Handpicked Ghost Themes: Part One

If you have been following our “Handpicked” series for some time you would know that we cover some of the best themes for the major blogging and website creation platforms, WordPress, Joomla and Tumblr too. We just couldn’t leave another great platform in the dark and here we are with a fine collection of themes for the new blogging platform – Ghost. Follow this series to witness some awesome and beautiful premium quality Ghost themes for your blog. Let’s start the series with this first list:


MotretView Demo


SrelequeView Demo


MjolnirView Demo


MochiView Demo

Lytton Lite

Lytton LiteView Demo


Mobile+View Demo


PhantomView Demo


WhartonView Demo


ZenzeroView Demo

Oslo Lite

Oslo LiteView Demo

That’s the end of it – the list of course, because we will be back with some more lists like this and better. However, if you are looking for having some custom design for your Ghost blog then do feel free to contact us regarding that, we would be happy to help you.

Rahul Chowdhury
Writer at 'corePHP'
A blogger and a happy guy who loves to write articles and make lists related to technology and web, Rahul is a Contributing Author to the 'coreTechnology' Blog.