15+ Excellent Responsive Joomla Themes (Free & Premium)

In this article, we are focusing on some of the best Responsive Joomla Themes for you. These responsive themes, will make your website adapt to any screen size – be it a small mobile screen or a tablet screen or a large monitor screen, with ease.

So if you have a Joomla powered website, then we have got something great to present you with. This article showcases the most “hand-picked” responsive Joomla themes for you to choose from. We wanted to keep this list clean by choosing only the best ones available, and not dumping all other low-quality ones (which you will also never need). Obviously, the availability of “responsive” Joomla themes are not as vast as WordPress themes, but we have tried our best in collecting the ones which will attract your eyes.

So, keeping this list clean and tight and covering as many different varieties as possible, we have tried to present to you with the most excellent free and premium responsive Joomla themes to work with.

Free & Premium Responsive Joomla Themes

Nexxy (Premium)

Demo | Download

Nexxy is one of the best multi-purpose themes available for Joomla, with which you can build a wide variety of sites, like movies, games, photography and much more with ease. This theme is built with the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and is fully responsive in nature. It also offers a wide range of customizations to play with.


Essential (Premium)

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Essential is a clean and professional-looking responsive Joomla theme which is ready to get adapted to any device’s screen size. It is packed with six different schemes to choose from, depending upon your needs.

Motion (Premium)

Demo | Download

Motion is one of the most vibrant and wonderfully designed theme in Joomla. The color scheme of this theme is simple but it gives a dynamic look to this theme. There are a variety of customization tools available in the control panel for you to change the look and feel of this theme completely.

Elastica (Free)

Demo | Download

Elastica is a clean and simple looking Joomla theme, which has got a powerful responsive capability to adapt to various screen sizes with ease. And the best part of it is that, it’s completely free of charge.

CMS Blue (Free)

Demo | Download

CMS Blue is a simple and basic responsive Joomla theme, but it also offers the possibility to customize it to any extent you want.

Simplex (Premium)

Demo | Download

Simplex is the perfect choice for a portfolio website for freelancers, developers and small business. It is built on the Exposure framework with full HTML5 and CSS3 support.

Puresite (Premium)

Demo | Download

Puresite is a very simple, minimalist yet a professional looking responsive Joomla theme which fits perfectly into any screen size.

Favourite (Free)

Demo | Download

This HTML5 and CSS3 ready theme from FAVTHEMES can surely become your “FAVOURITE”. The theme is completely SEO-friendly and offers a great range of customizations too.

Creativa (Premium)

Demo | Download

Creativa is an elegant, modern and fast-loading responsive theme for Joomla. It has got a great range of color schemes which can transform the entire look and feel of your site in minutes.

Extreme (Premium)

Demo | Download

If you are looking to design a shopping site, a gamer’s community or a review based site, then this is the theme you must go for. The design is top notch and extremely professional.

Vibration (Premium)

Demo | Download

Vibration is a responsive theme on Joomla purely for your ecommerce requirements. It has got four presets available but this doesn’t limit you, as you can create your own style with its Exposure framework.

RockWall (Premium)

Demo | Download

This is a professionally-designed responsive Joomla theme mainly for the musicians, bands, news and as other entertainment websites.

SJ Plus (Free)

Demo | Download

SJ Plus is a very clean, simple and elegant looking Joomla theme which is responsive, SEO optimized and offers a great level of customization opportunities.


ZenHost (Premium)

Demo | Download

ZenHost is the most simple, efficient and attractive responsive Joomla theme for all those who have some online products, hosting services, or other online services to sell.

Bird Sign (Free)

Demo | Download

Built on the Avatar framework, Bird Sign is an awesome looking responsive Joomla theme which is a perfect fit for any online service.

Fest (Premium)

Demo | Download

Fest is a unique Joomla theme perfectly suitable for organizing events, festival, conferences, etc. It is built on the Gavern framework and offers a good level of customization too.

Gird3 (Premium)

Demo | Download

Grid3 is another superb-looking responsive Joomla theme which can fit seamlessly in any device screen with ease. It’s a perfect choice for showcasing projects, photos, services, etc.

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