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Cyber Security Essentials for Any Small Business

Cyber Security Essentials for Any Small Business

The digital age has been full of surprises, and the internet has revolutionized many aspects of modern life and work. Businesses have perhaps the greatest capacity to benefit from the tech innovations that have come out in recent years, but there is a major downside to consider. While modern technology is so advantageous for modern commerce that businesses can’t afford to do without, implementing it into your company’s framework also presents the problem of cyber attacks. Businesses are disproportionately targeted by hackers because of their collection of valuable data, and that means that any modern company will have to account for that threat. Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Top Ways to Prevent Cyber Security Threats In 2020

Today, the cyber threat is more potent than ever. The technology is continuously advancing, and hackers are getting smarter every day. Security software that was useful yesterday may not work any longer.


Today, a cyber-attack takes place every 39 seconds. Most of these attacks are against small businesses that are less secure and easy to crack into.

According to Cybint solutions, in 2018 alone, hackers stole over half a billion personal records from different websites. Not even big tech companies are secured form these attacks. Yahoo created a $117.5 million settlement fund pay $100 to users whose information was stolen during the attacks in 2012 and 2016.

To understand how hackers attack, we need to understand what they want. Most hackers are a bunch of computer programmers trying their hands on easy cash. We call them “rookies.”

These hackers mostly target small businesses. By finding loopholes on their websites, they inject virus that makes the websites vulnerable.

Other hackers try to reach out to the individual to scam them. It is the most ubiquitous hacking technique. The emails you get from the king of Mozambique trying to make you a partner in this wealth is a “phishing technique” these hackers use.

Then there are organized groups of hackers that are backed by the government to target enemy states. They hack into certain entities to steal classified information from it. For example, Israel used this tactic to attack Iran’s missile program.

In today’s age, no business is too small or too insignificant for hackers to not hack into. They are after everything. Therefore, whether you’re a local business, a giant conglomerate, or even a sports league, you need to stay one step ahead of the hackers all the time.

Here, we are offering techniques that can help you secure your online business entity. Continue reading

Cybersecurity for SMEs: Why Should You Worry and What Can You Do?


In the last decade, there have been so many data breaches in the corporate sector, that ransomware and hackers have gained international infamy. From Yahoo and eBay hacks that affected millions of people, to the national Aadhar breach in India which leaked the private details of over 1.1 billion people; it is obvious that no one from MNCs to national governments are completely safe in an online environment. Continue reading

Why CyberSecurity Software Should Not Be Overlooked


Although every business owner you ask will tell you that cybersecurity is one of their top priorities, the number of businesses that actually overlook important aspects of this security element is larger than you might think. It can be tempting to think that, just because you are using the cloud, or you back up your information, you and your business are safe, but it is rarely that simple, and there is more to be considered. Read on to discover just why cybersecurity software is not something you should overlook when running a successful business. Continue reading

How your Business can Contain and Recover from a Cyber Attack

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There’s no doubt that cyber attacks and data breaches have become more common than ever before, with more than 66% of businesses falling victim in recent years. These attacks get larger and impact more people as the frequency increases as well, reportedly affecting 2.3 billion users in 2017 alone. This escalation of cybercrime puts businesses and individuals on high alert and increases the need to implement online security measures in order to protect sensitive information. Luckily, there are proven steps you can take preemptively and in reaction to a breach that will minimize the damage in the case that an attack does occur. A few of these preemptive measures include knowing what risks look like, installing firewall and antivirus technologies, creating a file backup and recovery plan, creating strong passwords, locking down mobile devices and utilizing administration access. Following suit with the preemptive precautions, there are many reactive measures you can take in response to an attack to minimize the negative impact on your business, employees and customers. Here are a few of those reactive tips that can help your business build its defenses against and respond to cyber attacks should one occur: Continue reading

Can Web Security Have a Positive Impact on Your SEO?

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A recent report by web host GoDaddy has found that almost three-quarters (73.9%) of websites are hacked for SEO reasons, with cybercriminals attempting to incorporate links to other websites and even add new landing pages altogether. This can have a devastating impact on a publisher’s SEO as the leading search engines such as Google and Bing regularly scour the web for sites affected by SEO spam and blacklist them. This drastically reduces a website’s visibility for its relevant search terms.

