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How to Rip Customers Off Your Competitors Like a Schoolyard Bully

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The ability to find and target potential customers has always been a vital part of marketing. It’s usually a time-consuming process, right from where you build your ideal customer profile until you start your lead generation campaigns.

But did you know there’s an easier, albeit sneakier, approach to getting customers that already fit your ideal customer profile? Continue reading

Greater Website Credibility Means Greater Conversions

Today most businesses own a website. A website has, in fact, become a significant means of earning business. A website can help you secure not only local business but also from other cities or even countries.

Clients may sometimes like your website but may be apprehensive about engaging you, so it is imperative to win their trust and assure them you are an authentic organization.

There are several factors that you may include in your website which will convince your clients of your trustworthiness. Let’s have a look. Continue reading

A Guide: How to Plan a Successful Rebrand

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There are a number of reasons why you may be considering a rebrand, and whether it’s a case of simply staying current and reflecting a changing market, or as a way of updating to a fresher and more contemporary appeal, rebrands are often the best way to stay relevant in a fast-moving world. The problem is that for many businesses, the promise of a rebrand offers much in the way of excitement and the opportunity for creativity, and it’s all too easy to forget that there are some serious elements that need to be considered. Rebrands are not the simple solution that many assume them to be, and if you’re gearing up for your rebrand, here are the key steps on your rebrand journey. Continue reading

How to Transform Customer Complaints Into Business Opportunities

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Corporate culture can breed an ostrich mentality. Companies are so preoccupied with highlighting the positive that they bury their head in the sand whenever they see a problem.

Though social media shame and growing customer choice are making this less common, some businesses still choose to ignore customer complaints or not engage with bad reviews posted on their social media channels. But that is just no longer a viable long-term strategy — and an entrepreneur who has started a small business knows this is doubly true if your brand is not a household name.

This is why I now embrace negative customer feedback. I no longer hope it disappears but instead sees it as a golden business opportunity. The key is to start using the (free!) information that customers provide as a launchpad to learn, adapt and improve. Continue reading

How to get the most from your rebrand

rebranding your current brand

If you’re considering a business rebrand, then you may be equal parts excited and terrified. While there are parts of rebranding that are exciting and creative, such as designing new logos and slogans, a full rebrand needs to go significantly deeper than that. This is why it’s essential that you have your rebrand for the right reasons, because the amount of work involved can often catch you unaware, and if your rebrand starts getting mixed up with your old branding, then you’re only going to confuse your customers and drive them elsewhere. With that in mind, your first rebranding task should be to ascertain whether it’s necessary. If it is, then here are the best ways to ensure that your rebrand goes as smoothly as possible. Continue reading

5 Tips to Improve your Inbound Marketing Plan for Joomla Website

Inbound Marketing

Unlike outbound marketing where a marketer has to go out to grab the prospects’ attention, an inbound marketing strategy that uses different ways such as webinars, SEO eBooks, blogs, social networks, and whitepapers to attract prospects and improve their brand awareness.

Inbound marketing involves four important steps. These include attracting prospects, converting them into buyers, the close, and keeping them engaged.

Note that an inbound marketing strategy is easy to understand, but its implementation process isn’t a walk in the park, so you should also consider using a digital marketing company such as ‘corePHP’ to help you achieve your goals.

Here five tips to help you enhance your inbound marketing plan. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why a Good Website Is Key to Effective Marketing

Website design for effective marketingIt is pretty much accepted these days that a website is something that every business needs to have, and this has been the case for most if not all of the last decade. However, in today’s world, a business website doesn’t just need to exist and provide some basic details to people searching for that type of company. It also needs to be of a high quality, work well on mobile devices, and pull its weight in terms of marketing. Without a good website, businesses quickly lose out to other companies that have put more effort into their web presence.

