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Why PHP 7 Is Ideal For Web Development

php 7 developmentPHP web development is one among several web development methods that will never fade away. With every passing year, it has become the most trusted platform for developers and companies for website development. The reason for such tremendous popularity of PHP is the outcome of the continuous research and development. There is no doubt that in coming times, PHP will reach to the newer heights as the demands for the PHP powered websites are being expected to explode.

Presently, PHP 7 is being used for empowering websites across the world. Every version release brings some improvement along with the opportunity to make the language even more improved that has some drawbacks. With the passage of time, PHP has been enhanced to support multiple platforms so that it could be run smoothly on any platform with assured reliability. Thus, no wonder that the popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Flickr, and many such others have been developed in PHP. Continue reading

Top Points To Consider When Choosing A PHP Framework

php frameworks

The world of PHP frameworks has grown wider in all these years. There is a wide range of frameworks for developers to choose from. There is no hard and fast rule to decide on the type of framework that should be used. However, it is always better to know the considerations while choosing an ideal PHP framework. Before diving deep into the subject, let’s talk a bit more about PHP frameworks. Continue reading

PHP Heaven : Tools to Build your Dream Website – Part Eight

Hello and welcome back to another installation of your series PHP Heaven, featuring some of the really handy tools made with PHP which you can readily use for your projects and save time and money.

Lets have a look at what we have here in this list for you,

Files 4 Client

Files 4 ClientShare your work files with your client in a professional and elegant way and make your clients happy with this PHP script.

View Demo | Buy Files 4 Client

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PHP Heaven : Tools to Build your Dream Website – Part Seven

Welcome back to another article of the PHP Heaven series listing some great PHP scripts to help you build an awesome website within minutes.

Let’s have a look at what we have for you,

Responsive Documentation Generator

Responsive Document GeneratorDon’t spend countless hours in creating the perfect documentation for your product. Leave all the hard work for this php script.

View Demo | Buy Responsive Documentation Generator

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PHP Heaven : Tools to Build your Dream Website – Part Four

We are back with another article on the PHP Heaven series featuring some more cool PHP scripts that will help you create the perfect website.

Let’s have a look at what we have here in this list.

Premium Poll

Premium PollCreate your own poll hosting website and allow your users to create polls in a jiffy.

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PHP Heaven : Tools to Build your Dream Website – Part One

Sometimes you come up with an idea but don’t know how to implement it. I have faced this situation for years.

To help you get out of this destructive situation, we at corePHP have come up with a list of some awesome PHP scripts that will take your idea to a finished product in a jiffy.

Let the list begin.


phpDolphinCreate your very own social network with the help of this awesome script.

View Demo | Buy phpDolphin

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Looping Statements and Arrays in PHP – Part VII


Till now, we have learned quite a bit of PHP and are capable of writing some decent applications too. Now in this part of the course, we will learn about two very important things in almost any programming language – loops and arrays.

Firstly, you might be thinking what “loops” are and why do we need to learn it? Looping is nothing but a way to save yourself from the tedious job of doing many repetitive tasks. Quite often we need to perform a particular action (or a set of actions) repeatedly for a large no. of times and it is sometimes absolutely impossible to do that manually. Looping is just the way to automate the job of performing a task repeatedly for any no. of times with ease. Continue reading