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App Monitoring 101: Collecting the Right App Data

If you want your app to function correctly, you need a system for monitoring data. Without data monitoring, there’s no way to observe just how well your app is functioning and how to respond to the problems. Nobody wants to run into trouble with their app, but issues are unavoidable. To plan in preparation for problem-solving, you should have a plan for collecting the right data about your app. Here’s a guide to app monitoring through data collection.

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5 Useful CSS Tips for Beginners

CSS Developer

With so many easy ways to build your website, it can be a real test of your patience trying to get everything to look like you want it to look. Then, to make matters worse, along comes Google and their now infamous Mobilegeddon and you need to develop and learn how to style your website so that it can be viewed well on different mobile screens. It is hard enough learning to use a template let alone trying to modify the style so that it functions and looks like you need it to. Continue reading

Why Your Business Needs Continuous Improvement

Business office with technology

Whatever your industry sector, it remains a truism that if you’re not moving forward, then you might as well be standing still. The need for constant yet logical progression is integral to your business success, and by including the need for growth into the foundation of your company, you can take advantage of the opportunities that come with growth. Constant growth should be part of your long-term strategy, and failure to do so increases your chances of failure. Improvement of your business is not an option, it is a necessity, and only by keeping aware of its need can help your company grow. Continue reading

Improvements Your Business Needs To Consider

Business analysing

Do not assume that you know everything there is to business and your industry. Always be open to new possibilities when you own a business. Otherwise, you risk falling behind everyone else. Being close-minded will cause you to be stuck in your ways and miss opportunities for growth. Take a step back and review your current situation and where there are gaps for you to fill.

Making improvements takes time and effort, but the alternative is falling behind because you weren’t willing to take a risk. Keep in mind all the good that will come from cleaning up what’s not working and trying new approaches. Doing what you’ve always done is easy, but it won’t get you to new levels that will indeed take you places. Continue reading

The Role of Technology in Shaping the Modern Business Landscape

businss tech.jpg
Technology has greatly influenced today’s business operations. Technology impacts businesses in transformative ways every day at an increasing rate. Various branches of companies are today customized to handle every new software and hardware packages that hit the market. The internet has come as an excellent opportunity to boost business operations and processes considerably. With data being virtual these days, the target markets and the objectives have got globalized. Business communication today has become dependent on media to an unprecedented level. In this article, you will learn about how you can promote your business via technology. Continue reading

How Chatbots Can Support Human Agents to Deliver Customers Better Care


Chatbots have become the next big thing in customer service, but not all companies use them efficiently. For instance, the creators behind Facebook Messenger recently tried to implement a fully-automated chatbot system designed to replace the need for live human support. However, they quickly found out their chatbot service was only able to respond to 30 percent of customer requests without human assistance.

One mistake Facebook made, typical of other companies that repeat the same error, was to use chatbots as a complete replacement to live agents, rather than as a corresponding support channel for these employees. Of course, chatbots work best when they can work in concert with live support agents.

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Advantages of Switching to Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

If you run a business that you want to grow, then it pays to keep up with any tech changes taking place such as cloud technology. The new developments that brought about cloud storage have eased management of data to the relief of many businesses. You will realize as your business grows so does the data. Even a small business that may not have much data to start with will benefit fully from cloud services, allowing it to grow at a faster rate.

You may think that since the IT solutions you already employ are working great for your business, there is no need to try something new. You are however doing your business a disservice. Cloud technology allows you to overcome various challenges that previous technology presented. If you have not already switched to this technology, you should do this soonest as it is to the advantage of your business. You will reap the fruits of this switch in future.

When switching to new technology, you should weigh whether it will suit your business model. The other considerations include cost implications as well as if there is a need for additional training for your staff. The good thing about cloud technology is that it suits all types of businesses regardless of size and model. It is also cost-effective with minimal training needs for your employees.

The good news is that the cloud technology concept applies to individual users through mobile devices. As long as your staff can use their devices, nothing more is needed to use this technology. You will find cloud services New Jersey that will help you make a seamless transition to this technology. The other benefits of having this technology for your business include: Continue reading

Ways To Improve Security For Your Website

Website Security Being an entrepreneur of a small online business, you be under the assumptions that nefarious hackers may not find anything of value when they attempt to breach your company website. However, in recent years, there have been several incidences of cyber-attacks on some e-commerce business websites that have shaken the confidence of the business community. Many cybersecurity experts say in many of these cases, the culprits did not attempt to deface the websites or steal the owner’s vital business information. They explain that a new trend is emerging among these criminals. They are using the servers of these business proprietors to broadcast spam emails to the public. Some of them also attempt to get access to sensitive client data by making anonymous requests to their victim’s website that appear official. In some cases, they even inundate the site with so many false customer requests that owner’s system ultimately crush.

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How technology can help entrepreneurs to save money

Money in briefcase

If you are going to succeed in the world of business, it is vital that you are always one step ahead of your competitors. You need to make sure that you are managing your finances wisely and that you don’t put your future at risk. One of the best ways for you to do this is by making the most of the technology. In this digital age, there is no excuse not to! If you are wondering where to start, you will need to read on. Below are four ways that technology can help entrepreneurs to save money. Continue reading

8 Best PHP Rating Scripts for Developers

Top 8 php Rating Scripts For Developers

Do you know how Rating Scripts helps developers?

It basically allows website owners to understand their audience of their sites and the feedback to enhance their business.

Rating is the best way to build a long-term relationship with potential customers and improve revenue for your business. In this article, I have collected some of the PHP scripts that will aid your development jobs and make your work smooth enough.

Following scripts will gear up your visitor’s mood and let them stay on the website! Continue reading

How Technology Will Help Your Start-Up Achieve Results

Working with technology to communicate with team

You hear a lot about technology, but maybe don’t see how it’s going to help you run your company better. While it’s still good to have face-to-face interactions, there are many ways technology is helping businesses get ahead, so it’s worth looking into.

Launching a new business is exciting and scary all at once. Take it from me who has done it several times now. You have a lot of weight on your shoulders and many decisions to contemplate as you enter your industry and let everyone know you’ve come to compete. Even if you’re not a technology expert, embrace the learning curve and educate yourself on all the ways it can support you stabilize and grow. See how technology will help your start-up achieve results. Continue reading

Why Learn C++ Before PHP?

C++ Development team

It’s one of the most common debates that’s discussed between software and web developers. What programming language should beginners learn first? There’s no right or wrong answer – any combination of learning languages would work. Many experts and web developers believe learning PHP before C++ is the only way forward for a number of reasons. However, there are also benefits to learning C++ before PHP, and these are outlined below. Continue reading