Here are some of the reasons why a good website is so critical when it comes to marketing a business: Continue reading

The Incredible Benefits of Instagram Marketing for E-commerce

Instagram Marketing

Gone are the days when you could get good marketing results by promoting your products directly to buyers. Although the method still works, the dividends are low. Today, buyers remain well connected with their communities, thanks to the social media, and they mostly do some benchmarking before taking any purchasing decision. They would like to know what others, especially persons with some authority, say about the products and services and then use the information to make a decision. You will always find influential people on the internet who can comment about products that carry lots of weight to other users. And, Instagram is the home of influencers who play a critical role in modern marketing. E-commerce sites dominate the social media platforms primarily Instagram to implement their influencer marketing strategy. Continue reading

How Becoming a Better Writer Could Help Your Business

writing for a business on a computer

Being a great oral and written communicator could serve you well regardless of what industry you decide to pursue a career in. But being a proficient writer could definitely help you go far in the world of business, in particular. So whether you got your marketing degree in New York or your business degree in South Dakota, keep reading to learn about how becoming a stronger writer could help you take your skill set to the next level. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Business With These 10 Most Popular WordPress Themes of Early 2018


The world of web is so powerful these days that we can imagine our life without it. Here you can do business, find various services, products, whatever. Well, we can make a conclusion that every biz needs to be online to be compatible and successful. Therefore, follow the article to find out how these best selling WordPress themes can make your biz a real leader in your niche!

Well, there are many ways to promote and represent your biz. There are tons of different social media types where you can create an account and showcase your biz. However, do these accounts allow you to showcase your services or products in a professional manner? I don’t think so… It can be extra tools while spreading a word about your biz, but no a pro feature.

To provide customers with your services, products, whatever on the high level, you need some top-class features. I am talking about the website that will highlight your skills and company in general. It is the best way to enrich the audience, to tell the whole world about your entrepreneurship, and so on. Having your own website means that you are a real pro whom customers can trust.

In addition, if you are lack of time or savings to build your own site from a scratch, you can always use pre-made solutions. Believe me or not, but modern ready-made website templates give you an access to a wide range of top plugins, widgets, and other necessary features. Moreover, in this showcase, you will meet only the best-selling WordPress themes. Why WordPress? Well, just because this theme has an over-the-sky functionality and, at the same time, doesn’t require you any programming skills. Thus, you can use this CMS by yourself, and that would be an easy process :)

When we are talking about the WordPress themes we can say that today’s market is full of companies that can provide yours with this CMS. However, we would like to emphasize TemplateMonster with a wide range of top-class pre-made website templates. Any template you need is in one place. So, feel free to stand out with your biz!

Moreover, starting from 22nd to 25th of January you can save up to 35% on any template from TemplateMonster. Please, note that the discount depends on your order. Thus, if your order in no more than $75 the discount will be 20%. In case your order is from $75 to $139, you will get 30% off. And finally, if your order is more than $139 you’ll have a sweet discount of 35%. Also, pay attention to the premium themes, because only they have a discount. In addition, web design services have the same prices. But, they will play a huge role in the final discount, because every cent counts.

Well, now let’s check these 10 most popular WordPress themes of early 2018 that you can purchase with a solid discount. Continue reading

Use Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Efficiency of Your Business

email marketing

Social media marketing has become a trend of the day, but our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages have become overcrowded with advertisement where we tend to lose interest in the products that are being advertised.

Time is here to optimize on the Email marketing to increase the efficiency of your business. You exchange contact details with your business associates, potential clients and customers, very rarely do you exchange your social handle details with each other and your contact details including your email id.

With advertising taking every possible form from print to boards, to commercial TV ads, to social media advertising, to email marketing, every form has its unique flavor and Email marketing is proving to be the icing on the cake. Email marketing is fast moving up the advertising scale with great innovations and tools that help the marketers in reaching out to a lot of consumers quickly and efficiently. Marketers have to have a good knowledge of email marketing without which they will not be able to cash on the opportunity. Continue reading