How To Get Better Results On YouTube

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When it comes to getting better results on YouTube, there isn’t just one aspect of a strategy you can deploy and hope to gain results over night.

Getting better results, and more views on YouTube requires a little bit of effort, time and strategy, but once you have put all these building blocks in place, you can expect to see results! Here are our top tips for getting better results on YouTube.

Branding Is Everything

When it comes to getting better results, the first thing you want to make sure of is that people know its you putting out the content and how do you do this? Branding and brand consistency. You want to make sure that you have a banner that is representative of you, that font you use in the banner?

Make sure it matches the thumbnail you are using. All of your marketing needs to be consistent across the board, this is how you build trust with your audience. They’ll begin to recognise your branding rather than your content and this is the key to building your audience. If you haven’t branded anything before, have a look at your competitors.

Check their consistency across everything they put out. You’ll find that they have found their formula and they stick to it! Have some fun with it and play around, but once you’ve got it, stick with it!

Assess Who Your Audience Is

Mass marketing was the mechanism to get people to engage with your products all the way through until the early 2000’s. Now we have the internet, mass marketing is reserved for public service announcements. This means that you really need to sit down and work out who your audience are, so that you can occupy a niche of them. What is your YouTube content about? Who are you trying to attract?

One of the key things to remember here is that by trying to appeal to everything you will appeal to no one, so this is an important point that can’t be underplayed. Again, assess your competition. There will be other people occupying the same niche as you, so what is they are doing that is making them successful?

How are they attracting their audience and what part of their strategy can you use to make sure that you get the same results?

There are a lot of considerations to make here, so why not put pen to paper and list the type of people you want to engage in your content on one side and then list the type of content they engage with on the other. Once you have done this, have a look at how your competition is doing it!

Get Your SEO Hat On.

Don’t be scared of search engine optimisation! Remember, whilst YouTube is a video content platform, at its base level it is a search engine.

Developing your SEO skills will help you when it comes to understanding key words, meta tagging and other nuances and strategies that can help you rank your content better. SEO is a very broad knowledge base that takes a long time to understand and master, you need to understand this before you delve head in and them come out deterred.

Start with simple processes and practices that can help you rank better, but don’t expect to start reading on a Saturday morning and expect to be an expert by Sunday night. SEO is a process and a practice of trial and error, it can take a while to see the fruits of your labour when your content is being ranked, so keep working at it!

The first thing that you should spend time reading up on is keywords, this is something that you can implement straight away when it comes to your content! This way you will feel like you are making some headway straight off the bat.

Wrap Up

Better results on YouTube is not something that everyone can get overnight (unless you use a video promo service), more often than not it requires a carefully crafted strategy that takes time to realise. Before you get deterred at the time and effort that it can take, remember that these small steps can make the world of difference when it comes to getting noticed and ranked.

You’ll see that getting the best results come from branding, audience assessment and upskilling in SEO rather than content.

So, take time to understand who your audience is, establish yourself as a brand and then work on a cohesive SEO strategy.


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