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jomCalendar 1.0.5 – Update

One of the most powerful calendar systems available for Joomla! has been updated with some bug fixes that have been reported and it is recommended to update. jomCalendar is an enterprise level events calendar system for Joomla! 1.5 and allows you to easily manage multiple calendars within a powerful AJAX interface (very similar to Google Calendar.) If you have not tested out the power of jomCalendar visit the demo at: It will change the way you manage your events. Finally the power at your finger tips.

The updates provides many quality enhancements below:


  • Bound time format to backend params (ie. to change from 24 hour to 12 hour time)
  • Fixed search box as it was not directing to events properly


  • Added search view to theme plugin
  • Replaced custom db lib with native Joomla!
  • Fixed AJAX search url string
  • Added some loop checking in the module to suppress errors
  • Fixed width issue with module


  • Fixed overflow bug in calendar panel (scrollbar was not appearing)
To upgrade simply install into the system. The upgrade will take place for you. Please note to do the following before upgrading:
  • Backup your /plugins/jcalendar_themes/ folders before upgrading if you have modified any of the base themes that are shipped with jomCalendar as they are overwritten on upgrade.
  • It is best to copy and rename a theme if you wish to modify it.
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  1. complex web development says:

    The Joomla calendar is very nice calendar system.
    Thanks for update.

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