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Website Design and Development Top Practices to Boost Business Sales

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If a website is attractive and engaging, then it can make a lasting first impression while elevating the brand and improving small businesses. Whether you are handling a large company or had started a new business, your website is the direct representation of your brand. It is the first way to contact that your potential customer will have with your company.

To stay ahead of your competitors, it is vital to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your business website and also try to make it appear on the first page of the Google search engine. Here to achieve top position on the search engine, it is necessary to put website design and development on priority. Being an effective method of digital advertising it helps you boost your business sales.

However, how considering website design as a marketing tactic, help you grow your business? If this is the question that keeps on rolling in your mind, then this article is for you. Below are the listed top website design and development practices to implement. It will assist you in achieving the top position for your business in this competitive marketplace. Continue reading

Points not to overlook while making web design

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Imagine logging onto a website only to find it cluttered, full of ads. What would you do? Spend time looking for what you came for or you would hit the cross button instantly and Google another site? Unless you are a highly patient person, we believe you would have chosen the latter option. It is better to use the best web design firms. If you are thinking of setting up a website, whether it is an ecommerce store or just a blog, here are some tips that you can keep in mind:

The above scenario highlights the importance of web design. Whatever you are selling comes later, your website is the first impression, and if your website is unable to hook your customers, then you lose revenue. Research shows that 38 percent of the people will not even interact with the website if the layout is not attractive. Surveys also show that 48 percent of people think that website design is the most important factor in determining the credibility of a website.

Given the importance of web design, it is imperative that small businesses should pay attention to the layout and navigation of their website so as to not risk losing customers. You may be tempted to use a free website builder, but beware of all the limitations that come with it. It is better to use professional services. If you are thinking of setting up a website, whether it is an ecommerce store or just a blog, here are some tips that you can keep in mind: Continue reading

10 Top Small Business Website Design Companies

Small business website

A website is one of the greatest marketing tools for a small business. As such, it’s extremely important that you find a web design company with lots of experience and success for creating your small business’ website.

Now, there are three criteria to judge a web design company:

  • Years of Service – this helps determine if a web design company is stable and a successful business.
  • The Number of Clients – this helps determine if a web design company is extremely familiar with all kinds of website projects.
  • Web Design Portfolio – this helps determine the quality of websites they created.

To help you guys out and save your time, we’ve put together a list of top ten web design companies that meets the criteria above.

Read on to check them out! Continue reading

9 Tricks To Redesign Your e-Commerce Website To Sell More Products

Change by design book a look how to redesign your ecommerce website

Today, customers have thousands of e-commerce websites to surf and purchase products online. But due to lack of time, their attention span to each website lasts for a few minutes only. In such a scenario an e-commerce retailer has to make sure that his web presence is impressive enough to grab the attention of the visitor within that short period.

Design plays a crucial role in determining whether an e-commerce platform can be a selling machine or not. But it’s not that easy to design a seamless e-commerce web experience. Let’s make this daunting task easier with uncovering the nine key tricks to redesign your e-commerce portal for selling more products. Continue reading

3 Things You Can Use to Improve Web User Experience

Developing a website isn’t easy. There’s a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Firstly, there’s the code, which needs to be flawless so as not to cause any system issues. Then, of course, there’s the content. Different types of media will require a specific way of presentation. Then there also needs to be device compatibility. An ideal site should work well for both desktop and mobile users in this day and age.

Oftentimes, web developers can get caught up in thinking about what they think works for the site that thinking about the user’s experience can be pushed into the background. When this happens, the site ends up looking and feeling great, but not from a user’s perspective. Luckily there are a ton of tools out there to address website usability and interface friendliness.

Advertising agency EraserFarm recommends placing the user at the core of all web design and development decisions. To help improve the user experience, here are a few things that can be incorporated into the development of a website. Continue reading

What should your company’s new website provide?

website on a laptop

If you are fundamentally changing the appearance of your company’s website, there are few things to consider when it comes to what it should achieve for both your business and the customers visiting it. Primarily, it should serve your business needs as well as your customers’ queries at the highest possible standard. With that in mind, here are some top points to consider. Continue reading

5 Warning Signs Of A Bad Web Design Company

web designIf you’re a business owner and you want to expand and strengthen your branding, you need to have a good representation of your products and services. An excellent way to do this is by using an online marketing strategy, typically in the form of a website.

