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Improving the Customer Experience with Creative Analytics

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Improving the customer experience is an ongoing project. People are constantly changing, so your strategies should be adjusting as well. But many businesses struggle with truly understanding who their customer is and what they need.

Analytics is a part of the day-to-day process of improving customer experience. Without data, you’re unable to glean the insights you need to adjust your strategies for the better continually. Unfortunately, numbers, statistics, and other complex data can be more overwhelming than helpful. So, you need a way to help you conceptualize the data you receive.

When you mesh creativity with analytics, you can use data to your advantage by telling its story in a way that helps you create the emotional bond you need with your customers.

Here are four ways creative analytic tactics improve the customer experience. Continue reading

6 Tips to Establish a Solid Brand Voice

Setting your brand apart as its own unique, unparalleled entity is a hefty task, but one that is vital to the growth and success of your brand. How you define yourself or your company within your market is how you establish reliability and trust with your own team and your consumers. You got into your field knowing that your voice matters — and marketing it is just a matter of spelling out just what that voice has to say in the sea of your niche.

Establishing and sticking to your brand’s identity helps your audience to digest the information you’re sending their way in the way you’ve intended it. A strong brand voice communicates clearly and effectively a company’s story and vision, one that users can connect and interact with. That connection is what will drive your company upward.

To better define your company’s brand voice, heed this process and start publishing content that is authentic and true to how and why you’re in business in the first place. Continue reading

Top 5 Software Tools To Adapt Your Digital Content for Your Ecommerce


These days, markets and malls have taken the backseat while the internet has become the hotspot for buying and selling. The internet is the busiest and most lucrative venue for all kinds of transactions.

It has 4.66 billion users around the world. That’s a whopping 59% of the world’s total population. With the rise in internet use, ecommerce business owners are increasingly seeing the value of being more accessible to online audiences.

This is especially important as people now have to do more of their business and shopping online—thanks to Covid-19. There is a vast range of audiences on the internet, with different needs and preferences.

These differences show up in the way people consume digital content. While some people prefer to read text, some prefer videos, infographics, or audio. The devices they use to access the internet also differ.

This creates a need for ecommerce businesses to provide digital content that is adaptable for different devices, contexts, and personalities. Adaptive content supports meaningful, personalized interactions across all channels. Continue reading

How to get more likes on Facebook?

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Any number of likes you have on your Facebook page will not seem sufficient enough. If you are into social media marketing, you would probably understand that this number is quite an important one.

Facebook offers a huge potential audience for your business, thanks to its two billion users. So, the first thing you may think – what is the big deal of getting new likes? However, you also have to understand that there are more than 60 million Facebook business pages; this means that there is stiff competition for those valuable likes.

While procuring more Facebook likes on your page is very competitive and tough, it certainly is not impossible. Continue reading

4 tips to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

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In a world where people are most active on social platforms, brands have realized the potential of social markets to find leads and sell their products.

Instagram with over a billion active users has come out as the second-largest social platform in the world.

But this also means there’s heavy competition between content creators and brands for the share of Instagram followers.

And it becomes incredibly tough if you’re just starting your Instagram journey hoping to create to massive presence.

But don’t worry because today, we’ll discuss 4 tips to skyrocket your Instagram growth.

Let’s get started… Continue reading

How To Get Better Results On YouTube

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When it comes to getting better results on YouTube, there isn’t just one aspect of a strategy you can deploy and hope to gain results over night.

