Joomla! 1.5.12 Bug

Today I found a bug in Joomla! 1.5.12 while working on a project. Since I have been developing this project on my computer at home, I had it installed on Joomla 1.5.11. Yesterday I completely finished the extension and decided to test it in a different environment, so I installed a new Joomla! development site on a live server. At this point I realized that Joomla 1.5.12 had been released, so I went through the simple installation process and installed the extension I had been working on. This is where the problems started.

Part of my installation involved uploading image files. When I got to this stage of testing the upload, it failed again and again. I gave up around 2 AM.

Today I looked into it again. After a little digging I found out that this method “JFile::upload( $file[‘tmp_name’], $new_file )” will ALWAYS return FALSE if FTP is enabled.

So onto the solution. Go to line 339 on file “/joomla/filesystem/file.php” and replace that line with this code:

$ret = true;



Post updated July 3, 2009 at 9:05 am. Removed chmod 777 of the uploaded file. This can be done as an extra step by the user.

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6 thoughts on “Joomla! 1.5.12 Bug

    1. Rafael Corral


      Arguable. I just went by what they had on the previous version 1.5.11.
      I’ll remove it though.

  1. Brian Teeman

    Not arguable at all. And if you took the trouble to read the bug tracker ad the changelog you would see why the change was made and what the correction to the new code should be. I’m very sad to see a developer thinking that chmod 777 can ever be a good solution. I’m thinking I’m very glad I don’t use your extensions if you think 777 is a good solution.

  2. Amy Stephen

    Rafael and Brian – would you please test the patch on the tracker and provide feedback on this problem to the Joomla! Bug Squad?

    Brian is right about the 777 – I’m glad he let you know how dangerous that can be.

    It’s always helpful to report bugs and possible fixes to the tracker. That way, the Bug Squad can take your work and share it with others, or begin devising a better fix.

    Rafael – if you are unsure how to get started with the tracker, feel free to email me and I’ll gladly walk you thru the process.

    Your help is very much appreciated and needed. Thanks!
    Amy 🙂

    1. Rafael Corral

      Steve reported the bug that I found.
      I completely agree with the whole 777, I never said that is the right way to do it, it was just what I found in the previous version of Joomla. 🙂

      @Brian – It’s going to be ok, no need for being sad 🙂 We are a community helping each other.

  3. Steven Pignataro


    Please note that this was was a copy from a previous version of Joomla! – that is what the arguable comment is about. Not about the 0777 – just where it came from.

    Kindest regards,

    –Steven Pignataro
    CEO ‘corePHP’

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