Handpicked WordPress Themes: Part Four

Welcome back to another installation of our popular series Handpicked WordPress Themes showcasing some of the most beautiful WordPress themes that you can get in the market. Our main idea with this series is to help you pick a beautiful design for your WordPress website in minutes.

Let’s have a look at what we got here for you:


MimesiView Demo | Buy Mimesi


PhotexView Demo | Buy Photex


EndeavourView Demo | Buy Endeavour


InkdView Demo | Buy Inkd


PostsView Demo | Buy Posts


ParadoxView Demo | Buy Paradox


SpareView Demo | Buy Spare


TradesView Demo | Buy Trades


FlatoView Demo | Buy Flato


QuantumView Demo | Buy Quantum

Well that’s the last one in this list, but we will keep bringing more lists to help you design your WordPress website in a jiffy and if you are looking for a custom design, we would be happy to help.

Rahul Chowdhury
Writer at 'corePHP'
A blogger and a happy guy who loves to write articles and make lists related to technology and web, Rahul is a Contributing Author to the 'coreTechnology' Blog.

2 thoughts on “Handpicked WordPress Themes: Part Four

  1. admin@shimmeringwolf.com

    What themes are responsive AND compatible with the WordPress for Joomla plugin?

    1. Rahul Chowdhury Post author

      A majority of these themes are responsive and all are compatible with the WordPress for Joomla Plugin. 🙂

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