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Insights about WordPress CMS from ‘corePHP’

Ways to Check Your WordPress PHP Version

A website can’t run without a specific code. Almost all WordPress websites run on PHP, and if you’re using the platform, it is already using a new version of PHP. But, if you haven’t updated the PHP version, WordPress has made the update feature easier for you.

You don’t need to know the technical PHP, although updating it on time prevents your website from hack attacks. WordPress is more vulnerable to attacks as it is an open-source platform. If your account is hacked, Google is quick enough to blacklist it and suspend your account. You don’t want that to happen to your WordPress website, right. An improvised version is better than a penalty. Continue reading

Reasons to create your website with WordPress over HTML


Reasons to create your website with wordpress over HTMLWordPress is the Best CMS system, which is not just used for blogging but also for business. WordPress development in India is increasing day by day as people with small businesses and stores are tending to shift towards WordPress when compared to other content management systems. Due to its cool features and easy access, WordPress development in India can predictably be increasing in future days. Here are the top ten solid reasons to choose WordPress over HTML to create your website. Continue reading

Right plugin for Website Performance in WordPress


In the world of the internet and growing technology, everything needs to be revamped to keep up with the speed. And in a world where people always tend to learn and grow using these websites which feeds them with knowledge, it’s important to keep the websites up to date with all present data. Here you will know in detail about WordPress which is a website developer and management software, and also a plugin which is a software that has different functionalities that can be added to a web browser and it can also add more data to the website, also here you will learn how to select the right plugin for your website. Continue reading

7 Reasons to Start Your WordPress-Powered Student Blog Right Away

BloggingSite builders. These tools have taken the world by storm and keep gaining momentum. With the help of site builders, users can create their own websites without coding them from scratch. And it’s great, especially for aspiring student bloggers.

These tools make developing and establishing your personal blog a piece of cake. The only stumbling point here is the choice of the right tool. Among all the site-building tools available today, WordPress is the one that has been around for a while and earned a solid reputation among users. It is intuitive, easy to use, functional, and has a whole bunch of other benefits.

So, why start a WordPress-powered student blog? In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of reasons that’ll give you the go-ahead in this endeavor. But, before we get started, let’s ponder a bit about why even start a student blog in the first place. Continue reading

Top WordPress Theme Development Trends To Follow

Wordpress theme

Having originated as a blogging tool, WordPress has grown to become the most powerful content management system (CMS) in the world. With advancing technologies, the company has expanded its business and operations, and its users have more options available now than ever before.

While most people are now using WordPress on Linux to save on resources, it can be run on a Windows VM/server as well. Furthermore, we have MySQL database built into our system that houses all the relevant data like user settings, options, pages, posts, among other things.

In the past few years, customized, paid themes have started making tides. For what you pay, you get multiple design templates within a theme package that give you the flexibility and freedom and the technical support to design your beautiful website in the most efficient manner.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the top WordPress theme development trends in 2020. Continue reading

Key Reasons WordPress Remains A Popular Choice For Website Owners

Web statistics in a laptop computer screen at the office.

You might have already heard that WordPress is the best option for any website owner. That’s why you are here as WordPress provides an easy solution for any business type. Small and mid-sized companies consider the cost, manageability and ease of setting up a website more than more prominent companies. Most of the time, many businesses don’t have enough funds and resources to hire an entire team to build and manage their website.

The popularity of WordPress is associated with the availability of highly useful tools to improve the functions of a website. It’s also free to use, easy to manage, and there are various online resources to help you through your website setup. Here are six important reasons why WordPress is still a popular choice for website owners. Continue reading

Step-by-step Guide to Remove the Page or Post Title in WordPress

WordPress written on a typewriter

WP is one of the most popular and available content management systems these days. And it is not just about blogging. Business websites, online shops, bulletin boards, or portfolios — now all of the above are possible with a platform because WordPress has been evolving for a long time now.

To get the most out of WordPress and have it operates as a different type of system, you should shape it to your goals. Ultimately, this may mean making some changes, such as removing elements like a page or post title.

You can edit nearly all elements with little effort, and it is one of the main advantages of this content management system. The page title is the first thing visitors will see. Well, you may be amazed why removing this eminently useful element would have any plus at all. Here are a few cases when you probably will want to keep titles out of sight. Continue reading

Why Do Developers Or The Client Prefer WordPress Than Core Programming Method To Develop The Website?

wordpress dashboard for developers and admins

The website creates a demanding requirement for every industry to show its services and the product. In the past, the website is focused to just build but later the requirement is changed as the internet traffic is hiked a lot. Users are now viewing the website with certain limitations with design, reviews, content, etc. Affording these features to the site is a required part of every industry. Many top software companies are now used to focus on the conversion process for the visitor. The website holder wants their website to have a certain ability to develop customers and also the user ability must proper to accept and handle. Hence to match their scenario developing the site with a content management system will create a huge solution for the website holder. It consists of many options to control rather than core programming development. One of the topmost content management systems is WordPress. This blog will describe the importance of WordPress to use it by many website developers. Continue reading

8 Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog More Interesting and Less Boring

WordPress Blog

No matter if you are running a blog in order to express your personal or professionals stands on different matters or you keep the blog as a part of your business website so that visitors could stay a bit longer on your platform or get some amusing and valuable information, it’s is imperative that you don’t get the audience bored while browsing through the content you’ve prepared. Since WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for bloggers due to its simplicity, ease of use, and the fact that it provides a series of free options for enhancement and performance upgrade, we’ll discuss how you can make your WP blog more interesting to your readers. Continue reading

Top Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Over Shared Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting has been the emergency red-button for businesses that need quick and easy IT solutions.

In a number of reviews, blogs, and FAQs, we have seen people confusing Shared and Managed WordPress hosting. Often, the decision to choose one is baffling.

However, stacking a managed host against a shared host isn’t anywhere as easy as it first seems. Though, there are certain nuances that can pave the way towards a better understanding between the two.

Shared and managed Hosting – at a glance

Shared and Managed Hosting aren’t two different things, and the former is almost always managed hosting.

However, the converse is not always true and managed hosting is not necessarily shared hosting.

Managed Hosting is the concierge service wherein the provider takes care of all problems you can possibly run into on your server.

Shared Hosting is a service where a single server caters to the needs of various clients. Thus, to say, a single shared server can have as many as hundreds of websites hosted on it. Continue reading

How to Optimize Your WordPress Site’s Images Using Smush Pro

Smush Pro Image Optimization Tool for WordPress

The Internet is highly visual, with images featuring prominently on most websites. At the same time, users are demanding sites that load faster and faster.

What to do?

The answer isn’t to reduce the number of images on your website, but to optimize the images that you decide to use.

Whether that means making them smaller in size, removing any excess data that might be included in the image (such as the EXIF data cameras automatically add), or compressing them so that the file sizes become smaller (without a noticeable loss in quality), image optimization makes it so that you can have your cake and eat it too.

However, all of this is work. But, in the WordPress ecosystem, there are plugins for almost everything, and image optimization is no exception. One such plugin we want to bring to your attention is Smush Pro (and for those who are interested in a free version, Smush Image Compression and Optimization). Continue reading