‘corePHP’ Twitter account reach 10,000 – Thank You!!!

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Our Twitter account has reached over 10,000 followers! ‘corePHP’ would like to thank everyone that follows us and helps us share our message. Twitter is a very important part of our communication channel and helps spread information that is important to us and our community. Over the years it has been a gateway to help introduce us to new clients for our services and our products. Thank you, Twitter, for helping us grow to where we are today! We are looking forward to the new and innovative people we have yet to meet via twitter. Tweet away!!!

Wow, over 10,000 followers! We’d like to celebrate our success on Twitter by offering members 30% off for two days only. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be part of the growing Joomla community of ‘corePHP’.

Please use coupon code: ‘ twitter10k ‘. Promotion ends February 15th at midnight.

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2 thoughts on “‘corePHP’ Twitter account reach 10,000 – Thank You!!!

  1. Dave

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Your products are among the best, so the Twitter followers will naturally come in time! The next 10,000 should be even quicker.

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