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Web Development Tips For All Types of Online Business

coding for an online business

No matter what project it is that you’re working on, it will likely have its own unique set of challenges to deal with. That being said, no matter what kind of web development projects you have to do there are many of the same things that you will need to keep in mind. Taking web development best practices into account no matter what you’re working on can not only help you to get through your tasks more quickly and smoothly, but it can also lead to a better end result as well. So, whether you use Joomla, paGO Commerce or something else altogether, here are some things to think about. Continue reading

7 Ways New Technology Saves a Company Money

technology companies saving money

Running a successful business requires more than an excellent product or service to make a profit. It also means that business owners need to be tech-savvy and know how to save money without cutting corners. In the digital age, technology and saving money go hand in hand. From technologies that have long been on the market but are always being updated, to brand new ones that are just making their way into the world, companies that use them are more likely to keep thriving. Continue reading

5 Ways Custom Software Development Services Can Benefit Modern Enterprises

The multi-faceted nature of software applications varies for every enterprise, thus, requires particular tools and components that ready-made software may not offer. For this reason, custom software development services have become increasingly popular and hold paramount importance, especially when it comes to big projects.

No need to settle with bare minimum generic features when you have custom software development solutions to enhance the profitability and productivity of your business. If you still can’t absorb why you should opt for tailored options, read on to uncover the compelling benefits of custom software services.

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The web development market never stands still. It is progressive, dynamic, active. And in order the e-commerce project to become successful, the determined goals — to be achieved, all requirements — to be met, you must be in trend. You must understand, which tools have become fashionable and which ones are already considered outdated and should be forgotten. By the way, tendencies in web development are constantly changing, improving, and modernizing. A modern specialist must know them, follow them, and always keep abreast in order not to lag behind. This is your number one priority.

Thus, Brights company has prepared for you 7 latest and innovative web development trends that are relevant in 2020 and that will be actual in the near future. The ones with the greatest potential, popularity, and growth prospects. Some of them are obvious, some are not. Some of them are actively used now, while others — are for the perspectives. In today’s article — detailed reviews, tips, tricks, and professional life hacks. Based on theoretical foundations, technical experience, and practical expertise.

Not a word more. Let’s get it started! Continue reading

PHP Hosting Which is right for your site?

Let’s first introduce you all to what web hosting service is all about!

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that lets people and companies upload their website onto the Internet. Websites are stored, or you can say they are hosted on a particular type of computer termed as servers. The main motive of hosting companies is to host your domain through their service. Continue reading

10 Tips for Fewer Customer Complaints

Customer Satisfaction

As a business owner, you are likely aware of how important customers are for the vitality of your operation. Without them, you could not stay afloat. Therefore, it is important to provide them with the best experience possible. Consistently having a good experience at your place of business will make customers want to return again. If there are issues, they need to be addressed as soon as possible. This will help you stand out from the competition and make your business a thriving enterprise. Continue reading

Ways to Integrate Amazon with WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular web hosting software available and offers a powerful e-commerce platform. Amazon is the biggest global retailer so naturally is also one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. Many companies have a presence on both platforms, but the smart money is on integrating the two giving you the best of both and the opportunity to sell to more customers. We’re not talking about creating two shops, one on each platform we are talking about integrating the two by the use of appropriate plugins. So, let’s take a closer look: Continue reading

Customer Service Tips: How To Improve Customer Experience

Customer Experience Drawn on White Brickwall. 3D.

Customer Experience on Modern Style Illustation. with Orange Arrow and Hand Drawn Icons Around. Customer Experience – Business Concept. Inscription on Brick Wall with Doodle Icons Around. 3D.

The need for customer service is a critical component of any company. While it might not seem particularly important, many small businesses don’t understand what it takes to improve their customer service experience.

While this can appear fairly self-explanatory, there are many aspects of customer service that are less understood than they should be, and this can cost your business many lost sales and customer relationships.

Fortunately, if you know how to improve customer experience, it doesn’t have to cost you money to do so. Listed below are tips for creating an amazing customer experience: Continue reading

Understanding the Difference between Swagger and OpenAPI

Eat Sleep Code Repeat

Two big players in the API industry are the API tool developer Swagger and the organization called the OpenAPI Initiative. By virtue of their history, these two brand names are frequently tied to one another. Some who are new to the ecosystem of the API industry also tend to make the mistake of interchanging the two. Their close ties notwithstanding, however, Swagger and OpenAPI are different entities. API stakeholders should understand them as contributing in separate ways to the field of API development.

To help distinguish between Swagger and OpenAPI, and how they work with other technologies like the Stoplight OpenAPI editor, here’s everything you need to know. This article details the history of Swagger and the OpenAPI Specification, otherwise known as OAS. Then we’ll learn of their mutual impact on modern APIs and what stakeholders can expect from the two entities in the future. Continue reading

Ecommerce Hosting: 8 Things to Look for If You’re Serious About Your Store

If you are planning to start an online store, it is important to choose a good hosting company. If you already have an online store, you still have a choice of upgrading to a plan as offered by hosting companies.

eCommerce stores require constant upgrades and maintenance, the speed should also be amazing. If the user visits your eCommerce site and the speed is not good, it may lead to losses.

For an E-com website, the biggest challenge is to maximize sales. Also if the security is poor and the site is not managed properly, you’ll suffer more losses than profits in your business. Continue reading

Security Best Practices for Salesforce Users by Flosum Experts


For many years in the past, one primary reason many enterprises were hesitant about cloud services usage was security. This also had driven an increasing demand for CASB adoption. However, suppose we look at the stats out of the recent surveys. In that case, most technology decision-makers and IT security professionals think that cloud-based systems are as secure as the on-premise systems. Surprisingly, there is an increase among security professionals thinking that the cloud can even be more secured than on-premise in the future. Considering various factors leading this fundamental change, we can see that most of this trust-building can be attributed to leading service providers’ efforts in the cloud spectrum like Salesforce in terms of securing customer data and offering stable security features. Continue reading