Getting better results, and more views on YouTube requires a little bit of effort, time and strategy, but once you have put all these building blocks in place, you can expect to see results! Here are our top tips for getting better results on YouTube. Continue reading

Tools That Can Help a Digital Marketing Company Be Successful

Digital Marketing

Do you have a digital marketing company? Or do you want to start one? You need to set yourself up for success. Of course, that means knowing the basics of digital marketing. But the right tools can help you simplify your workflow to help you make more money and grow your company. Here are some tools to consider adding whether you’re new to digital marketing or not. Continue reading

Digital Marketing Tips for Solar Companies

Solar power

Digital marketing is gaining momentum with more consumers looking online first when shopping. This can be a bonus for companies in any industry, even for business-to-business solar companies, because digital marketing techniques can be more effective and less expensive than some traditional methods. To make the most of your digital marketing efforts, your strategy should include website design, advertisement readability and strategic use of marketing and social media platforms. You can even gather and analyze data to help forecast sales and marketing campaign improvements. Continue reading

6 best ways to get more leads for your business

How to Generate Leads For Your Online Business in 2020


With the prevailing uncertainty and ever-increasing competition, it has become inevitable for businesses to generate more leads. Do you know why? This is because lead generation helps in sustaining your business growth, and increasing sales.

But first, let’s understand what do you exactly mean by a lead? A lead is anybody who is interested in your product or service. As a wise marketer, it is your responsibility to nurture that lead, and convert it into a paying customer over time.

However, lead generation isn’t as easy as it sounds. A recent survey revealed that lead generation is a key pain point for 60 percent of marketers. This is because the consumers of today are a lot more informed and demanding.

Wondering how to generate more leads for your business effectively? Don’t worry, we have your back! Here are the 6 best ways to get more leads for your business: Continue reading

Importance of Graphic Design in Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a significant source of marketing for many booming businesses, startup or otherwise. There is an abundance of online users who operate within the digital hemisphere in different social media networks. This gives companies the opportunity to capitalize on this online presence and convert these users into clients. This is where graphic design comes in handy in advancing social media marketing for many businesses.

Graphic design in social media enhances your brand recognition and identity, allowing you to connect with your targeted audience and expand your customer base. Incorporating your social media visual elements allows your clients to identify your business and services, giving you leeway to draw in more consumers, thereby increasing your traffic and revenue.

Graphic design in social media is not restricted to imagery. It also includes color schemes and font styles that augment your social media presence for your online users. Using imagery and typography in your post will increase your likes, retweets, and shares more than two or three times. This is why it is vital that you utilize the correct artwork for your social media post content. Take the wrong typeface as an example; if you use it on an image that does not reflect upon its primary message, it will render the social media post confusing or ugly. We will expand upon why graphic design is an essential aspect of social media in marketing. Continue reading

How Your Customers Can Help You For Business Expansion

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Marketing trends come and go. Customer preferences and shopping behavior change all the time. Marketers come up with new and innovative campaigns every now and then. Businesses seek ways of standing out from the crowd and resonate with target audiences. The world of business doesn’t seem to take a break- ever! But maybe you should pause a little and instead of chasing new trends and new customers, focus more on your own existing customers. Studies show that making your name within your current customer base can help you secure new leads and expand your business. How is that?

For starters, word of mouth advertising is one of the oldest and still among the most effective marketing techniques in the world. If your customers are happy, they will advertise your business for free within their social circles through word-of-mouth referrals. Those who use social media and other online platforms will post positive reviews about your brand online, giving you a solid base to launch your online campaigns. Besides, customer feedback is invaluable when it comes to addressing your pain points and positioning your company for success. When they aren’t helping you generate new leads and improve your services or products, they are there offering you room for growth within their shopping culture.

In a nutshell, ensuring that your current fan base is satisfied gives you upsell and cross-sell opportunities. All you need to do in order to leverage your customers for expansion is to mobilize all the needed resources and to be psychologically ready to lead your company to greater heights. Speaking of resources, you need to prepare your human resource and motivate them to grow with the company. That means better terms of the contract and better leadership on your part. When expanding overseas, it is best that you source help from an international PEO, such as NH Global Partners, instead of managing foreign employees on your own. You already have a lot on your plate- handling HR issues might derail your expansion process.

So, are you ready for expansion? Here are 3 pointers to leveraging customers for business expansion: Continue reading