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4 Customer Service Trends Competitive Companies Must Follow

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Customer service trends can make or break your business. In 2015, 75 percent of companies recognized customer service as a competitive differentiator, an increase of 18 percent in two years, according to an annual Dimension Data benchmarking report. Customers give service even more weight, with 97 of customers saying that service is a key factor in whether they decide to go with or abandon a company. For companies, this means that delivering superior customer service can give you an edge over competitors. Here are four customer service trends that competitive companies are following in order to get ahead of their rivals. Continue reading

How to Build a Niche-Focused Business in 5 Steps

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So you want to build a successful business in today’s world of fast-moving commerce and innovation. But with every new startup popping up claiming to do the same thing, only better, it can be difficult to find room to make your company’s voice heard. To become successful, take a deeper look into carving a niche and strategically navigate to stand out from the competition. Continue reading

Check out the improved retargeting software, Retargeting.Biz!

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If you’re a player in the e-commerce game, you need to continuously update to the latest trends of technology to stay ahead of the competition. The team at Retargeting.Biz, one of the best retargeting software in the world, knows this very well and recently released an improved version of this incredible effective and low costs marketing automation tool.

Retargeting is the perfect solution to grow revenues through automated and personalized communication with their current and future customers. The Retargeting.Biz platform brings new and enhanced features that help online stores to increase brand awareness, ROI and conversion rate. We have a whole new architecture and database and these translate into a bigger processing capacity and a faster processing speed. Our retargeting software is now prepared even for big e-commerce events, such as Black Friday. Continue reading

Factors That Affect Your Website’s Speed

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For a webmaster, the speed of a website is extremely important. It affects every aspect of your website, from the user experience to your conversion rates. Every second counts too, so this is something that everyone should be constantly aware of when tracking their website’s performance.

So what affects your speed? Today we’ll look at four major factors, followed by an infographic to help you better understand the way your website’s speed is affected and how that speed affects your performance across the board. Continue reading

How to Deliver on Your Promise of 24-Hour Customer Service

Start providing 24/7 support for your clients

According to the 2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Survey, 76 percent of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Meanwhile, a survey from Lithium Technologies found consumers expect brands to respond within an hour when they have a complaint. That number is still high even if there’s not a complaint. Some 53 percent want a brand to respond to them even if they don’t have an issue. Continue reading

What Basics of Conversion Rate Optimization are your Landing Pages Missing?

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Conversion rate optimization is one of those terms that internet users talk about so frequently. Unfortunately, it is hard for them to explain in its entirety. Optimization of the landing pages and such things will be truly helpful when you are running a business online. Capturing the attention of people online is hard enough. Now that you have traffic being directed to your website, it is important to make that traffic active. Working with passive visitors is not a rewarding activity. You need people who are actively engaging with your content frequently. This article is going to focus mainly on what CRO is and what it is all about. It will also touch on a few tricks that you can employ to optimize your landing page and improve user experience on your website. Continue reading

10 Clever Ways to Dramatically Get More Email List Subscribers

email marketingEmail marketing is still the best practice among the older and the modern techniques. It is a proven fact now that email marketing can help in increasing the email list subscription dramatically. As the medium is digital, it can best be used by sales people for branding their services through a genuine advertising medium. This medium of advertising holds a prominent position and has a number of benefits to offer to the professionals opting for the medium. Continue reading

How the Rise of 4K Ultra HD Affects Video Marketing Professionals

4k UltraHD

As 2015 began, video accounted for 64 percent of all Internet traffic, and by 2019, Cisco projects this will increase to 80 percent. Advertisers are shifting their budgets accordingly, with half of all advertisers who are increasing their video marketing spend reallocating funds from traditional TV ad budgets, according to AOL Platforms’ 2015 US State of the Video Industry Report. Mobile video marketing consumes an expanding portion of advertising budgets, with expenditures increasing 18 percent since 2014. Continue reading

Tech Support Ticket Management 101

Helpdesk operations can quickly become overwhelming, especially when support requests hit their peak. It can be difficult to know which problems to troubleshoot first, especially when multiple users flood your helpdesk claiming “urgency” or “high priority.” Tech support managers and specialists can navigate these tricky waters by implementing task prioritization systems, researching possible solutions, and deploying aid with personalized customer service approaches.


Tech support team members must be able to communicate prioritization of tasks to scale response times accordingly. A combination of tags and color markings can be the most effective way to mark priority. For example, immediate or overdue tasks could be marked red, so that upcoming shifts understand the urgency of a particular ticket. Other teams might find it easier to use certain tags or numbers to mark priority, labeling extremely important tasks with a level “1” and minor upkeep tasks with a level “5.”


When you’re providing support to company users, don’t just give them the first solution that comes to mind. Come prepared with several options, just in case the first suggestion doesn’t work. Take some time to delve into the tech issue and research potential outcomes of your troubleshooting actions. Research plays a crucial role in support ticket initiatives, because the solutions might have unanticipated consequences, such as data loss. Investigating outcomes before applying a solution can help you resolve a ticket on the initial attempt.

Customer Service Skills

Tech support specialists must have a certain amount of interpersonal savvy to conduct troubleshooting in a way that is empathetic to user needs. Support managers should cultivate strong customer service skills during training sessions, so that employees are equipped to assist users with various skill backgrounds. Customer service skills can also go a long way in diffusing tense situations, especially when users become frustrated with their technology.

Identifying Needs

Organizations can better assess future support strategies by partnering with business consultants that can analyze true tech needs. Many companies make the mistake of allocating funds toward unnecessary purchases, when workflows can be resolved with current technologies. Third parties can provide companies with a refreshing outside perspective and suggestions on how to streamline business processes.

Cut down on support wait times and reduce your ticket queues through better prioritization, solutions research, and customer service awareness. Active ticket queue management can prevent helpdesks from spiraling out of control. Addressing these steps can help your company leverage current and future technology more effectively.

The Best Photoshop Tutorials to Turn You into a Better Designer – Part IV


In this part of the series, it is the time to dive into some really extraordinary design tutorials with Photoshop. The end results are absolutely fantastic but the way to achieve them is not simple enough. Till now you have learned quite a lot of techniques and also have a decent amount of experience designing with Photoshop and should be ready to design these outstanding ones.

Never follow any tutorials blindly by just doing what is told. As I mentioned before also, your main aim should be to learn as much as possible using these tutorials as your pathway. So, it’s never a good idea to blindly walk on the path without even knowing where it leads to.

Also do not design exactly as it have been shown in the tutorials. Designing is not just following a formula in mathematics, it’s much more than that. It’s about exploring the creative side inside you and bring the most out of it.

Try to put some of your own improvisations in these designs and then try thinking of a completely different and unique design and use the techniques that you have learned till now to bring it into reality. Continue reading

The Best Photoshop Tutorials to Turn You into a Better Designer – Part V


Now, we have ultimately come to an end of this series and I hope you have already read the previous four episodes of this series, if not then do check them out first. In the last part of this series, we would try to present some of the most well-written and in-depth Photoshop tutorials with the most professional-looking results.

We at corePHP always believe in delivering the best services to our clients. With this series, we have tried out best to educate newbie and even intermediate level designers and turn them into much better designers. In this part of the series, we will go the extra mile of learning some advanced and professional techniques in Photoshop with some awesome tutorials.

You will find a lot of techniques discussed in these tutorials (and also on the previous ones) that you do not know in detail. It’s a good idea to reference those techniques and tools and learn them better and then continue with the tutorial. This way you move in the right path of becoming a better designer. Learn as much as you can. Be a better designer. Continue reading