‘corePHP’ Out Of Office notice

We would like to announce that Rafael Corral (‘corePHP’ Lead Developer) and Steven Pignataro (‘corePHP’ CEO) will be out of the office for two weeks and will return by August 18, 2009.

For inquiries directed to Rafael, please contact Amy Simmons (amy@corephp.com or 269.979.5582 ext 103).

For inquiries directed to Steven, please contact Michael Pignataro (michael@corephp.com or 269.979.5582 ext 101).

Thanks in advance from the ‘corePHP’ team!

The Core Team
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One thought on “‘corePHP’ Out Of Office notice


    Hello when an integration beetween joomsuite people touch and corephp wordpress mu.
    with Jfusion we vill have this feature (avatar in wordpress mu et lastest post and blog menu in people touch profil)
    Many compagnies are waiting this feature
    thank you

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