You can either do a crash course on web design and create your own website or leave it to the experts by hiring web designers. To make sure that you’re looking at a web design company with a good reputation, you can look for some warning signs that will help you avoid choosing the bad ones. Continue reading

10 Extra Rich Mega Bundles For WordPress Users

In 2019, bundles are extremely popular and there’s nothing unusual. These packages literally allow you to save money without trouble. In this post, we are about to showcase you 10 amazing WordPress bundles that are totally code-free.

Needless to say, building a website is an important and even must-have process for any company. And how can you do it without having any extra skills or web design experience? Well, actually, there is nothing complicated. Thanks to such graphics resources providers as  MasterBundles website creation became a fast and simple process.

To make a long story short, let name the main reasons why these WordPress bundles are worthy of your attention!

  1. To start with, all these bundles contain numerous website themes, fonts, assets, plugins, options, and other UI components. All of them are fully customizable, so you can quickly build the very website or websites.
  2. Secondly, there will be regular updates and free technical support which is a coll beginning for any project.
  3. Thirdly, you won’t need to touch a single line of code working with these items!
  4. On the other hand, you can save good money by buying a bundle. Just look at these discounts!

#1 Mega Web Design Bundle with Extended License – Only $19


Let’s start with this rich product that was professionally designed for users of any skills levels. As the name of the product says, Mega Web Design Bundle contains a huge amount of colorful designs. There are so many styles to choose from! On average, the package consists of 17 themes, 4 scripts, and 9 plugins. Each of theme has a unique style, so everyone will find there something up to their personal taste.

What will you get choosing Mega Web Design Bundle? Here are the themes:

  • Artemis Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme;
  • Sipress Community Responsive WordPress Theme;
  • Ferado – WooCommerce Fashion Theme;
  • Recipesbook (Gustos) – Recipe Social Network WordPress Theme;
  • Agenture Ultimate Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme;
  • Gravity Responsive Coming Soon Theme;
  • Xenia Responsive One Page Parallax Theme;
  • Artemis Responsive One Page Parallax Theme;
  • RK Theme;
  • Confidence – OnePage HTML5 Template;
  • Baily – Responsive Resume Template;
  • Rangbazz – Responsive One Page Template;
  • Star Host – HTML5 Responsive Website Template;
  • Baktigoto – Responsive Resume & Portfolio HTML5 Template;
  • Fitness – One Page Responsive Template;
  • Building Structures PSD Template;
  • and Phyon – Multipurpose Responsive PSD Template.

And the price is only $19!

#2 Crocoblock Elementor Subscription


in 2019, Crocoblock is already quite a popular thing. It allows users to get everything and anything for a web design without running out of the budget. To make a long story short, choosing Crocoblock, you will get:

  • an ace package of 11 premium Jet Plugins that were made for the most popular drag & drop page builder – Elementor;
  • 30+ demos;
  • more than +1000 ready-to-use sections;
  • 300+ unique pages;
  • 8 stunning gallery layouts’
  • header & footer builder;
  • friendly technical support;
  • regular updates, and much more!

Today, Crocoblock comes with a 40% discount. Thus, it will cost you $47!

#3 29 Premium Responsive WordPress Theme Mega Bundle


Talking about this comfy WordPress Theme Mega Bundle, let’s start with its price. Why? Simply because right now the item has 97% off! It will cost you only $29. And what will you find inside the bundle? There are such things as:

Visual Composer for WP;

  • premium addons for Visual Composer;
  • visual elements Plugin;
  • fully customizable themes options,
  • shortcodes
  • frontend and backend editors
  • Advanced Grid Builder
  • many background options (like parallax and video backgrounds)
  • fully customizable headers, and much more!

#4 12 Modern and Responsive WordPress themes


Here is another smart product which comes with this amazing 98% discount. Today’s price for the bundle is only $29 and here is what you will find inside its pack:

  • 12 fully responsive WP themes with unique design,
  • commercial license,
  • free24/7 tech support,
  • numerous Retina-ready icons,
  • Search Engines Optimization,
  • 600+ readable web fonts,
  • MegaMenu plugin, and much more!

On average, all of these would cost you almost $1.200 but bundles were invended to save your money. That’s why you can get all the named options just for $29.

#5 WordPress Themes Bundle: 19 Premium Themes for just $27


Here is a handy WP themes bundle which contains 19 premium WordPress themes and not only! For these simple reasons, using the bundle you can easily build such projects as:

  • a designer portfolio,
  • a lifestyle blog,
  • a fashion website,
  • a full-fledged web store, etc.

