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How Choosing a Database is a Crucial Part of App Development


While there are thousands of apps available, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to make. A lot of thought goes into creating an app. One of the first questions an app design company has to answer when developing a new app is the database that they’ll use.

A database collects and stores user data. This is usually done with a one-time registration or login. This way, users don’t have to log in every time they open the app.

The use of a database also allows an app to operate without an internet connection. Apps that don’t depend on an internet connection run faster and more reliably than an app that does.

If you’re creating an app that runs on a database, it’s important to choose the right database to work with. There are a few considerations to keep in mind and you’ll need to closely analyze your choice so you can create an app that consumers will enjoy using. Continue reading

Get introduced to SwiftUI, Apple’s new UI framework for creating iOS apps

SwiftUI app development

A Basic intro of SwiftUI & its significance

Apple’s SwiftUI is the latest debutant in the wide stretched dimensions of technologies involved in coding and UI designing for delightful user experience. Along with Homekit, macOS, & tvOS, the arrival of the newest framework is a hot topic of discussion among tech geeks who’re eager to use this tool compiled with open source programming language macOS, iOS, tvOS, Watch OS, & other major platforms. Swift was introduced as a substitute to Objective-C at first with a myriad of robust, expressive, & significant add-ons making it as easier to learn as Python. Although Apple’s attempt to simplify UI customization is appreciable, it prioritizes macOS and iOS APIs that are not intuitive at all.

SwiftUI came as a rescue for developers who aim to build compelling UI elements with the integration of simple yet impressive declarative syntax. Now it is possible to skip the process of writing mountains of codes using this prevalent framework. Since the moment when Apple’s Software developer, Jost Shaffer announced that an iPhone app can be made in just six lines of codes, the brand new UI framework has been gathering attention with developers who intend to grab Xcode interactive development experience. Continue reading

The Mobile Customer Experience in 2019 & How to Improve it

So do you want to know how to increase mobile conversion rates for your app? Well, I guess that’s why you are here. Your mobile user experience needs to be optimized and a winning marketing campaign to go with it as it something you cannot afford to ignore.

More than ever mobile phones and smart devices are taking over the e-commerce shopping experience. It is reported in Invespcro that 1.6 Billion users globally purchase items with their smartphones or tablets and this figure is set to rise to 2 Billion. That’s a lot of potential business worldwide that should be taken advantage of.

So before we get the improvements, let’s go over what mobile conversion is.

“Mobile conversion rate is the percentage of customers who opted in or hooked into the mobile marketing campaign out of the total number of people who viewed the campaign.”

The higher the percentage rate, the more successful your mobile marketing campaign is. This article will go through some of the best methods to increase your mobile conversion rates and overall sales.

Speed up Mobile Loading Time

Source: The 2019 Page Speed Report For Marketers

First up, the time it takes to load your site on a smartphone or tablet is a key feature for a few reasons. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load then 40 percent of users will abandon your page as reported here at Kissmetrics. This ultimately means that users will only wait so long for the page to load before leaving and possibly never returning. This can also cause negative publicity if the experience is shared through social media or word of mouth.

There is also the fact that Google ranks your page by its mobile loading time, so your business will suffer if people search for it and it’s not optimized for smart devices. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for Designing a Top Ranking App

Top ranking app with other mobile apps displayed on an iphone x

Designing apps for mobile users has become big business. Any business owner worth their salt should already have one or at least be considering it. With so many consumers choosing to use mobile devices when they want to find out about a product or service, it makes sense to target this audience. However, on average, 1.7 new apps are released every minute which means the market is very saturated. Any app designer wanting to make their mark has to be able to create something that stands out from the crowd.

However, there’s one vital step you have to take before designing any kind of app. Continue reading

How to Debug Common React Native issues on iOS?


debugging Ios app

In this article, you will get to see some of the issues that you might face at the time of developing iOS apps with React Native. You will get to learn how to debug common React Native issues on iOS. The issues we are going to talk about in this article are as follows.

