Handpicked WordPress Themes: Part One

WordPress themes have always been a hot topic among bloggers and anyone having a website powered by WordPress. We at ‘corePHP’ have always provided lists of some of the best WordPress themes available in the market.

This time, we have come back with an awesome series of handpicked WordPress themes which will feature some carefully picked and best themes available right now. This is the first list in this series. Let it begin,


D-LightView Demo | Buy D-Light

Candy Queen

Candy Queen

View Demo | Buy Candy Queen


HenleyView Demo | Buy Henley


MusicVentView Demo | Buy MusicVent


eClipseView Demo | Buy eClipse



View Demo | Buy VideoTube


MagmaView Demo | Buy Magma


CaveatView Demo | Buy Caveat



View Demo | Buy Alpine

And this it all for now, but we will surely come back with another list of some awesome and handpicked WordPress themes to beautify your WordPress blog.

Rahul Chowdhury
Writer at 'corePHP'
A blogger and a happy guy who loves to write articles and make lists related to technology and web, Rahul is a Contributing Author to the 'coreTechnology' Blog.

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