How to upgrade Eclipse Juno 4.2 to Eclipse Kepler 4.3 on Mac OS X

These instructions should be similar for upgrading to Eclipse Kepler 4.3 on other operating systems as well.


  • Scroll down to Platform Runtime Binary and download Mac OSX (Mac/Cocoa/x86_64) eclipse-platform-4.3-macosx-cocoa-x86_64.tar.gz.


  • Extract the archive and rename the new eclipse folder to eclipse4.3 or, whatever makes sense for you.


  • Move the eclipse4.3 folder to the applications folder. Make sure Eclipse Juno 4.2 is not running, then run int the eclipse4.3 folder.


  • Typical security. Click Open. You may need to temporarily change your security pref to be able to run this app to ‘Anywhere’.


  • Select your normal workspace.


  • You’ll probably see a lot of errors since none of the plugins are installed yet. I use PDT.


  • Go to File -> Import…


  • Choose From Existing Installation then click next.


  • Browse to your Eclipse 4.2 installation and click Open. You should now see all the plugins / extensions. Then click next.


  • Review your Install Details and click next if everything looks correct.

  • Accept the terms and click finish.

  • You may get a warning about unsigned content. If it’s fine, click OK.

  • Restart your new Eclipse Kepler 4.3 installation and you should be ready to continue development where you left off with Eclipse Juno 4.2.


One thought on “How to upgrade Eclipse Juno 4.2 to Eclipse Kepler 4.3 on Mac OS X

  1. Tosta

    Thank you for this guide. Don’t forget to migrate the preferences and update sites.

    In your old Eclipse
    File > Export > General/Preferences
    In your new Eclipse
    File > Import > General/Preferences

    Update Sites:
    Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites
    Compare settings in old and new Eclipse and export / import as desired.

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