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How to Pick the Right CRO Agency for Your eCommerce Site

cro agency reviewing reports for a eccomerce website

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Running an ecommerce business isn’t a walk in the park.

If you’re a startup or a solopreneur, and you’re wondering how to advertise your business

you’ve probably seen firsthand the grueling task of building an online store from scratch — not to mention the challenges that come once your store goes live, such as conducting product research, building a social media presence, and generating traffic.

A few weeks after your traffic building strategies, you should begin to get visitors to your eCommerce site. Some of them might even ask questions or add a couple of products to their cart.

Exciting, right?

The bad news is, most of these visitors probably won’t convert into paying customers.

According to global statistics, the average conversion rate of online shoppers clocks in at less than 3 percent over the past 12 months.

Unless you take the right measures to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce site, the odds are stacked against your success.

This is where Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO steps in. Continue reading

Top SEO Myths You Should Not Ignore At All

SEO myths

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a constantly changing area. It leaves marketers in a phase of constant adaptation. Each day, we see something new with SEO. Marketers constantly need to move in synchronization to keep their business up to date on top searches. Things keep on changing in a shorter time span, however, there are still some ideas that keep floating around and are not up to date. It has become very common for businesses to see how SEO works. To help, we have covered some of the common SEO myths and what marketers need to do to succeed in the world of online marketing. Continue reading

Why Mobile Optimization Is Crucial for Good SEO Outcomes

Mobile Optimization website on a phone that a user is holding

Businesses and brands of all sizes now realize just how powerful the internet can be for their bottom line. Whether it be positive or negative, the internet can instantly impact a website’s performance, causing it to benefit or suffer from the effects. While social media increasingly drives trends, fads, and even marketing decisions, search engines remain an essential element in attracting attention.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant consideration for most successful brands, whether they are targeting international audiences or local ones. Concerning mobile audiences, SEO couldn’t be more important. We’ll look at why mobile optimization matters in affecting good SEO outcomes for your brand or business. Continue reading

Choosing The Perfect WordPress Themes for Maximum SEO Benefits

Custom WordPress Themes

Building a WordPress website and choosing an appropriate theme for the site can be overwhelming for a beginner. There are thousands of premium and free themes available, and each one looks better than the other, which makes it difficult to pick one. So, how can you choose the best WordPress theme that will serve the purpose of your website? In this article, we will discuss a few things that you should consider to ensure maximum visual appeal and SEO benefit of your site.

WordPress is now used to create all types of websites ranging from simple blogs to highly featured e-commerce applications. Various themes cater to different markets and different unique purposes. The WordPress theme you choose should go well with the contents of your site and its functionality. For example, if you are designing a blog, you should choose a theme that offers the best readability. In any case, the theme must be optimized for the search engines. Continue reading

Lead Generation

Generate Successful Leads for E-Commerce with Smart Designs

Everyone knows Google is the world’s most successful search engine, and companies around the world strive to achieve top Google rankings. But not everyone realizes that is also the world’s highest-ranking website. According to Alexa, Google’s own SEO performance outranks Google’s subsidiary YouTube, Facebook, top Chinese search engine Baidu and Wikipedia, which hold the next four top spots. Google’s SEO success is a byproduct of its design as a search engine, since web surfers typically visit Google in order to find other sites. This has helped turn Google into an e-commerce giant as well as a successful search engine. Here’s a look at some other web design approaches that successful e-commerce sites use to generate leads:

Amazon: Generating Organic Traffic with Keywords

Amazon is the world’s most successful e-commerce retail site, valued at nearly $100 billion at the end of 2016. Like Google, Amazon’s marketing strategy revolves heavily around its SEO-oriented design. Amazon draws traffic with keyword-rich product descriptions that use the exact phrases prospective buyers are likely to be searching for on Google and other leading search engines.

For instance, if someone goes to Google looking for the DVD release of the latest Star Wars movie, typing in “rogue one dvd” will produce search results that include an Amazon product page listing for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD].” The page’s full title tag includes other keywords naming the film’s top stars. The rest of the page includes supplementary product description information that mentions other relevant keywords.

Amway: Attracting Visitors with Content

Keywords work best for SEO when combined with relevant, valuable content that draws visitors interested in a particular topic, problem or question. In addition to doing SEO duty, such content can also be used for sharing on social media to attract followers and visitors.

An e-commerce site that uses this strategy effectively is Amway’s. Amway’s blog features practical tips on topics appealing to its target audience, such as tips on how to apply make-up, eat healthier, grow an organic garden or start a business. Blog posts are shared on Amway’s social media profiles, attracting followers, generating discussion, driving traffic to Amway’s site and ultimately turning visitors into customers.