And what is waiting for you inside the pack? You’ll get the next features:

  • choice of color schemes
  • Google Fonts integration
  • custom plugins & widgets
  • high-quality stock images
  • 100% responsive layouts, etc.

By tradition, after the discount, the price of the bundle is only $27.

#6 10 Restaurant WordPress Themes


In case you are looking for a 100% customizable and easy-to-use set of templates, check out this amazing WP bundle! After the discount, the items price is $39, so don’t miss the boat. Among the main features you will get, there are:

  • Cherry Framework;
  • Back To Top Button;
  • calendar;
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility;
  • custom page templates;
  • Dropdown Menu;
  • Favicon;
  • Social Options;
  • and Tag Cloud.

#7 WordPress Bundle: 10 Premium Themes for $15 ONLY!


First things first, this bundle contains 10 premium themes and you can get them for $15 only! Here are some of the main features you will get:

  • Improved navigation (MegaMenu)
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Google Fonts integration
  • Custom plugins & widgets
  • Social Options
  • Cherry Framework 4
  • WPML readiness

#8 19 Premium Templates & Plugins for $15 ONLY

And the next impressing bungle which will cost you only $15 is 19 Premium Templates & Plugins. Here is what you will get inside the package:

  • Claire Elegant Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme;
  • Photo Portfolio Professional Template;
  • 3D Photo Html5 Template;
  • Full Creative Portfolio Template;
  • Photo Video Htm5 Template;
  • Sevens Modern Template;
  • Freshener Modern Template;
  • Hero Business Template;
  • Creative Photo Album Template;
  • CSS Background Styles, and more!

#9 Mega WordPress Theme Bundle


Mega WordPress Theme Bundle is a wonderful collection of 15 modern web designs. All of them are creator-friendly and come with many useful features. There are multiple trendy elements as well! Here is what you will get for $15 only:

  • 15 ready-made WP themes;
  • customizable colors, fonts & backgrounds;
  • built-in galleries;
  • high-quality plugins & widgets;
  • stock images;
  • 100% responsive layouts;
  • SEO-readiness, etc.

#10 Mega Developer Bundle – $49 ONLY


Finally, it’s time to view out our last but not least bundle. It was designed for big web developers and web designers. In the pack of the item, you’ll find:

  • WordPress Themes,
  • HTML5 & Bootstrap Templates,
  • HTML5 Galleries,
  • Landing Pages,
  • Newsletter Templates,
  • HTML5 Apps,
  • CSS Menus & Utilities.


On average, there are over 80 premium products in the bundle!

The Benefits of Getting a Website Design Proposal Before Building

Website design

To become known in the e-commerce industry, it is vital that you have an excellent website design. Although the content is more important than the design itself, your web design is the window to your business.

Your target audience will know what your business is offering through the design of your web. It is here where “first impressions last” is applicable. Your web design plays an essential role in attracting an audience to read the content of your website.

Before you jump into building your website, you must have a website proposal to avoid regret when your site is up and running. Here are some benefits of getting a website design proposal before having your website built: Continue reading

Use PowerPoint templates to get awesome presentation

It takes a lot of experience to create attractive and simple for understanding PowerPoint theme. This is why only professional designers develop PowerPoint themes on Developers follow rules and pay a lot of attention to details. This allows our marketplace to present you the best products you can find.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that nowadays presentations rely heavily on PowerPoint. This program contains multiple functions and content that creates new opportunities for you as a speaker. For example, you can fill your presentation with schemes, diagrams or tablets and it will make presentation easy to perceive. Or you can insert visual content. Images, photos or animations can both entertain audience and make your presentation comprehensive.

However, it is easy to fail your presentation. You should keep in mind many rules and requirements in order to create good presentation. One can say that most of these rules can be described as common sense and minimalism. Yet, sometimes when you create presentations, you can make mistake even if it looks good for you. But this is a theme for another article. In this article we will try to explain you what are PowerPoint themes and why you need them.

PowerPoint themes are pre-build presentation templates. After you purchase them from TemplateMonster marketplace you can use them for your presentations. On our website, there are more than 800 templates. All of them were made by professionals with huge experience. They have unique slides and all features you may need for PowerPoint presentation.