  • Software dependency problems
  • Third-party package issues
  • Issues when running on the device
  • Expokit issues

Continue reading

Six Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Your App

App DevelopmentRecent technological upgrades have shaped how we do our daily activities. No matter how seemingly complicated or mundane a particular task is, you can be sure that there’s an app for it, especially now that we live in a time where almost everyone has a smartphone in hand. Then it’s no surprise that the app development industry experiences tremendous growth.

The competitive nature of the app development landscape have brought about some of the best, most efficient and most reliable apps to date. However, the said industry is also rife with stories of startups suddenly closing shop only months or even weeks after launching their app. These new companies may have committed some of the crucial mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when developing an app for your startup.

Here are six of the crucial mistakes you have to avoid in app development: Continue reading

The 4 App Development Tools you Need to Get Ahead

Apps have made life easier for many people. From getting around town to researching for a book report, there’s always an app that fits any purpose. But one thing’s for sure, a lot of tender, love, and care is involved in the creation of a great app.

Being an app developer yourself, you know how complex the task can be. Especially now that there’s an increasing demand for highly functional and responsive apps, you will have to work really hard in order to create a product that everyone needs.

However, you are also spending time and resources on developing your app, and you can expect many of these resources to be wasted. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you streamline the process and ensure a great product that can surpass your competitors’ offers.

Let’s look at four of these app development tools and see how they can help you get ahead. Continue reading

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: An Overview Of The Different Phases

Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile application is not a news; however, creating it successfully is what matters the most. We are in an era where technology is surpassing every other thing helping us get the fair share of benefit in our businesses. And mobile apps are helping us exceptionally well to get all these benefits. The fact that mobile apps are becoming one of the most important tools for helping businesses grow leaps and bounds urges us to know the process of developing an application rather knowing all about development cycle of mobile apps.

While there are different states involved in the development of mobile apps, they all can broadly be divided into numerous phases to list these processes out one by one. Continue reading

The Guide to 2018 App Development: Best Practices and Tips


Person Holding a Smartphone that was created with app development

Image via Pexels

In the USA, 21% of mobile apps downloaded were only used once in 2018. The competition is fierce today to create an app that users will want to use again and again. In addition to that, consumers are savvier than ever. They no longer will tolerate even the smallest of errors or problems within apps. Because of these trends, application developers need to develop new ways to not only quickly launch influential apps, but also retain their users.

In 2018 and beyond, it’s all about the user experience. It’s unlikely development companies will find an idea that veers into uncharted territory. However, they can build an experience that’s adaptable, limits the number of actions required to complete tasks, and becomes the new normal for user expectations. Here are the best practices and tips for app development today. Continue reading

Why Mobile Optimization Is Crucial for Good SEO Outcomes

Mobile Optimization website on a phone that a user is holding

Businesses and brands of all sizes now realize just how powerful the internet can be for their bottom line. Whether it be positive or negative, the internet can instantly impact a website’s performance, causing it to benefit or suffer from the effects. While social media increasingly drives trends, fads, and even marketing decisions, search engines remain an essential element in attracting attention.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant consideration for most successful brands, whether they are targeting international audiences or local ones. Concerning mobile audiences, SEO couldn’t be more important. We’ll look at why mobile optimization matters in affecting good SEO outcomes for your brand or business. Continue reading

Tips and Trends in Mobile Website Design That Every Developer Should Know About!

If you talk about a website, then it is by default a mobile website now as more than half of the internet users are accessing it through their mobile devices only. This number is on a constant rise, and within a few more years, it may be more than 90%.

When it comes to web designing point of view, in the last few years, the mobile design has exploded exponentially, but it can be tricky for the designer to know what to do regarding mobile-friendly design. A mobile website is not just a concept of choosing between a website or an app to design, but there is a range of considerations to make in between.

To help the designers who are desperate to know the nuances of mobile website design, here we have gathered eight expert tips to consider while creating a strategy for mobile website development. Remember that here we are focusing purely on mobile website design, but not responsive design. Let’s start. Continue reading