Facebook: Capturing Contact Information

After you succeed in attracting visitors to your site, it’s vital to capture their contact information so you can pursue follow-up marketing efforts. It typically takes multiple contacts with a site visitor in order to convert them into a buyer.

Facebook’s web design exemplifies this approach. When a visitor lands on the home page of Facebook’s site, typically after installing Facebook’s app on their mobile phone, they see an invitation to sign up for a free account. The registration form requests information about the visitor’s name, mobile phone number or email address, birthday and gender. When the visitor fills this form out, they receive a free Facebook account, setting the stage for them to become buyers of products and services from Facebook and its advertisers.

YouTube: Leveraging Free Content

Requests for visitor contact information usually work best when some incentive is offered in return for the information. In Facebook’s case, the offer of using Facebook’s service functions as an incentive. In other cases, free content can be given away as an incentive. The content can be delivered in forms such as videos, emails and PDF files.

YouTube is the king of leveraging free content into business. As the second most-visited site on the internet after its own parent Google, YouTube gives away more free content than any other site. Visitors aren’t required to sign up for an account in order to watch YouTube videos, but registering confers visitors additional advantages, such as the ability to access more content, upload content and participate in discussions. Whether they sign up or not, YouTube receives revenue from advertisers who market to video viewers. YouTube also generates revenue by selling premium ad-free content to subscribers.

The War that Never Ends: Web Design Agencies vs. SEO Agencies and Trends in 2016

seo agency web agency
Web design firms are great at building beautiful websites, but just how good are they at SEO? And how high do SEO agencies rank considering design concepts? A study found that, many leading SEO agencies had high rankings with poor web design, while web design agencies had award-winning websites but were failing at their SEO.

Creating a great website in terms of web design while keeping the SEO principles is not as easy as it sounds, but it is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s environment. This is especially true if you’re looking to employ cutting-edge design concepts like parallax scrolling to improve responsiveness – a concept we know to be difficult considering SEO. Below is an in-depth look into the study and some of its findings: Continue reading

Start Search Engine Optimization with ‘corePHP’

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Michigan

Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a new business and are struggling to make it online? Although it may have been possible to set up a simple website a few years ago and be a success, it is becoming more and more difficult in today’s internet world. After all, businesses are becoming cunning when it comes to optimization and if you really want results, you need to be able to compete. This can be especially difficult for a new business entering the internet without the right company supporting them!

It is important to recognize that, although you may be starting late as far as the Internet is concerned, you certainly are not without options. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to learn that much of the competition that is outranking you at this time is not utilizing the search engines to their fullest potential. When you use our services, we can help propel your website forward and make your business even better. How do we do this? By using the proper optimization techniques and ensuring that your website gets to the top of the search engine results quickly and effectively. Continue reading

Results Driven SEO – Quality Internet Marketing

Dish and Pie

It’s Time to Take Your Bite of the Internet Pie

Are you interested in making more out of your business? The Internet offers you opportunities that are beyond imaginable! Of course, it is important for you to take advantage of what the Internet offers according to your specific needs and not according to the needs of others. That is why we offer our Internet marketing and search engine optimization services that are completely customized with you as an individual in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business that is struggling to get started or if you have been online for quite some time, we have the team can help you to make your business better.

The primary focus of our service is on search engine optimization. Although there are many people that offer SEO services, it tends to be a lost art, because most people don’t have the knowledge to keep up with algorithm changes in the search engines. In fact, many people have taken the recent Google updates and have become simply frustrated, stating that it is just important to write for the user and not for the search engines. In reality, it is a combination of the two that is going to propel your business forward. Continue reading

Site Architecture Comes Before SEO

site architecture before SEO

Your site architecture should come before SEO.

Getting your site to the top of search engine results practically guarantees people will see your website – after all, imForza reports that 93 percent of all online experiences start with a search engine, and that search is still the leading driver of traffic. The better your website’s structure, the better the likelihood you will move up the search results.

Continue reading

Six Content Curation Sites For Better SEO

SEO and content curation

In this new year of 2015, Search Engine Optimization will have a big impact on your content marketing efforts. To help with your SEO, here, we recommend some leading content curation resources.Once you publish your content on these resources, within a very short period of time (sometimes hours), you will find your post has often been indexed highly by Google.

Continue reading

SEO Tips For Finance Sites – What Should You Consider?

Finance sites

The truth is that SEO for finance sites is more difficult than with regular websites. This is mainly because Google pays close attention to such websites.

There are many that are of a really low quality and that appear simply because there are huge commissions that can be earned by internet marketers when they refer clients. This is something that you have to remember since it is really important that your site is created in a way that focuses on high quality content.
Continue reading

SEO 101-Beginner’s Guide On Creating SEO Content

You must have heard “SEO Content” quite often in regards to search marketing discussions but what exactly does the phrase refer to? Well, here is a SEO 101 overview highlighting on beginner’s guide on creating SEO contents.