Furthermore, GoDaddy found that only 50% of webmasters are currently monitoring their website for potential hacking events. This means that one in two websites could be unknowingly attacked – an alarming statistic indeed. Search engines such as Google are driven to make the internet a safer and more enjoyable place. In recent years, Google has been advocating the use of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Webmasters simply have to obtain an SSL certificate for their website to ensure that all data on their website is encrypted in transit, thwarting the potential for data leaks or misuse by criminals. Continue reading

How to Avoid GDPR Geo-Blocking



The run-up to the implementation of the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) last month was chaotic, to say the least. Businesses across the globe that operate in the EU have been scrambling to comply with the new rules. As is inevitable with such wide-ranging, sweeping regulatory changes, the rollout of GDPR was met with confusion.

In the rush to ensure compliance and to avoid the potentially massive fines that violations can bring, many businesses have had to take the drastic step of blocking access based on geographical location. This geo-blocking is the only option available to businesses that have yet to implement GDPR-compliant data policies. Even if these businesses don’t operate in the EU, if their websites aren’t compliant with GDPR, they will be unable to serve users from the EU without exposing themselves to liability.

For internet users who find themselves suddenly unable to access websites and services that they have been using for some time, this is very frustrating. The good news is that, with the right tools, circumventing any GDPR-related geo-blocking is actually very easy. Continue reading

Cost-Effective Ways to Protect Your Business

Cyber Security for business

Being a business owner I am always looking for ways to improve our business and with the continuous rise in the reported cases of cybercriminals targeting businesses has highlighted the pressing need for companies of all sizes to update, upgrade and assess their online security. No matter if you’re running a department for a large corporation or you’re an SME running out of a brick and mortar store in your hometown, the need for strong security has never been such an important part of business management. It’s not simply your own data that you need to secure, as very often it is the data that you store from your customers that criminals will target, so you need to ensure that you are protecting them as well as yourself. Of course, with a strong security-focused attitude, you can also increase customers’ trust in you and your services, so it’s of maximum importance that you take steps now to ensure your safety and protect your business from threats. ‘corePHP’ has been offering services for years to help against hacking and threats. Continue reading

What is Involved During a Typical Workday for an MSSP Engineer?

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Dealing with cybersecurity issues and responding to cyber-attacks means that there are few dull days or ones that feel like the movie Groundhog Day, where every day is a repeat of the one before. By contrast, no day is the same in the life of an MSSP Engineer – source: Intrusions can happen at any time day or night – it’s daytime somewhere around the world while they’re sleeping – and while people sleep, bad people are in cyber-attack mode.

Let’s look at some of the things that a security engineer deals with on any given workday. Continue reading

Ways To Improve Security For Your Website

Website Security Being an entrepreneur of a small online business, you be under the assumptions that nefarious hackers may not find anything of value when they attempt to breach your company website. However, in recent years, there have been several incidences of cyber-attacks on some e-commerce business websites that have shaken the confidence of the business community. Many cybersecurity experts say in many of these cases, the culprits did not attempt to deface the websites or steal the owner’s vital business information. They explain that a new trend is emerging among these criminals. They are using the servers of these business proprietors to broadcast spam emails to the public. Some of them also attempt to get access to sensitive client data by making anonymous requests to their victim’s website that appear official. In some cases, they even inundate the site with so many false customer requests that owner’s system ultimately crush.

Continue reading

Cyber Security

5 Tips to Protect Your E-Commerce Business from Cyber security Threats

As large corporations continue to harden their defenses against hackers, cyber criminals have turned their attention to businesses that are more vulnerable to attacks. In fact, in the last 12 months alone, hackers have breached half of all U.S. small businesses, according to a report by the Ponemon Institute.

Bombarding systems with ransomware is attractive for cyber thieves because the activity is easy to deploy and hard to trace to attackers. It’s also quite a lucrative venture, as ransomware is expected to cost victims a total of $5 billion this year in repair or new spending costs, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Continue reading

Why Web Security Is Important When Building a Gaming Website

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Take a step back and do a quick observation about your life on the internet. You will quickly notice that more than 70% of your life is actually stored digitally somewhere, whether it is your login info for an ecommerce site or the holiday photos you have backed up to the cloud. In today’s world, we convert more and more information into digital 1s and 0s.

As the amount of information we store digitally grows, the need for better information security grows with it. We now have multiple security measures in place to help protect sensitive personal information. SSL security prevents theft from sniffing data being transmitted to and from servers. Encryption and other technologies are safeguarding our files while they are being stored. We even have different PHP frameworks and modules designed to improve security of the apps and web services we develop.

Customers – including you and I – are more aware of the importance of information security, which means the web services developed for them must also be properly secured. There are a number of reasons why security is paramount when building a website, especially when you are developing a gaming website. Continue reading