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Dear readers, we would like to ask you an odd question. Actually, it doesn’t need a reply, just some mind work. Have you ever missed the time of fairy, fantastic, incredible designs? We mean the designs where you could show … Continue reading

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Photoshop brushes are a fantastic way to create rich artworks in very less amount of time. Though Adobe Photoshop comes with a pre-installed set of brushes, but the main problem with them is that these brushes hardly get updated ever … Continue reading

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For those that use the latest MAMP 2.1.1 to develop your Joomla products, you may have noticed strange characters in your text output from the database. Like the strange diamond question mark U+FFFD �.  This is caused by inadvertently using … Continue reading

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Update: jomMobile has now been released and you can find more information at Code name Vimba is an upcoming free app for the iPhone and Android. We recently got the pleasure of testing the app as well as partnering … Continue reading

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What is this? Anyone who has tried to add CSS3 to their site knows how difficult and time consuming it is to figure out the correct code for the correct browsers. Also, how do I make it work with IE? … Continue reading

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By now, I’m sure everyone has choked back a tear or two at the final release of Internet Explorer 9. We immediately started getting support requests asking why their websites look broken in this new ‘revolutionary’ browser (hard to say … Continue reading

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I’d like to share a method for creating unique typographical effects on the outside of the letters using Adobe Illustrator. See what I mean in the example below. Then read on and find out how to do it yourself!

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Today I made a small module for one of our clients. This module looks something like this: I added a few IF statements. It will only show the “View Your Blog” and “Manage Your Blog” links if the user has … Continue reading

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Here’s a question I’ve heard a lot: “How can you work faster within the Joomla! 1.5 backend?” The answer is, use your quick icon or Cpanel. All you have to do is edit the main core file to achieve this. … Continue reading

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Here is most of our .htaccess file. This is what I like to call the forefront of our site. It works just like a firewall. We have been using our .htaccess for a few months now and we love the … Continue reading

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