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The 5 Best Low-Cost Communication Technologies for Small Businesses

Communication towers

Whether a business is a multinational corporation or a young start up, communication should be at its heart. For any business to grow, meet deadlines, create a loyal customer base, and exceed goals, quality communications systems must be in place.

However, just because these systems are vital, it does not mean that they have to cost the earth. The list below shows some of the best, low cost communication technologies that can be used to help small businesses move to the next level. Continue reading

7 Best Practices to Build an E-Commerce Landing Page that Converts

Expected to register over $6 trillion in sales by 2023, e-commerce is a force to reckon and bend to your will. The anticipated growth rate is steady and does not seem to go anywhere but upwards. However, when it comes to an e-commerce website landing page, things change to the detriment of the businesses owning them.

On average, the conversion rate across the board for e-commerce landing pages is around 2.8%. Nevertheless, most brands are barely reaching this threshold, while other players in the field boast over 10%. The difference resides in how some companies create their e-commerce landing pages that drive conversions.

Not so long ago, we have talked about the best practices in e-commerce you should follow. Today, we will focus on some of the best elements to consider when you build an e-commerce landing page that converts. A landing page is not a product page, although many make this mistake.

  • An e-commerce optimized landing page should be stand-alone and have one goal only – to convince users to take a singular but very particular action: purchase something, download something, submit a form, contact someone, etc.

So let’s see how to build modern and convincing landing pages for products or services that drive conversions! Continue reading

How Has Digital Marketing Benefited From Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence abbreviated in a post it note as AI

The marketing world has undergone significant changes since the introduction of artificial intelligence. The technology can be used to optimize and prepare a plethora of marketing tactics by your SEO agency, improving profit margins as well as customer service. While most urban businesses use AI extensively to promote their brands, there are certain marketing professionals who are yet to understand the full benefits of artificial intelligence.

If you are one such marketer, we are here to tell you about the many benefits you can reap once you make the shift to artificial intelligence. Continue reading

Advanced Marketing Strategies during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges never experienced before by many people in their lifetime. Shrunk economic activities, massive lay-offs, restricted global movements, and lockdowns have left many businesses bleeding.
How can businesses avoid closure and continue to shun profits and revenue in such a time? This requires new thinking and quick actions. These are some of the top tips that businesses can employ to stay afloat: –

  • Enhancing e-commerce ability and functions
  • Putting huge resources in their digital marketing efforts
  • Exploring ways to empower local solutions providers
  • Embrace business process outsourcing.

Digital marketing for instance during a pandemic may encounter heavy traffic thereby diluting your efforts. This, therefore, calls for COVID-19 marketing strategies to transition properly in the pandemic.

Let’s review some of the advanced marketing strategies businesses can employ Continue reading

How to Use AI to Elevate Your Content Promotion Tactics?

With the help of technology, people today manage to raise the standard of doing business in every single industry. AI is one of the latest and most concept-changing technologies introduced to different spheres of the business world. From finances and data analytics to content marketing, AI can help us get better results and achieve more than what we could’ve without it.

For digital marketers and content creators, AI can be an extremely powerful tool. The important thing is to understand how to use it and how it can help you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of all the segments of your content promotion tactics you can elevate using AI.

Let’s take a closer look.

source: Pixabay Continue reading

8 Tips and Campaign Ideas For A Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

I come bearing harsh truths: product development is useless without strong marketing. No matter how much work you put into making amazing products, you won’t make a sale if no one knows about them. For that reason, developing a strong and consistent marketing strategy is an essential part of any business, and an essential part of any marketing strategy is digital marketing.

There may still be some value in print and other analog marketing mediums, but it is dwarfed by the value of digital marketing. No matter your target demographic, advertising online is the only way to get consistent and reliable revenue for your business. However, to take full advantage of digital marketing you need a marketing strategy. Continue reading

6 Steps to a Higher Mobile Conversion Rate

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Ecommerce is a rapidly growing market, expected to contain more than 2 billion customers by 2023. Despite the majority of ecommerce browsing traffic coming from mobile users, mobile conversion rates are lower than on desktop.

It is clear that many ecommerce sites need to do more to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile-first marketplace. There are several issues which must be tackled in order to improve your mobile conversion rates, from web design and browsing experience to customer support.

These 6 steps will help your ecommerce site achieve a higher mobile conversion rate: Continue reading

Instagram Marketing Ideas and Best SEO Tools for eCommerce Websites


Are you looking to attract more sales for your eCommerce business? You need to pay more attention to social media marketing and the SEO health of your website.

As an eCommerce business, you need a robust social media marketing strategy that covers at least the top three social media platforms that are relevant to your business. Instagram is only second to Facebook when it comes to relevance for the average eCommerce business.

You can use Instagram to showcase your products, engage with your target audience, and provide speedy customer service. Here are some powerful Instagram marketing ideas for any eCommerce website. Continue reading

Exploring the power of SEO: How SEO Can Be a Real Game Changer in Running Your Business


Technology has changed the way we function, whether it’s communicating with people, working from multiple locations, shopping online, and everything else in between.

In fact, the way entrepreneurs conduct business and the way customers search has altered dramatically over the past decades.

But it’s search engines that have made the most profound impact. They have become a lifestyle. With easy access to an abundance of information, searching has become our right, not an option.

Undoubtedly, search engines are now the powerful force guiding businesses towards visibility and success. And with it, a whole new science has developed around optimizing web presence- Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Continue reading

Everything Beginners Need to Know About Google Ads

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Competing in the world of online business is tough. Brands are looking for all kinds of ways to attract more customers. A lot of potential entrepreneurs fail to break in various industries because they could not keep up with finding new customers and building sustainability.

Marketing is no easy task, but there are some methods that are sometimes underutilized by various companies. This happens mostly because SEO and social media take priority.

A good example is pay-per-click marketing. Despite what it has to offer, not everyone is willing to give it a chance. But you could be different and rely on PPC to bring your business to the next level. And here are some tips for creating your first successful campaign. Continue reading


Data has a better idea sign

Have you ever seen the phrase “B2B data” and wondered what it means? Well, it simply means Business To Business data. This data concept is simply referred to as how you deal with your customers. In other words, your company would be considered as a B2B organization if other businesses purchase products or services from you. This would imply that you are selling from your business to another business.

Now that we understand the B2B concept, let’s take a deeper look at what B2B data is about. Continue reading

Good backlinks are extremely helpful for running new online businesses

Backlinking in SEO on a computer

Have you ever wondered by backlinks are so important for new ventures? A real life scenario will provide you with some depth about this. Consider that you wish to buy clothes online and on searching, you end up on a new store recently launched. Will you trust it and make an immediate purchase? Most of us will not take the chance because the new store does not have credibility. However, in another situation, people would rapidly consider this purchasing option. If you are reading a post on a well reputed blog and find a link to this store, you would visit it. This is a backlink you would be clicking. As you have been diverted from a reputed page to this new store, it surely means that there are no trust problems. This example clearly shows how important and integral backlinks are. How can you acquire them? Well, the first step is getting your hands on a top quality backlink maker like Prepostseo. Continue reading