There are different types of presentations. Some of them are multipurpose. While other may be created specially for office presentations or educational lectures. Though PowerPoint presentations are very flexible some features like color tone, fonts or layout structure may be especially suitable for certain presentation theme. There are so many PowerPoint themes on our website that you will definitely find one that suits your presentation perfectly.

You may ask why should you purchase PowerPoint themes if you can spend some time and make your own? This is a fair question, yet there are valid reasons for purchasing ready PowerPoint themes. Let us look at them.

At first, let us refer one more time to the rules for PowerPoint presentations. If you follow these rules than your presentation will never be boring, distracting or look like a hodgepodge of information and images. You should follow the rule of four, know which font suits information you present better, choose a suitable background and many more details. All pre-build PowerPoint themes were created according to these rules in order to be your reliable tool and avoid distraction for audience.

Secondly, PowerPoint themes from marketplace will save your time. In modern day society time is money. This is why we are sure you do not want to spend your time on long and laborious process of template creation. To create PowerPoint presentation from scratch you have to start with background. After choosing or drawing background, you need some design skills to insert various content into your presentation. Schemes, diagrams, maps, layouts, background and text color tones and many other element have to be chosen, made or placed in proper way. It takes time and requires skills and experience.

Third reason why downloading PowerPoint themes from our marketplace is good idea is presentation theme specific. Different audience require different attitude. As well as different information have to be presented in appropriate way. And this is why you may find themes for various presentations. Some will suit medical or healthcare better than other themes, while other theme was created for finance business. In order to make your presentation better and attractive for audience you may need these extra features and you will have to design presentation in order to match these features. However, why should you waste your time if you can purchase PowerPoint theme you need for a fair price?

One more reason is the price. Our PowerPoint themes will solve your issues and save your time more than hurt your budget. You will find various themes on our website yet they are inexpensive and anyone can afford such a purchase.

As you can see now, there are reasons for you to buy presentation templates. And in order to assure you that your presentation will look good and work perfectly with our presentation templates we present you our Top 10 PowerPoint themes.

E-Trainer PowerPoint Template.

This PowerPoint Template is multipurpose. You can use it for various presentation themes. For example, ISO, E-learning, logistics or education. It will work especially well as your avatar due to your personalization on various slides. It contains more than 70 slides, numerous flags, icons, graphics and so on.


The Elegant PowerPoint Template

This Elegant PowerPoint presentation theme will be a reliable tool for your presentations. It is truly multipurpose and contain epic amount of content. It contains 210 Modern & Unique Slides, 16:9 Screen Ratio, Dark & Light Template, Fully Editable and Customization, 24 Categorized 4900+ Icon-Fonts and even more features. Try it and your presentations will always be perfect.


Maestro Business PowerPoint Template

Developers created this presentation template in strict and corporative style in order to suit minimalistic business design. It will be a perfect tool for office workers or people who have to present business plans or annual reports. It will also fit economic schools and universities. It has 821 Unique & Creative slides, 90 Amazing Premade Theme colors, 3500+ Vector Icons, Unlimited Themes Color, and Custom animated slides and even more features you may find on


Medical and Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Created in light color tones this minimalistic medical PowerPoint theme is perfect for medical doctors, scientist related to medicine and medical students. Moreover, it has 10 pre-made color themes. It will help you to choose color tone according to your brand or standards. It contains 70 Creative slides, 1,400 Slides Total, 10 Premade Templates, Free Fonts and Icons. Fully and easy editable content.


Popcorn Creative PowerPoint Template

In need for a presentation for Start-up? Or photo gallery? Than Popcorn presentation theme is definitely what you were looking for. You can also use it for fashion presentation, artists or model portfolio and many other purposes.  It has 80+ Unique Slides, Device Mockups, Editable Icons, multiple Maps, Infographic Shapes and Free 24/7 support service.


Social Media Marketing Slides – Socially PowerPoint Template

Ever thought about presentation for your SMM department but never had time to prepare it? Then this theme is definitely what you need. With various unique slides, icons and maps this presentation theme will be a great helper for your presentations.


Mega Food PowerPoint Template

If your presentation is related to food or restaurants than do not waste your time! Your audience will remember your presentation thanks to 90+ slides, flat look and multi-color layouts, diverse design elements and vector graphics. Save your time with Mega Food PowerPoint template.


