Community ACL Installation Instructions and manual

‘corePHP’ is pleased to announce that the installation Readme and manual for Community ACL are now available! The manual has been part of Community ACL for quite some time under the help section – we have also provided a separate text file for your reading convenience. You can download these from your subscription area. The installation instructions (Readme) will show you how to install Community ACL step-by-step. In the coming week we will release an example and guide on how to setup simple permissions.

Please help us by providing feedback on our documentation so we can improve our services. We appreciate your time and assistance.

-‘corePHP’ Community ACL Team

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6 thoughts on “Community ACL Installation Instructions and manual

    1. Steven PignataroSteven Pignataro

      We are working on getting this online – I do apologize but we have updated our download software.

  1. kat

    I am also looking for a manual or simple instructions on how to set up the ACL for my users. Can you please provide a link?

    1. Steven PignataroSteven Pignataro


      Documentation is available in the download area in your account. Login and go to Downloads. Choose Community ACL and you will see a tab for documentation.

      Kindest regards,

      –Steven Pignataro

  2. Alejandro

    I just bought the Community ACL, but I don’t have idea about configuration. In the Downloads area not exist any documentation. I need to know how to configure groups, roles and functions. Is possible to get any tutorial or usage example of this plugin?
    Please, help me!

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