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TemplateMonster Has Officially Become a Marketplace!

TemplateMonster Has Officially Become a Marketplace!

It is well known that TemplateMonster is the place where you can find all possible products for whatever purpose. Being present on the web design and development market for more than 15 years we had our pre-made designs downloaded for a great number of times. Our collection of the high-quality templates consists of over 60,000 single items, while we constantly add brand-new themes and useful extensions. We have initiated not only educating the Internet audience but also certifying partners. And now, the time is ripe to move on!

TemplateMonster Has Officially Become a Marketplace!

Today we make an official announcement – TemplateMonster has turned into a digital marketplace!

Over 6 million of our potential clients make the digital marketplace an ideal platform for newcomers in the field of web design to earn their first $1,000. For experienced web designers, this is a right place to earn some extra $10,000, while becoming more recognizable and estimable. Our digital marketplace invites gifted vendors from all over the world. If you don’t want to miss the chance to receive up to 70% commission from each sale of your designs, then this TemplateMonster’s digital marketplace is the perfect place for you.

Top Reasons to Join Our Digital Marketplace

At first, created for selling website templates, this marketplace will bring benefits for both novices and experienced web designers and developers. This platform brings together the most talented specialists from the programming and web development industries in one place, attracts novice designers and inspires clients. Exactly here your works can be appraised by a wide customer circle, making your name known and popular for a much wider audience.

TemplateMonster Has Officially Become a Marketplace!

On TemplateMonster’s marketplace, vendors can find the following advantages:

  • You will be allowed to sell exclusive and non-exclusive products from one account (to compare – on ThemeForest vendors can sell only exclusive or non-exclusive digital products);
  • You will be able to receive a full review on your products within 12 hours, while more complex digital works are normally assessed only for 1-3 days (on the other hand, on ThemeForest the same procedure takes 2 weeks or even longer);
  • There is no restriction as to the number of items one author can upload or apply for review at a time (for vendors with the ThemeForest’s standard account you are allowed to upload only 1 product to 1 category at a time);
  • Besides, the “Quick Start” – vendors have an opportunity to receive much higher commission from each sale (as much as 70% for unique digital products);
  • In addition, all vendors will be able to receive a prompt feedback from members of the Review Team by means of the ticket system;
  • You will have an opportunity to attribute more than 1 category to the products from the vendor’s profile;
  • And finally, you will be able to make Net15 payments.

How to Join & Start Earning Money with the Digital Marketplace

All in all, there exist 4 main steps that vendors are supposed to take if they want to start making money on TemplateMonster’s marketplace. They are as follows:

1. Filling in and signing of author application. At this point, you should indicate the types of your digital products and if you want to sell them on the marketplace.

2. Contacting your personal manager, who is in charge of all organizational issues. This person will explain all the points connected with the files you submit, and also specify the ways for making your earnings.

3. Creating your product page. At first, wait until your main product web page is completely designed. When it is ready, you will get a notification per email.

4. Starting earning money. Every month you will have an opportunity to receive money for all the templates sold with the help of the digital marketplace.

How Can You Make Money on this Digital Marketplace?

The quality of the themes you sell is in direct proportion to your earnings. The better your products are, the higher price for them you can set. Besides, you will have more chances to deserve clients’ appreciation and higher ranking. On this marketplace, each client will be able to voice his or her opinion about the bought theme in the comment section directly on your product page. There is a mechanism to give a rating for each item. Besides, the more positive responses and higher ratings for the products you receive the better chances for good profit you can expect.

Moreover, one of TemplateMonster’s most popular features is seasonal promo campaigns. Thanks to them, customers have a chance to buy premium website templates at giveaway prices. Being a vendor, you can decide whether to apply discounts to your digital products or sell them at the regular price.

Put some effort into promotion! A good promotion for your themes will certainly bring you more clients and a higher income. TemplateMonster performs promotion for new vendors and their digital products using their own means. Nonetheless, you can drastically increase your earnings through the promotion of your digital products independently. You can do it through your personal site or blog, social media or affiliate program, or any other means imaginable.

Being a vendor, only you are responsibile for the earnings you can expect to receive.

Exclusive or Non-exclusive – What should you pay attention to?

As shown above, TemplateMonster’s marketplace is created for both exclusive and non-exclusive digital products. A vendor decides whether to sell his or her digital products at the TemplateMonster’s official website exclusively or put them for sale on other sites as well. In the first case, you have a chance to get up to 70% commission from each sale.  Otherwise, the maximum commission will constitute 40%.

The types of products that vendors can offer for this digital marketplace are as follows:

TemplateMonster Has Officially Become a Marketplace!