Volunteer Presentation PowerPoint Template

Volunteering is a good thing. And as a volunteer or a person related to volunteer organization you have to explain other people what mission you are trying to fulfill. It will help you and your mission. And Volunteer PowerPoint presentation theme with multiple high-quality slides, clean background, Master Slide Options and Vector Icon Library is here to help you.


Indian Culture – PowerPoint Template

This theme will be useful for students, teachers, travelers, travel agencies, ecologists and many other people related to India or Indian culture. It is very bright, colorful and designed according to Indian style.


Logistics Infographic Set PowerPoint Template

Designed especially for logistical presentations this PowerPoint theme has unique slides that will be perfect for supply chain presentation and logistical projects. With this PowerPoint template you can present even China’s Belt and Road initiative! 100 slides with animations of cars, planes, trains and buildings looks perfect and will be your powerful presentation tool.




10 HTML Templates to Make a Direct Hit

Table of Content:

  1. Match a Key to Success Together With HTML Templates
  2. Best-Selling HTML Templates to Get Your Loyal Audience
  3. A Few Words in Conclusion

To start this article, we want you to imagine a bridge. Only this construction separates you from making a stir on the Internet. On your road, you will find your core audience, recognition, and many other superb things. Yet at the very beginning, you need to choose your perfect HTML template.

Match a Key to Success Together With HTML Templates

In order to make the first step on this bridge to success, you need to look through various HTML templates or real estate website templates. They always have a great impact on the positive user-experience. What features do make sure that your future website will impress everyone?

  1. A totally-responsive design that makes possible to enjoy a fabulous design an all devices.
  2. An excellent documentation that will provide you with user-friendly instructions on the ready-made template. You can be certain that you will not stretch every nerve to install and customize your website.
  3. A bunch of addons will enrich your online-project with different web forms and other crucial options.

Actually, we can speak about these Bootstrap 5 website templates on and on. It will be easier to shoot a glance at their design and functions one by one…

Name Main Features Price
SEO Agent
  • header and footer layouts;
  • various gallery types;
  • lots of web forms;
  • live search.
Ready Pro
  • fully-responsiveness;
  • multiple color options;
  • email app;
  • messages functionality.
Alice Messenger
  • standard pages;
  • online-store functionality;
  • various sliders;
  • Google Fonts.
  • tables, charts, and applications;
  • eCommerce pages;
  • gallery with filter;
  • carousels and animations.
  • horizontal header;
  • 3+ chart graphs;
  • fully-customizable design;
  • various tables.
  • unique menu layouts;
  • RTL support;
  • advanced cards;
  • well-organized design.
  • audio and video players;
  • extra pages layouts;
  • four blog variations;
  • Google Fonts integrated.
Encode One
  • calendar integration;
  • menu searching capability;
  • net identity customized;
  • cookie management example.
  • various animation effects;
  • multiple page layouts;
  • Google Map;
  • gallery variations.
  • board app;
  • messages and email apps;
  • easy-to-customize nature;
  • responsive design.

SEO – Remarkable SEO Website HTML Template

SEO Website Responsive Website TemplateDetails | Demo

Are you ready to climb a ladder of success? Are you ready to help others in improving their rankings in search engines? In this case, you cannot pay your attention to some other ready-made solution.

  • over 50 pre-made HTML pages to make sure that your company will take a leading position;
  • five blog layouts to engage your target audience within seconds;
  • a visually-attractive Parallax effect to show off your content in an interactive way.

Ready Pro – Excellent Bootstrap Dashboard Admin HTML Template

Ready Pro Bootstrap Dashboard Admin TemplateDetails | Demo

If you are interested in creating panels for brand new web-apps, take a full advantage of this powerful template. It will fulfill all your requirements regarding a user-friendly process of website building.

  • more than 100 components you need to develop a website about your next app;
  • 17 customizable plugins to upgrade the functionality of your admin website;
  • an easy-to-customize nature to make sure that your online-project will present your ideas.

Alice Messenger – Wonderful Application Multipurpose HTML Template

Application Multipurpose HTML5 Template Details | Demo

Are you an inventive person who has come up with some amazing app? You definitely need to spread the word about it using this incredible theme. It comes together with a user-friendly interface and extraordinary options.

  • beautiful animations to add visual interest to your website;
  • excellent galleries to determine that your images will get the best online-presentation;
  • Ajax contact forms to make it possible to receive messages from your viewers.

