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With great technology comes the need for great security.

15 Advanced Security Tips To Make Your WordPress Site Bulletproof

The main reason because of which WordPress is the favorite target for hackers, is its huge user base. There are no doubts that WordPress is the most famous CMS in the Internet. It is true that many times, WordPress got its security compromised in its early years, but the WordPress Team (that is, Automattic) was prompt enough to fix the loopholes right on time.

WordPress advanced Security Tips

With my 4 years of experience as a blogger and obviously as a WordPress user, I understand the true importance of securing your WordPress blog. In this article, I have tried to put forward 15 highly effective and essential security tips to give you an advance-level of WordPress security.

It’s a perfect blend of some simple, intermediate and some advanced tips to give you an overall advanced-level of security in WordPress. It’s not only for the advanced users, as I have tried my best to make it easily understandable to the amateurs too as WordPress security is everyone’s equal right.

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cACL Update 1.3.9 for Joomla! 1.5 Access Control

We’ve released Community ACL 1.3.9. We have added several new additions with the way we handle front-end menus. There is now support for yoo_enterprise. We’ve also turned on preserve-entities in libtidy to not change   into the dreaded ‘?’s. To get the look and feel more consistent in the back-end we’ve removed the sort options for the roles. All the columns now sort alphabetically on the group, role, or function name. The “remove all” button on the functions will now work properly as well.

Bug fix version 1.3.8 corrects an issue where the category drop-downs were being replaced with incorrect information.

1.3.7 of Community ACL fixes an issue that showed up as a result of adding libtidy for front-end joomla menu restrictions.

Bug fix version 1.3.6 addresses an issue where in IE8 will not properly remove all list items by clicking the clear all button.

This will not work in Internet Explorer:
tbody.innerHTML = ”;
It’s a known bug that they (MS) have ignored.

But never fear, replace the innerHTML code with:
while ( tbody.childNodes.length >= 1 ){
tbody.removeChild( tbody.firstChild );

We are committed to continuing the improvement of our products. Please feel free to submit support tickets for any issues you are experiencing.

For more information on Community ACL::

Learn more about cACL

Community ACL

Community ACL has some new exciting features and 9 bug fixes in the last few months!
We have added the support for libtidy. This adds the following features:

  • Quickly add code to restrict menus
  • More accurately removes menus
  • Better support for custom Joomla! templates
  • Cleans up improper HTML to help cross browser support
  • Code is specifically created for each template, so after upgrading cACL you will not loose template support.

libtidy is normally enabled in PHP by default. So little is required to use this extension. There is an on/off toggle button on the main config page that will allow you to turn off this feature if you require broken HTML for your template.


We would like to hear from you about what new features would help your experience with Community ACL for Joomla!