After a vendor has submitted a digital product to the TemplateMonster’s marketplace, it will be given for a review by the professional team in the field of marketing and digital production. The submitted template must comply with all the requirements stipulated in the ‘vendor agreement’. If it does a vendor will be advised with the lowest and highest price offers for his or her digital product (according to its quality and the presence of the customer support). The final price of the item is set by the vendor within a 15% price range.

Ask Your Personal Advisor

You will never have to face your problems alone. You can always rely on your personal advisor for assistance. Regardless of the nature of your difficulties, you can always expect a qualified aid.

So, if you are interested in expanding your client base and increasing your income, then TemplateMonster’s marketplace is your perfect platform. Join us as a vendor, submit your creative digital products, and enjoy the rapid growth of your earnings!

P.S. If you need more information about the digital marketplace and want to receive some good advice on how to increase your income, then watch closely for our updates. Quite soon we are going to release a free eBook shedding light on all the aspects of selling your digital product on the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Keep a lookout for more information!

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The most popular use for a website marketing with popup is to gain email subscribers. That’s because list building is an important element in any online business. It’s the key to growing your audience and staying connected with them, and it’s a sign that you’ve earned their trust. When someone visits your website some make their way back, but many don’t. If you collect their email address, though, you can continue to communicate with them.

Even though popups are one of the best ways to grow your email list, they can also be used to promote various services, new products, surveys, and more. They’re a really great marketing tool for a variety of things and shouldn’t be overlooked.

But there’s a problem: a lot of people complain about them.

Popups are often seen as super annoying, but they don’t have to be. The truth is, most big blogs and websites use them because they work. So really, popups aren’t annoying in general, but because they’re often poorly timed. Continue reading

How Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Can Up Your Marketing Game

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is not always easy to understand, despite being a relatively simple concept. In its most basic definition, predictive analytics mines data to find patterns and assess the probability of people’s actions. In business, your marketing team can use predictive analytics to better understand your target market and devise campaigns to better suit their needs.

However, there is no guarantee that your customers will act as predicted — no pun intended — or that the pattern will continue. The following are just a few ways you can better understand predictive analytics and how your marketing team can use it.

Prioritize Leads

One of the main ways marketing teams are using predictive analytics is to comb big data for patterns on leads and sales patterns. You can use your data to see who is buying your product or service. But, more importantly, you can finally determine why. You then can use this information to target other prospects, or upsell or cross-sell current customers with additional relevant products or services that fit their needs.

In an interview with PC Mag, Allison Snow, senior analyst of B2B marketing at Forrester, explains that predictive analytics enable marketers to use science and math to prioritize their leads through specific criteria and weightings. Snow explained how this helps companies identify productive accounts, target upsell campaigns, and spend less time on accounts that don’t have a good probability of buying.

Identify Similar Customers

Once you identify how your previous and current customers are buying, you can extrapolate that data out to reach new customers. While it’s not an exact science — and results can vary — recognizing patterns and customer behavior can help you predict how similar markets, audiences and industries will behave.

A good example of this type of data and campaign is Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences. With this tool, you’re able to upload data about your current customers or target audience and then find prospects who resemble that buyer persona. You also can track individuals who visit certain Web pages or who like your page and find similar audiences that way. Facebook uses your data to target people who behave in similar ways or fit into a specific pattern, all of which helps you more effectively grow your customer base.

Personalize Campaigns

Another way you can up your marketing game with predictive analytics is to create personalized campaigns for your target market. By understanding patterns in their buying behavior — and what they expect from your product — you can use that specific information in your campaigns to make sure every piece is relevant to them.

Companies can create a more relevant and informed content strategy for their advertising, email, social and content marketing campaigns when they have greater insight into what their customers are after. Become an expert in several areas that best target your various audiences and hit on the information they want to know.

Predictive analytics can be used in many other ways, both in your marketing department and in other areas of your business. With enough data and the tools to recognize patterns, you can better forecast sales, stocking needs and production costs. Even though you’re extrapolating data and can’t guarantee success, predictive analytics is a good starting point to improve your processes in understanding your past, current and future customers.

Expert Interview Series: Michael Pignataro of corePHP – Salesgenie

Salesgenie Blog Header

The amazing company Salesgenie asked me to be apart of their Expert Interview Series and I couldn’t be more excited.  We go inside the inner workings of ‘corePHP’, the digital world, where it’s going, and what inspires me to continue to grow ‘corePHP’. Click the link below to read the interview.

Expert Interview Series: Michael Pignataro of corePHP

Over the last several years we have seen massive change in the industry and here at ‘corePHP’ we are constantly staying on the cutting edge trend of technology to keep our clients current and ahead of their market. Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed being part of it.