Daffy – Vibrant Multipurpose Admin HTML Template

Daffy - Multipurpose Bootstrap + UI Kit Admin TemplateDetails | Demo

Daffy is a wondrous template that will delight all visitors with its user- and developer-friendliness. This professional package will not leave you unsatisfied. Your decision to select this ready-made solution will be absolutely right.

  • 95+ ready-made HTML pages to engage more viewers;
  • live social feeds (that include Twitter and Instagram);
  • lots of widgets, form, charts, and other elements to get a marvelous admin website.

Crystal – Unusual Bootstrap Dashboard Admin HTML Template

Crystal -  Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Admin TemplateDetails | Demo

Crystal is an eye-catching theme that includes a great collection of different helpful elements. Lots of desired online-project (including project, loan, management, and billing systems) can easily come into life. Of course, if you make use of this feature-rich template.

  • unlimited color variations to create the most stylish online-project ever;
  • different mailbox pages;
  • Google Maps if it is needed to showcase some physical locations.

Chameleon – Creative Bootstrap WebApp & Dashboard Admin HTML Template

Chameleon - Modern Bootstrap 4 WebApp & Dashboard HTML + UI Kit Admin TemplateDetails | Demo

Do you want to give your future website an elegant look? Do you want to provide it with a large number of fully-functional options? We offer you to take a glance at this template to achieve a cherished success.

  • three pre-built templates (that include 500+ pages, 50+ widgets, and 100+ components);
  • two niche dashboards;
  • a fully-responsive design for a proper website render on different screen resolutions.

Brave Light – Stylish Multipurpose HTML Template

Universal Multipurpose HTML Template    Details |Demo

In order to be brave with your future online-project, there is no need to come up with various crazy ideas. Everything you need to become a brave website owner is already included in this package.

  • lazy load effect and other animation effects to arouse more interest;
  • lots of excellent web forms (among which you can find contact, search, and booking ones);
  • amazing variations of the gallery (including slider, isotope, carousel, and so on and so forth).

Encode One – Amazing Admin HTML Template

Encode One - Bootstrap 4 .Net Core 2.1 Admin TemplateDetails | Demo

This article is already looking like an embarrassment of riches for admin websites. Yet we want you to get familiar with one more stunning template connected with this purpose.

  • a great multi-language capability to make it easier to browse your website;
  • a fully-responsive functionality to give your website the best look on all devices;
  • a marvelous RTL support with an automatic switch.

Science – Innovative Multipurpose HTML Template

Science Multipurpose HTML5 Template    Details | Demo

Those people, who are completely absorbed by science and everything connected with it, cannot pass by this modern theme. It comes together with a wide range of excellent features you should get familiar right now.

  • various types of menu to guide people through your content;
  • multiple web forms to make your website worthy of everyone’s attention;
  • a huge number of Google Fonts to make people even gladder while reading your articles.

Azzara – Stunning Bootstrap Dashboard Admin HTML Template

Azzara - Bootstrap Dashboard Admin TemplateDetails | Demo

If you are not tired of looking at various admin templates, we want to present one more fully-fledged variant. It also distinguished itself by means of different great options and customization opportunities.

  • 200+ components to provide your website with some pretty amazing functionality;
  • an easy-to-customize nature to make it easier for novices to get an online-project ready;
  • 24 powerful plugins that will turn your website into a true innovation.

In our opinion, you should have already opted for one of these marvelous templates. Choose any of them to find out what pleasant things are waiting for you on the bridge of success. If you are already familiar with some websites that look like discoveries, your one will complete their set. We are sure that your online-project will find lots of fans within days. Thanks for reading!


Get to Know CrocoBlock Subscription and How it Works

More and more people with no skills in coding or web development are launching awesome and functional WordPress websites all over the world.

How do they do this?


First of all, they are using website builders like Elementor (over 1m web owners do). Builders allow playing with sections, layouts, and theme modules like it is a children’s game. Now you don’t need to be a professional web designer to customize your WordPress template and go live in several hours.

But this is often not enough. Even with the best builder, you still need to surf the web looking for plugins, themes, extensions to add functionality to your newly made website. Now comes the second secret.

If you subscribe to services like CrocoBlock, you will get all the necessary skins, widgets, and other tools for your new website in one package! They were crafted to fit your wildest design aspirations and increase the power of the Elementor website builder.

So, with an intuitive drag and drop admin panel and a rich kit of UI elements anyone is capable of making an awesome WordPress resource.

Sounds easy? Because it is that easy! Continue reading