The guide is segregated into-

What does it meant by SEO content?

Different forms of SEO based Content

My potential SEO content tactic or strategy

SEO Content- definition

SEO Content is derived from two terms

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization where a website is optimized to ensure higher ranks in search engines.
  • Content refers to information which lives on web world & could be consumed online.

In simple words, SEO Content can be defined as the content drafted with the mission of pulling in search engine/online traffic.

Here are the most crucial aspects that would help to SEO the web contents-

  • Keyword research- Keyword research is the primary task before you develop the contents for high traffic generation. The keyword research procedure will help you to find out the keywords most searched by your online audience while looking for your services or products.
  • Keyword optimization-You have to know how & where to place the researched-out keywords to ensure optimum searchability for your contents.
  • Content Organization- Make sure to follow a logical approach while organizing content for your site. This not only assures great SEO but also helps the visitors in finding other pertinent contents easily.
  • Content Promotion-You have to enhance visibility for the new contents through shares on social networking portals & link building (both internally & from the external sites).

Note on intention

If you are solely interested in pulling traffic on search engines, the results might suffer. You should aspire to impress search engines & potential customers as well as return visitors. Thus you have to look beyond “thin” contents which just ranks & get clicks on search engines but do not offer additional value for search-engine user. Your focus would be on developing high value informative contents as low-value posts are penalized by major search engines like Google.

SEO Content- The Types

  • Product pages- These form the main essence of any e-commerce portal. A quality product page works as both PPC landing platform and SEO content.
  • Blog posts- Blog posts tend to be really engaging & are very likely to pull in links that assures great authority for the website.
  • Article- it refers to contents featured on magazine or newspaper styled websites. It could be an interview or some feature piece or news articles.
  • Lists-These are articles drafted as lists. For example- “Top 10 fashion tips”. These titles guarantee better click rates.
  • Guides- These are prolonged contents serving as “how-to” tips on anything. The guide contents are generally divided into several web pages  but the best tip is to get the entire guide on a single page.
  • Videos-Videos, especially video tutorial contents act as a great crowd puller for any website.
  • Infographics-These serve as a graphical representation of data you want to profess through your website. Infographics are always more entertaining than textual data & could pill in enormous page views & links.
  • Slideshow- Slideshow helps to display pertinent images in a series. Pictures are always better expressive than textual contents and hence it’s good to get slideshows for your website. However, as slideshows leave little to read for search engines, you have to be careful about file name of images, titles and captions.
  • Glossaries-Glossaries are crucial today as the huge base of contemporary online audience prefer to search Google for any meaning rather than browsing through a dictionary. If you are into some specialized industry, get a well-built glossary to pull in quality search traffic.
  • Directories- Directories can be defined as useful taxonomy on links to the resources or sites pertinent to some given topic. A blog on perfumes can structure a directory on places for best perfumes.

Developing potential SEO Content Tactic

If you are producing contents haphazardly, an optimized search engine rank is almost impossible. Thus, you have to be really methodical with the SEO content.

What are your goals?

The primary task is to define your business or website goals. Are you eager to steer sales via your website?  Are you planning to monetize your website via ads & hence looking to enhance traffic & return readership? The nature of goals would actually determine the essence of contents.

If you are looking to drive the product sales, the chief focus would be on informative and appealing product pages, optimized for search & conversions. The secondary focus would be on illustrative blog contents, linking to relevant pages. In case your website is operating on advertising model, you should be focused on entertaining and informative contents such as video resources or long-form articles- that can keep the visitor glued to the site. You can hire good online writing services

Consider audience base

You must take market surveys & utilize analytic software to have a good grasp on the online behavior, desires and expectations of your target niche over the web. Your contents must be able to respect the preferences of the audience.

Create Editorial calendar

The editorial calendar can be defined as a schedule which dictates when to publish the new contents & that too what sort of contents. This helps in maintaining a regularity & order – for example if you are running a recipe website, you can dedicate the Monday posts solely for meatless recipes.

Analysis & reassessment

You must regularly analyze the progress of the SEO contents to find out the strengths & pitfalls of the posts. You have to study the links, page views, social shares and blog comments to understand the status of your SEO contents in real time. The analysis approach must have 2 goals-

  • Study success factors for repeat success– Check out the patterns. Do your visitors prefer videos? Then you should come up with more videos.
  • Update & improve existing SEO content– let’s say you optimized a post with a certain keyword but over time you find other variations are more pulling. You should make sure to re-optimize the existing content with new variations.