The Good & Bad about VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the much appreciated recent trends across the web hosting sector today. Officially entitled as “Virtual Private Server”, VPS hosting seems baffling for many businesses & individuals looking for web hosting support. In reality, VPS hosting can be defined as a hybrid hosting service, which represents a smart blend between dedicated and shared hosting.

As mentioned earlier, many are perplexed about the compatibility quotient of VPS hosting with their aspiring websites- and hence the post below attempts to explain both the good and bad facts about this new hosting trend so that it’s easier for you to decide on it.

Defining VPS hosting

In VPS, the virtual private server is partitioned in separate parts with individual disc space, operating system & bandwidth. Now, what does it mean? Well, you can call it a kind of physical server residing in data center & that server gets divided into varied spaces which creates its very own form of virtual server. There would be an account holder in charge of this virtual server who would look after the virtual environ of this typical virtual server & would be able to reboot the server or even use it as dedicated server.

You will have the disc space here acting like any dedicated server yet basically it’s a unit of a physical server. Since it can act as dedicated server, it’s an amazingly interim solution good for the sites looking for dedicated server aide in future yet aren’t ready for that still. VPS hosting stands as a great bridge between dedicated and shared hosting.

Who needs VPS Hosting

A lot of hosting clients prefer VPS hosting since it allows them great deal of control over the hosting ambience in comparison to shared hosting. Those looking for dedicated hosting yet are little hesitated about needed technological knowhow, VPS hosting would be a fantastic starter package. They could check it out & enhance skill set without any need of a huge volume of investment upfront.

Advantages of taking to VPS hosting

Akin to any form of web hosting service, VPS too carries its own set of pros and cons. Generally, there’re a great deal of benefits of hosting a site on VPS.

A Virtual Private Server hosting account is any day way cheaper in comparison to a total dedicated hosting service plan which counts on physical server.

A lot of VPS plans could be tailor-made to meet up with the client’s specifications so that he only needs to pay for the features that he exactly wants- and there is no question of wasting money on unnecessary features.

Most of the VPS plans promise easy scalability. You would be able to start in your typical virtual ambience with minimum resources as per the needs & then can go on enhancing the features gradually as the business expands.

You would be allowed much better level of control over the virtual server in comparison to shared hosting. The user will have permission to use the scripts & root access that aren’t usually permitted in shared hosting.

The user would have same tech support as is usual with shared hosting in maximum cases.

You will be able to pick from the semi-managed hosting plan where your host will handle some of the maintenance works & full-managed servers.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

VPS hosting carries some issues as well. A serious con about this type of hosting service is that it’s financially expensive in comparison to shared hosting. The sites that don’t want dedicated servers, the cost could be prohibitive.

Then, it’s to note, that some of the web hosts extend VPS hosting yet don’t assure appropriate allocation of resources. It can lead to problems if one typical site is using the resources at zenith. One way to solve this is to check out beforehand that how many accounts (virtual) are on server simultaneously.

In conclusion it can be said that VPS hosting serves as a functional bridge between dedicated & shared hosting. The main benefit here is the permission for complete control on hosting environment sans the typical high price of dedicated hosting. Yes, you might encounter some issues if your host is not handling the VPS properly and hence you need to be really careful about your VPS host.

Amita Choudhary
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