How to Gather a Crowd and Build Relationship with them as an Expert?

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You have everything set up now. You think, feel, and act as an expert. You have a unique perspective. You position yourself as the go-to expert. What after that? You need to gather the crowd around your website. You need to attract potential clients to your blog. After you attract them, you need to build a relationship with them. But how to attract potential clients the right way? How to build a relationship with them? Read on to find out how.But before we start you must know that … There is nothing better than an email list. As you gather your crowd, your main focus is to also make them your email subscribers. There are a lot of benefits to this. The most important reason is that their email inbox isn’t going to be as crowded as Twitter and Facebook. Also, you can send them emails automatically after signing up. Most importantly, you get access to them whenever you want. After you learn that, start collecting traffic and then build a relationship with your followers.

1- Create a lead magnet:

90% of the new people who subscribe to your blog don’t subscribe because they want more updates. They want results. They want gifts. After that, maaaaaaaybe they might be interested in email updates. So try to attract them with a lead magnet. Not just any magnet, though – the perfect lead magnet. If you want to double or triple your client subscriber rate, switch from email updates to a lead magnet. This is what makes the difference. For those who don’t know what a lead magnet is, it’s a free piece of content you offer to a visitor in exchange for his or her name and email address. But like I said, you must create the perfect lead magnet. Not because you will offer them something just for free, or that you will offer a low-quality lead magnet. You must amaze your readers with your lead magnet. It’s the first thing that connects your expertise to a client or customer. SO, you should offer high-value material that delivers value. Jon Morrow says that your lead magnet must worth more than $100. Tip: Show the worth of your lead magnet. This increased the subscription rate for Neil Patel’s blog, Quick Sprout, by 30%. The lead magnet can be an ebook, video, audio, pre-recorded webinars and so on. Think about the perfect one, create it, and format it as if it was paid. And then offer it for free.

2- Create a series of email autoresponders:

This will develop a relationship with your readers more and more. This will make your emails get opened. Try to send more tips about the topic you covered in your lead magnet and make all that in a series of emails. It’s that simple.

3- Start bringing traffic to your website:

After you develop everything, it’s time to start bringing traffic to your blog. The best way you can bring traffic to your blog is content marketing. The first strategy I’d recommend is to try is to guest post. Do some guest posts, try to build a relationship with the blog’s owner and then ask him to create a post to recommend your lead magnet. You’ll get a lot of subscribers by doing so. Also, you can do some advertising. Try to send your traffic to a landing page. The main focus of that landing page is to get people to sign up. You can also send the traffic to a cornerstone content landing page. Show people some of your best content to prove your credibility and expertise; this will also increase your subscription rates.

4- Try to take your relationship with your audience to the next level:

After you gain the permission from the right audience to talk with them, treat them as welcomed guests. By offering a great value to your subscribers “your lead magnet + email autoresponder”, you make your subscribers recognize you, and you build up trust. It’s now time to take that relationship to the next level. Make them your potential customers. But first, remember that you are communicating with real people. Also, remember that the more you do for your audience, the more they will do for you. They will love you more, and the trust momentum will increase more and more. When the trust momentum increases, they will buy your products and services. At least they will share your content, which brings you more traffic who may become your future clients. Here are some extra things you can do to take your relationship with your audience to the next level:

  • Interact with them through comments, Twitter, and through your email.
  • Offer them valuable gifts.
  • Ask them what is their biggest problem, and try to solve it for them.

But please don’t do this:

  • Pitch them with more of your products, rather than offering great value to them.
  • Ignoring their comments, tweets and emails.

Last words:

Now you’ve built an audience around you. They are highly engaged. You can sell your products and services to a big crowd of people painlessly. Ahmed Safwan is an expert Blogger and a talented freelance writer. If you really enjoyed this post, Ahmed Safwan has a new blog launching soon and you can subscribe on the coming soon page and you will get our Ebook “Create Compelling Content that attracts readers and search engines” worth 47$ for free. Go now and check To Start Blogging to learn How to Build a Blog that Builds your Multi Six Figure Business Online?.

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