulb

Creativity is viewed as one of the hottest skillets in the modern business world, primarily because so many individuals are incredibly qualified in the more logical aspects of their work. It stands to reason that boosting your creativity will make you a far better worker, more employable and valuable to your employer.

An essential strategy for increasing your creative powers is to network, to meet new people with new skills and perspectives, and to grow through these meetings. This article reveals how networking can be a real boost for those looking to improve their creative skill sets. Continue reading

Three Ways to Boost Your Digital Presence on Social Media

social media icons on a mobile screen

Companies nowadays are changing their marketing strategies. A few decades ago, the best way to bring more people charging through your company’s office was to use print ads like posters, billboards, and even flyers. Nowadays, having a digital presence is vital to the success of a business. Given that most of the population has at least one social media account, businesses are leveraging social networking services to bring their products and services closer to the customer.

But with customers being bombarded with hundreds and thousands of ads every day in their news feeds, it can be a bit challenging to get to where you want your digital presence to go. Here are a few things you can do to boost your company’s social media presence: Continue reading

Why Your Local Company Needs a Stand Out Website

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With so many websites active online, fighting for your space in a crowded market can often feel like an impossible task. You’ve been battling against your local competitors for years, trying to convince local customers that your business is the best choice for their needs. With the internet and social media, this task can now seem even harder than ever. But, it’s crucial not to give up on creating a stand-out website for your local brand. Even if you’re only marketing to the people in your local area, a strong online presence can certainly make your brand stand out for all the right reasons. Continue reading

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in Making Your Website



Many entrepreneurs are now building their websites on the Internet to promote their products and services. It is a great way to popularize a business locally or all over the world.

However, it is not enough that you develop an appealing website. You need to market it efficiently to draw potential customers for your business by using SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the most effective Internet marketing strategy that could drive traffic to your website. This optimization results in lead generation and potential clients for your business.

Many website owners have done SEO and have gained significant results, while others are doing it all wrong. To guide you in your website optimization, we have listed up some SEO mistakes that you should avoid: Continue reading

Two Myths About SEO Keyword Use

google search on an samsung tablet

Any website, no matter how well developed, becomes valuable only when it is seen by its target market. One way to make your website visible is through search engine optimization or SEO. Though simple and relatively straightforward, SEO is still a process that has many steps and facets. And for you to really gain maximum profit from it, you need to cover all possible bases.

At the base of any SEO campaign is on-page optimization. The main objective of this is to make your website search engine friendly. That is, it has articles about topics that your target market will most likely search for.

In writing content, you can never do away with keywords. SEO guides often say that all you have to do is write for people, not the search engines. But we all know that people go through search engines first before they reach you, and search engines are still sensitive to keywords. Completely shunning the sensitivities of the search engines, therefore, puts you at a disadvantage. We outline here three myths about keyword use. Continue reading

2 Reasons You Must Take Content Marketing Seriously to Grow

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If you are an owner of a business, you may as well aim for bigger profits and better growth. It’s for these two reasons that you will need to invest in effective marketing strategies. These tools allow you to explore better opportunities for your business.

That being said, creating a marketing campaign has to anchor on knowing the right channels for promoting your brand and demonstrating thought leadership.

Traditional approaches like print and TV and more recent tactics like social media marketing are effective in their own right. But to see the best results in your bottom line, you will have to focus more on content marketing as a valuable part of your overall business strategy.

Often, people have the wrong ideas when it comes down to content marketing. In particular, most small businesses would think that having content is already enough. Still, to bring out the optimum effectiveness of your blog articles, videos, and infographics, you will need to consider various factors.

Content marketing should be taken seriously, no questions asked. Planning and implementation would normally take a long time, and that’s because of key reasons. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons why you should be more scrupulous in terms of managing your online content. Continue reading

How to Pick the Right CRO Agency for Your eCommerce Site

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Running an ecommerce business isn’t a walk in the park.

If you’re a startup or a solopreneur, and you’re wondering how to advertise your business

you’ve probably seen firsthand the grueling task of building an online store from scratch — not to mention the challenges that come once your store goes live, such as conducting product research, building a social media presence, and generating traffic.

A few weeks after your traffic building strategies, you should begin to get visitors to your eCommerce site. Some of them might even ask questions or add a couple of products to their cart.

Exciting, right?

The bad news is, most of these visitors probably won’t convert into paying customers.

According to global statistics, the average conversion rate of online shoppers clocks in at less than 3 percent over the past 12 months.

Unless you take the right measures to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce site, the odds are stacked against your success.

This is where Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO steps in. Continue reading