4 Ways to Boost Your Student Blog

Student blogger blogging at home

Whether you’re studying for a degree in digital marketing, taking English as a major or even studying at home for your RN to MSN online degree, starting a student blog can be an amazing way to make some extra money. It also looks awesome on a graduate resume. But, with so many student blogs out there to compete against, ensuring that yours is a success will take some hard work and dedication. We’ve put together some top tips to help you boost your student blog.

Over the years building and maintaining WordPress for Joomla we have found this to be the right tool to help you drive your online blog business and have the power of Joomla for your CMS to grow to leaps and bounds you never imagine before. Now onward to the good stuff!

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Best Way To Use Video In E-Commerce Web Design To Boost Conversion

computer screen displaying e-commerce web design

As the current inbound and web marketing continues to hike in popularity, there is one thing, which remains quite clear. The video is likely to be the finest positive factor, for converting the rate lifts. As per some of the recent statistics involved, within 2020, the current IP traffic is likely to create nearly 82% of global consumer traffic. Now, that’s massive news, especially for online businessmen that run e-commerce websites.

Nowadays, site visitors are currently consuming more videos. Therefore, it is quite inevitable when you see web designers trying to incorporate video for enhancing the value of your website. They are currently working on the site conversion rate of clients, and even noting down user experience, as that helps in incorporating more video into the current design. Continue reading

Another Idea How to Benefit from Web Design Niche


If you decided to engage your life with web design, you certainly wondered how to benefit more in this niche. Fortunately internet gives us loads of opportunities of earning money. The means you choose depend only on your abilities and desires. You have a possibility to choose how much resources, time and efforts you want to put into it. You can work as an individual web developer, thus putting all you time and energy into the process. It is quite rewarding and well-paid though. If you want to spend less efforts you can choose affiliate marketing. This way has a long history and accounts for millions of adherents worldwide. Although it is extended far beyond web design niche, it is here where you have a good scope of work. All big template providers offer you an opportunity to become their partner, but on different terms. The commission rate and the terms of use may vary, but the idea of popularizing the product is the same. We won’t stop on different affiliate programs now. You will easily find tones of articles comparing pros and cons of different programs, if you put it as a goal.

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3 Ways to Maximize Mobile Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Marketing techniques and tools continue to evolve at a mind-boggling pace, so much so that it can be challenging to keep up. Whenever a new mobile-focused idea starts creating buzz, it isn’t unusual for even the most savvy business owners to scratch their heads and think, “Should we try that too?” But it’s important to remember the old saying that a jack-of-all-trades is often a master of none. So unless you have a highly-skilled agency handling all of your marketing efforts for you, it might not be the best idea for you to invest too much time or too many resources into jumping from one trendy tactic to the next for your lead generation. Instead, start by reviewing your current initiatives, making sure all foundational elements are in place and then slowly, strategically incorporate a new mobile approach (one at a time). Here are a few specific tips to aid in this process. Continue reading

Knowledge Is Power: How to Enhance Your Marketing Skills

Businessman Video Conferencing With Colleagues On Pc At Desk

As a marketer, you should be equipped with a broad knowledge base that helps you in your career pursuits. There are specific areas of knowledge and exercised skills that contribute to more effective campaigns and stronger professional relationships. Here are some specific categories in which you should gain expertise as well as how you can enhance your intelligence: Continue reading

Results Driven SEO – Quality Internet Marketing

Dish and Pie

It’s Time to Take Your Bite of the Internet Pie

Are you interested in making more out of your business? The Internet offers you opportunities that are beyond imaginable! Of course, it is important for you to take advantage of what the Internet offers according to your specific needs and not according to the needs of others. That is why we offer our Internet marketing and search engine optimization services that are completely customized with you as an individual in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business that is struggling to get started or if you have been online for quite some time, we have the team can help you to make your business better.

The primary focus of our service is on search engine optimization. Although there are many people that offer SEO services, it tends to be a lost art, because most people don’t have the knowledge to keep up with algorithm changes in the search engines. In fact, many people have taken the recent Google updates and have become simply frustrated, stating that it is just important to write for the user and not for the search engines. In reality, it is a combination of the two that is going to propel your business forward. Continue reading

Powerful Brands: The Significance of Brand-verbing

brands as verbs

Brand-verbing: Using brands as verbs.

We Skype, Google, Xerox and Photoshop as verbs, and when your brand goes from noun to verb, that’s “brand-verbing,” and it’s also a sign that you’ve reached the big time. Brand loyalty is a combination of factors. Despite the huge selection available, modern consumers still feel loyalty to the brands that they are familiar with. In fact, research by IRI found that 44 percent of millennials consider themselves to be loyal to the brands that they purchase.

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