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Web Development Tips For All Types of Online Business

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No matter what project it is that you’re working on, it will likely have its own unique set of challenges to deal with. That being said, no matter what kind of web development projects you have to do there are many of the same things that you will need to keep in mind. Taking web development best practices into account no matter what you’re working on can not only help you to get through your tasks more quickly and smoothly, but it can also lead to a better end result as well. So, whether you use Joomla, paGO Commerce or something else altogether, here are some things to think about. Continue reading

Benefits of paGO E-commerce: 7 Ways to Use It Excellently

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The e-commerce business is increasingly becoming popular in today’s era. As more and more customers are taking an interest in shopping online, the companies are also focusing on delivering excellent user experience to give their business a boost. However, the increasing competition over the internet has caused many businesses to lose their path and fail terribly.

But with the right resources supporting your business demands, you can rely on achieving the success you have dreamt of. And paGo commerce helps you take another step towards the glory you have always admired. Continue reading

Writing a plugin for ‘paGO Orders’

paGO Checkout triggers utilizing the Joomla! Plugin API

Learn how to build a custom paGO Checkout plugin utilizing triggers.

Simply put, this plugin allows you to customize trigger actions within the paGO Checkout. Using this simple plugin, you can control almost any aspect of the data collected during the checkout process, as well as manipulate things such as customer status and more.

If you’re a developer, you’ll understand the code and instructions below pretty easily.

If you’re a paGO shop owner, or you’re looking at paGO for your next ECommerce shop, consult your developer or contact us to see how this plugin can be customized for your needs. Continue reading

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Expert Interview Series: Michael Pignataro of corePHP – Salesgenie

The amazing company Salesgenie asked me to be apart of their Expert Interview Series and I couldn’t be more excited.  We go inside the inner workings of ‘corePHP’, the digital world, where it’s going, and what inspires me to continue to grow ‘corePHP’. Click the link below to read the interview.

Expert Interview Series: Michael Pignataro of corePHP

Over the last several years we have seen massive change in the industry and here at ‘corePHP’ we are constantly staying on the cutting edge trend of technology to keep our clients current and ahead of their market. Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed being part of it.

A Guide to Download and Install paGO Commerce Today

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So, you are interested in Joomla’s leading e-commerce platform paGO Commerce and don’t know what to do next.

We are here to show you exactly how to download and install paGO Commerce. This revolutionary e-commerce platform offers great features, such as a one-page checkout, a product variations system, integrated SEO tools and a payment gateway that never needs to be updated. Continue reading

Begin Your Flight with paGO Commerce 2.1 Today

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Still haven’t made the leap to join paGO Commerce? What’s the holdup? Well, now is a perfect time to go knee deep as we are excited to announce the immediate availability of Joomla’s powerful e-commerce solution paGO Commerce 2.1. The great e-commerce platform has now become AMAZING. Learn more below about some of the great new features, or take a leap of faith and begin downloading and using paGO Commerce 2.1 now!

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paGO Commerce Now Available as Omnichannel Solution

pago brick and mortar‘corePHP’ is excited to announce an added benefit for all paGO Commerce users. Through a partnership with International Bancard, paGO Commerce is now available as an omnichannel solution. paGO Commerce can now serve as your sole-source provider for store owners, instead of the need for multiple payment providers which in return increases processing fees. This means paGO Commerce can be your payment processor of choice whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a brick and mortar store. This process creates a more streamlined approach for store owners across the board. Utilize paGO Commerce to process all of your orders today!

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12 Checkout Page Strategies to Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates

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In order to set priorities of your business, it is important to first define the primary objective of your online store. Most physical store owners bring their presence online to expand their reach to customers, locally, regionally and internationally depending on the type of products and services they are offering. While this is the case for a majority of the businesses, there are also other business owners who create e-commerce stores for diversifying their products which simply cannot be shelved or displayed behind glass. A company that sells cotton and woolen products in a small closed shop cannot display large carpets for customers to see, but even if it does manage to salvage some extra space the display would not be appealing enough for the consumer to gain interest. Under these circumstances, the necessity of an online store is inevitable. Continue reading

Kill or Be Killed. Use paGO Commerce!

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Why are thousands of brick-and-mortar stores closing worldwide? E-commerce, that is why! First it was Best Buy, now it is Walmart and Macy’s. Get out in front of the trend and set up your online store today. Kill or be killed. Use paGO Commerce.

In 2014, online shopping increased 14.6% in the fourth quarter alone, while retail sales only grew 3.7% in the same timespan. A year earlier, e-commerce shopping jumped 16.0% year-over-year, compared to 3.8% in total sales.

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paGO, The Next-Gen Mobile E-Commerce Shopping Cart System

deals kitten pagoNext generation buyers are moving towards target based businesses. The buyers are mobile oriented as well as global, one such e-commerce platform that is used widely is paGO Commerce. This leading e-commerce solution is used by customers from all over the world. paGO is known for its commercial grade e-commerce shopping cart process that is purely based on Joomla technology. paGO enables a high rate product selling process that grants you of commercial passport to access the shopping cart software from anywhere you go. If you are bored of working with passive CMS technology, then I would recommend you step into today’s new active CMS technology that efficiently integrates content managing system, marketing process, and sales technology into one seamless close-the-loop process. Continue reading

Migrate from Amazon Webstore to paGO Commerce Today

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Are you one of the thousands of Amazon Webstore users who will be stranded when they have their service discontinued on July 1st, 2016? Don’t let your e-commerce store be left in the cold and stay away from the unnecessary costs associated with a paid service, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, just to name a few.

Join the over 1,200+ users and download paGO Commerce to avoid seeing your profits stripped from your business today. What is paGO Commerce you ask? paGO is the leading e-commerce platform for Joomla! and is completely free to utilize. This means you can avoid paying upwards of $948 a year for an e-commerce service provider. Plus, you own 100% of your content, so you can do as you please with your information. Continue reading

Top E-Commerce Trends and Statistics

E-commerce is becoming more consumer-centered day by day. With merchants trying to increase their interactions with consumers, the customer has been continuously urging for a better shopping experience. As a result, store owners are setting e-commerce trends based on statistics acquired through various surveys and experiments.

The conversion rate of a store is one of the most significant factors in boosting sales. To achieve a higher conversion rate, store managers need to focus on the exact reason a consumer leaves the store. Statistics indicate that more than 28% of visitors leaving a website are due in part to unclear shipping costs. Visitors also often leave due to payment security, remembering a username or forcing registration each time you enter a new website.

Retargeting is a trending marketing strategy for an online store. Roughly 54% of buyers are expected to buy products left in a cart with a discount. Store owners can encourage visitor’s shopping habits by enticing them to shop more to earn for free shipping. About 24% of shoppers are likely to spend more to earn credit for free shopping. Continue reading